Chapter 1254 Suppressed Cultivation Bases (Teaser)

Boss Bao was attacking with appalling power right from the start. He was clearly infuriated and planning on properly giving them a harsh lesson. 

But what shocked everyone was that when Boss Bao’s fist collided with Long Chen’s palm, the scene of Long Chen being blown back, his bones broken and vomiting blood never occurred. Long Chen didn’t even budge. For a moment, all the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s experts could only watch with their jaws dropped.

“What the fuck?!”

The seven bosses’ power was the greatest within the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect other than the old man. They were able to fight across realms and kill Life Star experts. Boss Bao clearly hadn’t been holding back in his rage. He had been planning on beating Long Chen and the others into flatbread to discipline them.

But instead, Long Chen couldn’t be budged and his expression was completely calm. That dumbfounded everyone.

“My spiritual yuan… aiya!”

Boss Bao suddenly sensed that the amount of spiritual yuan circulating within his body was less than a hundredth of what it was normally. Long Chen’s fist suddenly slammed into his nose,...

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