Chapter 1249 Guidance to the Right Path

This was truly a question Long Chen had been wondering about. It seemed that amongst the three great sects of the heavens, it was the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect that had declined the most. But they still seemed so confident.

Suddenly, a flash of comprehension appeared in Long Chen’s mind. He exclaimed, “A person with nothing isn’t afraid of people with something to lose?”

“Hahaha…” The old man and the bosses laughed, pleased.

“Good guess,” praised the old man.

Boss Bao said, “Previously, when my Heaven Splitting Battle Sect was in its golden age, we also didn’t fear anyone. And now, we don’t have anything to worry about.”

What Boss Bao meant was that the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect had been a dominating power back in its golden age. Now that it had declined, many sects thought of them as a group of half-dead madmen.

It was the kind of sect that was most dangerous. Because they had already declined, there were few things that could intimidate them.

In the eyes of others, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect had declined to the brink and was like a Magical Beast on the verge of death. It was very likely that right before it died, it would bring down the few people around it in its death throes. That was why no one wanted to provoke the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect.

“But we killed so many of them. Will there really be no problem?” asked Long Chen. Those were three Life Star experts, not three chickens. This was a huge humiliation to the ancient races.

If the ancient race alliance was infuriated and all their races were mobilized, then let alone a single Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, even ten Heaven Splitting Battle Sects would be annihilated instantly.

“Child, even a broken boat has a few nails to attack with. And our Heaven Splitting Battle Sect doesn’t have just a few. Back when the three great sects of the heavens were in their golden age, the ancient races were nothing more than a pack of dogs. But now the world has changed and the three sects have declined. Although the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect managed to maintain their complete inheritance, there is no way for them to compare to their golden age.

“The Xuantian Dao Sect’s Xuantian Catalog’s interpretation was destroyed, making it so no one can see through its profundities, essentially half-crippling the Xuantian Dao Sect. But fortunately, they have the Xuantian Tower and the Reincarnation Mirror, two powerful divine items to maintain their karmic luck, making it so others don’t dare to humiliate them.

“That Li Tianxuan’s a man with some guts and schemes. He has courage, and his last few plays have been very good. But in the end, he has been influenced by his master too much, and he still has too many misgivings. He doesn’t truly dare to go all-out. To tell the truth, I look down upon how cautious the Xuantian Dao Sect acts. If a person lives like they’re overlooking an abyss, like they’re treading on thin ice, what is the point of them cultivating? If a person is afraid of death, they should just find a turtle cave and hide forever,” said the old man a bit disdainfully. He didn’t have a high opinion of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s conduct.

“Child, you’re also starting to be influenced by Li Tianxuan. You like to account for everything, to make a perfect plot with no holes. On one hand, that isn’t a fault. It’s one of the essential requirements for someone in power. But you are different; you are not a ruler, you are a cultivator. Yes, intelligence can resolve problems. But then remember, why do battles even start? It’s because intelligence cannot resolve all problems, and then you have to fight.

“If you form a dependence on your intelligence, if you start being very cautious, if you start avoiding trouble, then your drive will unconsciously whittle away. At that time, you will no longer be a true cultivator. You might be able to solve some problems with intelligence, but you have to remember, this is the cultivation world. In front of absolute power, intelligence won’t save you.

“That’s why my Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples are not taught to make any schemes. The outside world considers my disciples idiots with muscles for brains, but in truth, thousands of years ago, my Heaven Splitting Battle Sect was in its own league within the Central Plains. Even now, although we have declined, look. Does anyone dare to bully us like they bully the Xuantian Dao Sect?

“As men, whether your glory blinds the world or you decline to the point that you have nothing, you have to stand with your spine straight. If anyone dares to bully you, you fight them to death. We can die while standing, but we cannot kneel to live. In the end, we have to remember that we cultivate to live with dignity.”

The old man looked at Long Chen profoundly. That was because this time, Long Chen had used his intelligence to escape from the Grand Xia and come here. In the face of a deathtrap, he had used various plots to survive. 

But the old man didn’t look favorably upon that. This intelligence would become a stumbling block for Long Chen’s cultivation path in the future. A dependence on intelligence would cause a lack of trust in his own power. That was something fatal to an expert.

Long Chen’s heart shook and he began to sweat. As expected, the old man’s vision was sharp. He had even seen this possible problem with just a glance.

Long Chen had truly been affected by Li Tianxuan. Li Tianxuan’s plotting had completely shaken Long Chen during the battle of the eastern sea. A single person’s plot could reap harvests hundreds of years into the future. That kind of ability to win victory without even being present was something he greatly admired.

He had unconsciously been influenced by that and also started doing the same thing. He hadn’t even realized it himself.

But with the old man’s warning, he felt a burst of fear. He had once more deviated from the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art’s intent without realizing it. He needed that resolution to split mountains when he encountered mountains, to cut apart rivers when he encountered rivers. It was already starting to cause a problem. By thinking of how to avoid things while saving the most energy instead of directly blasting his way through them, he had lost his original heart.

“I understand.” Long Chen nodded.

When he said this, the seven bosses all looked at each other with shock.

When Long Chen said this, his air subtly changed. His eyes became sharper, and he seemed like a sharp blade.

All of them were powerful experts, and they all sensed this subtle change in his air. They felt the change in his heart.

Now it was like a blade, which had been abandoned in its scabbard, had decided not to hide its sharpness and release its light.

In just this instant, Long Chen completed an inconceivable transformation. For his heart to follow his will so easily, it was a clear sign that his Dao-heart had reached a crystal-clear realm.

“Little fellow, you’re quite the rare sapling…” Boss Bao patted Long Chen on the shoulder with praise.

“Head Boss over praises me,” said Long Chen humbly.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely look after you, making you into a towering tree capable of blocking the wind and rain. Not only will I help you, but even the other bosses will help you. It’s only natural to repay you for your filial gift of this wine,” laughed Boss Bao.

The other bosses also laughed and looked at Long Chen, their gazes fiery, making Long Chen’s hair stand on end. He felt that these fellows were harboring some evil thoughts.

“Don’t be afraid. We won’t be too hard on you. We’ll just break your bones and muscles. Once you’re used to it, you’ll be fine.” The Second Boss patted Long Chen on the shoulder as well. The power in that patting made Long Chen’s bones creak.

Long Chen instantly realized that these old fellows were about to put him in his place. No wonder the old man had said that even if he bribed them, they would still beat him.

Long Chen looked at the old man with a pleading look, but the old man shook his head. “It’s useless to look at me. This is the inheritance of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. They also went through the same thing back then. However, if you have the power, you can put them in their place instead. If you don’t have that ability, just accept your fate.”

Put experts who could kill Life Star experts in their place? That joke was a bit too crazy. Wasn’t this like a tiger beating a dog?

And looking at the seven bosses who were looking at him like hungry wolves eyeing a sheep, Long Chen’s scalp turned numb.

He was just about to say that this was too unfair, when he suddenly recalled that he definitely couldn’t say such a thing within the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. Whoever’s fist was stronger was the boss.

“Well then, it’s Long Chen’s first time, so go easy on him. Take turns. You can go so I can properly cultivate.” The old man shooed them off while holding the High Priest’s wine with a pleased expression.

The seven bosses brought Long Chen to an underground training room.

This was a huge training room with countless runes revolving around its walls. The ground was inlaid with blood-red bricks.

“These bricks were originally blue, but after countless years, the blood of countless disciples turned them red. Each disciple will leave behind their own color on this floor. Come Long Chen, I look favorably upon you, hahaha!” laughed Boss Bao evilly.

“Alright, during the next seven days, we will help you solidify your gains from the Heaven Earth Divine Pool. The first day is the Head Boss’s. Each of us will look after you during the next few days, so properly cherish this opportunity,” laughed the Seventh Boss as he left with the other bosses.

In an instant, the only ones left were Long Chen and the giant Boss Bao. Boss Bao was looking at Long Chen. With his arms that were even thicker than a normal person’s legs, he looked like a beast staring at his prey.

“Go ahead and don’t hesitate. No one ever escapes this misfortune. Back when I was here, I was also beaten. Regretfully, those old bastards that beat me are no longer present.” A flash of pain appeared in Boss Bao’s eyes, but it was quickly covered up by his powerful, rising aura. “Come. Fight like a man.”

Just standing there, his voice shook the space around him. His huge body was like a devil king’s body, giving off incredible pressure.

“Fuck, I’m going all-out!”

Long Chen clenched his teeth and summoned his divine ring. Stars appeared in his eyes, and scales appeared on his body. He charged at Boss Bao.

Long Chen’s fist smashed toward Boss Bao’s face. That power caused space to quiver.

But what stupefied Long Chen was that Boss Bao didn’t even move. He simply allowed Long Chen’s fist to smash into his face. He didn’t even frown.

Long Chen’s face turned green. What kind of monster was this? His full-power punch could shatter a mountain, but it was unable to cause any harm to Boss Bao?

“Is this all you have? Did you absorb that much of the divine pool’s water for nothing? Let me help you stimulate your hidden potential.”

Boss Bao suddenly roared and a terrifying qi wave exploded. Long Chen didn’t even have the power to block it, and he smashed into the wall, vomiting a mouthful of blood. He finally left behind his own contribution on the red floor beneath him.

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