Chapter 1231 Swindling Tu Qianshang

Tu Qianshang suddenly had a bad feeling upon seeing Long Chen’s look.

“Brat, don’t even think about doing anything crazy.”

Although he didn’t know what Long Chen was planning, after drinking with him a few times, he could tell just from Long Chen’s eyes that he was up to something evil.

“Tch, coward. I haven’t even said anything, and you’re already beating the drum of retreat. In the future, don’t ask me to drink with you again,” said Long Chen disdainfully.

“You think you can provoke me like this? Who do you think I am? Before I fled to the Wine God Palace, I dominated these lands! I’ve seen all sorts of people, and I know your type. I’m not going to take your shit.” Clearly, Tu Qianshang was someone with great experience and wouldn’t fall for his bait so easily.

He took out another jug of wine. This was a different wine that wasn’t so intense. After all, that previous wine was not used for casual drinking.

Long Chen received the jug and poured two new bowls of wine. He disdainfully said, “When did you ever dominate the lands? Weren’t you chased down by the ancient races to the point that you had nowhere to go? Weren’t you hunted like a dog? Saying that you fled to the Wine God Palace is truly accurate. If you didn’t flee like a dog, all that fat on your body would have been turned into a great stew for the ancient races.”

“Hmph, the ancient races just have too many people. They had hundreds of people in the same realm chasing after me and even people with higher cultivation bases. Was I not supposed to run and instead just throw my life away?” raged Tu Qianshang.

Back then, Tu Qianshang had exterminated several headquarters of the ancient races, completely infuriating them and causing them to move out in great force.

But even surrounded by countless experts, he had killed his own path out. The number of experts he had slain had shaken practically the entire Central Plains.

Most terrifying of all, through three years of running and counter-attacking, he used his Soul Transformation cultivation base to fight across realms and slay three of the race leaders hunting him down. Those race leaders had all been terrifying Life Star experts.

At that time, Tu Qianshang had caused quite the sensation. However, his actions ended up completely infuriating the ancient races, and they sent out supreme experts, heavily injuring him. Just as he was about to be killed, the Wine God Palace’s people saved him and he joined their worship of the Wine God.

Although Tu Qianshang had been defeated in the end, no one dared to laugh at him. Instead, they were full of admiration for his domineering manner.

“A defeat is a defeat. Why bother making excuses? When I was surrounded by powerful enemies, I was also fighting across realms. I’ve seen all kinds of sinister schemes. Well, that’s not really important. Fatty, I’m planning on giving you some great fortune. Whether or not you can take advantage of it will be up to yourself.” Long Chen drank a mouthful of wine and used his sleeve to wipe his mouth.

“Are you telling the truth? You’re just a Foundation Forging brat. What kind of fortune can you send me?” snorted Tu Qianshang, not believing him.

“You ungrateful fellow! If it hadn’t been for my formulas, would you have been able to refine that wine? If it hadn’t been for my formulas, would you have been able to reserve your baleful aura? Why don’t you think for yourself who else bothered giving you such fortune other than me?” cursed Long Chen.

He had noticed that Tu Qianshang’s baleful aura had lessened a great deal. Previously, his cultivation technique had been too domineering, and his accumulated killing intent had been too strong, which had caused a kind of special baleful aura.

This baleful aura stemmed from the depths of his soul, and he hadn’t been able to suppress it. That was why ordinary people hadn’t even been able to approach him. They would be affected by that baleful aura and become berserk, easily infuriated, and might even have an urge to start killing.

Only someone like Xia Youluo who possessed a pure and simple heart and had never participated in true slaughter was an exception to that.

Xia Yunchong had seen Tu Qianshang several times before, but that had always been from a distance. He had also been afraid of being affected by that baleful aura.

The other Wine God Palace’s disciples all cultivated different Wine Daos, and most of them enjoyed a peaceful and quiet life. That was different from Tu Qianshang’s Wine Dao, and so the rest of them didn’t interact with him either.

That was why Tu Qianshang was now unable to retort to Long Chen. It had been Long Chen’s formulas that had benefited him, allowing him to gain insights during the winemaking process. He had learned how to reserve that baleful aura.

It was also because he had reserved it that the wine he made had also become reserved. It now looked calm on the surface and would only erupt once it was drunk. That was also how he had conned Long Chen just now.

Putting it nicely, Long Chen had already given him good fortune. This was something extremely helpful to his cultivation and insight. So there was nothing for him to say back to Long Chen’s cursing.

“Hmph, it was just a joke, and you took it so seriously? What a petty little man. Just drink your wine, and conveniently, you can tell me what this good fortune is.” Tu Qianshang poured Long Chen a bowl of wine, which could count as an apology.

Long Chen wasn’t really angry, and drinking it, he said, “Due to the wine drunk between us, we can now count as brothers-”

“What the fuck, are you taking advantage of me?” Tu Qianshang almost spat out his wine. He was someone who had swept through the continent three thousand years ago, and now Long Chen wanted to call him brother?

“Tch, calling you brother is my respect for you. I feel like you’re a hot-blooded man. Do you think just anyone has the qualifications to be my brother?” said Long Chen disdainfully.

“Fine, I can accept that. Thank you for looking favorably upon me, brother.” Tu Qianshang was speechless. This brat really was arrogant. But thinking of what the High Priest had told him, he felt much more at peace with this.

He was someone even the Wine God wouldn’t dare to accept incense or a kneel of worship from. Being the brother of such a figure seemed like it truly could raise his status.

Seeing Tu Qianshang listening seriously, Long Chen began to tell a story full of righteous indignation. “When I heard you were hunted down by the ancient races, I was extremely displeased. Who do the ancient races think they are? They are just hybrids between the human race and the Xuan Beasts. Back then, the human race was the leader of the world, while the Xuan Beasts were nothing more than secondary existences, only fit to be the human race’s mounts and war beasts. 

“Envious of the human race, and in order to get closer to the Heavenly Daos, the Xuan Beasts sent members of their race that could take human form to mate with the human race, and that’s the only reason the ancient races were born. Then the human race declined, while the ancient races felt superior to them in terms of cultivation and they abandoned their human bloodline, declaring themselves descendants of only the Xuan Beasts.

“For them to look down on us, for them to bully us, just looking at these fellows that forget their roots makes a person angry. Furthermore, they dared to hunt you down. That’s completely unacceptable. If it were up to me-”

“Brother, that all happened many years ago. Can you get to the point?” Tu Qianshang was a bit speechless as he saw Long Chen become more and more indignant, as if the one who had been hunted down back then had been him.

“The point? I want to get justice for you. I definitely won’t let this matter rest as is. How can I allow my brother to be bullied like this? I’ve already investigated this matter. Back then, there were three fellows who heavily injured you. Those ones were the most hateful, and one was the giant eagle race, one was the barbarian elephant race, and one was the tiger race-” said Long Chen, staring closely at Tu Qianshang.

“Wait a moment. I have some recollection of that barbarian elephant fellow. He hit me in the back with a club, almost taking my life. But I don’t remember a giant eagle race or a tiger race.” Tu Qianshang frowned.

Long Chen smiled inside that he had guessed one right. He said, “Do you not remember? Back then, there were too many people attacking you. But it was those three that formed a three-side blockade around you. If it hadn’t been for the giant eagle race and the tiger race’s experts cooperating, would that barbarian elephant expert have managed to hit you?”

“You know what, now that you say this, it’s true. Back then, there were too many of those ancient race idiots around, and I was pretty much crazy with my slaughter. That’s right, I remember. There was a fellow with wings who kept attacking me. And there was a clawed fellow too! So that’s what it was.” Tu Qianshang nodded in comprehension.

Long Chen laughed inside. There were quite a few ancient races with wings, and even more with claws. Well, as long as Tu Qianshang felt like he was right, it was fine.

“In order to get revenge for you, I slaughtered the three races’ rank eight Celestials. Don’t you think your brother has worked quite hard for you?” Long Chen patted his chest. His manner was as if he had only done it in order to help him vent.

Long Chen gave a rough summary of what had happened in the Four Nations Ancient Remnant. But the general meaning was that he found the ancient races distasteful and was getting justice for him.

Hearing that Long Chen had killed three of their rank eight Celestials, all with higher cultivation bases than him, and even one against five, Tu Qianshang was truly moved.

“Wait, didn’t you previously say that you once provoked the Heavenly Fate Pavilion? At that time, you didn’t even know me!” said Tu Qianshang suspiciously.

As expected, the longer you talked, the easier it was to see through your lies. After bragging too much, it was hard to take it back. In order to express his own sincerity, Long Chen had even said that he had gone against the Heavenly Fate Pavilion because of Tu Qianshang. Back then, if it hadn’t been for Heavenly Fate Island, Tu Qianshang might not have been defeated.

But once he said that, the times no longer matched up. His own words ended up exposing him. But just who was Long Chen? When it came to the thickness of his face, no one could match him.

“Who said I didn’t know you? You might not have known me, but I knew you. A long time ago, I heard about you and felt you to be a real man. Why couldn’t I stand up for you?” said Long Chen.

“You shameless scoundrel, after spouting all that bullshit, you just want me to help you handle the trouble you caused for yourself!? Hmph, don’t even think about it.” Tu Qianshang wasn’t so stupid as to fall for it though.

“You think I can’t handle it without you? I’m just giving you a chance to get revenge. If you don’t want to, then fine!” said Long Chen impatiently.

“Are you telling me you want to use the favor I owe you from last time?” demanded Tu Qianshang.

“What nonsense. I, Long Chen, treat you as a brother. Do we need to calculate our favors like this? Let me tell you, this has nothing to do with that favor. As your brother, I helped vent for you, so you have to help vent for me. Furthermore, you’ll still owe me that favor!” declared Long Chen.

“What the fuck, how are you so shameless?!” raged Tu Qianshang. But a bit of his iciness faded. If Long Chen was using that favor from back then for this, he would have found it unacceptable. But this shameless method of Long Chen’s made him feel a bit closer instead.

“So what if I’m shameless? When your brother needs help, are you not going to help? Furthermore, do you not want revenge?” said Long Chen dauntlessly, once more putting out the bait.

“I do, but I’m a disciple of the Wine God Palace. It’s not convenient for me to do such a thing,” said Tu Qianshang hesitantly. It was true that he had never had a chance to relieve his anger of that matter, leaving a knot in his heart.

“Hehe, no worries. I’ve already helped you handle the High Priest.” Long Chen smiled mischievously.

“Really? Then… then let’s teach them a lesson they’ll never forget.” A vicious light appeared in Tu Qianshang’s eyes, as well as a trace of excitement.

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