Chapter 1243 Heaven Earth Divine Pool

Long Chen and Chang Hao soared into the sky like two furious dragons coiling around each other. Their fists and legs were constantly colliding, unleashing ear-piercing bangs. A terrifying pressure descended.

As the two of them began to fight with their full strength, the disciples were unable to even track them with their eyes. They were only able to make out two vague figures crazily fighting.

“What an absolute monster!” The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples were all shocked as they looked up at the sky.

Long Chen was shocked that Chang Hao’s physical body was so powerful. It wasn’t the slightest bit weaker than his own. Each time they clashed, his qi and blood surged within him. Other than Wilde, he had never seen an expert who could match his own physical body. Each kick and punch contained the power to break mountains.

Each of their exchanges was direct without the slightest technique or flashiness. They were competing purely in power.

When they used their full power, each of their attacks was definitely a killer blow. Each punch caused space to wildly twist. If these disciples weren’t personally witnessing it, they definitely wouldn’t have believed that physical strength could cause such a phenomenon.

“Not bad. With this power, fighting across realms in the outside world would be no problem.” The Seventh Boss stood with his hands clasped behind his back, nodding slightly.

Although the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples were few in number, each one of them was an elite amongst elites. The reason they encouraged their disciples to beat each other up was due to their special cultivation technique. Intense battle would stimulate the growth of their bodies, and once they recovered from the beating, their physical bodies would be even stronger.

When they felt the disciples weren’t beating each other up hard enough, the Elders would find various reasons to give them a special beating.

Sometimes it was to help the disciples improve their circulation and stretch their muscles. Of course, most of the time the reason was that their explosive tempers needed venting.


The two of them suddenly separated. Long Chen and Chang Hao looked at the other and suddenly laughed, their laughter full of joy at meeting someone so similar.

Both of them sensed heartfelt admiration for the other. Neither Long Chen or Chang Hao often had a chance to fight in such a free and exciting way. That was especially true for Long Chen, who never had a chance to fight without having to think about schemes.

Suddenly, a broadsword appeared in Chang Hao’s hand. This was the specific weapon of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples. They all preferred terrifyingly heavy weapons.

Although they weren’t sword cultivators, each disciple would carry a broadsword on their back. That was the specific sign of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect.

Because the broadsword was so heavy, carrying it all the time was also a kind of cultivation.

With the broadsword in his hand, it was like a seal had been undone within Chang Hao’s body. A fierce aura soared into the sky.

The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s broadswords were made in accordance with a person’s cultivation base. Only once they took out this broadsword would it represent they were truly fighting.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had this much fun. Long Chen, do you want to make it even more stimulating?” Battle intent continuously soared from Chang Hao’s eyes. In fact, his eyes were almost crazy, like he was a battle fanatic. Other than battle, he didn’t think of anything else.

“Don’t mess around!” Feng Xinglie’s expression changed, but he had just finished shouting when he was kicked away.

“Scram. If I didn’t say anything, why would you say something? If they want to fight, let them fight,” said the Seventh Boss.

He had clearly been a great distance from him, and yet when he sent out his kick, he magically appeared beside Feng Xinglie.

The Seventh Boss knew Feng Xinglie was worried about something happening, but that was a slap in his face. It was saying he wouldn’t be able to handle it if they continued fighting.

Long Chen took out Blooddrinker in response to Chang Hao’s action. He knew what Chang Hao wanted to do, and he was using his own actions to reply.

“After all, we aren’t enemies, so there’s no way for us to truly fight a life and death battle. Let’s determine victory or defeat in one move.” Chang Hao’s battle intent soared.

The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s strongest attack was Split the Heavens. That was their true trump card.

Even after this intense of a fight, they were still even. And since they couldn’t truly fight to the death, there was no way they could use any move they wanted.

But they were also unwilling to end things just like this. So Chang Hao took out his martial weapon. If they were unable to determine a victory through their fists, then they could have one final exchange.

“Come. I also want to experience the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s unique skill.” Long Chen raised Blooddrinker. Blood-red light began to shine from it.

“Be careful.” Chang Hao slowly raised his broadsword. An incomparably fierce aura locked onto Long Chen.

In that instant, Long Chen could clearly sense the change in Chang Hao’s body. From his first acupuncture point, his energy began to superimpose.

Furthermore, Long Chen sensed that when Chang Hao activated his acupuncture points, his Dantian, which was unleashing a volcanic eruption of energy, suddenly became calm.

That calm was a hair-raising calm. It was like a python that had coiled up as tightly as possible right before it launched a fatal blow.

Long Chen didn’t tarry. His four qi seas and 108,000 immortal platforms circulated, pouring endless energy through his acupuncture points.

The Seventh Boss looked at Long Chen with some shock. He could sense that Long Chen was using Split the Heavens, but it was different from the original version.

Their weapons began to shine, and huge blade-images tore into the sky. That scene was shocking.

The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples all felt their hearts pounding. This power was too great. With how much energy had been accumulated, it could only be unleashed now. If it was interrupted, there was no way to pull it back, and the user would probably die right there and then.

They looked toward the Seventh Boss and saw his expression was still calm. He had no intention of stopping them.

“Split the Heavens 4!”

Long Chen and Chang Hao slashed their huge blades down. It was like the attack of a god, filled with a world-destroying pressure.

BOOM! Space caved in and a terrifying shockwave erupted, blowing back Long Chen and Chang Hao. They both vomited blood, their skin splitting and becoming covered in blood.

At this time, the Seventh Boss waved his hand and it was like an invisible hand had appeared in the air. Their clashing energy was scattered without unleashing even a ripple.

Only once that pressure was dissipated did the disciples sigh with relief. If the Seventh Boss had allowed that energy to run rampant, they would all have been sent flying and heavily injured. Who lived and who died would be up to the mood of the heavens.

Long Chen and Chang Hao continued to hack up blood. They felt like all their bones had been broken. That collision of power had been too terrifying, and they themselves hadn’t been able to bear it.

When Chang Hao unleashed the fourth form of Split the Heavens, the spiritual yuan in his Dantian had begun to ignite, pouring through his thirty-six acupuncture points a second time. In that instant, Long Chen had smelled the scent of death.

This attack had had the power to kill him. Under that threat, there had been no way for him to hold back. He had poured in all the energy of his immortal platforms into his attack.

Even though he had strengthened his body, he was barely able to handle the impact of using up all that energy. But with all his energy sent into this attack, just like Chang Hao, he hadn’t had any spiritual yuan left over to defend himself. As a result, he was almost killed.

Just at this moment, a large hand slammed toward Long Chen’s chest. Long Chen’s hair stood on end. He sensed that if this palm landed, all his bones would be shattered.

Long Chen slashed his saber at his attacker’s throat. That slash was crafty, vicious, and quick.

“Not a bad reaction,” said his attacker. That person was actually the Seventh Boss, shocking Long Chen.

The Seventh Boss raised a single finger and flicked Blooddrinker away. It flew out of Long Chen’s grasp, turning into a blood-colored light that flew into the distance.


Despite Long Chen doing his best to dodge that hand, he was shocked to sense all his bones shatter, and then his vision darkened and he lost consciousness.

Long Chen lay limply in the Seventh Boss’s hold. Then the Seventh Boss disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was in front of a three-hundred-meter pool. That water looked like it had mist within it, and multi-colored light shone from it. It contained a powerful and sacred spiritual air.

Long Chen was tossed into the pool, quickly sinking to the bottom. All the pool’s water began to bubble like it was boiling, and mist began to rise from it.

All his bones were broken, and he was out of physical strength as well. Now, within this pool, endless energy poured into his empty body.

It was like Long Chen was a riverbed that had been dry for countless years and was finally receiving nourishment. He greedily absorbed this energy.

Long Chen was unconscious and had no idea that this was the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s precious and mysterious Heaven Earth Divine Pool.

This pool was a marvel of the world. It contained the purest and most primal energy of the world, and it could greatly strengthen a person’s body.

In the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, inner sect disciples would have one chance to bathe within this divine pool once they reached the Foundation Forging realm.

In order to make it the most effective, experts would first break the disciple’s bones before they entered. Then the divine pool’s energy would reforge their skeleton and make them even stronger.

Furthermore, the person who attacked had to be a supreme expert capable of shattering the disciple’s skeleton in one blow. That energy had to be extremely well controlled.

At the bottom of the pool, Long Chen began to suck in the energy faster and faster. In the end, it felt like his body had awakened and begun to crazily absorb energy.

A whirlpool formed within the pool as energy poured into his body.

“What a powerful physical body. The divine pool probably doesn’t have enough energy.” The Seventh Boss’s expression changed. He hadn’t expected Long Chen to absorb this much energy. This was just the start, and he had already absorbed ten times the energy of ordinary disciples. If this continued…

“Open the divine spring. Let him absorb as much as he wants.”

Just as the Seventh Boss was hesitating over what to do, an ancient and commanding voice rang out.

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