Chapter 1253 Challenging Supreme Experts

The disturbance was easily suppressed by the old man. With the placating of dozens of jugs of wine, the matter was brushed aside.

But Boss Bao was still extremely displeased. The other bosses were all teasing him over this. He had truly lost face today.

The other six bosses even said that no matter what tricks Long Chen, Bao Buping, or Chang Hao used, they wouldn’t fall for it.

Long Chen could see that while the bosses weren’t very harmonious and liked to fight amongst each other, they were actually very united.

Their teasing of Boss Bao was clearly an attempt to bait Long Chen and the others to challenge them. Seeing Bao Buping and Chang Hao’s eager expressions, it was clear they had fallen for it.

Boss Bao was the leader of the seven bosses. According to their ranking, the Seventh Boss was the weakest. When the Seventh Boss said that he would be able to crush the three of them with just a hand, Bao Buping almost immediately agreed to the challenge. He had to be held back by Long Chen.

“Hehe, let’s just calmly drink wine today. As for any challenges, let’s discuss it after drinking the wine. Here, let me offer you some more wine.” Long Chen laughed mischievously and poured out some more wine.

As the bosses drank, the Fourth Boss irritably said, “Long Chen, how can you be so slippery? Old seventh has already said he’d accept your challenge with just one hand, but you don’t dare to accept? Are you even a man?”

Long Chen was speechless. This kind of provocation was far too low level. If he were to use his full power, was there really any difference between using one or two hands?

But Long Chen patted his chest confidently and said, “I, Long Chen, am also a man who pees standing up. When you say you’ll challenge us with one hand, you’re looking down on us. I, Long Chen, dominated the lands… well, for at least a few years. For the three of us to work together to defeat the Seventh Boss brings us no glory. It’s not interesting.”

“Haha, exactly. The three of us don’t need you to hold back. We can defeat you through pure power!” laughed Bao Buping uproariously.

Long Chen’s face turned green. Was this brat an idiot? He even dared to say such a thing? Wasn’t he just asking to be beaten?

As expected, the Seventh Boss stood and laughed, “Haha, that’s the style of the men of my Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. Come, today I’ll properly give you some pointers. We’ll treat it as learning from each other in front of the old man."

“No rush, no rush. First, drink. Chang Hao still hasn’t fully recovered and can’t fight at full strength yet. There’s no point in such a fight. It’d be better to first drink. We can fight three days from now,” said Long Chen.

The bosses’ expressions were extremely calm, but there was an evil light in their eyes that completely sold out their inner hearts. It seemed even they had a wily old fox side that liked to scheme.

The old man faintly smiled. That smile was extremely strange. When Boss Bao raised his wine jug and started pouring wine for him, he declined. “Ah, no thank you. I rather like the taste of my wine. You can drink yours.”

Boss Bao and the others didn’t see any clues from this. They just foolishly continued pouring out their wine, very pleased. They thought Long Chen and the others had been successfully baited into fighting with them. They didn’t know that the old man was looking at them sympathetically.

Three days later, Long Chen, Bao Buping, and Chang Hao were hiding within a dark corner. They suppressed their breathing as much as possible, looking like furtive thieves. They were looking at a small room.

“Long Chen, didn’t you say we were challenging the Seventh Boss? What are we doing here?” asked Bao Buping. This room in front of them was just a bathroom. They were suppressing their breath to avoid the smell.

The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect was different from other cultivation sects. It was truly like part of the mortal world. The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples drank and pooped much more frequently than other cultivators.

“When I said I wanted to challenge the Seventh Boss, I didn’t just mean him. I meant all seven bosses,” said Long Chen.

“Are you suicidal?!” exclaimed Chang Hao. As a result, he forgot to hold his breath, and a burst of fragrance surged into his nose. He hastily pinched his nose with his hand.

Bao Buping was also shocked by Long Chen’s words. That was too crazy.

“If we’re going to do this, we’re going to it properly. A small little fight is boring. This time, we’re going to catch all of them in our net in order to raise our fame in one go. However they beat us normally is how we’re going to beat them. The two of you haven’t turned coward, have you?” asked Long Chen.

“Are you joking? When have we ever been afraid of anyone? The worst case is we get beaten again, and we’re used to that already. But Long Chen, are you really sure?” Bao Buping wasn’t confident in this. This was too crazy for him to have any confidence.

“Don’t worry, everything’s been arranged. Oh? Shh.” Long Chen suddenly made a shushing gesture.

A figure suddenly rushed over to that room. That person was precisely the Seventh Boss.

His speed was extremely quick, and he almost seemed panicked. As soon as he entered, they heard freedom ringing. The sound of a surging stream rang out.

“He got diarrhea?” Chang Hao and Bao Buping found this inconceivable. With such a powerful cultivation base, even poison wouldn’t cause such a thing, right?

Just as the two of them were shocked, the other bosses also rushed over to that small room. The last one to charge in was Boss Bao.

“What the fuck happened? My stomach fucking hurts!” Boss Bao’s furious cursing rang out from that room.

That roar was covered up by the sound of powerful farting and pooping. When the seven of them exploded like this in unison, the sound was able to spread for ten miles.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao were dumbfounded. The seven of them had diarrhea at the same time? They suddenly turned to Long Chen and saw an evil smile on his face.



Following Long Chen’s quiet exclamation, that small room exploded and seven miserable figures were blown out, their bodies covered in filth. They were hastily pulling up their pants.

“So it was you three brats!” Boss Bao’s vision was sharp and he instantly saw the three of them hiding in the dark.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao turned green. They could practically see the flames of fury coming out of them. Even if they didn’t die this time, they probably wouldn’t be living happily either.

On the other hand, Long Chen was extremely calm. He shouted, “We agreed to have a heroic match today. We waited six hours, and now we find you messing around here? Just how old are you? Why is that you haven’t matured at all? Could it be that you’re afraid of us and don’t dare to fight?”

The seven bosses exploded in fury. They were actually provoked by three little brats like this? They had never encountered such arrogant people before.

“If I don’t beat the piss out of you today, we’ll change our surnames to yours!” The bosses roared furiously, just about to teach a lesson to these three out-of-control brats.

In truth, after drinking so much last time, they had all fallen unconscious and slept for three days straight.

If it hadn’t been for the intense pain in their stomachs, they wouldn’t have woken. They still didn’t know that Long Chen had put something in the wine he had given them.

With Long Chen’s alchemy arts and the Wine God Palace’s wine energy, he was still able to pull an effective trick on them.

“Hold! Today, the three of us are challenging the seven of you in front of all the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples. With the name of us three brothers, with the hot blood flowing through our chests, we are challenging our superiors as the junior generation disciples of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect! This challenge is sacred, something that cannot be blasphemed. You should tidy yourselves up. The three of us will wait atop Tempest Dragon Peak,” shouted Long Chen.

The seven bosses looked at the filth on their bodies, and their fury almost exploded out of control. But staying like this was too embarrassing, and they hastily rushed away to clean up.

Tempest Dragon Peak was the highest mountain in the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect other than the one the old man lived in. It was like a furious dragon coiled in its territory, which was where it got its name.

Now, Tempest Dragon Peak was packed with people. All the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s experts had rushed over. Something big had happened today. The seven bosses had been challenged.

And it wasn’t just one boss, but all seven of them. Most shocking of all, the challengers were three young disciples.

“Long Chen, no matter how today ends up, this bravery of yours is enough for us to prostrate ourselves toward you.” Bao Buping and Chang Hao both looked at Long Chen with admiration.

Long Chen’s guts were truly big. Something they had never dreamed of daring to do had actually become reality under his lead.

Even if they failed today, no one would laugh at them. Instead, they would admire the courage it took to challenge the bosses. After all, not just anyone would dare to do such a suicidal thing. This didn’t only require bravery. 

Most importantly, if their display was brilliant enough, they would become the heroes of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples.

So no matter what happened, they would definitely end up recorded in the history of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. Even if they were beaten dead, they would still be heroes.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao had already been beaten into dogs countless times. They were already used to it. But it was their first time getting beaten as absolute heroes. So they truly prostrated themselves in admiration toward Long Chen.

At this time, the three of them stood atop Tempest Dragon Peak, their auras surging around it. They were like three sharp blades emitting unprecedented light. They were very imposing, looking like three undefeatable gods.

The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples were cheering loudly, their voices full of worship and reverence for these domineering figures who dared to challenge the bosses.

The cheering was like a tsunami, coming wave after wave.

“Fuck, even if we’re beaten dead, it’ll be worth it.” Seeing these disciples cheering so loudly that their faces turned red, Chang Hao’s blood began to boil.

“You three brats, prepare yourselves! If we don’t beat you into pancakes today, I’ll write my name Boss Bao backward!”

Just at this moment, seven figures rushed over. Boss Bao was at the front, and he immediately sent a punch at Long Chen.

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