Chapter 1232 Watched by All Parties

Within the Xuantian Dao Sect, Li Tianxuan, the Tower Department Head, and Liu Cang were in a private room, their expressions somewhat grave. 

“Xuan Master, Long Chen is trapped within the Grand Xia Ancient Nation by the Pill Tower. They’ve already set up layers of blockades. The ancient races are also moving. Long Chen is in danger,” said Liu Cang worriedly.

News of what was occurring on the Grand Xia had already spread. Within the Four Nations Ancient Remnant, Long Chen had killed the Pill Tower’s top genius, Dan Chu, as well as snatched away their Ancestral item, the Blazing Dragon Cauldron. He had completely infuriated the Pill Tower.

The Pill Tower had already sent out word that anyone who dared to harbor Long Chen would be viewed as their enemy.

Following the fury of the Pill Tower, those powers closely related to the Pill Tower sent out their experts to seal the Grand Xia’s borders. The transportation formations were packed with experts.

Apparently, there were dozens of sects helping, and of course, one of them was the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect.

In order to put on a show of its power, the Pill Tower had all those sects move out in full force. There were even over ten experts on the level of sect masters, as well as innumerable Soul Transformation experts.

Clearly, the Pill Tower was doing this as an intimidation tactic, to make sure Li Tianxuan had no ability to stop them. It was also a warning to the other sects not on the side of the Pill Tower.

“This matter has grown too big. Our Xuantian Dao Sect can do nothing,” said the Tower Department Head.

The news the Pill Tower had released was that the Pill Tower’s expert, Dan Chu, had been invited into the ancient remnant by the Grand Han in order to help them search through the remnant’s secrets. He had had no ill intent, but Long Chen had grown greedy for Dan Chu’s treasures and killed him for them.

Although this kind of nonsense was something anyone with the slightest brains would see countless holes in, the Pill Tower was the Pill Tower. What they said was the ‘truth’.

Furthermore, this truth would be testified and confirmed by countless other sects. That was their ‘irrefutable evidence’ that no one could quibble with.

To put it even more simply, if Pill Tower pointed at a pile of crap and said it smelled good, then countless other sects would say that it smelled good. There would even be people who would grab it and lick it to prove that was the truth.

In the cultivation world, the actual facts weren’t important. Only power was important, and the Pill Tower had that power.

Li Tianxuan was silent, his eyes closed in thought. He looked like he was thinking about how to resolve this problem.

“I think the best option would be to go request aid from the Martial Heaven Alliance,” proposed Liu Cang.

The Tower Department Head shook his head. “It’s useless. The Martial Heaven Alliance only looks after things that happen within the alliance. This matter occurred in the Four Nations Ancient Remnant, and there are no eyewitnesses or proof. The Pill Tower just needs to continue with their story that Long Chen killed their disciple for his treasures, and there’s nothing anyone can do. The Martial Heaven Alliance has no excuse to interfere, and it’s not in accordance with their rules. As for the four ancient nations, they are situated outside the cultivation world, and there’s the four nations’ treaty making this matter even more complicated. One little mistake can cause a huge, chaotic war that will destroy the four ancient nations, leaving their territory and resources to be snatched by the various large sects. Slaughter will ensue.”

With option after option shut down, Liu Cang couldn’t help but sigh, bitterly smiling. “That little fellow’s ability to provoke trouble grows greater and greater. Even we can’t handle it anymore.”

Ever since Long Chen had arrived at the Xuantian Dao Sect, the sect had basically been flipped by him. Now he had only left for a short time, and he had provoked unprecedented trouble. It was like he was intentionally trying to prove his ability to cause trouble.

“Xuan Master, what is your opinion?” asked Liu Cang.

Li Tianxuan slowly opened his eyes and lightly said, “There’s nothing to do. We’ll just watch for now. If there really is no other option, then there’s no need for the Reincarnation Mirror to maintain our karmic luck. I will bring it out and kill them until heaven and earth are flipped.”

“What?!” Liu Cang and the Tower Department Head’s expressions changed.

The Reincarnation Mirror and the Xuantian Tower were the Xuantian Dao Sect’s sect-protecting divine items. They were also what maintained the sect’s karmic luck and could not be used lightly. Using them would damage the sect’s karmic luck.

Last time in the eastern sea, because the Reincarnation Mirror had to be used to maintain the sect’s karmic luck, Li Tianxuan had merely used the Reincarnation Mirror’s projection. If he had used its true body, it would have caused major damage.

“Long Chen must stay alive. Even if the price was greater, it would have to be done. That little fellow once said an interesting thing: the weak fear the strong, the strong fear the stronger, and the stronger fear the fearless. If the Pill Tower wants to play, we’ll accompany them. My Xuantian Dao Sect has been silent for too long, making others think we’re a toothless lion. We need to prove our teeth are still sharp.” Li Tianxuan smiled slightly. That smile contained confidence and resolve, showing how serious he was.

Liu Cang and the Tower Department Head’s hair stood on end. It seemed the Xuan Master was truly infuriated. Perhaps the Central Plains were about to be shaken.

Just at this time, light flashed through the room, and a runic letter appeared in front of them.

“A secret message from the Huayun Sect?” Li Tianxuan couldn’t help being shocked. This was a secret communication method between the Huayun Sect and him. It usually wasn’t used except in urgent cases.

Li Tianxuan pressed a finger against the letter. The letter immediately turned to dust, while a formless wave of energy spread.

“Haha, that little fellow Long Chen has some skill. We don’t need to worry about it.” Li Tianxuan suddenly laughed, causing Liu Cang and the Tower Department Head to look at each other blankly.

In a distant place, there was a high mountain with a sharp cliffside. It was like a heavenly blade that had been stabbed through the ground.

Atop the cliff was a simple wooden room. The cold wind was like blades sweeping through the peak, bringing with them a whistling sound.

The wooden room had countless scars on it like blades had slashed it. If a Forging Master saw the room, they would definitely be shocked.

That was because this room was actually made of an extremely rare golden thread spirit wood. Its hardness was comparable to a King item, and its toughness was even greater than a King item.

Such a powerful material had actually been made into a shabby room. Those scars on it were from the wind, showing just how terrifying these blades of winds were. Even a Soul Transformation expert would be annihilated without defending.

In front of the room was an elder with drooping white eyebrows and gray robes. He was sitting with his eyes closed, shockingly ignoring the terrifying wind.

“Old man, it seems Long Chen is in trouble,” reported a very tall and large muscular man.

“Is it big trouble?” asked the elder lightly with his eyes still closed.


“Can he handle it himself?”

“I doubt it.”

“Then tell old seventh to take a trip. It’s still the old rules. If he doesn’t have to, he’s not to interfere. Children need to mature on their own. Taking advantage of when they’re still young to suffer a bit isn’t a bad thing,” said the elder.

“Is he to be brought back this time?”

“Up to him. Don’t force him.”

The large man nodded and his figure disappeared from the cliff. The elder was still sitting with his eyes closed, as if nothing had happened.

Returning from Tu Qianshang’s home, Long Chen felt especially relaxed. He had finally managed to get Tu Qianshang to agree to help him.

In truth, Tu Qianshang’s enmity with the ancient races was deep. In the past, he rarely mentioned what happened, even when drinking. But this time, it was unknown if he had drunk too much, but he had gotten emotional and told Long Chen a bit about what had happened.

Back then, he had had a little brother who had also been shockingly talented. Although he had also been someone with a fiery temper, he had been an upright person.

According to Tu Qianshang, the reason for his enmity with the ancient races stemmed from how the ancient races had once been making things hard on a beautiful female cultivator, and his little brother had helped her, killing several of the ancient races’ experts to save her.

Later, that woman had ended up becoming Dao-companions with his little brother. But good things rarely lasted. The ancient races surrounded them, and although his little brother fought valiantly, that female cultivator still died under their assault. In his grief, his brother started a slaughter, and as a result, he became surrounded by experts from the ancient races. The first son of one of the ancient races’ leaders was killed by him.

That infuriated that ancient race, and they established a heaven-encompassing net to kill him. Tu Qianshang had immediately rushed over to help when he heard the news, but he was still one step too late. He arrived just in time to see his brother die. The ancient race’s experts were about to take off his brother’s head and investigate his origins. They wanted to exterminate his entire family to defend the prestige of the ancient races.

Tu Qianshang had immediately exploded. He had not only killed all those experts, but he had also gone to hunt their race and annihilated them, even killing the race leader through a suicidal move resulting in a heavy injury.

His vengeance for his brother caused the ancient races to hunt him down. There was no room left for mediation.

The ancient races also didn’t care about any excuse. There was no reasoning that would stop them from their hunt. They just had one thought: those who offend the ancient races must die!

When he mentioned this matter, Long Chen could sense Tu Qianshang was still filled with resentment over it.

Even this many years of cultivating the Wine Dao hadn’t erased that hatred in his heart. Now that he had agreed to work with Long Chen, the two of them were immediately on the same page.

Returning to the imperial palace, Long Chen asked Xia Yuyang about the situation. He learned that all of Grand Xia City was under the watch of the Pill Tower.

There were also countless experts from many sects surrounding the Grand Xia. At this time, there was zero chance that Long Chen could leave. Furthermore, he heard that people from the ancient races had come, but they hadn’t entered the city.

“That’s all fine. This is just the start. If things go as I expect, they’ll quickly come and apply pressure to the Grand Xia. At this time, not even the Grand Zhou or Grand Chu sent people to communicate with us. That means that the Pill Tower has already used some kind of means to make them temporarily set aside their condemnation for the Grand Han. So in all likelihood, the Pill Tower’s next move is to build up public opinion, to make it so people think I am an irredeemable devil, a Heaven-Seizer, whatever fits… Hm? Have they already started?” Long Chen suddenly noticed that Xia Yuyang and the white-haired elder’s expressions became a bit odd.

“Yes, they’ve already started. Everywhere in the city, people are stealthily spreading propaganda about you. But how did you know they would do that?” asked Xia Yuyang.

“Hehe, the Pill Tower only has a few childish tricks. They know that if everyone in Grand Xia City is cursing me, my family, and my friends, I’ll have to either start killing them, or leave. Killing them won’t solve any problems, and with the pushing of a few people, it’ll just make me seem worse and cause more problems. So I’ll only be able to leave. They probably only know how to make such a simple strategy.” Long Chen spread his arms helplessly.

Xia Yuyang and the white-haired elder were speechless. Long Chen was practically more wily than a wily old fox.

But seeing how indifferent and prepared he looked for such a thing, they could only allow him to do what he wanted.

“Ah, senior, how is brother Yunchong? Has he rediscovered his Undefeatable Dao?” asked Long Chen. But after asking this, he saw their expressions become dim.

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