Chapter 1238 The Emperor Sent me to Patrol the Mountains

There were quite a few of the Grand Xia’s warriors staring at Long Chen’s back from the western gate. They were full of reverence.

Although Long Chen’s time in the Grand Xia Ancient Nation had been short, practically everyone in the Grand Xia knew him.

In the Four Nations Ancient Remnant, he had instantly killed Li Wanji and Han Bijun, then on his own, he had fought against five incredibly powerful experts, preventing the Grand Xia’s army from being completely annihilated.

Now that he was leaving, they had a bad taste in their mouths. Even these guards knew that the ancient races had long since laid down a heaven-encompassing net and were just waiting for Long Chen to leave.

After an hour of travel, Long Chen suddenly sneered. He took out an iron pot and a hammer, banging the hammer against the pot like a gong.

Clearing his throat, he began to sing, “The emperor sent me to patrol the mountains, but he warned me to beware! Little bastards nest within these mountains! An iron pot opens the way, little bastards scramble to the side…”

Long Chen banged the pot as he sang. It was definitely not a pleasant song to listen to, as there was no rhyme nor key, but each and every word was crystal clear.

The ancient race experts hidden within the mountains instantly turned dark-faced.

Long Chen was walking through the major national path. There were countless mountains to the sides, and it was unknown how many ancient race experts were hidden within. But this singing of Long Chen’s had already broken their plot. He was essentially pointing and cursing at them, making them feel like their lungs would explode.

“Little brat, just a bit longer! Just wait! Once I capture you, I’ll definitely make you regret this!” cursed one of the ancient race experts.

Although Long Chen had already come out, he was still too close to the Grand Xia’s border. They were waiting for him to get a bit further before attacking.

“When the sun sets over the western mountains, every family has to lock their doors. The bastard stew is accompanied by tiger bones and eagle wings…” Banging the pot, words simply flowed out of Long Chen’s mouth. They became smoother the more he sang. “Elephant tusks on barbecue, tiger skin as warm clothes, eagle wings as fans. Plenty of stuff to exchange for tips…”

“That bastard! I’ll kill him, I’ll definitely kill him right now!” One of the eagle race experts had to be held back by another expert.

The eagle, tiger, and elephant races’ experts were all infuriated. They had never seen such a hateful brat in all their lives.

This was the absolute worst kind of humiliation. It was disdain toward all of the ancient races. He was actually treating them as commodities.

Long Chen continued, singing as he rapped his pot. “Tiger skin is loved by everyone as medicinal paste, and elephant tusks can be traded quickly for big money…”

Suddenly, three ancient race experts appeared in front of Long Chen. There was one each from the elephant race, eagle race, and tiger race. They all possessed powerful Soul Transformation auras.

Their eyes were scarlet, their killing intent had almost solidified. Now they were finally far enough from the Grand Xia’s border and were attacking.

But to be safe, they decided to send out three Soul Transformation experts as a test while the other experts secretly watched. They were also there to prevent anyone else from launching a sneak attack and saving Long Chen.

Seeing those three, Long Chen put on a delighted expression. “Wow, how fortunate! I was calling you for so long that my throat’s sore, but at least I’ve finally encountered my clients! For your eyes to be so bright, I can tell that you know what’s what. This little one has some excellent eagle wings, elephant tusks, and tiger claws here. Are the three of you interested?”


The three Soul Transformation experts roared furiously and slammed their palms at Long Chen. With the three of them attacking at the same time, heaven and earth rumbled, and incredible pressure locked onto Long Chen.

“How rude! Are you trying to steal my wares?!” Long Chen suddenly formed hand seals.

A huge medicinal cauldron appeared in the air and smashed down at the three of them. Its runes caused the void to buzz.

The three Soul Transformation experts were instantly blown apart by the medicinal cauldron. Three translucent figures appeared in the air. It was their Yuan Spirits.

“It’s an Ancestral item!”

“Impossible! How can he possibly use an Ancestral item?!”

The ancient races’ experts were all stunned. Ancestral items were normally things that could only be controlled by Life Star experts. A Soul Transformation expert would only be able to use thirty percent of their power. Ancestral items had their own pride, and they wouldn’t submit to people weaker than them.

But Long Chen’s attack had clearly brought out the Ancestral item’s full power. Even three of their Soul Transformation experts were unable to block it.

What they didn’t know was that their understanding was based on the fact that Ancestral items needed to be enslaved in order to be used by those weaker than them. That was to avoid a backlash against their master.

So although the slave mark was safe, it inhibited the Ancestral items’ power. The Ancestral item would only use its power in accordance with the power of its master. With a slave mark, a Foundation Forging cultivator wouldn’t even be able to use a hundredth of its true power.

They had all known that Long Chen had an Ancestral item, but they hadn’t cared. They were unaware that Long Chen hadn’t placed a slave mark on the Blazing Dragon Cauldron.

In other words, nothing was inhibiting the Blazing Dragon Cauldron from freely using its power. Although its core had been heavily injured by the black pot, it was still able to instantly kill three Soul Transformation experts in one attack.

“Get in!” Suddenly Long Chen shouted, and two flame dragons began to revolve around the Blazing Dragon Cauldron’s mouth. It formed a huge whirlpool that began to cover the three Yuan Spirits.


Regretfully, it was too late. The three Yuan Spirits were sucked into the medicinal cauldron. A violet flame appeared over the cauldron, sealing them.

Long Chen put away the Blazing Dragon Cauldron. Yuan Spirits were treasures to Cloud, so it was best to leave them be.

Just as Long Chen’s hand was about to touch the Blazing Dragon Cauldron, he found that he suddenly couldn’t move. A large hand reached for his throat.

A Life Star expert was finally attacking. In front of this kind of expert, Long Chen had no ability to resist. But he had no fear. Instead, there was a faint expression of ridicule on his face.

The tip of a huge saber tore through space and thrust at that person. Astral winds unfurled, and an intense will shook the sky.

The one who had attacked Long Chen was the tiger race’s leader. Seeing this huge saber, his pupils narrowed and he coldly shouted, “Fierce Yang Butcher Tu Qianshang, you actually dare to come out now?”


The huge saber was blown away by the tiger race expert. Tu Qianshang’s figure appeared in the air.

Tu Qianshang had a huge saber resting on his shoulder, one that was even thicker and longer than Long Chen’s Blooddrinker. The strange thing was that the blade was three feet wide. It was extremely strange. It was just like… a huge butcher’s knife.

“Fuck, you really were right. This is one of the fellows that attacked me back then! Fuck you!” Tu Qianshang’s eyes turned scarlet when he saw the tiger race expert. His saber slashed out at him.

Countless runes revolved around Tu Qianshang’s saber. His suppressed baleful aura erupted, causing the clouds to change color. That tiger race expert was blown back.

“Tu Qianshang, if you want to help Long Chen right now, that’s fine. I don’t mind killing you together to settle that enmity from back then!”

At this time, the elephant race and eagle race leaders came out. Heaven and earth shook intensely, as if it was the end of the world.

“Fatty Tu, will you be alright? How are you still at the Soul Transformation realm? You didn’t advance at all after all these years?” Long Chen was surprised.

Back then, Tu Qianshan had already been at the Soul Transformation realm. So many years had passed, so how was he still in the same realm?

“I’m stuck in a bottleneck, so how the fuck was I supposed to advance? However, I can handle these three old ghosts. You should leave quickly, or you’ll get crushed,” said Tu Qianshang.

“Alright, then I’ll leave first. Don’t get turned into a stew by them. I see the way they’ve been looking and drooling at your fat.”

Thunderforce erupted around Long Chen, and lightning wings appeared on his back. The boots on his feet also lit up. With a single step, he transformed into a bolt of lightning with incomparable speed.

“Don’t even think about getting away!” Two figures appeared. These two were Soul Transformation experts, and they blocked Long Chen.

“That cauldron has already used up its energy. Let’s see how you fight now.” Those two Soul Transformation experts attacked Long Chen at the same time. But they were clearly trying to capture him alive, and weren’t using killing blows.

“Go fuck your ancestor’s tusk.”

Long Chen suddenly waved his hand, and an elephant tusk flew out. It smashed into the two of them.

When those two saw that tusk, their souls almost fled in terror. They were both from the elephant race, and they naturally knew the power of this Ancestral item.

They had never imagined that their Ancestral item would also be subdued by Long Chen. It was actually willing to allow Long Chen to use it.

Although the two of them ran as soon as they saw it, it was still too late. The tusk slammed into their bodies, exploding them. Their Yuan Spirits had just fled their bodies when the Blazing Dragon Cauldron reappeared and swallowed them.

“Ancient race idiots, your daddy is leaving. You can slowly play here!”

After killing those two Soul Transformation experts, an opening had appeared in their encirclement. Long Chen fled.

“After him!” The ancient race experts hastily chased him, but the elephant race and tiger race experts eventually had to stop. Long Chen was too fast for them.

Only the eagle race had any hope of catching up to him.

Long Chen was pushing his speed to its peak. When he looked back, he saw over ten Soul Transformation experts stubbornly pursuing him. He was unable to throw them off.

“Fine, then let’s see whose endurance is greater.” Long Chen clenched his teeth and continued onward, disappearing over the horizon like a shooting star.

The runes on the eagle race experts’ wings lit up, and they chased after him.

When they had all disappeared, space twisted slightly and a large man with a broadsword on his back appeared.

“It seems that brat has some skill. He should be fine. I should go back to make sure that Tu Qianshang doesn’t get slaughtered.” The large man vanished.

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