Chapter 1230 Sending You Enormous Good Fortune

Long Chen stopped in the Huayun auction house for a full two hours. He only left once he was sure he had clearly expressed all his intentions.

Long Chen knew that the entire Grand Xia was under the watch of the Pill Tower. The few transportations formations were definitely under their control, and as soon as he left, he would meet terrifying experts waiting for him.

Even if he didn’t use transportation formations, the Pill Tower had countless dogs to do their work. Getting out of their blockade was extremely unlikely.

Once he left the Huayun auction house, he found that those amateur idiots had lessened by quite a bit.

“One in the opposing teahouse and one in the alley. Yes, and there’s one in an even further place. It’s much more peaceful.” Long Chen smiled faintly. It seemed his intimidation had been quite effective. Those people were too irritating. For them to be so brazen and treat him as if he was prey was unbearable.

Long Chen went to the Wine God Palace. On the way, he sensed countless experts within Grand Xia City. Practically every place was under the watch of an expert. It was clear the Pill Tower was already monitoring all of Grand Xia City.

But these people were in set places. They were eating, drinking, or simply sitting in some corner. They didn’t dare to follow Long Chen.

Long Chen ignored these people. As long as none of them dared to follow him like a housefly, he wouldn’t be bothered to kill them.

Entering the Wine God Palace, the first thing for him to do should have been to offer incense to the Wine God’s portrait. But this time, the greeter didn’t give him any incense and allowed him to enter directly.

Once he was inside the Wine God Palace, as he walked through the tranquil land, he felt his worries fall from his heart. No matter how chaotic and bloody the outside world was, the Wine God Palace still felt like a wonderland, a pure land untouched by the mortal world’s vexations.

The mountains and scenery were still the same. But he didn’t see a single person. He arrived in front of the High Priest’s palace gate and was just about to open his mouth when the High Priest’s soft voice rang out.


Walking into the palace, he saw the High Priest sitting in lotus style with a faint smile on his face. He didn’t even look like a cultivator. He seemed more like a content and kind elder.

“Come and sit. Have a taste of my new product.” The High Priest placed two small wine bowls on the table. He poured out a bowl of wine from a jar for Long Chen.

The wine was amber-colored and viscous like honey. It had a fragrant aroma, and seeing it, Long Chen was absolutely shocked. This wine actually had countless runes flowing within it like stars flowing in the night sky.

“High Priest… you succeeded?” cried Long Chen.

“It can’t count as success. It’s just a start. But I have to thank you for it, so try it.” The High Priest smiled.

Long Chen raised the bowl and drank it in one gulp. When the wine entered his throat, it felt warm and his whole body relaxed.

Then his body shook. The 108,000 immortal platforms in his body automatically began to revolve. At the same time, the orbit of the stars in the night sky appeared in his mind. Their revolution contained boundless mysteries, making him feel enlightened. His heart became clear.

“High Priest’s skills are truly divine. You really did succeed in merging the Voidbreaking Star Pill into the wine. The wine energy moves the stars, the fragrance frees the cosmos. The revolution of the stars is the movement of the cosmos, and the fragrance cleanses the mundane heart. This is a realm of shedding one’s mortality and becoming an immortal. This little one is far too lacking for this wine, and my drinking of it is a waste of a treasure.” Long Chen was full of admiration.

Back then, Long Chen hadn’t had any hopes of this really working. He had picked out an extremely ancient pill formula from his Pill Sovereign memories that could theoretically be merged into the High Priest’s wine. But while the theory worked, there were many, many areas that could cause failure.

Long Chen had simply felt that giving other people formulas and not the High Priest would make it seem like he was lacking ability, so he had thickened his skin and wrote what he could.

But he hadn’t expected the High Priest to really succeed in merging the Voidbreaking Star Pill into the wine, and so quickly at that.

Furthermore, there was no way for him to evaluate the effect of this wine, because its level was too high. It wasn’t something Long Chen could comprehend with his current realm. All he felt was this wine had already merged with the Heavenly Daos and had surpassed the scope of his understanding.

Inside, he prostrated himself in admiration toward the High Priest. All he had done was propose a general framework and given some suggestions, but the High Priest had actually managed to make such a unique divine masterpiece.

“Haha, I’m humbled. Not just anyone could state the wine’s mysteries so simply. Furthermore, this wine formula was greatly beneficial to my own enlightenment. Through a few alterations, it can be said that I have peered onto a new path. Long Chen, I am extremely grateful to you,” said the High Priest emotionally.

“No, this little one does not dare to accept your praise.” Long Chen bitterly smiled. The High Priest’s realm had reached a level he couldn’t imagine, so he naturally couldn’t accept credit.

“Child, here. These two jugs are my current greatest masterpieces. I’ll give them to you.” The High Priest handed a pair of two-foot-tall jugs to Long Chen.

“Then many thanks.”

These were treasures, and Long Chen wouldn’t stand on courtesy, nor would he act like he was. He directly took them.

“I heard you’ve run into some trouble. If you have any difficulties, you can go ahead and voice them. Although my Wine God Palace doesn’t like battle, we have some ability,” said the High Priest.

“To tell the truth, I actually have some plans for the Wine God Palace. Well, more accurately, I have some plans for a certain person…” Long Chen scratched his head, embarrassed.

“Hahahaha, I understand. Little fellow, you really are evil. That’s fine. My Wine God Palace will not interfere with the personal grievances of its disciples.” The High Priest suddenly laughed. He had clearly seen through Long Chen’s intentions. “Child, you can go now. You were extremely helpful to the Wine God Palace this time, and if you need any help, just ask.”

This was a promise. Long Chen hastily rose and bowed. “Many thanks, High Priest. I will remember this favor.”

This promise was far too precious. What kind of joke was this? The Wine God Palace was an existence not even Pill Valley dared to provoke. With this promise, his confidence grew.

Long Chen didn’t like asking for help, and he definitely wouldn’t unless he had no choice. But with this promise, he had another layer of protection.

Leaving the High Priest’s palace, he felt completely relaxed. He hadn’t gotten far before someone blocked his path.

“Little brat, I’ve been waiting a long time for you.”

The one blocking Long Chen’s path was the fierce-looking Tu Qianshang.

“Oh, fatty Tu, are you challenging me again? To tell the truth, I really admire your ability to continue challenging me despite losing over and over and over again.” Long Chen smiled evilly at Tu Qianshang. For some unknown reason, he felt like today’s Tu Qianshang was different from before.

“Cut the bullshit. This time, I’ll definitely beat you. But before our fight, come try my new peerless divine wine.” Tu Qianshang suddenly summoned a table and poured two bowls of wine.

Tu Qianshang was different from the other disciples. He roamed about the Wine God Palace without a specific area to himself. He went wherever he wanted.


Tu Qianshang and Long Chen sat down, touching their bowls. Long Chen gulped it down. While watching Long Chen drink his wine, Tu Qianshang smiled.

“You fucker, you damn fatty, you dare?!” Long Chen’s expression suddenly changed.


Long Chen’s divine ring suddenly appeared behind him, and four stars emerged in his eyes. His 108,000 immortal platforms crazily revolved as his energy involuntarily erupted, causing the void to shake.

Long Chen did his best to suppress this energy. If he allowed it to simply erupt, the surrounding land would be blown apart. His face turned red from how hard he was holding back.

Now he understood why he had felt the fatty to be a bit different today. So he had already made a new kind of wine and was conning him.

If he allowed his energy to erupt, then the surroundings would definitely be destroyed. Although the Wine God Palace wouldn’t say anything, it would be too embarrassing for Long Chen.

“Hahaha…” Tu Qianshang laughed upon seeing Long Chen’s miserable plight.

Tu Qianshang felt like he had never been so carefree. Ever since knowing Long Chen, he had been stifled to the point of wanting to murder someone. Now he was finally venting, and he felt like dancing.

“You damn fatty…” cursed Long Chen. But then he suddenly shut his mouth and focused.

Tu Qianshang’s wine was like gunpowder. It instantly ignited all his energy, and Long Chen needed to vent this energy somehow.

But he also couldn’t release it and had to continuously suppress it. He was shocked. This wine’s energy was absolutely terrifying. It was actually stimulating his potential.

Although he had only drunk one bowl, he could feel the wine stimulating his body’s hidden potential. His physical body was once more strengthening after being strengthened by the Mandara Body Tempering Pills.

“Don’t worry, let it out. No one will laugh at you. The more you hold back, the smellier it’ll be when it comes out!” Tu Qianshang laughed uproariously.

Long Chen ignored him. After several breaths’ time, he managed to suppress this torrential energy.

But he was truly moved. After suppressing it, he could clearly feel his physical body had been strengthened through this domineering stimulation.

“You damn fatty, you dare to con me like this?!” Long Chen glared at Tu Qianshang, who was currently smiling.

“Hehe, don’t be so petty. A man should be magnanimous!” Tu Qianshang patted Long Chen’s shoulder. But that smile made Long Chen want to slap him.

“This wine’s not bad. Give me as much as you have!” Long Chen patted the wine jug.

“Do you have no shame? Why should I give it all to you?” demanded Tu Qianshang disdainfully.

“Because I’m about to send you some enormous good fortune!” Long Chen laughed mischievously.

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