Chapter 1226 A Storm Was Brewing (Teaser)

Step. Step…

Long Chen got closer and closer. The eagle, elephant, and tiger race experts were unable to move at all. They were filled with horror.

At this time, they had lost the attitude of an aloof expert looking down on all others.

Now they looked like sheep about to be slain. They could only watch as a death god slowly walked over to them.

“Long Chen, I don’t believe-”

The eagle race expert did his best to put on a calm expression, but he had only just opened his mouth when a saber cut through his head.

“Were you going to say you don’t believe I’ll kill you? Now, do you believe it?” asked Long Chen indifferently.

Long Chen had seen many similar people who liked to look down on others, and he had killed many of them. If they could beat someone, they bullied them to death, and if they couldn’t, they used their background to frighten others away. He had seen all kinds of ugly faces now. He could easily predict what this eagle race expert was going to say. Even at this time, he still wanted to threaten him.


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