Chapter 1243 Heaven Earth Divine Pool (Teaser)

Long Chen and Chang Hao soared into the sky like two furious dragons coiling around each other. Their fists and legs were constantly colliding, unleashing ear-piercing bangs. A terrifying pressure descended.

As the two of them began to fight with their full strength, the disciples were unable to even track them with their eyes. They were only able to make out two vague figures crazily fighting.

“What an absolute monster!” The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples were all shocked as they looked up at the sky.

Long Chen was shocked that Chang Hao’s physical body was so powerful. It wasn’t the slightest bit weaker than his own. Each time they clashed, his qi and blood surged within him. Other than Wilde, he had never seen an expert who could match his own physical body. Each kick and punch contained the power to break mountains.

Each of their exchanges was direct without the slightest technique or flashiness. They were competing purely in power.

When they used their full power, each of their attacks was definitely a killer blow. Each punch caused space to wildly twist. If these disciples...

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