Chapter 1252 Pot to the Head

“Ah, you misunderstand. I just meant that you’ve already beaten Bao Buping’s butt to the point that it’s numb. You should flip him over before continuing.” Long Chen nodded with a smile. Then toward Bao Buping, he apologetically said, “Sorry brother, I can only help you out so much.

“Long Chen, you fucker!” raged Bao Buping. But he quickly realized that Long Chen was making a strange gesture to him with one hand, and then he fell silent.

At an angle from which Boss Bao couldn’t see anything, while Long Chen respectfully bowed to Boss Bao, he also made a gesture to Chang Hao with his other hand.

Seeing that, Chang Hao immediately understood. Clenching his teeth, just as Boss Bao was about to continue beating Bao Buping, he suddenly took out his broadsword and slashed it at Boss Bao.

“Little brat, you dare?!” Boss Bao laughed in anger. He sent a single palm at Chang Hao’s broadsword. The three of them were all familiar with the power of this palm. If struck, it was unknown just how far Chang Hao would fly.

But just as Boss Bao attacked, a fierce and cold Saber Qi suddenly slashed out.

“Split the Heavens 4!”

“You bastard, so it was you all along!”

Boss Bao’s heart shook. Long Chen’s attack was coming too quickly. His cast time for this move was extremely short, and it was slashing at him at the same time as Chang Hao’s broadsword.

Boss Bao found it inconceivable that Long Chen could use the fourth form of Split the Heavens so quickly.

“Even so, you can’t flip the heavens yet!” Although Boss Bao didn’t understand how he was able to do this, Boss Bao laughed and with one hand holding Bao Buping, the palm he was sending toward Chang Hao now turned toward Long Chen’s saber-image. He knew just how powerful this move was.

Two bangs rang out. The first one to land was Chang Hao’s broadsword. When it landed on Boss Bao’s shoulder, he didn’t even flinch. But Chang Hao was blown back. The second bang came from when Boss Bao shattered Long Chen’s Saber Qi.

But he quickly found that something was off. This slash had contained the air of the fourth form of Split the Heavens, but it didn’t contain any of its power. By the time he reacted, Long Chen’s foot had viciously kicked toward his butt.

“Brat, looks like you need a spanking!”

Boss Bao was infuriated. Within the entire Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, the only one who dared to kick his butt would be the old man. If he allowed this to land, he’d have to find a piece of tofu to smother himself to death out of embarrassment.

Suddenly, he twisted his body. He was about to dodge, but Bao Buping, who was still caught in his grasp, suddenly clamped onto his legs.

Boss Bao was infuriated. If Bao Buping were his enemy, he’d easily let his aura erupt and kill him. But Bao Buping was his descendant, and there was no way he could kill him. That was the only reason Bao Buping dared to use such a shameless move.

Long Chen’s kick was just about to land. Helplessly, Boss Bao could only twist to the side to dodge. The twisting action also blew away Bao Buping.

Boss Bao ended up rolling along the ground. To someone with his status, that could already count as losing. He couldn’t help but smile, pleased. Today, these three brats had struck up the courage to flip the heavens.

“Attack together! Cut down this shameless bastard!” Bao Buping stabilized himself and unleashed his strongest attack at Boss Bao.

Bao Buping had already thrown caution to the wind. In any case, there was no way for him to escape a beating. It was better to fight all-out.

Chang Hao also unleashed his strongest move which he had been brewing for a while.

At the same time, Long Chen also took action. Violet flames sprang into existence around him, and holding a flame blade, he charged at Boss Bao.

Seeing these three youngsters attack with such fierce power made Boss Bao nod in admiration. Although their cultivation bases were lower, limiting their combat power, this kind of undefeatable will was still incomparably sharp. This was the most important thing for experts.

But although he had praise for them, he had no intention of showing mercy. Even toward his own family’s child, he wouldn’t be the slightest bit softhearted.

“Today, I’ll let you see what a true power gap is!” Boss Bao unleashed a single fist.

When he unleashed his fist, space caved in, causing rays of light to explode. This wasn’t a Battle Skill or magical art. It was the result of pushing his physical strength to the point that it could cause space to explode.


The three of them were blown away. This punch had contained the power to split heaven and earth, and was completely unstoppable.

Chang Hao and Bao Buping hacked up blood. Boss Bao had brought out his true ability with this fist. That kind of power wasn’t something they could withstand.

On the other hand, Long Chen didn’t react. Surrounded by flames, he shot into the distance.

As three people looked at his flying figure, they were suddenly shocked to see him explode.

“A fake? Crap!” Boss Bao was the first to react. He was just about to move when an explosive, clanging sound rang out. Boss Bao could no longer move. He stood there like a statue.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao looked at him in disbelief. A black object appeared behind Boss Bao’s head.

“You… damn... brat.”

Boss Bao’s eyes rolled into the back of his head, and he collapsed on the ground.

Only once he was on the ground did Chang Hao and Bao Buping see that the black object behind him had actually been a black pot.

The black pot slowly moved aside, revealing Long Chen’s pleased expression. His excitement and delight weren’t masked at all. After so many days of beatings, he had finally managed to vent. In the end this pot to the head was truly satisfying.

From the start, Long Chen had known that the three of them were unable to withstand a single punch from Boss Bao. It was impossible to beat him.

So when they had attacked, he had intentionally summoned the flame armor to trick him. When he had attacked, it had actually been Huo Long attacking with flames, while Long Chen slipped behind him.

Boss Bao had little experience dealing with a crafty opponent like Long Chen. After all, the people in the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect were all direct men who preferred straight on clashes. As a result, he ended up with this tragic ending. The legend of an unrivaled hero was destroyed by a single pot.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao’s eyes almost popped out of their heads. Their jaws could not be lower. It was almost possible to see their stomachs from their mouths.

Only after a breath’s time did Bao Buping laugh, “Nice job Long Chen! Starting today, you can be the boss of us three brothers.” Then he ran over to the unconscious Boss Bao and kicked him a couple of times to vent, cursing, “You shameless bastard, who said you could beat me, who said you could bully me…”

His first kick landed on Boss Bao’s arm. That was fine. But the second kick landed on Boss Bao’s butt, precisely where his tailbone was. Long Chen’s expression instantly changed.

“Fuck, are you trying to kill us?! Run!” shouted Long Chen, dragging them away.

Boss Bao’s eyes suddenly flew open. Bao Buping’s kick ended up kicking him in such a painful spot that he woke up.

“Fuck, why does my head hurt so much? Hm? Wait a moment, you three bastards, get back here!” Boss Bao felt the back of his head for a moment when he suddenly recalled what had happened.

With a furious roar, Boss Bao flew into the air, seeing three distant figures fleeing. Who else could they be but Long Chen and the others?

“You damn brats, don’t even think about escaping!”

Long Chen was dragging the two of them. He had summoned lightning wings and activated his boots. This was as fast as he could go.

But Boss Bao’s speed was even greater than his. That shocked him. Boss Bao was faster than the eagle race’s experts.

“Long Chen, let’s stop running. We’ll do the same thing again!” roared Bao Buping excitedly, battle intent soaring out of him.

“We’ll knock him out again! If we could do it once, we can do it again!” Chang Hao also cried out excitedly. To knock out Boss Bao while still in the Foundation Forging realm was the most glorious achievement of his life.

But that glory had come and gone too quickly for him to properly enjoy it. Now he wanted to relive it.

Long Chen was speechless. Did they really think they had won just now through power? The only reason why there had been an opening was because Boss Bao had been careless. If they fought again, Long Chen would bet his life that Boss Bao would slam them into a wall so hard that they would never be able to get out. Knocking him out again? That kind of dream was far too unrealistic.

“Old man, someone’s trying to bully me, abusing his official position!” Long Chen was flying straight for the old man’s room.

Long Chen charged to the peak of the mountain. Once he was at the wooden room, he saw the old man drinking wine out of a small cup, his eyes closed as he tried to comprehend the Heavenly Daos contained within the High Priest’s wine.

Ordinary disciples of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect didn’t need to comprehend the Heavenly Daos. Only someone who had reached the old man’s level would need to in order to advance. That was why the old man refused to share the High Priest’s wine.

”You little bastards, just wait for me to beat you to death!” Boss Bao’s eyes were scarlet as he chased after the three of them.

But before he could even get close, he was sent flying by a black cane. The old man disdainfully said, “How can you be so shameless? After being knocked out by three children, you don’t feel too embarrassed to get revenge?”

At this time, the other bosses were also drawn over. Hearing that Boss Bao had been knocked out by three children, they all laughed, causing Boss Bao’s fury to soar.

“Old man, you’ve really gotten old. So you were even schemed against by a few children?” laughed the Seventh Boss

“We won through power!” retorted Chang Hao. But that just caused more laughter, causing Chang Hao and Bao Buping to also be infuriated.

“Boss Bao, why don’t you take out the wine you snatched from me and share it with the other bosses?” Long Chen suddenly changed the subject.

Boss Bao could only take out the wine jugs. When Long Chen opened them, he stealthily added a little something to them.

The old man suddenly smiled. Shaking his head, he didn’t say anything.

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