Chapter 1244 Continuous Advancement

“Old man!”

The Seventh Boss looked in a distant direction. It was as if he was peering through space to see the elder sitting at the peak of the mountain.

“But there’s not much left of the divine spring. At best, it can last us a thousand years. If…” The Seventh Boss was hesitant.

“Where did so much bullshit come from? No matter how poor my Heaven Splitting Battle Sect becomes, do you think I’ll allow my children to starve? Open the divine spring, and let him absorb as much as possible. This is his good fortune. Since I’ve accepted him as a disciple of my Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, he is part of my family. You think I can mistreat him? If the heavens want my Heaven Splitting Battle Sect to die, do you think a thousand years is enough to turn things around? Truly foolish to the peak. If you’re doomed to die, no one can stop it, and if you’re not doomed to die, there will always be a chance to turn things around. Don’t you think your fears are groundless? Is your skin itchy after not being beaten for a few centuries?”

“Fine, your fist is the strongest, so I can’t outargue you,” said the Seventh Boss helplessly. He reached out and pressed down on a formation disc beside him.

The Heaven Earth Divine Pool trembled, and then its bottom slowly opened. There was actually a divine spring below it that was slowly bubbling up.

The water had already sunk greatly through Long Chen’s crazy absorption, and now it was finally slowly rising.

But the speed of its rising was very slow because Long Chen had formed a huge whirlpool that was crazily absorbing the energy.

This divine spring water was the purest energy of the world. It was the most important thing the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect used to raise its disciples.

The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect had declined from its former splendor, and the divine spring did not receive enough nourishment. It had been slowly drying up over all this time. Now, all that remained was this final reserve.

Lying within the pool, Long Chen felt himself to be a legendary heaven devouring beast. He crazily absorbed that energy, nourishing his body.

Back in the Four Nations Ancient Remnant, he had used medicinal pills to temper his body, allowing it to reach a kind of peak.

But this was different. The Seventh Boss had beaten Long Chen’s body into its weakest state. This was like a complete rebirth, and there was an immense difference between this and how he had upgraded his body himself.

Suddenly, an explosive sound came from the pool, and a domineering pressure spread from Long Chen’s body, causing the lake to shake.

“He advanced?”

Although Long Chen was still unconscious, he had absorbed so much energy that he had stepped into the sixth Heavenstage of Foundation Forging.

The Seventh Boss waved his hand, and an invisible energy sealed this space, preventing his advancement from causing too much of a disturbance. If the liquid in the Heaven Earth Divine Pool left the pool, it would quickly evaporate into nothingness.


In less than an incense stick’s worth of time, another explosive sound rang out as Long Chen advanced once more. This time, the eruption was twice as strong as the last one, and he reached the seventh Heavenstage.

The aura Long Chen was releasing now was even stronger, over ten times greater than before, because the seventh Heavenstage was the barrier between the mid and the late stages. Although they were just one Heavenstage apart, his power went through a heaven-toppling transformation.

“Long Chen’s foundation has been accumulating for too long. Even after continuous breakthroughs, his foundation hasn’t been shaken at all. And this aura is so powerful that it has already surpassed Kings. In the future, he will be an amazing monster,” praised the Seventh Boss.

Long Chen finally woke from his unconscious state through this advancement. Sensing his newfound energy, he felt like he had been reborn, and he raised his head and laughed.

“Haha- pfft!”

Long Chen flew out of the divine pool and had only managed to laugh for an instant when the Seventh Boss slammed his palm out, once more shattering Long Chen’s bones and tossing him into the pool.

The huge whirlpool once more formed, and this time it was even greater than before. The speed of his absorption had increased.

Long Chen was once more unconscious. It felt like he had returned to the state of a fetus in a mother’s womb. He was naturally absorbing the pool’s energy without having to do anything. This was the kind of absorption that was closest to the Heavenly Daos.

If Long Chen’s body had been mud before, then through this tempering, it had been promoted to the level of stone. It was like the difference between heaven and earth.

Looking at Long Chen lying at the bottom of the pool, the Seventh Boss was filled with shock. The amount of energy he had absorbed in just this one go had already surpassed Chang Hao.

Each disciple would be knocked unconscious and tossed in three times in a row, and Long Chen had already absorbed more energy than Chang Hao had in total. And his second run was even more shocking.

The Heaven Earth Divine Pool’s tempering would give more energy to a person based on how strong the physical body and how great the potential they had. That was because the divine pool poured in energy in an attempt to excavate a person’s natural potential.

“He’s practically a demon.” The Seventh Boss shook his head. The power of Long Chen’s body had far surpassed his expectations.

“Whether or not he is a demon, he is still my family’s child. There’s nothing to feel begrudged over. Don’t be stingy, and continue opening the Heaven Earth Divine Spring.” The old man’s voice once more rang out.

The Seventh Boss helplessly waved his hand and touched a stone pillar. Its runes lit up, and another divine spring was opened up. More and more water was pouring out from below, and all that energy was being absorbed by Long Chen.

After two hours, Long Chen suddenly opened his eyes, a brilliant light shining within them.

His energy once more erupted, and a hurricane formed around him as he entered the eighth Heavenstage.

The Seventh Boss waved his hand, stopping the water from escaping. He also once more sent out a palm, sealing all of Long Chen’s escape routes.


Long Chen suddenly unleashed Lei Long and Huo Long. “Double Dragon Destruction!”

When he unleashed the lightning dragon and flame dragon, Long Chen clearly felt they were now mismatched. Lei Long’s power was now weaker than Huo Long’s by too much, making it so they no longer had their old combined power.

“An insignificant technique.” The Seventh Boss smiled and smashed them apart with a single fist. But once he destroyed the two dragons, his smile also vanished because Long Chen’s hands had caught his fist.

Then using a strange move, he fiercely spun, his head facing down while one of his legs came from above. The Seventh Boss was a powerful expert in his own right with plentiful battle experience, but he had never seen such a strange move. Startled, he didn’t know what Long Chen was doing.

“Take this!”

But this spin was only to draw his attention. Long Chen’s other foot viciously slammed into the Seventh Boss’s nose.

The Seventh Boss felt a burst of pain and involuntarily teared up.

Enraged, he roared, “Little bastard, you’re asking for a beating!”

Light appeared on the Seventh Boss’s fist, and Long Chen’s sleeves were instantly blown apart along with his hands.

The Seventh Boss’s foot landed squarely on Long Chen’s chest, causing him to vomit blood. His bones once more shattered, and he fell into the pool.

“Fuck, how painful.” The Seventh Boss held his nose and cursed, his tears streaming out from how vicious that kick had been.


The old man’s laughter rang out. He clearly felt it was funny that the Seventh Boss would suffer like this.

“What are you laughing about?! I was just careless!” roared the Seventh Boss.

He had only just finished cursing when an invisible hand appeared and slammed into him. At the same time, the old man’s cursing rang out. “Who do you think you’re quibbling with?!”

The Seventh Boss hastily raised his arms. Runes appeared on his fists, but he was still blown away by that invisible hand, tumbling back into the distance. When he crawled up, he was covered in dust, looking miserable.

“Old man, just you wait. Sooner or later, I’ll make you kneel before me!” roared the Seventh Boss.

“With just your little ability, you should give up that thought. I probably won’t be able to live to see such a day,” said the old man disdainfully.

Just at this moment, green scales appeared on Long Chen’s body. Those scales had small whirlpools form above them, and they also greedily absorbed the divine pool’s energy.

“Old man, these scales seem like dragon scales. That aura is very similar,” said the Seventh Boss with surprise.

Long Chen had summoned the Green Dragon Battle Armor before, but because of Long Chen’s aura obscuring it, the Seventh Boss hadn’t cared too much about it. He had thought it to be a kind of secret art.

“They don’t seem like dragon scales, they are truly dragon scales. Furthermore, they are the scales of the dragon with the noblest bloodline, the true dragon. For his scales to be green, it should be the scales of a true dragon’s first level. Even in the immortal era when the dragon race was still around, true dragons were rare. Now, these dragon scales are helping him strengthen his body. That means Long Chen should have received the dragon race’s approval. This little fellow has had some good fortune,” said the old man.

“But isn’t the dragon race extinct? How could he receive their approval?”

“Fool, if the books say they’re extinct, does that mean they’re definitely extinct? Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. You can’t see gods anymore, but can you say gods no longer exist?” said the old man irritably.

“Fine. Like I said, your fist is stronger, so I can’t outargue you,” said the Seventh Boss helplessly.

“Do you believe me when I say I’ll slap you right now if you speak like that to me?” raged the old man.

Just at this moment, a strange sound came from the divine pool. The Seventh Boss hastily looked over, and his pupils involuntarily shrank.

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