Chapter 125 Little Snow's Might

The three of them quickly recovered their wits when they heard Long Chen. They realized they had underestimated the Xuantian Monastery. Just someone who had signed up for their disciple test already possessed such terrifying strength. They truly had just been frogs in a well.

That youth was especially convinced of this. His cultivation base was higher than Long Chen’s, but his actual combat strength was far, far too lacking in comparison to him.

Although he hadn’t directly exchanged blows with Long Chen, seeing that Long Chen was able to indifferently ignore an attack from a Tendon Transformation expert without using any energy, even heavily injuring him, he could easily tell how powerful he was.

“We’re really sorry. Please forgive us. We’ll leave immediately.” The Tendon Transformation expert who wasn’t injured hastily apologized. He then picked up the two injured men and was about to leave.

“Oh? Hey, why are you leaving just like this?” frowned Long Chen.

“Does sir have anything else?” He quickly asked.

Long Chen curled his lips and unhappily said, “Were all your years wasted? Do you really need me to say it clearly?”

The three of them were startled and the youth angrily said, “Kid, we’re already like this, so what else do you want? If you want us to kowtow in apology, that’s impossible.”

“Tch, who would want you to kowtow? Now that you’ve failed to rob me, don’t you think you should express some apology in recompense?” Long Chen disdainfully said.

“What do you mean?” raged the youth.

“Idiot, is the only thing in your head crap? Then I’ll say it directly. Hand over your spatial rings right now. That’s right, hand them all over!” Long Chen explained word by word.

“What?!” The three of them were enraged and humiliated. That was definitely taking unfair advantage out of them! Having failed to rob, they would instead be robbed themselves.

“Don’t give me that disbelieving expression, as that’ll make me feel embarrassed. This is just called reciprocity. Don’t act like you can’t accept it,” advised Long Chen kindly.

“Bastard, you are provoking the Lucheng family! Do you believe me when I say I can have your whole family exterminated?!” That youth raged and cursed at Long Chen.

Long Chen’s expression sank and a dense killing intent floated up within his eyes. He lightly tapped Little Snow’s back.

“ROAR!” Little Snow’s sudden roar shook the land, ringing their ears. Leaves tumbled down from the large trees around them.

Little Snow opened his mouth, and a crescent wind blade slowly appeared. The space around that wind blade was constantly twisting.

“Not good!” The three of them were horrified to realize that they were now unable to move. They were completely locked down by a terrifying pressure.

“Please, don’t be too hard-” The senior who hadn’t been injured yet cried out, but before he could finish, he choked as his internal organs were about to explode from the pressure.

That was the pressure of a third rank Magical Beast. With the powerful strength in their bodies, it was possible to form something akin to a force field that locked enemies in place. That was the terror of third rank Magical Beasts.

The three of them finally understood just how stupid they had been. How could they have possibly provoked someone with such a terrifying steed?

The three of them were incredibly afraid, but none of them dared say any more. That was because the wind blade in Little Snow’s mouth was growing even larger and was beginning to quickly revolve. An ear-piercing sound caused their eardrums to ache.

At the same time, the pressure on their bodies was also growing stronger. The youth and the injured senior were crushed onto the ground by that pressure and unable to move.

Only the senior that hadn’t made a move yet was still able to forcibly resist. But at this time, blood was also flowing out of the corner of his mouth and he was tottering. The three of them were ashen, knowing they were already helpless.

Deep within the forest were two distant figures watching this. Their clothes were a similar color to the forest, and adding on their special methods of concealing their auras, it would be difficult to notice them even if you walked right past them.

“Do we have to stop this?” asked one of them.

“No need. This isn’t the territory of our Xuantian Monastery. As long as it doesn’t threaten our disciples’ lives, we don’t need to do anything,” replied the other.

“Those three are definitely blind. They didn’t even recognize the Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf. They deserve their fates. But it does appear like that youth must have a powerful background,” sighed one of them, envious of Long Chen’s Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf.

While they spoke, space suddenly shivered as a ray of light shot out of Little Snow’s mouth towards those three.

BOOM! The wide blade rapidly revolved, crushing all the boulders and trees in its way for several miles.

When the dust settled, a huge ditch dozens of meters wide had appeared on the land. Beside it, the three of them were white as ghosts, foolishly looking at the change in scenery.

Only after a long time did they finally recover. But they didn’t dare look at Long Chen or Little Snow, not saying anything for a long time.

“Thank you senior for not killing us. We were wrong.” That senior’s voice was trembling.

He knew that Long Chen had purposely had this attack miss at the last moment. Otherwise, that kind of attack just now would have left them without a corpse.

Although Long Chen appeared as calm as ever outside, huge waves shook his heart. That was also his first time seeing how terrifying Little Snow’s attack was after advancing to the third rank.

He truly was worthy of being a ruler amongst third rank Magical Beasts. Such an attack was too horrifying. Even that Flame Salamander in the desert would be unable to receive such a terrifying attack.

Along with his shock was a crazy joy. Little Snow’s power was his power. With such a powerful companion, what would he ever have to be afraid of?

Now that the senior had said that, Long Chen indifferently said, “Do you still want to exterminate my family?”

That youth was uncontrollably shaking from fear. Having been saved from entering the gates of hell just now, he had already forgotten his previous anger. He wanted to speak, but due to his fear and nervousness, his mouth just clacked a few times and he wasn’t able to make any words.

That senior saw that and hastily took off his own spatial ring as well as the spatial rings from the other two. Kneeling, he raised them in his hands. “Please kindly accept our offering.”

His hands suddenly lightened as those rings disappeared. He was completely shocked.

Raising his head, he saw that those spatial rings were already within Long Chen’s hands. He was filled with horror; he hadn’t even seen Long Chen move! That kind of speed was too shocking.

But in reality, Long Chen hadn’t moved at all. He had merely used his Spiritual Strength to bring over the rings. Because he had been kneeling to display his respect, that senior hadn’t seen his movements.

Long Chen’s divine sense entered the rings. He saw that they were all spatial rings with large spaces, especially that youth’s spatial ring. Inside was a space of over three hundred meters. In the future, he would never have to worry about not having enough space in his spatial ring.

Inside he was celebrating, but outside he had to act high and mighty. He forced his voice to remain calm. “Since it’s like this, I’ll forgive you guys. You can leave.”

The three of them respectfully bowed, feeling as if they had been pardoned from death, and dejectedly walked away. After they left, Long Chen couldn’t help but laugh loudly.

He was rich!

Long Chen took off his current spatial ring and put on the largest spatial ring. The things inside were piled up like mountains.

But when Long Chen looked them over, he couldn’t help but curse inside. The majority of what was in the spatial ring were some medicinal pills, weapons, and the things that caused Long Chen to be most speechless of all, a large bed as well as many luxurious articles for everyday life.

That youth was truly a spoiled brat. He had actually brought out all kinds of luxurious items for traveling outside. 

He directly tossed out the bed, embroidered blankets, tents, and other appliances. Although those were definitely high-quality items, some of which Long Chen had never even seen before, those were items that Long Chen would definitely be uncomfortable using since someone else had already used them.

What he didn’t know was that the youth truly was from a rich family. Although he was a bit inexperienced, his family was rich.

But most of his riches were in his medicinal pills. Those were all high grade medicinal pills.

After all, medicinal pills were the most important commodity to possess, on the same level as spirit stones. They would never lose value.

But as a pill cultivator, Long Chen didn’t care at all about these medicinal pills. And that was why he thought that youth was just being a fake spoiled brat.

If Long Chen’s thoughts were known by that youth, he would definitely be angered to death. Not only was he robbed by someone, that someone even looked down disdainfully on what he possessed!

But there was definitely one thing that satisfied Long Chen greatly. That was something he had seen within one of the seniors’ rings.

It was a steel spear whose whole body was pitch-black. It didn’t look very eye-catching, as steel wasn’t that rare of a material, but its weight was still not bad.

More importantly, that spear was four feet long, but its weight had reached over three tons. That was a kind of weapon Long Chen had been lacking greatly.

Although it was still somewhat light for him, it was definitely much better than that light-as-a-feather longsword.

Properly putting away his spoils of battle into a single storage ring, Long Chen leisurely continued on his travels.

Once Long Chen left, those two figures appeared in his original spot. Looking in the direction Long Chen had left, one of them said, “Perhaps there will be another monster-class figure appearing.”

“Yup. For the disciple selection this time, there are several coming from extremely great backgrounds. I wonder how this youth will compare to them,” nodded the other

“We senior disciples will probably be surpassed by those junior disciples not long from now.”

“That’s just what cultivation is. Cheer up, being a spectator isn’t all that bad either.”

The other one nodded. Then looking at the trash left behind by Long Chen, he hesitated. “This…”

“Hehe, that kid really doesn’t understand the world. Of course we senior disciples can’t see him waste this much. We’ll have to help him accept them.”

The two of them looked at each other and laughed. They collected everything that Long Chen had thrown away. Those things were all high quality, a hundred times better than what they were using. They didn’t care whether another person had already used them or not.

Long Chen traveled for another fifty miles before a large river appeared behind. It was hundreds of meters wide, and a large bridge joined the two shores.

Seeing that bridge, Long Chen’s heart began to beat faster. According to his map, after this river, he would have officially entered the territory of the Xuantian Monastery.

Long Chen urged Little Snow to cross the bridge. Just as they were about to step onto the bridge, he felt a gust of wind blow over behind his head, and a ruthless attack whistled over at him.

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