Chapter 1229 Punched and Kicked

Long Chen spent a long while conversing with the Seventh Elder. The original devil race didn’t know that much about the situation in the outside cultivation world.

Long Chen hadn’t personally come into contact with the black market, but he had been told of it by Zheng Wenlong. Apparently, the profit that could be gained in the black market was frighteningly high.

But it was also extremely dangerous. Many of the things sold there were objects that could not see the light of day. They could easily incite hatred and hostility.

It was precisely because they were objects that couldn’t see the light of day and couldn’t be sold in the open market that they could be obtained for sometimes just a tenth of their true price on the black market, and then sold for fifty to eighty percent. That kind of profit was enough to turn anyone’s eyes red.

Long Chen suggested this risk because it was worth it. It might be a bit difficult in the beginning, but once everything was set up, they would obtain unprecedented profit.

Furthermore, he knew the original devil race was extremely powerful and was definitely capable of establishing themselves in the black market.

In truth, those underground powers were usually formed of runaways or fugitives. This was a high risk and high reward option, because while there was a huge profit to be gained, they could easily anger the other powers. A single mistake could cause their own destruction.

Furthermore, the underground powers were very complicated, and any of them was capable of pulling dirty tricks for their own profit.

But with the original devil race’s power, Long Chen was confident they could establish one or even two underground powers and slowly infiltrate their way in.

With that done, the original devil race would have businesses in both markets and could rake in more profit.

Long Chen warned the Seventh Elder that the underground world was violent and bloody. They had to treat it differently than the open market, or there would be consequences.

He proposed a feasible strategy to the Seventh Elder. By carrying out that plan, it wouldn’t be long before they could establish their own territory in the underground world.

Originally, Long Chen didn’t need to make things so troublesome. He could simply send word to Xia Yunchong or Zheng Wenlong, and the original devil race would be able to develop rapidly.

But he chose not to do this. If there came a day when the original devil race was exposed, he would have implicated his friends. So he only wanted to rely on himself.

Furthermore, he predicted he would be fighting a long battle against the ancient races and the Pill Tower. Unless he died, they would fight to the last man.

Long Chen wasn’t a kindhearted man. If someone dared to raise their blade against him, he would dare to cut off their head, no matter who they were.

The Pill Tower’s items were usually useful to him, but the ancient races’ treasures were mostly useless. They would just be trash if he kept them.

So hearing the Seventh Elder’s troubles, he thought of this business. In this way, when he snatched the ancient races’ treasures, he could give them to the original devil race to sell.

After ironing out some details, Long Chen once more asked about Yue Xiaoqian. But she had yet to come out of seclusion. Leaving the winehouse, he went toward the Huayun auction house.

But after two streets, he sensed he was being watched. There was a King at the end of the road wandering aimlessly. He looked completely ordinary in the crowd.

But Long Chen clearly sensed his hostility. With the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art’s senses, it was completely obvious to him. No matter how much someone tried to disguise themselves he would recognize them as enemies.

“They dare to act so brazenly?”

Long Chen frowned. Whether it was that middle-aged scholar or this ordinary King, they were all idiots with garbage combat power.

Although their disguises were good, they were unable to hide their hostility. This kind of person was just cannon fodder. Why would the Pill Tower send such people to observe him?

But Long Chen quickly realized the crux of the problem. These fellows were probably not even sent by the Pill Tower. They were simply taking this initiative to suck up to them.

Because the Pill Tower’s ability to summon supporters was so great, all they had to do was put out some news and there would be countless people willing to work for them. Of course, the more people there were, the more the good and bad would be intermingled.

The Pill Tower’s experts didn’t dare to enter the Grand Xia due to the Wine God Palace. But the disciples from other powers could enter. As long as they didn’t cause trouble in the Grand Xia, they wouldn’t be violating the four nations’ treaty.

“One, two… seven, eight… damn, the Pill Tower’s influence truly is immense.”

As Long Chen continued walking, he sensed over ten hostile auras. Some of them didn’t even bother disguising their actions. They directly took out jade plates and wrote something on them. They should be transmitting some information.

He had seen brazen people, but never anyone so brazen. Long Chen was infuriated.

Long Chen walked up to one of them, and without a word, slapped him across the face. The King’s mouth split open, and half his teeth flew out.

“Do you know why I hit you?” After slapping him, Long Chen clutched his throat.

With half his face caved in and his throat caught in Long Chen’s grasp, the King was absolutely horrified. He had only been sent here as an extra. No one had told him there would be danger.

Seeing him not speak, Long Chen slapped him a dozen times. “Who said you could not speak? You’re pretty tough, eh?”

“Um, brother, it’s not that he doesn’t want to speak, but that he can’t speak with your hand on his throat.” One of the passersby couldn’t bear to continue watching and spoke out.

“Oh, it seems that’s true.” Long Chen ‘apologetically’ let that person go.

As soon as he was free, that person raged, “Why did you beat me up?”

But he had only just spoken and Long Chen once more slapped him multiple times across the face. “If I knew, why would I ask you?!”

This King’s cultivation base was completely ordinary, and he wasn’t even close to a match for Long Chen. He was like a chicken caught in his grasp, unable to even fight back.

At this time, the person who had advised him realized something was off. He saw quite a few people suddenly retreat into the distance.

“Fuck off!”

Just at this moment, someone in the crowd charged at Long Chen, trying to subdue him. As a result, Long Chen sent out a kick that landed squarely on his crotch, sending him flying.

As for the King in his hand who was almost unconscious, he threw him out so that he crashed into the other one. They crashed into a building, and that building’s formation activated, causing them to rebound and cough up blood.

“To the idiots spying on me, you should back off a bit. Right now, my mood’s not very good. If you anger me, don’t blame me when I execute you before saying anything!” Long Chen’s gaze swept over the crowd.

Long Chen truly was furious. Even if they had to spy on him, they should do it from further away. Seeing them be so brazen as to watch him from so close, his fury soared. This was too far. They were looking down on him.

“Bastard, we only came to the Grand Xia for some sightseeing! For you to say we’re spying on you, what proof do you have-”

One of the Kings stood up and pointed at Long Chen in righteous indignation. As a result, a blood-colored light flashed, and he exploded into a bloody mist.

“Living a too peaceful life really has turned you into an idiot. I’m not a judge or a bailiff. I’m not going to play the proof game with you. If you want to follow me, then fine. But remember, my temper’s not good. I like to use the blade in my hand to talk reason with others,” said Long Chen coldly.

“You tyrant! Is this what the Grand Xia has become-”

Another King stood out, but his words were cut off halfway as the same blood-colored light flashed, turning him into a bloody mist as well.

Everyone was shocked. Long Chen’s first attack had come too suddenly for them to see, but they had seen the second slash.

That saber instantly sealed any of that person’s retreat paths, and despite taking out a martial weapon to block, that King was still killed, his weapon shattered.

“If you want to die, go ahead and follow me.”

Long Chen turned and walked away. But he had only walked down two roads when his figure vanished.

Just at this moment, another figure hastily fled in the crowd.

“I said that people who want to die can follow me. Looks like you really want to die, so I won’t let you down.”

Long Chen let out a punch. That person didn’t even have time to release his aura. He hastily took out a huge shield, but what shocked everyone was that Long Chen’s fist blew through the shield and blasted that person to bits. This King item shield had no effect.

The shield landed on the ground with a clank, like thunder in their hearts. They became covered in a cold sweat.

Then looking back at Long Chen, they saw he had already walked away. At this time, everyone slowly approached the King item shield.

When they saw it clearly, they sucked in a cold gasp. The King item was covered in cracks. It had just been a bit away from shattering.

“He broke a King item barehanded? What a terrifying physical body!” The surrounding people felt their hair stand on end. This was too frightening. How could a physical body become so terrifying?

Amongst them were people who had been sent by their sects to monitor Long Chen. They felt a burst of fear in their hearts.

When they had been given this mission, they hadn’t been told how dangerous Long Chen was. They had thought they were just spying on an insignificant Foundation Forging disciple and treated it as just some easy work.

But now they all knew that they had been thinking too simply about this. Spying on Long Chen was too dangerous. He was practically a demon star.

“You know, I’ve suddenly gained some insights and have to go into seclusion.” One of them shook his head and made a random excuse before running. This was too dangerous. It was nothing like what he had heard.

The others also left. Their sects wanted to suck up to the Pill Tower, but in truth, the Pill Tower didn’t care about them. They were essentially snubbed no matter what they did. They had only been doing this to perhaps gain a favor. But this favor wasn’t so easy to gain.

Long Chen ignored them. He directly walked into the Huayun auction house. Once the boss came to see him, Long Chen handed him a photographic jade.

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