Chapter 1245 Ninth Heavenstage of Foundation Forging

The water of the divine pool had run out. Long Chen had sucked two of the divine springs’ water dry.

“Old man…” The Seventh Both hesitated.

The old man sank into thought for a moment before saying, “Open the final divine spring.”

The Seventh Boss hastily cried out, “Old man, if the final divine spring is sucked dry, then our Heaven Splitting Battle Sect will end with this generation!”

The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect only had three divine springs. At this time, there was no way for the three divine springs to produce new springwater. What they were using was their reserves saved from their past glory. If this final bit was used up, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s inheritance would end with this generation.

Without the tempering of the divine pool, the disciples would be unable to strengthen their physical bodies, and the fourth form of Split the Heavens would be their limit. This was a huge matter of grave importance to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect.

“Open it. If the heavens really want my Heaven Splitting Battle Sect to die, we don’t have the power to stop it. There’s no difference between dying sooner or later,” sighed the old man.

The Seventh Boss also sighed. He pressed his hand against another stone pillar. The pool shook slightly as another divine spring was opened, and gushing water poured in.

This was the final divine spring. Once it was used, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect would have no more divine springs for future generations.

The divine spring quickly filled up the entire pool. Long Chen’s scales rapidly absorbed the energy.

This final divine spring contained the most energy. It surpassed the sum of the previous two divine springs. The Seventh Boss was controlling things so that it didn’t overflow.

But he quickly realized that after the water reached a certain level, it stopped rising.

That meant all its reserves had been used up. That made a sad light appear in his eyes.

No matter how magnanimous a person was, there was no way they could treat this as nothing. After all, this would decide the future rise or decline of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect.

On his own, Long Chen had absorbed almost the whole stock for the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s next thousand years. That was absolutely shocking. Long Chen’s body was like a bottomless pit that wouldn’t fill up no matter what.

“Long Chen’s potential is unimaginable. Any other disciple would have long since exploded upon absorbing this much energy. Furthermore, the divine spring’s energy is only supposed to strengthen the physical body and one’s potential. It’s basically unrelated to cultivation base. But Long Chen absorbed so much energy that he broke through consecutively. This is already abnormal. This child isn’t ordinary, so let him do as he pleases. Even if it causes the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect to decline, we have to act in accordance with our original hearts. Being afraid of the wolf in front and afraid of the tiger behind isn’t the style of our Heaven Splitting Battle Sect,” said the old man.


The Seventh Boss’s heart shook. He nodded.

At this time, the water reached rock bottom. Long Chen’s scales began to shine, and a powerful pressure erupted.

“He’s actually advancing again?!” cried the Seventh Boss.

Long Chen slowly opened his eyes. His energy formed a pillar of light that soared into the sky.

Heaven and earth trembled intensely. Suddenly, a crack appeared on the border of the divine pool, causing the Seventh Boss’s expression to completely change.

“Little bastard, don’t advance in the divine pool! Scram up to the sky!”

Long Chen was unable to control himself. He had reached the limit of how far he could possibly break through, making it so his energy was not completely within his control. A vast energy was about to explode out of him.

The continuous advancements caused his 108,000 immortal platforms to store up a ridiculous amount of energy. Long Chen hastily stamped on the ground and shot into the air.


The rocks at the bottom of the divine pool blew into the air, causing the Seventh Boss to turn green. He hastily checked the core and found that it hadn’t been destroyed, allowing him to sigh with relief.

“If he broke it, I’d beat him until he pissed out everything he took,” muttered the Seventh Boss as he closed the divine pool. He looked up at Long Chen.

Long Chen was standing in the air, his entire face red and his body inflating. He looked like a prawn being boiled.

“Are you constipated? Aiya!” The Seventh Boss had only just shouted when he was sent flying by a palm.

The old man’s furious roar rang out, “Can you not be so embarrassing?! He is using his erupting spiritual yuan to once more widen his meridians.”

Long Chen truly was trying to use this torrent of energy to expand his meridians. He was not a disciple of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, and he didn’t cultivate the Battle God Sacred Canon. Normally, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples would use the Heaven Earth Divine Pool’s blessing to stimulate their Dantians into widening their meridians to better fit their new bodies.

But Long Chen cultivated the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. His Dantian was empty, and so he was unable to use it to widen his meridians.

With his cultivation experience, he knew that if he wanted to adapt to his new body and new spiritual yuan, he had to widen his meridians.

Otherwise, no matter how much energy he possessed, if the channels weren’t wide enough, he would be unable to use it. Having power but not being able to use it was useless.

He was using his own method to widen his meridians through the power of his continuous breakthroughs.

Rumbling rang out from Long Chen’s body. Each rumble represented his meridians had widened. This kind of suicidal method shocked the Seventh Boss.

This was too crazy. Even the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples with their powerful physical bodies wouldn’t dare to do such a thing.

Meridians could not be treated so crazily. Their flexibility was limited, and if pushed past their limit, they would easily explode. Broken meridians were extremely troublesome to heal.

“Too crazy.”

The Seventh Elder shook his head. In just a few breaths’ time, Long Chen had widened his meridians seven times, and he was still continuing.

In truth, there was no way this was a real method of widening one’s meridians. Long Chen’s meridians were covered in cracks right now and about to break.

But after widening, Long Chen would use the primal chaos space’s energy to heal them and then once more widen them.

This kind of opportunity wouldn’t come again just because he wished it. He had to do his best to widen his meridians as much as possible before his breakthrough came to an end.

His 108,000 immortal platforms had a huge amount of energy now, but without the strong meridians, he couldn’t use that energy. It was like he owned a huge lake, but could only send out water through little streams.

What he needed to do was turn those streams into mighty rivers. That was the only way for him to match the power of his body.

His meridians widened, cracked, and then healed over and over.

Long Chen suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood. The energy in his body was too berserk, and he was doing his best to suppress it to prevent his breakthrough from ending. Now that energy was starting to cause a backlash.

This energy was too terrifying. Long Chen continuously coughed up blood, but he ignored it, doing his best to widen his meridians.

After going through the nourishment of the Heaven Earth Divine Pool, even Long Chen was unable to tell just how terrifying his new body was. Right now, his body was still highly malleable. But once he was past this point, his meridians would become set in size once more and highly difficult to widen.

Continuous explosions came from Long Chen’s body, and in the end, his skin broke apart and blood poured out of him, dyeing him red.

The Seventh Boss’s heart pounded. This was too ruthless. The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples didn’t need to suffer one bit through this tempering, but Long Chen was torturing himself. Furthermore, this was incredibly dangerous. The slightest mistake would cause either his meridians to erupt, or his body to explode from holding back all this energy.

Despite being a terrifying figure in his own right, the Seventh Boss couldn’t help being worried. Long Chen was dancing on the tip of a blade. But Long Chen had no choice but to dance, because he didn’t cultivate the Battle God Sacred Canon.

“Old man, did we make a mistake? Should we have let him cultivate the Battle God Sacred Canon before going through this baptism?” The Seventh Boss sent a message to the old man upon seeing Long Chen covered in blood.

“Do you think I’m as brainless as you? Long Chen’s cultivation technique is far more terrifying than the Battle God Sacred Canon, or how do you think he manages to use Split the Heavens? Furthermore, when he fought Chang Hao, his Dantian was completely still. Were you too blind to see it? He doesn’t even possess a Dantian, so how could he cultivate the Battle God Sacred Canon? When will you start paying attention to details?” scolded the old man.

Suddenly, Long Chen’s skin exploded from his body, covering him in bloody mist. It was an extremely alarming sight, but Long Chen was still clenching his teeth and bearing with it.

“Does this little brat not want his life anymore?” The Seventh Boss’s scalp turned numb. Long Chen was now on the brink of collapse. If he continued, there would truly be a danger of dying.

“This child’s Dao-heart is extremely firm. His path from the Eastern Wasteland was filled with trials and dangers, slaughter and bones. He fought his way through this path with his life on the line, because he had no other choice but to do so to obtain the things that others obtain easily. My Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples are clearly blessed in comparison,” sighed the old man.

“Old man, this little fellow’s too ruthless. If he explodes, he’ll really die since he hasn’t condensed a Yuan Spirit. No one would be able to save him,” said the Seventh Boss worriedly.

“Don’t worry about it. This child has experienced so many battles; his sense of danger is sharp. He should know when he has to stop.”

Although that sounded reasonable, right now, Long Chen had turned into a figure of blood. Each time his body rumbled, more blood mist would fill the air. It was far too frightening.

“Fuck, how dare he make me so worried. Once he’s done, I’ll properly beat him.” The Seventh Boss clenched his teeth and his fists. Each time he saw blood mist explode from Long Chen’s body, he was worried Long Chen would die.

Long Chen expanded his meridians a total of thirty-six times before he finally wasn’t able to bear it. If he continued holding back his breakthrough, he would definitely die.

Gulping down a mouthful of the divine life elixir, his injuries healed, and at the same time, that sealed energy within his body was completely released.


A terrifying aura erupted, shaking the nine heavens.

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