Chapter 1226 A Storm Was Brewing

Step. Step…

Long Chen got closer and closer. The eagle, elephant, and tiger race experts were unable to move at all. They were filled with horror.

At this time, they had lost the attitude of an aloof expert looking down on all others.

Now they looked like sheep about to be slain. They could only watch as a death god slowly walked over to them.

“Long Chen, I don’t believe-”

The eagle race expert did his best to put on a calm expression, but he had only just opened his mouth when a saber cut through his head.

“Were you going to say you don’t believe I’ll kill you? Now, do you believe it?” asked Long Chen indifferently.

Long Chen had seen many similar people who liked to look down on others, and he had killed many of them. If they could beat someone, they bullied them to death, and if they couldn’t, they used their background to frighten others away. He had seen all kinds of ugly faces now. He could easily predict what this eagle race expert was going to say. Even at this time, he still wanted to threaten him.

His saber once more returned to his shoulder. But now there was a large bloodstain on it, and blood slowly dripped down its tip.

That blood was the essence blood of the eagle race expert. It contained his life’s purest energy, which was why it was stuck to Blooddrinker.

At this time, Xia Yunchong and the others were looking in shock at Long Chen. They watched as he personally slaughtered a rank eight Celestial of the ancient races.

What gave them goosebumps was his calm expression. It was like he hadn’t killed an ancient race expert, but simply harvested a cabbage he had noticed on his way. He didn’t even bat an eye.

Now Long Chen walked over to the tiger race expert. He was terrified and tried to back up, but his body didn’t listen to him.

He begged, “Long Chen, please don’t kill me-”

Long Chen’s saber mercilessly slashed down. The tiger race expert followed the eagle race expert to death.

“Did you ever listen to other people’s begging when you killed them?” Disdain appeared in Long Chen’s eyes.

Swinging his saber, he walked to the final ancient race expert. He was filled with despair. He had witnessed his two companions being killed, and he was extremely unwilling.

They were members of the ancient races. It had always been them killing others, but now the tables had turned on them. They had encountered an even more vicious and domineering fellow, one who had no misgivings about their background.


Long Chen’s saber fell. The elephant race expert was slain.

“What I? We’re all busy, so I won’t waste time with you.” Long Chen flung his saber, getting rid of the blood. He then reached out to take their spatial rings.

These three were experts from the ancient races. They definitely had to be rich. They were different from the Bloodkill Hall’s experts.

The Bloodkill Hall’s assassins didn’t bring much when they went out to execute their missions. Their wealth remained in the Bloodkill Hall’s headquarters.

This was one of the rules of the Bloodkill Hall. Each assassin lived by the blade, and they could die at any moment. So they naturally wouldn’t bring anything too valuable on their missions.

As for the ancient races, they were rich. Perhaps if it was someone else, they wouldn’t dare to take their spatial rings, afraid of drawing killers.

But Long Chen had long since drawn those killers, so he naturally didn’t care. If he could take something, he’d take it.

Suddenly, heaven and earth shook. The Four Nations Ancient Remnant began to shake. Xia Yunchong’s expression changed, and he shouted, “The ancient remnant is about to close! We have to leave!”

There was no time to speak. They scrambled for the spatial portal. But Xia Youluo suddenly felt a wave of exhaustion on the way.

She had fought in a suicidal manner just now and suffered countless internal injuries. She had suppressed them before, but now as soon as the pressure lightened, her injuries erupted out of her control.

Just as she began to lag behind, a powerful arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her along.

“Long Chen…” The person carrying her was Long Chen. For some unknown reason, Xia Youluo felt happy yet also pained and sad. Looking at Long Chen, a hundred different feelings rose in her heart, and her tears dripped down.

In her heart, Long Chen was a fellow who liked to make trouble and was never proper. She had no idea when he was being serious and when he was intentionally acting wacky.

But when something big happened, he would place the heaviest burden on his own shoulders, using his power to protect everyone.

In comparison, she felt herself to be useless. She had fallen for Han Wenjun’s sneak attack without having the slightest guard against him.

Then she had become a hostage, and Xia Yunchong had knelt toward them in submission in order to save her, destroying his Dao-heart. His cultivation base would never advance again. Xia Youluo wished she was dead.

“Long Chen… I…”

Xia Youluo began to bawl. She was full of regret and hatred. She hated herself for being useless and not able to block the rain when danger came, unlike Long Chen.

“Foolish girl, what are you crying for? Everything’s over. We won. You should be happy,” said Long Chen.

“But I… I implicated everyone. I implicated my big brother…” Xia Youluo began to cry harder until she wasn’t even able to form words.

Long Chen also felt helpless about this. In truth, this couldn’t be blamed on her.

This was the result of her living environment and her teachings, as well as the pampering of her parents and brothers. Now that the consequences of that had caught up to her, the blame couldn’t be placed solely on her.

Furthermore, Xia Youluo had already escaped her dreams of Han Wenjun. Putting it another way, even if it was another expert of the Grand Xia, if they weren’t on guard, they also would have been easily captured by Han Wenjun.

It was just that Han Wenjun was truly garbage to actually choose to target Xia Youluo. The pure-hearted Xia Youluo had never imagined that a human heart could be so dark.

After being given such a huge blow, she felt like her world was crumbling around her, and she felt herself to be the world’s most useless person.

Xia Youluo suddenly began to cough, and blood dripped out of her mouth. Her internal injuries were getting worse.

Long Chen hastily fed Xia Youluo a top grade healing pill. This pill’s effect was extremely strong and would quickly suppress her injuries.

But it was like Xia Youluo couldn’t even sense her injuries. Her beautiful eyes were only filled with sadness.

Long Chen’s heart shook slightly. Thinking about it, he took out another medicinal pill and fed it to Xia Youluo. Xia Youluo instinctively swallowed it and quickly fell asleep in his embrace.

“Quick, the spatial portal is about to close!”

Everyone suddenly saw a large spatial portal in the midst of rapidly shrinking. According to this speed, they wouldn’t make it.

“Everyone come with me!” Long Chen handed the sleeping Xia Youluo to Xia Yunchong. He summoned Lei Long. Lei Long swallowed everything and then transformed into a bolt of light that charged through the portal.

The portal closed. But right before that, Lei Long streaked by. This minor world returned to silence. However, now it had a bit more blood and quite a few resentful ghosts.

“Long Chen you bastard, I’ll definitely tear you to pieces!”

This sentence came out of the three elders of the ancient races at the same time from different places. Their words and tone were almost identical.

The eagle and tiger races had each lost a rank eight Celestial. That was not just a rank eight Celestial, it was the person they had been grooming to become their future leaders, existences they had spent countless resources on. But their Soul Jade Slips had shattered, meaning they were already dead.

The most unlucky one was the elephant race. They had not only lost a genius, but even their Ancestral item had been stolen away. They had lost any connection to it.

There were only two possibilities for such a thing to happen. Either the Ancestral item was already destroyed, or it had been willing to unstintingly use up a huge amount of its core energy to dissolve their contractual rune.

An Ancestral item could not easily dissolve a contractual rune. That would cause huge harm to it. In living memory, there were few cases of Ancestral items dissolving their contractual runes on their own.

But they didn’t know that this Ancestral item was just like the Blazing Dragon Cauldron. If it didn’t submit, it would have been destroyed by the pot, so it had been forced to submit.

As for the elephant tusk, although it was left behind by their ancestor, the item-spirit was not their ancestor. It didn’t care about them.

An Ancestral item’s spirituality was extremely high, and its intelligence was comparable to a child. It had its own emotions, and it knew how to feel fear.

They were different from King items. King items were only able to vaguely express their emotions. But an Ancestral item could actually communicate with people.

Most importantly, Ancestral items were normally constricted by slave runes, and due to that, they didn’t feel much sense of loyalty.

There was no way around it. As long as Ancestral items were being nourished by someone, their lifespan was unlimited. But human lifespans were limited. Normally, the powerful experts in control of an Ancestral item would place a slave mark on their weapon before dying and leave it to their descendants to nourish and use it. This was also where the name of an Ancestral item came from.

But while an Ancestral item was loyal to the first generation expert, it didn’t have too many feelings for that expert’s descendants. They were simply enslaved. Many people treated them as simply tools, and they placed the slave marks so they wouldn’t rebel or run.

“Gather all the race’s experts! We’re going to attack the Grand Xia, forcing them to hand over Long Chen, and then we’ll force him to hand over the Ancestral item!” roared the elephant race elder. Icy killing intent filled his eyes.

It wasn’t just the elephant race. The tiger race and giant eagle race were also gathering all their experts. The Pill Tower had long since started making moves. A huge storm was brewing.

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