Chapter 1239 Chased by Experts

Long Chen was fleeing when he suddenly heard a distant bang. Heaven and earth changed color. He looked back to see the world had turned black in the distance. It was like a black hole was swallowing that space.

Even from this distance, he felt a terrifying pressure. Painful spiritual fluctuations washed over him. It was like a battle of the apocalypse.

He was unable to see any figures. All he saw was space constantly breaking and healing and then breaking again. Sometimes, he managed to see a huge saber-image cut apart heaven and earth as if trying to cut the world in two. It was a shocking thing to witness.

“So when Life Star experts fight all-out, even the void crumbles.”

Long Chen was shocked. The power of Life Star experts surpassed his current understanding. It was truly power capable of destroying heaven and earth.

Back then when Li Tianxuan had fought against four Life Star experts, it hadn’t caused such a manifestation. It wasn’t that they were weaker, but that they hadn’t dared to go all-out.

If they had, then anyone below the Life Star realm would have been annihilated by their power. Whether it was Li Tianxuan or his opponents, they had all had misgivings about that, which had prevented such a thing.

But this time, Tu Qianshang had nothing to care about. His hated enemies were right in front of him, and the grievance accumulated over thousands of years erupted. It was truly terrifying.

“It seems I underestimated that fatty. The Wine God Palace has countless experts, and any one of them could come and help him suppress his opponents. He should be fine. I should worry more about myself.” Long Chen bitterly smiled as he glanced back at the eagle race experts that refused to give up chasing him. The ancient races truly viewed him highly to send out so many experts.

But he knew the reason why the eagle, tiger, and elephant races had deployed in full force. It wasn’t just to capture him; it was a show of power.

This was the habit of the ancient races. They were used to using absolute martial strength to suppress others in order to show their prestige and dominance. Although the ancient races claimed to be neutral and didn’t provoke trouble, that was actually something from the ancient era. In the recent era, the ancient races were growing more and more hostile. There would often be stories of ancient race disciples incurring the hatred of other experts. They were getting tyrannical.

Currently, the three race leaders were held back by Tu Qianshang. It was hard to say who would win that fight. But five of their Soul Transformation experts had been slain by Long Chen. This time, the ancient races had lost their faces.

No matter what trick Long Chen had used, he was still just a Foundation Forging rookie. For him to kill people two realms above him was an unremovable stain for them.

Now, over ten of the eagle race’s Soul Transformation experts were furiously chasing Long Chen. If he managed to escape, the ancient races would become the laughingstocks of the world.

Long Chen was running as fast as he could. His legs moved so fast that from a distance, they looked like spinning wheels. Lightning circulated around him. He had already reached his peak speed.

But the eagle race specialized in speed, and their cultivation bases were also at the Soul Transformation realm. He was unable to get further than a hundred miles away, and they were also unable to get closer.

“Bastard, you won’t get away! Once I catch you, I’ll tear off all your skin and simmer your bones in oil, making you live a life worse than death!” roared one of them.

“Idiots, even the descendants of animals dare to capture your ancestor? Keep dreaming!” replied Long Chen, his footsteps not pausing in the slightest.

Those ancient race experts’ hair stood on end from fury. They hated it the most when people called them descendants of animals. This was an unacceptable provocation.

But even after two hours of chasing, even after going as fast as they could, they were unable to get any closer.

Long Chen was also unable to throw them off. This was becoming a long-distance race. He took out a map and checked his position.

“According to this speed, I’ll arrive at the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect tomorrow. At that time, someone will save me. But, that’d be embarrassing, wouldn’t it? The first time I go over, I’m being hunted down like a dog and need to beg for help?”

Long Chen was irritated. In the Eastern Wasteland, Feng Xinglie had come to help him. He had told Long Chen to come to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, that he didn’t need to have any worries about learning Split the Heavens, and that he should treat the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect as his home.

But he hadn’t had any time to go. Now that he finally did, it was because he was running from a bunch of Soul Transformation experts? Wasn’t that too embarrassing?

Although rumors were that the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect was so domineering that no one dared to provoke them, Long Chen was uncomfortable with doing such a thing.

Just as Long Chen was wondering how he should throw off his enemies, an arrow pierced through the space between them. Long Chen hastily blocked with the pot.


Space exploded and Long Chen felt his internal organs shake. He vomited a mouthful of blood and tumbled back.

At this time, three of the Soul Transformation experts chasing him had joined together to push one person forward. That person had taken out a golden bow and launched this powerful attack. In order to avoid that person’s speed dropping while unleashing this attack, the others had helped him keep moving.

Long Chen had just been injured by the first arrow when the second arrow came.

A distance of a hundred miles was crossed in an instant by this arrow. Long Chen could only raise the pot once more, and as a result, he vomited another mouthful of blood.

Each time he was sent flying, he would need to readjust himself. His speed was dropping.

“Keep going like this! We’ll catch him quickly like this. Capture him alive!” shouted one of them.

“Capture your fucking mom!” Long Chen suddenly roared. Chanting filled the air, and a huge sphere appeared in his hand. It shot toward them. Long Chen was finally counterattacking, and as soon as he did, he unleashed this berserk Star Fall.

“Not good!” 

The expert launching the arrows was in the midst of pulling back his bow, and as a result, Star Fall struck him before he could do anything.

BOOM! Violet flames devoured that space. But Long Chen was shocked to find that this terrifying Star Fall was unable to cause any significant damage to them.

Long Chen continued running. Now he realized that the ancient races’ Soul Transformation experts could not be compared to the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s Soul Transformation experts. They weren’t existences he could defeat.

Back then at the eastern sea, the reason why he had been able to kill Soul Transformation experts was because the physical bodies of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s experts were too weak, while another reason was that the Xuantian Dao Sect’s experts had been working together with him to entangle them. Another aspect was Split the Heavens. It possessed an innate effect of breaking through barriers and shields, which was the bane of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s defenses.

But now, the eagle race’s Soul Transformation experts possessed powerful bodies and even greater combat power. Long Chen couldn’t beat even a single one of them.

After using Ancestral items to slaughter them twice, he had inevitably started to look down on these Soul Transformation experts. But now he woke up from that delusion.

Even that Soul Transformation expert from the Bloodkill Hall that he had fought in Grand Xia City had been a special case. He had been disturbed by Long Chen during his meditation, resulting in him almost going insane. His combat power had been less than a tenth of what it normally was. Otherwise, there was no way he would have been slain by Long Chen and Xia Youluo.

“Damnit, now this is a pain in the ass. I can’t beat them, and I can’t run away from them,” cursed Long Chen. He continued running, but those Soul Transformation experts were still chasing.

They were now charred a bit black. Star Fall wasn’t so easy to endure, and it had caused the distance between them to widen quite a bit. But it wasn’t enough for Long Chen to throw them off.

BOOM! And so, another arrow struck Long Chen, sending him flying.

“Fuck! If this continues, I won’t even make it to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect before being caught. If only the pot wasn’t still in slumber. It only knows how to eat and doesn’t do any work.” Long Chen felt helpless. Seeing the twisted expressions of the Soul Transformation experts, he saw another arrow fly at him.

Long Chen blocked with the pot. The pot was fine, but Long Chen was continuously injured. And if it was anyone else, the power contained within these arrows would have directly blown them apart even with the pot.

“Long Chen, if you surrender now, there’ll be a chance for you to live,” shouted one of them. They knew Long Chen wouldn’t be able to continue like this for long.

They weren’t worried about destroying his physical body. As long as his soul remained, it was fine. Then they could peruse his secrets.

“You want me to surrender? Alright, I’ll surrender it.”

Long Chen clenched his teeth and suddenly tossed out a small elephant tusk.

That was the elephant race’s Ancestral item, and it had been subdued by Long Chen. But unlike the Blazing Dragon Cauldron, its item-spirit was very vicious, and Long Chen couldn’t trust it like the Blazing Dragon Cauldron. He had placed a slave mark on it, which was the only way he dared to use it.

Now it no longer had any power to help him, so he tossed it out.

It arrived in front of the ancient race experts in an instant. Seeing that, their expressions all changed.



The elephant tusk rapidly grew until it exploded. Long Chen had actually detonated such a precious Ancestral item.

Because he had placed a slave mark on it, the item-spirit was unable to control itself. An Ancestral item that had existed for who knew how many years was destroyed just like this.

Its detonation was truly worthy of an Ancestral item. Countless runes erupted like a volcano, devouring the world.

“Not good!” It was too late to summon the Blazing Dragon Cauldron. Long Chen hadn’t expected such an immense explosion, and he could only curl up behind the pot.

The destruction of the Ancestral item unleashed a terrifying shockwave. Long Chen’s entire body violently shook, and he heard the sound of his own bones shattering. His vision darkened and he fainted.

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