Chapter 1244 Continuous Advancement (Teaser)

“Old man!”

The Seventh Boss looked in a distant direction. It was as if he was peering through space to see the elder sitting at the peak of the mountain.

“But there’s not much left of the divine spring. At best, it can last us a thousand years. If…” The Seventh Boss was hesitant.

“Where did so much bullshit come from? No matter how poor my Heaven Splitting Battle Sect becomes, do you think I’ll allow my children to starve? Open the divine spring, and let him absorb as much as possible. This is his good fortune. Since I’ve accepted him as a disciple of my Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, he is part of my family. You think I can mistreat him? If the heavens want my Heaven Splitting Battle Sect to die, do you think a thousand years is enough to turn things around? Truly foolish to the peak. If you’re doomed to die, no one can stop it, and if you’re not doomed to die, there will always be a chance to turn things around. Don’t you think your fears are groundless? Is your skin itchy after not being beaten for a few...

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