Chapter 124 Robbers Blocking the Way

In front of Long Chen were three people, two old and one young. The old ones were completely white-haired; however, they were very much alive and lively, not at all like ancient seniors who were about to be buried.

As for that youth, he looked to be around seventeen years old. His appearance was neat and not bad, but his nose pointed upwards, a distasteful look. That completely broke his otherwise acceptable appearance.

“Halt!” That youth coldly shouted, not at all bothering that Long Chen was riding upon Little Snow’s back.

“Is this how you greet newcomers?” Long Chen couldn’t help but feel this was a bit strange.

“Greeting newcomers? Hehe, right, we’re greeting newcomers. Kid, I don’t want to waste my time with your nonsense. Hand over your spatial ring and I won’t give you a world of pain,” ordered the youth arrogantly.

Long Chen was stunned. Having traveled this far and now being this close to the Xuantian Monastery, he now met robbers?

“Kid, are you stupid? This master’s words are clear. Hurry up and don’t hold up my work.” That youth was extremely impatient when he saw Long Chen was just staring blankly.

Long Chen saw that this youth’s aura was at the late Blood Condensation realm. As for the two seniors behind them, they were actually Tendon Transformation experts.

“To rob the Xuantian Monastery’s disciples within their territory, you really do have some nerves,” Long Chen said admiringly. 

“Hmph, first of all, this still isn’t the Xuantian Monastery’s territory. You’re still at least fifty miles away.

“Second, you still haven’t passed the Xuantian Monastery’s trials, so you are not one of their disciples.

“Third, don’t even mention that trash monastery. They really had to be a pain and bring up something about registering. Even a genius like this master wasn’t accepted.

“As for a brat like you who is only at the mid Blood Condensation realm, for you to have the qualification to enter the Xuantian Monastery is a complete defiance of the heavens. Stop wasting my time and hand over your spatial ring.”

Towards the end, that youth’s voice became a roar filled with anger.

Long Chen finally realized that this youth must definitely have some kind of background with at least some power. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be two Tendon Transformation experts guarding him.

But it seemed only after coming here had he realized that all disciples needed the registration card to be allowed to take the test. From this youth’s indignant anger, he had probably been turned away.

For his anger to now spill onto others who had properly registered, that really was something that caused Long Chen to not know whether to laugh or cry.

“I’m sorry for your misfortune, but it’s good for young people to meet a couple of obstacles. You’re still young, so seeing the world is at least a bit better than just being a country bumpkin,” consoled Long Chen.

“Kid, you’re asking for it!” The youth raged. A sword appeared in his hand and he pointed it at Long Chen.

Long Chen turned icy. “Don’t point that scrap metal at me.”

“Don’t think that you can be arrogant just because your steed is a second rank Magical Beast. You’re just a country bumpkin who has yet to see the world!” the youth cursed and he suddenly appeared in front of Long Chen. Sword-light shot out coldly. Although his cultivation base was only in the Blood Condensation realm, his power had already reached the level of the Tendon Transformation realm.

Long Chen didn’t place this youth within his eyes at all.

But he was able to notice a certain problem from this. This youth was someone who was able to compare to Tendon Transformation experts at the Blood Condensation realm. His aura was extremely condensed with a firm foundation. He was definitely a genius.

But even such a genius didn’t have the qualifications to enter the Xuantian Monastery and was directly rejected. It could be seen just how strict the requirements for Xuantian Monastery disciples were.

If it was like that, then perhaps the Xuantian Monastery truly was a place filled with hidden geniuses. This was the first time Long Chen had felt some pressure, but he was also excited, looking forward to life in the Xuantian Monastery.

“You dare just stand there? Die!” That youth saw that Long Chen still didn’t have the slightest intention of moving and seemed to be deep in thought; in other words, he was ignoring him!

That caused his fury to explode. Originally, he had only just been planning on scaring Long Chen a bit, but suddenly his sword shifted to cut straight at Long Chen’s stomach. Now he would give him a heavy injury to teach him a lesson!

“Why bother with this?” Long Chen sighed with pity.

A huge claw swatted into the youth’s body, and he was immediately sent flying back.

He vomited blood as he flew through the air. Those two old seniors, who were just calmly observing him rob others, were shocked and quickly went out to catch him.

“You…!” That youth wanted to say something as he saw Long Chen just smiling on top of Little Snow, but he vomited more blood once more.

“You actually have a third rank Magical Beast as a steed?” Those two seniors were horrified.

Long Chen smiled. He had felt that entering the Xuantian Monastery on a third rank Magical Beast would be showing off too much, and so he had had Little Snow hide his aura. Then using some medicinal ingredients, he had dyed the red tuft of hair on Little Snow’s forehead to a white color. With all the obvious markings hidden, there were few people who could recognize Little Snow’s true identity.

To others, Little Snow would only look like a large second rank Magical Beast. But now that Little Snow had attacked, he immediately revealed his true cultivation base.

A third rank Magical Beast’s violent aura exploded, causing the two seniors to shiver as they complained inside.

This time, they had truly kicked an iron plate. Originally, they had come to help sign up their young master for the Xuantian Monastery’s disciple selection and had been full of high spirits. But they had then had to leave dejected. Let alone the youth, even the two of them had been extremely furious.

So when that youth had decided to bring up robbing the coming hopeful disciples, they had agreed. One reason was to help alleviate some of the young master’s anger, while the other reason was they wanted to see just how powerful the Xuantian Monastery’s registered hopefuls were. They wanted to see just why their young master had been rejected.

They had then met a seemingly weak youth and were happy to have the young master oppress that person a bit. But now the situation had developed to this point.

“You guys should know how to act, right?” Long Chen indifferently indicated a hidden meaning.

“We’re sorry; we’ll immediately leave,” said one of the seniors hastily. He then glanced at his fellow, his meaning obviously being that they should hurry up and leave.

But that other senior hesitated and icily glared at Long Chen. Suddenly he said, “Kid, do you think you can trick me this easy? Although you have a third rank Magical Beast, as long as the two of us control your dog, you’re just a piece of trash. How dare you try threatening us?!”

Long Chen frowned. Looking at that senior who thought he had analyzed everything perfectly, he replied, “Then what do you want?”

“Kid, my family’s young master doesn’t care about the trash you poor people in this area possess. He was just messing around for fun.

“Since your Magical Beast injured the young master, you should normally die. However, since we’re near the Xuantian Monastery, we don’t want to kill anyone.

“But even if you can escape death, you can’t escape your punishment. Obediently hand over your spatial ring and kowtow to the young master as an apology. Then it’ll be fine.”

Then he suddenly pointed at Little Snow and added, “This brute injured the young master, so it must also die.”

Long Chen looked at that senior as if he were looking at a fool and shook his head. “You really are an idiot. Is the only thing in your head crap?”

“You rude kid!” That senior raged and his aura exploded, locking Long Chen in place.

Long Chen acted as if he didn’t even sense it and just indifferently looked at him. After just cultivating for a short time, he had already advanced from the fourth Heavenstage to the sixth Heavenstage of Blood Condensation.

Perhaps it was due to the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, but every time he advanced, Long Chen could sense his body changing completely.

Following the increase in strength of his physical body, his self-confidence also soared. That wasn’t conceit, but a kind of unrivaled Dao-heart. In the face of life and death, even if the heavens were to collapse, he would not bat an eye.

As soon as he had seen these three, Long Chen had already formed a preliminary estimation of their cultivation bases and combat abilities. 

Those two should be around the same level as Xia Youyu. Even back then, Long Chen hadn’t placed that kind of level in his eyes, let alone now.

As for that senior, when his aura exploded out and locked onto Long Chen, he immediately felt something was strange. Long Chen was clearly right there, locked in place by his aura.

But he somehow sensed that Long Chen had become illusionary. It felt like he was locked, but it also felt as if he wasn’t.

That senior suddenly moved, leaving behind an afterimage as he appeared right above Long Chen’s head, punching down.

“You arrogant kid, today I’ll teach you a lesson on how to respect your elders!”

Long Chen sneered in ridicule, also extending a hand. When the two hands collided, an explosive bang rang out as qi waves surged.

But what shocked them was that facing a Tendon Transformation expert’s attack, Long Chen’s body didn’t move in the slightest.

“I really don’t see what part of an idiot like you that I, Long Chen, need to show respect for.”

His hand tightened, and that senior’s expression greatly changed as he realized that his fist was completely caught by Long Chen’s hand. Intense pain wracked his hand, and it almost broke.

Long Chen used a bit of force and threw him away like he was just a sandbag.

He thudded to the ground and spat out blood. Long Chen’s toss was so powerful that he repeatedly crashed through multiple trees, in the end only stopping due to slamming into a huge boulder.

Everyone was deathly silent. The heavily injured youth had forgotten his own wounds, staring at Long Chen in shock.

“Now you should know how to act, right?” A bashful smile appeared on Long Chen’s face, but a crafty light shone within his eyes.

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