Chapter 1248 Domineering Men

With the Head Boss’s hand reaching toward him, Long Chen snickered mischievously and hid behind the old man. As expected, his gift of filial respect hadn’t been for nothing. The old man waved his cane, blowing away the Head Boss.

“Due to your own lack of ability, you take your anger out on a child? Can you feel the slightest bit of shame?” snorted the old man.

“Good brat, you have some guts to even scheme against us. Just wait, don’t land in our hands!” threatened the other bosses.

“Alright, then you can go and I’ll just drink alone with the old man. It just so happens that I have a few more fine wines I wanted to use to offer my respects.” Long Chen took out several wine jugs, each one of them different. He intentionally opened them slightly to allow their fragrance to wash out.

Even ordinary people would begin to salivate upon smelling this wine, let alone the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s people who loved wine. It possessed a fatal attraction for them.

“Cough, what would be the point of just the two of you drinking by yourselves? Don’t worry, we’ll accompany you.” The Head Boss’s fury instantly vanished in front of this fine wine.

If the old man wasn’t present, he’d have probably already snatched them away. But he now thickened his skin to stick around.

“Hehe, just now I was just testing the old man’s unrivaled divine power. It’s not like losing to the old man is embarrassing. In this world, just how many people are able to challenge him?” comforted Long Chen as he poured the wine.

He guessed the seven of them hadn’t been beaten like this in a long time, which had caused them to be irritated. For them to have been beaten in front of a junior was truly a bit embarrassing. He hastily gave them a way out of that awkwardness.

That made them much more comfortable, but when they received Long Chen’s wine, they were now much more cautious. The memory of Tu Qianshang’s wine was still burned in their minds, and they drank this wine slowly.

It was because of Tu Qianshang’s wine that they had overflowed with a desire to fight, and adding on their desire to beat the old man, they had instantly attacked, which had resulted in a miserable defeat.

But these wines Long Chen had brought out were basically unrelated to cultivation, and were only used for the taste. It made them all exclaim in admiration.

Fortunately, the bosses knew that the Wine God Palace’s wine was exceptionally precious and couldn’t be consumed willy-nilly. They all drank it slowly, savoring it.

After a few jugs of wine had entered their bellies, they had all relaxed and forgotten about their previous depression. Their mood continued to rise.

“Long Chen, you’re not bad. I look favorably upon you,” praised the Head Boss, patting him on the shoulder.

Long Chen was speechless. Why did this sound so off?[1]

He laughed and poured more wine for him, saying, “Head Boss, I suppose you stand at the top of the seven bosses.”

“But of course. My title of Head Boss was won through my own fists. For three hundred years, no one has been able to shake my position,” he bragged.

The Second Boss snorted but didn’t say anything. It was immediately clear to Long Chen that the ranking of the seven bosses wasn’t based on seniority, but based on whose fist was stronger.

“Then Head Boss, with your qualifications, you must be the strongest other than the old man. But why do I always hear people cursing you?” asked Long Chen.

“Cursing me? Tell me who! I’ll smash their heads…” But as he said this, he looked questioningly at the old man, clearly lacking confidence.

“What are you looking at me for? When do I ever curse you? Isn’t beating you much more satisfying?” snorted the old man.

Hearing that it wasn’t the old man, the Head Boss was at ease and his confidence inflated. He asked Long Chen who was cursing him behind his back.

Long Chen answered, “There are too many of them to count! Many people say something along the lines of fuck your daddy, damn your daddy, screw your daddy…”[2]

“Little bastard, you want to be beaten?” The Head Boss immediately raised his fist.

Long Chen, who had long since been prepared, slithered his way to the old man’s side. As a result, the old man knocked the Head Boss’s fist back with a palm.

The old man chided, “What are you quibbling with a child for? Joking with you expresses how close he feels with you. How can you be so blind?”

“What the fuck?!”

The Head Boss almost couldn’t breathe. The old man was being a bit too protective of this brat, wasn’t he? What if he got used to that?

“Head Boss, please don’t get angry. I’m telling the truth, right?” said Long Chen.

The Head Boss thought about it and nodded. It was true that people often cursed like this. His name was truly a bit off. But this title of his had been something he had fought hard for. He couldn’t just toss it away.

“Fine, then don’t call me Head Boss in the future. You can call me Boss Bao. Hehe, Boss Bao, that sounds very mighty too,” laughed Boss Bao.

The other bosses were indifferent to this and simply enjoyed their wine. To them, changing their title was of no importance. It was simply there for a convenient ranking. They didn’t mind.

As they were drinking, the old man suddenly snorted. The bosses’ expressions also sank.

The old man said, “There are seven Life Star experts who’ve come. Who wants them?”

Long Chen was dumbfounded. What was going on?

“Old fourth and old sixth, you two go. It’s been a long time since you’ve gotten any exercise,” said Boss Bao.

The Fourth Boss and Sixth Boss nodded. Finishing off their wine, they got up and left.

Long Chen looked at them like an idiot. Boss Bao explained, “Seven of the ancient races’ idiots have come into the territory of my Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. Ignoring the warnings, they barged their way to our gate.”

“The ancient races? Are they coming for me? Fuck, these cowardly bullies, they don’t dare to cause trouble for the Wine God Palace, so they have to set their sights on me,” snorted Long Chen hatefully.

For them to send out seven Life Star experts at once, they were clearly trying to force the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect to hand him over.

Long Chen’s original intent in coming to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect was to repay their kindness. Back then, Feng Xinglie had gone to the Eastern Wasteland to support and pass on Split the Heavens to him, which had allowed him to escape countless life and death encounters.

He had even detonated an Ancestral item to escape the ancient races’ entanglement. He hadn’t thought they would be so obstinate as to chase him all the way to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect.

And yet, how had they known that he would come to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect? He hadn’t told anyone where he had been going.

Xuan Jizi. It definitely had to have been done by Xuan Jizi. Long Chen suddenly realized that this entire matter definitely had Xuan Jizi’s shadow behind it.

According to the news that the Grand Xia had received, once that Xia Chen had annihilated the Grand Han’s royal family, two Life Star experts had failed to hunt him down. And yet, the Heavenly Fate Pavilion within the Grand Han hadn’t even made a noise, as if none of that had anything to do with them.

But the fact that the ancient races had actually followed him here allowed Long Chen to see Xuan Jizi’s shadow. Killing intent raged in his eyes. Until that bastard died, he probably wouldn’t have any peaceful days.

Long Chen didn’t like bringing his trouble to others, but in the end, that trouble had still been brought to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, infuriating him.

“Child, remember, this is your home. Don’t form any useless thoughts, or you’ll be beaten,” said the Seventh Boss, looking not worried at all.

“Old seventh is correct. You are now a disciple of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. No matter how big the trouble you cause, we will help you bear it.” Boss Bao nodded.


The land quivered as a muffled explosive sound came from the distance. Long Chen could almost sense that terrifying pressure.

But it was too far for him to see anything. All he could be sure of was that both sides had started fighting.

Suddenly, two figures reappeared at the peak of the mountain. They were the Fourth Boss and Sixth Boss. They now had some bloodstains on them, and although they had reserved their auras, they were still unleashing boundless killing intent.

What shocked Long Chen the most was that the Fourth Boss was carrying two heads, while the Sixth Boss was also holding a head. The three heads all contained the specific markings of the ancient races. From the pressure coming from them, they were clearly the heads of Life Star experts.

“Old sixth, you’ve gotten rusty.” The Fourth Boss tossed the two heads to the side as if they were nothing and then poured himself a bowl of wine.

The Sixth Boss also tossed the head in his hand aside. He grumbled, “It’s the ancient races that are too cowardly. Otherwise, I’d have also gotten two heads.”

But when the Sixth Boss sat, Long Chen saw a bloody injury to his chest that looked like he had been clawed. That injury contained a destructive energy that made it so he couldn’t heal it.

Long Chen was shocked. These two had killed three of the seven Life Star experts of the ancient races in just a few breaths’ time. That was too terrifying, wasn’t it? Now Long Chen realized why Feng Xinglie said that the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s experts were true masters compared to the outside world’s experts. Fighting across realms was easy for them.

“Of those seven idiots, three and a half ran off,” said the Fourth Boss to the old man. The half he was referring to was how one of them only had half his life. It was difficult to say if he would live, but even if he did, he would be half-crippled.

“Old man, have I brought trouble for the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect?” asked Long Chen. Wouldn’t slaughtering the ancient races like this anger the ancient race alliance?

The ancient race alliance was comprised of tens of thousands of races. Their total power was terrifying, and not something a single sect could resist. No one wanted to provoke them.

“Trouble? My Heaven Splitting Battle Sect isn’t afraid of that.” The old man smiled. Seeing how dumbfounded Long Chen was, he continued, “You might not believe me, but those ancient race experts won’t even dare to let out a fart because of this.”

“What…?” Now Long Chen was completely shocked.

Boss Bao chortled, “Long Chen, do you know why we have such confidence?”

[1] This term for Head Boss is 大爷, which is often used as a curse word, and literally the Head Boss says I, __insert curse word__, look favorably upon you. Naturally, that sounds off.

[2] Here Long Chen is using the curses that have 大爷 (Head Boss) in them. 

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