Chapter 1251 The Pain of Geniuses

“Fuck, you really think I’m easy to beat?”

Seeing a rank seven Celestial charging at him, Long Chen slapped him down to the ground, causing him to vomit blood and faint.

There were dozens of experts charging at him as well. With a single punch from Long Chen, they toppled back just from the wind. This was not a Battle Skill, but brute power.

One punch blew back the majority, and after three punches, there was no one remaining around him.

“Uh, I feel like we came here to beat Bao Buping and should focus on that.” One of the fellows gave himself a way out, turning and running back to Bao Buping.

Others looked at the poor people Long Chen had knocked unconscious and decided to go for Bao Buping as well.

For the moment, no one dared to go after Long Chen. He was too ruthless when they compared him to Bao Buping.

Long Chen was also startled. The past few days, he had been beaten badly by the seven bosses and hadn’t sensed how much his power had grown. He had naturally brought out his battle state from that time, and now he immediately saw the difference.

“That beating wasn’t for nothing. My own physical body has surpassed my expectations.” Long Chen looked at his own palm in amazement.

The wind from a single punch was comparable to a magical art. His power had reached a terrifying level.

Long Chen calmly watched. After two hours, the battle ended with everyone collapsed but Bao Buping. He was standing there with his head raised and laughing.

But at this time, Bao Buping’s robes were torn, and his face was bruised and swollen. There was quite a bit of blood on him, making him appear battered. It could be called a painful victory.

According to his experience in the past few days, those scars would stay on Bao Buping’s body for at least three days.

So when a person first entered the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, it was not at all rare to see people with their faces black and blue. In fact, that was simply normal. Seeing people completely fine was the rare thing.

As a celebration for Bao Buping’s victory, Long Chen took out two jugs of fine wine. They decided to go drink with Chang Hao.

Previously, the two of them worked in shifts, and every ten days, one of them would be challenged by all the disciples. This kind of intense battle was a tradition in the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect.

But when Long Chen and Bao Buping found Chang Hao, Long Chen jumped in shock. Chang Hao was covered in blood, and many of his bones were broken. He was lying and wailing in pain on a stone bed.

“What, who did this?!” cried Long Chen.

“You don’t need to ask. Other than those old ghosts, who would be so heavy-handed?” Bao Buping was used to such a sight, and he reached out to help Chang Hao reconnect his bones with his spiritual yuan.

“Tch… be… gentle…” Chang Hao clenched his teeth. Long Chen had medicinal pills for him, but he didn’t give him any.

The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples cultivated the Battle God Sacred Canon. Injuries that came from people with the same cultivation technique were a kind of catalyst. When their seniors beat them, the main reason was to help them grow.

Although this kind of growing process made others speechless, Long Chen was sure that each one of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples was not just one level stronger than the outside world’s so-called elites.

Although two people could be rank five Celestials, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s rank five Celestials would easily kill other rank five Celestials from other sects in the same realm. This was the power of the Battle God Sacred Canon.

Whether it was the injuries themselves or the pain, they were good for stimulating their potential. If Long Chen gave Chang Hao a medicinal pill to reduce the pain, this beating would have been for nothing.

Only after two hours of resting could Chang Hao manage to sit up. Curses poured out of his mouth. Only then did Long Chen learn that the one who had beaten him was the Fourth Boss.

“Long Chen, this wine is amazing!” Chang Hao and Bao Buping exclaimed in delight. Chang Hao instantly forgot about his previous gloom.

The majority of what Long Chen gave them to drink was wine from the first time he and Xia Youluo had gone swindling in the Wine God Palace. It wasn’t that beneficial to one’s cultivation, so Long Chen could bring it out to drink randomly.

As for the new medicinal wines they had refined, Long Chen was leaving them for the Dragonblood Legion. They couldn’t be wasted like this.

But despite that, wine from the Wine God Palace was incredibly rare, and Chang Hao and Bao Buping felt like they were about to start floating.

“Long Chen, you should just stay here instead of going back to the Xuantian Dao Sect. Wouldn’t staying here with your brothers be a hundred times better than going out and dealing with the stupid scheming in the outside world?” proposed Bao Buping.

“Right, you should stay. The three of us can work hard on cultivating, and then we’ll quickly defeat those old ghosts. At that time, we can work together to knock them off their pedestals,” said Chang Hao.

Long Chen was speechless. This grand aspiration of theirs would probably be difficult to achieve. But his heart warmed from their sincerity.

Although the old man and the seven bosses hadn’t said a word about the Heaven Earth Divine Pool, Long Chen wasn’t a fool. With just a few words from Chang Hao and Bao Buping, who were straightforward men without such thoughts in their heads, Long Chen managed to learn the truth of the Heaven Earth Divine Pool, making him feel ashamed.

With the Heaven Earth Divine Pool completely used up, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s inheritance would stop here. For him, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect had used up their final divine springs. This kind of kindness was far too great, so great that there was no way for him to repay it.

Furthermore, he knew he had to act like he had no idea about this matter, because the old man and the bosses treated him as family, and they wouldn't want any repayment.

Through the two of them, Long Chen learned that the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect had only one divine item - the Heaven Splitting Blade. This Heaven Splitting Blade was sealed at the peak of the mountain the old man lived on.

Right now, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect was relying on the Heaven Splitting Blade to maintain its karmic luck. It was the only thing the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect could rely on.

But they were unable to use the Heaven Splitting Blade, because it was connected with the Heaven Earth Divine Pool. If they used the Heaven Splitting Blade right now, the Heaven Earth Divine Pool would be crippled.

In the ancient era, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect was able to use the Heaven Splitting Blade to absorb energy from the very air, replenishing the Heaven Earth Divine Pool.

But later, after an immense tribulation, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect had lost the last three forms of Split the Heavens, and any experts capable of using the nine forms of Split the Heavens had fallen in a tribulation.

Without the full nine forms of Split the Heavens, it was impossible to activate the Heaven Splitting Blade’s power to absorb energy from heaven and earth and replenish their divine spring.

If a crisis occurred and the sect had to use the Heaven Splitting Blade, the seal on it would crumble, and then in the future, even if the full nine forms of Split the Heavens were found, there would be no way to replenish the divine spring.

That was why the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect was currently at the end of the line. But the old man and the seven bosses didn’t let this matter suppress them. They continued living and eating as they had been, seeming to not care about the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s life and death.

This kind of attitude of daring to stand up even if the heavens collapsed was admirable, but in the end, Long Chen continued to feel apologetic about this. He wasn’t the kind of person who liked owing favors.

But he was currently too weak to repay this favor. He could only wait until later.

“Come, let’s toast to today’s victory!” Bao Buping raised his bowl of wine and touched it to theirs.

After a few bowls of wine had gone down his throat, Chang Hao asked, “Long Chen, do you know what my favorite color is?”

“No.” Long Chen shook his head.

“My favorite color is red, because when my family’s boss beats me, all I see is blood. Only once I see enough blood will he stop.” Chang Hao bitterly smiled. Although that was a bit exaggerated, Long Chen knew what he was talking about. The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s bosses were truly ruthless. But they also had their sorrows.

“Then do you know what my lucky color is?” asked Bao Buping.




“Because when that fellow beats me, he won’t stop until he beats the piss out of me, hahaha!” laughed Bao Buping.

“Long Chen, what’s your favorite color?” both of them asked.

Long Chen smiled. “According to what you’ve described, my favorite color would be black, because those seven bosses won’t stop until all I see is black.”

The three of them looked at each other and laughed. They were the ones who were beaten the worst by the bosses and were all sympathetic to each other.

“Fuck, it’s too unfair. They use their higher cultivation bases to beat us. If we were in the same realm, we’d definitely defeat them.” Bao Buping clenched his teeth.

Fortunately, only the three of them were present. If the bosses heard them cry about something being unfair, they’d definitely have to be beaten.

After drinking this wine, Long Chen had to admit that the old man was right. The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s children were all beaten to the point that their skin became extremely tough.

Just now, Chang Hao had been on the brink of death, but after drinking a few bowls of wine, he had fully revived. The three of them became boisterous, starting to play finger-guessing games and enjoying their drinking as much as possible.

But Long Chen had only just taken out some more wine when a figure charged in and snatched away all the wine.

“Boss Bao?!” Long Chen jumped.

The newcomer was precisely the head of the seven bosses. Boss Bao’s expression was furious. He knocked over Bao Buping with a palm, and taking off his shoe, he began spanking him hard with it.

“You little brat, you’re getting more and more brazen. I told you to come over when your shift was over, and you made me wait six hours? You gave me the cold-shoulder to drink wine?!” Boss Bao repeatedly smacked Bao Buping’s butt with his shoe, causing him to wail.

“Didn’t I just forget? You shameless thing, if you want to beat me, then beat me. How dare you steal our wine?!” Bao Buping might be a rank eight Celestial, but he was like a caught chicken in Boss Bao’s hands, unable to even move.

But as a man, in the face of his family’s boss, even if he couldn’t beat him, he could curse him.

“Brat, you dare talk back?! Today, I’ll beat you until you understand why roses are red!” Bao Buping began to rain down harder blows.

“Boss Bao, this…” Long Chen couldn’t bear watching. This was too shameless. Not only did he steal a child’s wine, but he also didn’t let that child speak.

“Oh, Long Chen, you want to say something? If you dare to ask for leniency, I’ll beat you with him!” raged Boss Bao, daring him to try it.

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