Chapter 1254 Suppressed Cultivation Bases

Boss Bao was attacking with appalling power right from the start. He was clearly infuriated and planning on properly giving them a harsh lesson. 

But what shocked everyone was that when Boss Bao’s fist collided with Long Chen’s palm, the scene of Long Chen being blown back, his bones broken and vomiting blood never occurred. Long Chen didn’t even budge. For a moment, all the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s experts could only watch with their jaws dropped.

“What the fuck?!”

The seven bosses’ power was the greatest within the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect other than the old man. They were able to fight across realms and kill Life Star experts. Boss Bao clearly hadn’t been holding back in his rage. He had been planning on beating Long Chen and the others into flatbread to discipline them.

But instead, Long Chen couldn’t be budged and his expression was completely calm. That dumbfounded everyone.

“My spiritual yuan… aiya!”

Boss Bao suddenly sensed that the amount of spiritual yuan circulating within his body was less than a hundredth of what it was normally. Long Chen’s fist suddenly slammed into his nose, causing his blood to spurt out.

For Long Chen to break Boss Bao’s nose like this elicited shocked gasps from everyone. There had never been any disciple to make Boss Bao bleed, and certainly not a Foundation Forging disciple!

“Fucking hell, what’s going on?! Why is our spiritual yuan suppressed?!” roared the Fourth Boss. He was the second one to charge in, which resulted in Bao Buping landing a punch to his head. A large bump immediately swelled up.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao looked at the bosses, pleasantly surprised. They didn’t know what was happening, but they knew that their cultivation bases had been suppressed to around the Foundation Forging realm.

“Brothers, the bosses’ cultivation bases have been suppressed to the Foundation Forging realm! Now’s our chance to avenge our past grievances!” Long Chen shouted and smashed his fist at Boss Bao, and Boss Bao blocked with his own fist. As a result, they were both blown back dozens of meters.

Boss Bao was shocked and infuriated. With his first attack, he hadn’t known his cultivation base was suppressed, and in order to not cause any accidents, he had been using the appropriate amount of power to beat them. That was what had resulted in Long Chen managing to injure him.

But now, he was using all the power he could, and he ended up only in a draw. That made him finally feel a sense of unease.

“Attack! This is a rare chance to topple these shameless fellows! Today, we’ll see who is the boss when we’re in the same realm!”

Bao Buping and Chang Hao excitedly shouted and attacked, unleashing their powerful auras.

“Fuck, you evil brats!” The seven bosses still didn’t know that Long Chen had done something to the wine he had given them. Previously, they had still had their cultivation bases despite the diarrhea.

But once they had washed up, the cold water had touched their skin, and this had caused some kind of miraculous change, making their spiritual yuan sluggish and suppressing their cultivation bases. It had happened so silently that they hadn’t even noticed it.

“Who cares if we’re suppressed down to the Foundation Forging realm?! Everyone, bring out your real ability. Don’t let others laugh at you. Attack!” Boss Bao was worthy of being the head figure of the seven bosses, and he quickly calmed down, leading the seven of them in attacking Long Chen’s group of three.

In front of the dumbfounded gazes of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s experts, ten figures started a fierce battle, their fists and feet flying.

“Aiya, you little brat! You broke my front teeth! Today, I’ll- aiya, my butt!”

“Brats, your fists are pretty tough now that you want to flip the heavens. Brothers, fight!”

The seven bosses shouted and cursed. There was no skill to this brawl, and they were quickly bruised black and blue.

The Fourth Boss was especially miserable. It was unknown if he had paid too much special attention to Chang Hao or not, but Chang Hao covered the Fourth Boss’s head in bruises, to the point that the swelling almost looked like a strange hat. It was shocking and funny.

The Fourth Boss cursed repeatedly about how Chang Hao was a brat who would rather allow himself to be beaten by others than let him go, making Chang Hao so infuriated that he wanted to cough up blood.

The seven bosses were still powerful in their current state. Long Chen, Chang Hao, and Bao Buping were covered in blood, and it was unknown how many times they were struck.

But Long Chen was extremely experienced in this kind of chaotic battle. He held back the strongest boss, Boss Bao, not letting him attack Bao Buping and Chang Hao.

If Chang Hao and Bao Buping collapsed, all alone, he would also be knocked out by the seven bosses.

The seven bosses might have their cultivation bases suppressed, but their physical bodies were too strong, and they also had immense battle experience. Fortunately, Long Chen had experienced hundreds of battles, and close-range fighting was his specialty.

On his own, he faced Boss Bao, the Second Boss, and the Third Boss. They were the strongest of the seven bosses, and Long Chen had to use every trick up his sleeve to hold them back. All his hopes rested on Bao Buping and Chang Hao.

Bao Buping had the best chances. He was fighting the Sixth Boss and Seventh Boss. His chances of victory were the greatest. Bao Buping and Chang Hao both knew what Long Chen was thinking, and they launched all-out attacks.

The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples were incomparably shocked as they saw Long Chen with his limbs flying through the air, managing to hold his own against the three top bosses. Even against the three of them, he was able to attack and defend properly.

But Chang Hao and Bao Buping weren’t able to fight as easily as him. The two of them had been beaten badly, and their faces had swollen to the point that they could only see out of a slit in the swelling. They were basically blind, fighting only with intuition.

Their fighting style was one of direct collisions. A fist for a fist, a kick for a kick. This kind of fighting style was not stupid. In fact, it could be called very smart.

Despite their own great battle experience, they couldn’t compare to the bosses. If they tried to be fancy, there would be no way to win. Instead, exchanging injury for injury gave them better odds. Although they had to suffer as well, victory would be decided by who was more ruthless and could endure the longest.

This was an unprecedentedly fierce battle. In the end, Bao Buping was truly a man. He managed to defeat the Seventh Boss.

With the Seventh Boss knocked unconscious, the Sixth Boss was only able to last for a few exchanges before he also collapsed while cursing.

Bao Buping was already swaying weakly, almost unable to keep standing. Waves of exhaustion battered him, but his shocking will forced him to charge toward Chang Hao’s side.

With Bao Buping’s assistance, Chang Hao quickly managed to defeat the Fifth Boss and the Fourth Boss.

From the moment Bao Buping knocked out the Seventh Boss, the spectators went wild with their cheering. Not even in their dreams would they have imagined the three of them would be able to make the bosses kneel.

Seeing the bosses collapse one by one, the cheering grew louder and louder. This cheering gave Chang Hao and Bao Buping even more willpower. Despite having long since been exhausted, they rallied themselves to join Long Chen.

Without a word, they charged toward the strongest one, Boss Bao. Boss Bao was shocked. Now he finally realized just how terrifying these brats that he often put in their place were. If he, the Second Boss, and the Third Boss were also defeated, it would be a complete defeat for them. That was unacceptable.

Seeing the two of them charging over, shockingly, Boss Bao chose to retreat rather than fight. He refused to be entangled by them. At the same time, the Second Boss and Third Boss charged at Long Chen fiercely.

They could see that these brats were too ruthless. The slightest carelessness would result in a miserable defeat. Right now, Long Chen was clearly attempting to work with those two to get rid of the greatest threat, Boss Bao.

Boss Bao’s physical body was too strong, and his destructive power was too great. When Long Chen and Boss Bao exchanged head-on blows, it always resulted in both sides being injured.

But he had it much easier against the Second Boss and Third Boss. In their current state, they were clearly weaker than him.

Seeing that Boss Bao wanted to escape, Long Chen snorted and shot after him, appearing in front of him and sending a punch at him while ignoring the Second Boss and Third Boss behind him.

“You little brat, you dare to ignore us?!”

This action was undoubtedly an insult to the Second Boss and Third Boss. The two of them were infuriated, and they smashed their fists at Long Chen’s back.

Two explosive sounds rang out as the clothes on Long Chen’s back exploded. Everyone clearly saw two black fist prints appear on his back.

Although the Second Boss and Third Boss’s cultivation bases had been suppressed to the Foundation Forging realm, their power was still immense.

But after this attack, their expressions immediately changed and they shouted, “Watch out!”

The Second Boss and Third Boss were shocked to find that Long Chen had used some unknown method to actually absorb a portion of their energy.


Receiving their attacks on his back, Long Chen succeeded in borrowing a bit of their power to send a punch at Boss Bao. Boss Bao vomited blood and flew back.

He flew right into Bao Buping and Chang Hao who were rushing over. However, they were incredibly weak now and unable to cause any effective injuries on him. Clenching their teeth, they suddenly spread their arms, one of them wrapping his arms around his waist, the other wrapping his arms around his legs, firmly binding Boss Bao.

“Bastard!” Boss Bao tried to throw them off, but the two of them refused to let go.

Just at this moment, Long Chen’s fist viciously landed on Boss Bao’s furious and unwilling face. His eyes rolled up and he fainted.

With Boss Bao knocked out, Bao Buping and Chang Hao also collapsed. They had already reached their limit and had no energy at all.

Long Chen was also exhausted now. The bosses were truly powerful, and his body ached with pain. Many of his bones were broken.

This was a direct competition. The bosses, Chang Hao, Bao Buping, none of them had used Heavenly Dao energy to heal. This was purely a stimulating battle to see who was stronger.

Now the only ones left were the Second Boss and the Third Boss. All of their steps were unsteady as they tottered like drunkards yet continued to fight.

After just a few breaths, the Third Boss was unable to continue and collapsed. With the Third Boss down, the Second Boss didn’t last long either before being knocked out by Long Chen’s punch.

In the end, the only one standing was Long Chen. Heaven-shaking cheering rang out.

Long Chen didn’t even have a chance to enjoy the pleasure of victory when he felt the world spinning around him, and he also collapsed.

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