Chapter 1233 Youluo’s Suicide

Seeing their expressions, Long Chen had a bad feeling. As expected, the white-haired elder shook his head and sadly said, “Heart-devil.”

Han Wenjun had been killed by Xia Yunchong. Originally, by killing the person who ruined his Undefeatable Dao, there was a definite chance of recovering that Undefeatable Dao. But regretfully, Xia Yunchong’s heart-devil was too heavy.

“It might not just be Han Wenjun. I suppose I am also within his heart-devil!” said Long Chen.

The white-haired elder and Xia Yuyang were both startled, but they quickly realized what he was saying. On one hand, Xia Yunchong had been forced to kneel. That disgrace was one thing. But also, in terms of combat power, he had been shaken by Long Chen’s power.

Within the Four Nations Ancient Remnant, he had instantly killed Li Wanji and Han Bijun. He had then fought against five powerful rank eight Celestials. And finally, when his opponents unleashed all their trump cards, unleashing Ancestral items and being supported by their powerful elders, they were still slaughtered. That had deeply shaken Xia Yunchong.

Of course, everyone else seeing it had also been shaken, but Xia Yunchong was the only one who cultivated the Undefeatable Dao. This had been a large blow to him, and adding on his previous humiliation, it had become impossible for him to recover it.

“Ah, people get foolish when they’re old. Why didn’t I think of this?” The white-haired elder sighed remorsefully.

In truth, the reason he hadn’t thought of this detail was because he had been in too much of a panic. Regretfully, Han Wenjun was now dead, and everything was futile.

“Don’t give up just yet. I have a method that might be able to work!” Long Chen stood and said goodbye to them, going to Xia Yunchong’s residence.

Once he was gone, Xia Yuyang and the white-haired elder looked at each other, feeling like they had lived so many years for nothing.

“We’re old now!”

They both sighed, but a trace of hope had now appeared in their eyes.

“According to the dragon vein calculations, Youluo was fated to run into a huge calamity. I thought something would have happened to her this time, but instead, she’s fine, and the calamity struck Yunchong instead. Is this because of Long Chen?” wondered Xia Yuyang.

“The dragon vein calculations are very accurate. But those calculations can only deduce the fate of your Xia family. Long Chen is not a member of your Xia family, and due to his arrival, everything has become muddled. There’s no way to calculate anything. Let’s just watch.” The white-haired elder looked at the wall, and an image appeared on it. Long Chen was walking into Xia Yunchong’s residence. Xia Yunchong was currently staring blankly at a pool.

“Did you come here to comfort me?” Xia Yunchong’s voice was bitter. This matter was a huge blow to him.

It felt like he had instantly gone from an unrivaled expert to a pitiful wretch. He had also become more sensitive.

“What would I comfort you for? You’re a man. I came to drink with you. I swindled quite a bit more wine from the Wine God Palace this time, so let’s drink.” Long Chen dragged Xia Yunchong into a small pavilion and took out a jug of wine.

Xia Yunchong originally wanted to say that he wasn’t in the mood to drink, but then he felt like declining would be saying he was weak, like he couldn’t handle his loss. So he sat down.

“Here, drink this one first. It was made by a female cultivator. It’s incomparably rich, with a long-lasting aftertaste.” Long Chen poured Xia Yunchong a bowl of wine.

Xia Yunchong drank it in one gulp. At this time, all he was doing was acting fine. There was no way for him to appraise how good the wine was. His heart was already filled with chaos.

Long Chen also drank a bowl. The two of them didn’t speak as they continued drinking. After over ten bowls of wine, Xia Yunchong suddenly collapsed on the table and began to bawl.

Long Chen didn’t say anything. He continued to pour wine and drink himself. He knew the wine’s energy had already taken effect.

This female cultivator’s wine focused on the heart, on stimulating the seven emotions and six desires. It allowed a person’s emotions to be released completely.

Xia Yunchong was an iron man. He had bled countless times in his life, but he had never cried.

He kept his sorrows in his heart. In that aspect, he was similar to Long Chen. They never said everything to others, simply suppressing what was within their hearts.

With his Undefeatable Dao broken, his heart in chaos, and the stimulation of this wine, all Xia Yunchong’s emotions poured out.

After a while, Xia Yunchong seemed to be feeling much better. He took a deep breath. “Brother Long, thank you for the wine. I feel better.”

“Do you want to rediscover your Undefeatable Dao?” asked Long Chen, putting down the wine.

“Brother Long, you…” Xia Yunchong looked at Long Chen with shock. If this question came from someone else, even his own master, he’d think they were just trying to comfort him. But coming from Long Chen, it made his dead hope rekindle once more.

“I asked if you wanted to rediscover your Undefeatable Dao!” Long Chen poured out another bowl of wine, repeating himself.

“I do, of course I do! Brother Long… please help me.” Xia Yunchong clenched his fists, filled with expectation.

“Then let me ask you, what is the Undefeatable Dao?” Long Chen looked at Xia Yunchong.

“It’s…” Xia Yunchong became stupefied.

Long Chen sipped his wine and smiled. “Your Undefeatable Dao depends on walking on a path of cultivation where you remain undefeated. But can such a thing truly exist? With an undefeatable Dao-heart, can you really be undefeatable? If you really were undefeatable, you wouldn’t just be undefeatable in the same realm. You would be undefeatable regardless of cultivation base, power, and rank. All experts should be cabbages waiting for you to harvest however you want. By pissing, you could drown them, by farting, you could blast them to death. That is the only way to be truly undefeatable.”

“But… that’s impossible.” Xia Yunchong shook his head.

Within the imperial palace, Xia Yuyang and the white-haired elder were calmly watching this scene to see how Long Chen would talk Xia Yunchong around. But this Undefeatable Dao he was describing was far too exaggerated.

“Exactly. So you shouldn’t care about some Undefeatable Dao, because that thing is just nonsense. Previously, you asked me if I also cultivated the Undefeatable Dao, and I said I didn’t. Back then, you didn’t quite believe me, but in truth, even I don’t know what exactly I’m cultivating. All I know is that whoever provokes me will die. Even if I can’t beat them, I’ll wipe some snot on their faces.

“On the other hand, just like you, I maintained an undefeated record against the same realm. But I never meticulously did anything to maintain that record. Even if there came a day when I was defeated, it wouldn’t matter. Because what I seek is not to be undefeated, but to protect the people by my side. Victory or defeat means nothing to me,” said Long Chen.

“To protect?” Xia Yunchong seemed to understand.

“Let me tell you a story from my childhood. It came from a drunk bald man bragging near the city gates. He said this: the body is like the Bodhi tree, while the heart is like a mirror. It must be constantly and diligently wiped to prevent dust.

“Back then, I didn’t know what that Bodhi tree was. But that person said that it was a kind of legendary tree of wisdom. It is a symbol of wisdom and comprehension. You can be likened to that. Your Undefeatable Dao is like that Bodhi tree.

“You carefully grew it, defending it, afraid of any little bit of damage. But do you think if the Bodhi tree is damaged, a person would become an imbecile? Without the Undefeatable Dao, will you become a coward?” asked Long Chen.

Xia Yunchong was silent. It seemed Long Chen’s words were reasonable. At the same time, he felt like he truly had overlooked something.

“Then that baldie said this: the Bodhi had no tree, and the mirror had no back. Neither existed, so where did the dust come from?”

Hearing Long Chen say such a thing, Xia Yunchong’s entire body shook. He looked at Long Chen in shock, seeming to grasp hold of some crucial thing.

Even Xia Yuyang and the white-haired elder were shocked. Their eyes shone brightly as they comprehended something.

“Whether or not the Bodhi tree truly exists is something no one knows. It is just a metaphor for your Undefeatable Dao. For example, you planted a Bodhi tree and it grew with you, making you feel like the Bodhi tree made you smarter, wiser, capable of comprehending ten thousand Daos. Now that you’ve lost the Bodhi tree, you have no direction. You don’t know how you’re supposed to exist without the Bodhi tree.

“But without the Bodhi tree, your wisdom is still there. Without your Undefeatable Dao, your undefeatable heart still exists. You simply blinded yourself to its existence,” said Long Chen.

“Brother Long, I think I understand.” Xia Yunchong felt the knot in his heart weaken.

“No, you still don’t get it. Being undefeatable isn’t something you have to maintain all the time. That would just be a mental illness. Could it be that when we drink, you always have to drink more than me? That you always have to eat more than me? Could it be that when it comes to pissing, you have to make sure you can piss further than me?” asked Long Chen.

“Um… no…” said Xia Yunchong awkwardly.

“Since there’s no need for that, why bother about temporary losses or wins? Being undefeatable isn’t something constant. There is only one time you must be undefeatable: when the things you care about are threatened. Because at that time, if you are not undefeatable, you will lose the most precious existence in your life. That kind of pain isn’t something we can bear. So when we are undefeatable, it is because we must be undefeatable, because we have no choice but to be undefeatable,” said Long Chen.

“Brother Long, I understand.” Xia Yunchong suddenly regained his confidence. His eyes also recovered their light.

Xia Yuyang and the white-haired elder looked at each other, both of them incomparably gratified. The knot in Xia Yunchong’s heart had been undone. That was amazing. This way, he could slowly find his undefeatable Dao-heart once more.

“Sometimes just understanding isn’t enough. You need to experience it. Here, try this wine.” Long Chen handed Xia Yunchong a bowl of wine. Xia Yunchong was too preoccupied to even notice that this was not the same wine that they had been drinking before.

“Think of when Youluo had her throat caught in someone else’s hand. Her life might have been crushed at any time like an ant. What would you do?” Long Chen’s voice suddenly changed, seeming to echo from all directions. His vast Spiritual Strength moved with his voice.

Xia Yunchong drank the wine. His eyes became scarlet and all the energy in his body erupted. He was just about to suppress it when he heard Long Chen’s voice and seemed to see Xia Youluo caught in someone else’s hands.


Xia Yunchong’s energy erupted like a volcano, and a powerful qi wave unfurled. An undefeatable will shook heaven and earth.

Long Chen finally sighed with relief. Even duping people was tiring work. It needed a step by step sequence.

Xia Yunchong had regained his undefeatable will, and he was full of delight. He was just about to thank Long Chen.

“Not good! Princess Youluo has committed suicide!”

Xia Yunchong’s expression completely changed, and with a furious roar, he flew out like a gust of wind.

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