Chapter 1247 Violent Temper

“How am I shameless? As the Head Boss, am I supposed to refuse when a child shows me his filial respect by giving me a gift?” quibbled the Head Boss. Despite being blown back, he still held on tightly to the wine jug.

“How did it become showing filial respect for you? I was the one who ran over to the Grand Xia to protect him in secret. If he’s showing filial respect for anyone, it should be for me!” declared the Seventh Boss.

Long Chen was surprised to hear that. “Seventh Boss, you went over to the Grand Xia?”

“Little brat, considering how much trouble you caused, how could we be at ease knowing you were facing the ancient races alone?” snorted the Seventh Boss.

“Then Seventh Boss, Tu Qianshang, he… he’s fine, right?” asked Long Chen. He truly was a bit worried about him. After all, he was only at the Soul Transformation realm.

“What a worrywart. That Tu Qianshang once exchanged blows with me, so do you think he’d have any trouble against those ancient race idiots? Out of those three Life Star idiots, one was killed, one had his physical body destroyed, and the last one fled while protecting the other’s Yuan Spirit,” said the Seventh Boss.

Long Chen was shocked. Tu Qianshang was far stronger than he had imagined. Even one against three, he had fought across realms and killed one of them.

“You don’t need to be shocked. Eighteen hundred years ago, I encountered that fellow and we fought an intense battle. That battle lasted a day and night, but in the end, both of us got too hungry to keep fighting, so instead of wasting more energy, we drank wine together. In truth, Tu Qianshang is his generation’s genius and also a hot-blooded man. But because of his little brother’s death, he ended up joining the Wine God Palace. If he could have let go of his resentment from back then, he would have long since advanced to the Life Star realm. Due to you and all the built-up resentment over the years, he immediately went all-out at the start. If the ancient races weren’t such cowards, they’d have all died to his blade. Furthermore, due to getting to vent his resentment, that fellow will very likely be able to use this opportunity to advance to the Life Star realm.” The Seventh Boss was full of praise for Tu Qianshang.

Learning that Tu Qianshang was fine put Long Chen at ease. He also couldn’t help but find it somewhat funny. Tu Qianshang’s character was truly to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s taste.

“Old man, this little one didn’t have the chance to gather any big gifts this time. But I specifically brought this particular jug of wine for you. This wine is personally made by the Wine God Palace’s High Priest.” Long Chen took out another jug. This was one of the two jugs of peerless wine the High Priest had given him.

For Long Chen to drink this kind of wine was purely a waste. When he had obtained it, he had first thought to give one jug to Li Tianxuan and one to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect.

“The Wine God Palace’s High Priest?”

This time, even the old man stood up. The seven bosses’ eyes almost popped out of their sockets as they stared intently at the jug of wine.

The old man carefully opened the seal on the jug, and a dense fragrance of wine poured out, one that caused all their minds to relax.

“What a fine wine!”

The seven bosses all exclaimed in praise. They were all Soul Transformation experts who had lived for a long time and seen much. But they had never seen such a fine wine. With just a look, with just a sniff, they sensed the aura of the Heavenly Daos, and even a strange change occurred with their spiritual yuan.

“The High Priest of the Wine God Palace? Good brat, you actually received his wine? Hehe, you have some skill,” praised the old man.

The High Priest was a supreme existence, someone even Life Star experts wouldn’t necessarily be qualified to meet. For Long Chen to have received his wine was an enormous honor.

“Hehe, old man, what do you think you’re doing? Why did you take the wine? In any case, you’re still going to give us a taste, right?”

Seeing the old man take the wine with seemingly no intent to share it with them, the others all panicked. This was the wine of the High Priest. Even if it was just one drop, they would at least be able to brag about it in the future.

“This is something Long Chen is gifting me as part of his filial duties. Does it have anything to do with you? Furthermore, with your cultivation bases, drinking this kind of wine is a waste of an absolute treasure.” The old man shook his head, refusing to give them even one drop.

“Fuck! Brothers, charge!”

The Head Boss roared furiously, and what made Long Chen’s eyes almost pop out was that the others also charged at the old man at the same time, clearly trying to take the wine back.

“Hmph, a few brats think they can rebel? Could it be that you’ve called me old man for so long that you actually think I’m old? Scram!”

The old man roared thunderously, and a terrifying qi wave instantly exploded, blowing back the seven of them and causing them to vomit blood.

“What the fuck?!”

Long Chen suddenly cursed and took out the black pot, hiding his body behind it.

BANG! Long Chen was also struck by the qi wave and shot out like a shooting star. He vomited blood, feeling like his bones had been broken as he crashed into a distant mountain.

This huge mountain was blown to bits by Long Chen, and when he crawled out from the wreckage, he once more vomited a mouthful of blood.

“These damn madmen!” Long Chen was speechless. He hastily fled to a distant mountain peak.

Where he had just been, there were the fierce rumblings of an intense battle between powerful experts. Watching such a thing would be extremely beneficial to him.

But when he reached the peak of the mountain, he saw the battle had already ended. The old man was holding a pitch-black walking cane.

The other seven were lying on the ground in pain; all of them were beaten black and blue. The places they were injured had turned as black as the old man’s cane.

Looking from the black cane to their miserable plight, Long Chen realized that provoking the old man in a fit of passion came with a price.

“Do you submit?” shouted the old man.

“I submit!”

Long Chen jumped and hastily expressed his attitude. This old man’s temper was truly violent.

The old man glared at him and said, “I wasn’t talking to you. I was asking these seven little brats.”

The Seventh Boss crawled up and courageously declared, “Just wait, one day I will definitely make you kneel in front of me! Aiya!”

The Seventh Boss was once more sent flying by the cane, and Long Chen even heard the sound of bones breaking. He shivered.

This was too ruthless. The Seventh Boss’s terrifying body was still injured so heavily by a whack of a cane. If it had been him instead, he’d probably have exploded.

“If you don’t submit, you can come at me again!” declared the old man.

But now, the seven of them were covered in black spots and looked incredibly miserable. They had long since lost their previous air of experts.

They could recover their spiritual yuan, but the old man’s cane was strange. They were unable to expel the black color that seeped into their skin in a short time. This was the price of challenging the sect master’s prestige.

“Long Chen, I heard your guts are big. Do you want to try it as well?” The old man turned to Long Chen.

“Me? Ah, maybe not today. I know how to respect seniority.”

Long Chen hastily shook his head. Was he joking? Although his guts weren’t small, he wasn’t an idiot. He wouldn’t send himself over just to be beaten.

“Uh, Head Boss, don’t worry. I still have a bit more wine for us to drink. Can you help me out?” In order to alleviate the awkward tension in the air, Long Chen took out a large jug of wine.

The wind was too strong on the peak of this mountain, making it so Long Chen couldn’t completely block it. He could only ask for help.

Hearing that there was still wine for him to drink, the Head Boss immediately recovered and summoned a barrier that protected Long Chen.

Long Chen took out a stone table and some wine bowls. He saw that the seven bosses seemed very depressed after being beaten.

“Brat, you don’t need to worry about sucking up to them. Even once they drink your wine, they’ll still beat you when you deserve it. They won’t give you any face just because of this wine,” warned the old man.

“That’s right. Little brat, we won’t neglect our teaching and discipline because of this wine. Of course, we’ll still give you beatings when we need to,” said the Head Boss, as if that was as it should be.

“Hehe, no problem. A family doesn’t need to care about sucking up. Here, have a taste of this fiery wine.” Long Chen switched out the wine jars once he heard the Head Boss’s words. He poured all of them a bowl of this new wine.

Long Chen felt that these people were truly interesting. This kind of character was truly… unique.

Long Chen had already drunk Tu Qianshang’s fiery wine several times before. Now he was able to suppress the impact.

But the Head Boss, Second Boss, Third Boss, Fourth Boss… and Seventh Boss had never had it. At first they didn’t sense anything because of their powerful cultivation bases. But then they quickly sensed their blood starting to heat up. Their courage grew, and exchanging a glance, they suddenly charged at the old man all at once.

“Bye!” Long Chen scuttled away, putting away the table and the wine.

He hastily flew out a mile when he was sent flying by a terrifying qi wave. It was like a mountain had crashed into him, and he almost vomited blood. The fight had already begun.

Tumbling into the distance, Long Chen’s head was rattling as he tried to stabilize himself. When he managed to look back over, he saw the seven bosses charging at the old man.

The old man waved his cane, and black images filled the air, almost as if darkness was enveloping the world.

Bang, bang, bang, bang…”




Screaming and cursing rang out. When those black images disappeared, they revealed the old man standing in the air, with the seven bosses lying on the ground like dead dogs. The Fourth Boss had suffered the most, with his body stuck in the rock and only his legs sticking out.

Long Chen was struck dumb. The old man was truly powerful. Even one against seven, it was like he was beating children.

“Old man, you’re so powerful and domineering!” Long Chen hastily rushed over to the old man’s side and said some boot-licking words, looking as if he was one family with him.

He was confident that the old man was the one with absolute authority in the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. Going with him was definitely the way of the king.

“Long Chen, you little bastard, you dare to con me?!” The Head Boss roared and reached toward him. He knew the seven of them had been conned.

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