Chapter 1236 A Loud and Resounding Slap

The Pill Tower’s experts found that commanding the crowds to pressure the Grand Xia was useless. The Grand Xia was too obstinate, refusing to hand over Long Chen. They finally lost their patience.

The reason the Pill Tower wanted to force Long Chen out was because they didn’t want this matter to blow up any bigger. The Pill Tower might be able to dominate these lands, but the four ancient nations were special territories within the continent. They were protected, and even the Pill Tower didn’t dare to directly start using martial force.

Other than that, there was also the Wine God Palace within the Grand Xia. That was an existence even Pill Valley was apprehensive of. A single Pill Tower wouldn’t dare to mess around with them.

But now, Long Chen refused to come out, and they were simply throwing money at the Grand Xia with no effect. It was like a bottomless pit.

So the Pill Tower had gathered various experts right outside Grand Xia City, all at the Life Star realm. They would enter Grand Xia City and force the emperor to hand over Long Chen. If he still refused, they would take him forcibly.

As long as they didn’t harm the commoners, then with the excuse that Long Chen had killed the Pill Tower’s disciple and snatched their Ancestral item, the Blazing Dragon Cauldron, it wouldn’t count as breaking the rules. Instead, it would be the Grand Xia who was wrong for harboring a criminal.

But just as they gathered this huge army and were preparing to move out, a piece of news caused Dan Teng’s face to feel like it had been viciously slapped.

Pill Valley had sent him an order to return. And it was the highest order. In other words, he had to return to Pill Valley as soon as possible.

Along with that order was a photographic jade. When he activated it, Dan Teng turned pale.

It revealed a scene: Long Chen was pointing at Dan Chu and coldly snorted, “Hmph, is the Grand Han not afraid of the other three nations learning the truth and joining hands to destroy them?”

Dan Chu sneered, “Learning the truth? Once they’re killed, due to the lost connection with their dragon veins, not even their emperors will know who did it. The truth is, some mysterious lifeforms appeared in the Four Nations Ancient Remnant this time, and they slaughtered the four nations’ experts. Three of those nations’ elites were all killed, while the Grand Han also took heavy losses, with only a few imperial disciples managing to escape. What do you think about this truth?

“Of course, the truth needs to be defended by others. The Grand Han will have my Pill Tower’s support, as well as the ancient races’ protection. And if the three nations refuse to behave, the Bloodkill Hall will pay them a bit of special attention. Tell me, what kind of waves could the three nations possibly cause?”

When he saw Dan Chu expose all these secrets, even clearly exposing the collusion between the ancient races and the Bloodkill Hall, Dan Teng clenched his teeth so hard that they almost broke. He couldn’t comprehend how this brat had been so stupid as to say this. Could it be he hadn’t even been able to sense the clear fluctuations of a photographic jade being activated?

In truth, Long Chen activated the photographic jade from the primal chaos space, and it couldn’t be sensed from the outside. Dan Chu couldn’t have known that Long Chen had been recording his crimes.

Of course, quibbling over that was meaningless right now. Dan Teng knew this matter was about to get even worse for him.

“Tower Master, not good! There’s a photographic jade that’s very unfavorable to the Pill Tower rapidly spreading…”

Just at this time, one of the Pill Tower’s experts rushed over, panicked and holding a photographic jade. But when he saw the photographic jade in Dan Teng’s hand, he fell silent.

At this time, all the experts Dan Teng had gathered had their expressions change. They had already noticed this matter was about to get serious. Even Pill Valley had been disturbed by this.

“What happened outside?” Dan Teng did his best to calm his voice, but he couldn’t stop it from shuddering.

That Pill Tower’s expert gulped and said, “I’m not sure. But suddenly, countless photographic jades spread throughout the cultivation world. There are people selling them in bulk all along the streets. On my way here, I even saw the people guarding the transportation formations watching it…”

The contents of these photographic jades were what Long Chen had sent to the Huayun Sect for Zheng Wenlong to disseminate. In order to get a better slapping effect, Long Chen told the Huayun Sect not to immediately spread them.

The best time was for the Pill Tower to have gathered all their power and made huge movements to the point that all the various sects and powers were aware of their movements. 

Only then had Long Chen allowed the Huayun Sect to spread the massive number of photographic jades they had already duplicated. It had to be known that the photographic jades were spread throughout the world. Spreading this in bulk was far too easy for the Huayun Sect.

Furthermore, there were others who, when they saw the shocking secrets recorded within, also crazily duplicated and sold them to others who still didn’t know.

As a result, it was like an epidemic had erupted. Let alone just the cultivation world’s people, even the ordinary people learned of it.

Previously, they had heard the rumors that Long Chen had killed one of the Pill Tower’s genius disciples to take his treasures. After the special details from the Pill Tower and the other large sects, Long Chen had been painted as an irredeemable devil.

But now, this photographic jade caused an instant reversal. That Pill Tower’s disciple had entered the Four Nations Ancient Remnant as a trap, a trap targeting Long Chen.

They had even ignored the four nations’ treaty, ignoring the rules of the Martial Heaven Alliance. Now all those sects supporting the Pill Tower were dumbfounded.

With this photographic jade, the truth was made known to the masses. Who was right and who was wrong was indisputable.

Those people targeting Long Chen, targeting the Grand Xia, targeting the Xuantian Dao Sect, all felt their faces be slapped. Those people making a hubbub immediately shut their mouths.

Everyone knew the Pill Tower had caused a disaster for themselves. They had interfered in the internal matters of the four ancient nations, ignoring the Martial Heaven Alliance’s rules for their own selfish desires, and then even intentionally slandered others. That gravely damaged Pill Valley’s image.

It had to be known that at least on the surface, Pill Valley had to maintain an always neutral appearance. They never directly interfered with the disputes of the large sects. They resolved disputes as ‘neutral mediators’, only ‘helping’ others resolve their problems.

But this time, the Pill Tower had gone too far, and they had been caught. The Martial Heaven Alliance was probably about to show its furious side.

“It’s definitely slander from the Huayun Sect. I’ve long since heard they have a relationship with that criminal Long Chen. No one else could spread fake news this quickly,” said the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s vice sect master, Ma Xingkong.

Ma Xingkong truly knew how to speak. Calling it fake news first instantly drew the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect closer to the Pill Tower.

But it wasn’t able to quell Dan Teng’s worry. He felt like his head was about to explode. He didn’t even know what to do, and fear started to creep into his heart.

“Everyone, Pill Valley has ordered me to return, so I must leave.” Dan Teng sighed and thickened his face. 

“Then what about us?” Everyone was dumbfounded. They had only gathered for him as a show of power.

“You… you can do as you please.” After saying that, Dan Teng vanished.


Everyone looked at each other blankly. The host had fled, so staying here was meaningless now.

Even if Long Chen swaggered out of the Grand Xia brazenly, would they dare to touch him? What reason did they have?

This photographic jade was a supreme slap in their faces. Long Chen was the victim, while the Pill Tower was the bully whose scheme had failed. Even though they hadn’t known the truth, they were probably about to get cursed for being blind.

Now they had all become idiots who made groundless accusations. They had blindly sucked up to the Pill Tower and slandered a good person. Well, although Long Chen couldn’t exactly be called a good person, it was a fact that they had all become laughingstocks.

“Everyone can busy themselves. My sect has some things I need to handle, so I won’t be accompanying you.”

“I remember, my sect’s disciple trials are about to start. I have to go as well.”

After a moment of dumbfounded silence, they began to scatter. Some hurriedly rushed to Grand Xia City to inform their disciples to pack up. There was no need to waste any more time or money there.

Most of them left. But there was one group that didn’t. That was the ancient races’ people.

They didn’t care about the Righteous path. They simply wanted to settle their debts with Long Chen. No matter what reason Long Chen had, anyone who killed their disciples had to pay in blood.

They weren’t afraid of the Martial Heaven Alliance. Their ancient race alliance was also powerful, and Long Chen had killed three of their races’ strongest geniuses. The ancient races would not swallow this anger.

On the other hand, the fact that the Pill Tower’s people had left delighted them. Now there was no one to fight over Long Chen with them. Otherwise, if Long Chen landed in the Pill Tower’s hands, they couldn’t have personally killed him. Although they had already discussed it and decided Long Chen’s head would be sent to the ancient races, not personally killing him was still a blow to their prestige.

“Idiots from the ancient races, are you still not fucking off? Your mother wants you to return home to eat!”

Just at this moment, a young man shouted over in their direction from atop the city gates. With that evil smile and lazy manner that looked like he needed a beating, who else could it be but Long Chen?

Long Chen was extremely refreshed. As expected, leaving this matter to Zheng Wenlong had been the right decision. He guessed that Dan Teng had even formed an urge to kill himself!

Long Chen hadn’t said anything to those people slandering him all to give them more time to cause a ruckus. The bigger a ruckus they caused, the better!

And the Pill Tower hadn’t disappointed him. They had caused such a disturbance that it shook heaven and earth, as if they had been afraid of people not knowing about this matter.

Now they had done it, this slap was absolutely resounding. Not only the Pill Tower, but its dogs were also struck dumb. It had been a long time since he had done something so satisfying.

“Long Chen, you little bastard, if you have any guts, you’ll come out right now!” roared the elder from the elephant race. Seeing Long Chen made his killing intent rise to its peak. Thinking of his dead disciple and how his Ancestral item had been snatched away, he almost couldn’t stop himself from charging in.

“Idiot, of course I have guts. I am a human cultivator. If I didn’t have guts, how could I have created you hybrids[1]?” sneered Long Chen. For this idiot to make such a pitiful provocation, was he looking down on him?

“Courting death!”

The ancient races’ experts were infuriated. They were just about to attack when all of Grand Xia City’s buildings began to shine, and countless runes whirled over. A terrifying pressure shook the heavens!

The protective formation of the city had actually been activated. At the same time, a cry rang out: “Anyone who dares to attack within the territory of my Grand Xia will be mercilessly annihilated!”

[1] The same word for guts also means seed, as in the human race’s seed made the ancient races.

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