Chapter 1225 The Pot’s Power

Flames were raging in Xia Yunchong’s eyes. The four ancient nations were outside the scope of the cultivation world. They were publicly acknowledged as peaceful lands by the entire Martial Heaven Continent.

The four ancient nations had had peace for countless years. They were protected by the entire continent’s Righteous path.

The people within could live without worry about participating in the struggles between sects. However, this had been ruined by the Grand Han’s wild ambitions.

If Long Chen hadn’t come and reversed the tide, the outside world wouldn’t have even known such a treacherous thing had occurred within the Four Nations Ancient Remnant. Their grievance would be forever buried here along with the truth.

Now that Long Chen needed help, helping him was equivalent to participating in the cultivation world’s struggles? What kind of idiot logic was this?

However, in reality, the world was just that idiotic. Now that the Grand Han’s experts had all been killed. Long Chen was losing against the three ancient race experts, and if they helped, the consequences would be dire.

There were many powers eyeing the four ancient nations like wolves in the dark. The four ancient nations had many precious resources within them. Like greedy hyenas, those powers wanted their dragon vein karmic luck.

“Third brother, all the dragon vein energy is now with you. You are the future emperor of the Grand Xia, so look after the nation properly. Starting today, I, Xia Yunchong, am leaving the Grand Xia’s imperial family. Everything I do has nothing to do with the Grand Xia.” Xia Yunchong patted Xia Yunfeng heavily on the shoulder. His expression was calm. “Since ancient times, it has always been difficult to be both loyal and righteous. I don’t want the Grand Xia’s commoners to be in danger, but I cannot stand to the side as Long Chen fights a bitter battle for the Grand Xia. Take care!”

Xia Yunchong flew out together with Xia Youluo. Both of them went to help Long Chen.

Xia Yunfeng’s expression was bitter. He knew that Xia Yunchong and Xia Youluo had resolved to advance and retreat with Long Chen.

By helping Long Chen this time, if any of the three ancient races demanded to hold them accountable, Xia Youluo and Xia Yunchong would have to bear the consequences. In other words, they were prepared to sacrifice themselves.

“Crown prince, we should go too! Otherwise, it’d be too sullen! The ancient races have gone too far,” said one of the other princes upon seeing Xia Yunchong and Xia Youluo fly out.

Their losses this time were immense. Of the three thousand people that had entered, less than two hundred remained. All of them were full of hatred. Two of their princes had even died!

Xia Yunfeng was also struggling with this decision, as he was the future emperor of the Grand Xia. His responsibility was greater than others, and he saw problems more clearly than them.

If it was in a chaotic battle and they ‘accidentally’ helped Long Chen, that would be one thing. But right now, all their enemies had been annihilated. Going to help Long Chen would give the ancient races an excuse to no longer care about the old taboo. When the time came, the flames of war would sweep over the Grand Xia.

But Xia Yunfeng was also a hot-blooded man, and he was furious. His killing intent was starting to affect his intelligence, and seeing his little brother and sister charge out…

“Fuck! Whatever, attack!”

Xia Yunfeng suddenly went against his brain for the first time in his life and led everyone to charge over.

“Grand Xia brats, if you dare to interfere with the personal grievance between my ancient races and Long Chen, my ancient race alliance will sweep through your Grand Xia tomorrow!” roared the elephant race elder.

“Fuck off, you old ghost! I am no longer a member of the Grand Xia. If you want to play, then I’ll accompany you!” cursed Xia Yunchong furiously. Ignoring his threat, both he and Xia Youluo arrived beside Long Chen, placing their hands on his back to transfer their spiritual yuan.

But they had only just arrived beside him when a lightning dragon appeared and forced them back.

“Long Chen…”

Xia Youluo bit her lip, tears streaming down her face. Long Chen was actually refusing their help.

If it hadn’t been for him, the Grand Han’s scheme would have killed them all. But now, in order to not implicate them, Long Chen refused their help. Xia Youluo felt even worse.

“What do you think you’re doing, Long Chen?! Are you looking down on me?! Do I not even have the qualifications to fight to the death alongside you?!” demanded Xia Yunchong.

He knew this was Long Chen’s good intention, but he was unable to accept such a thing. It was a kind of insult to him.

“Stop shouting so loudly. Today is a rare opportunity for me to show off. Just watch as I destroy these three ancient ghosts.” Long Chen smiled as he replied. But that smile was a bit forced.

Facing these three incredibly powerful experts, even Long Chen felt like he was walking on thin ice.

But fortune was found in danger. Higher risk signified higher rewards. Facing the full energy output of these six people from the junior and senior generations of the ancient races, Long Chen felt that there was a slight change in the pot.

Its aura hadn’t changed, and the rune that the mysterious elder had placed on the bottom of it was still dim. All he really felt was that it seemed the iron pot had become darker.

Although there was no way to confirm whether the pot was growing stronger, Long Chen could clearly sense the pot absorbing the energy from the tusk and those six people. That was definitely a good thing.

Since it was a good thing, Long Chen was happy to continue like this against them. This was using other people’s food to fatten his own pig. It was delightful, so how could he allow Xia Yunchong and the others to interfere?

However, the fact that the two of them had been willing to come touched him. And even the always calm Xia Yunfeng had charged over. That filled him with gratitude.

He knew Xia Yunfeng wasn’t cold-hearted. He had simply been influenced by his father’s teachings. All his decisions had to be for the good of the Grand Xia’s commoners. In truth, that was a great sacrifice on his part. Not just anyone was capable of doing such a thing, treating millions of commoners as his own family.

Lei Long blocked them outside. His divine ring revolved and his violet flames incinerated the sky, drawing out endless energy for himself. He had made his preparations for a drawn-out fight.

“Long Chen, why don’t we stop? We can end things harmoniously,” shouted the elder from the elephant race.

He could see something was off. As Long Chen continuously absorbed spiritual yuan from the air through his divine ring and violet flames, they were deadlocked. But he had suddenly noticed the elephant tusk was starting to run out of energy. Its core energy was constantly being sucked out by the pot. Continuing like this was not good.

“What did you say? I couldn’t hear you!” Long Chen continued acting like he couldn’t hear because the wind was too strong.

“I said let’s stop! We can resolve this matter peacefully, exchanging weapons of war for gifts of jade and silk!” shouted the elder.

“What? I can’t hear you!”

“YOU!” The elder was infuriated. Long Chen was clearly acting stupid. He shouted, “Long Chen, don’t you know how to appreciate kindness? Don’t force us to use a killing blow on you right now!”

“Damn, you’re this badass? Even now, you have a killing blow left? I almost pissed myself! But you know, I’m naturally distrustful. Can you show me that killing blow first to allow me to broaden my horizons?” Long Chen put on a terrified expression. That exaggerated expression definitely needed a spanking, and the elder fumed.

Seeing that Long Chen refused to bend no matter what he tried, the elder’s expression sank. Taking a deep breath, his hand seals suddenly changed.

The light barrier grew brighter, and a powerful pressure descended, causing Long Chen’s heart to shake. Long Chen circulated his spiritual yuan around himself to guard.

Following the elephant race elder, the other two elders also did the same. Their energy poured through the light barrier and into the elephant tusk.

The elephant tusk’s runes once more lit up, and the void shook. Powerful qi waves blew away Xia Yunchong and the others.

Even Long Chen could barely keep his grip. Suddenly, the pot was blown off from the elephant tusk along with Long Chen.

After that, the elephant race elder’s hand seals changed. The elephant tusk unleashed barriers of light that wrapped around the three ancient race disciples. Space began to twist.

“Fuck, you want to run? Don’t even think about it! Leave behind the elephant tusk and your lives first!”

Long Chen shot forward with his boots. If they escaped like this, he’d cough up blood.

The elephant tusk was already starting to merge into space under the control of the elephant race elder.

BOOM! Long Chen slammed the pot onto the tusk. Its light dimmed a bit, but the spatial energy didn’t pause. It actually directly gave up on blocking the pot and focused on fleeing.




Long Chen smashed the pot over and over, roaring furiously, “Hurry up and stop, or I’ll smash you to death!”


Space exploded and the light faded. The three elders’ images completely dissolved.

Suddenly, three bodies dropped from the sky. They were the three talented geniuses from the ancient races. Their transportation had failed.

A dim elephant tusk hung in the air, its body covered in cracks. It transformed to become an inch long and floated in front of Long Chen, trembling. It transmitted its emotions of terror and surrender to him.

“You deserve it. If you had surrendered earlier, wouldn’t you have avoided that pain?” Long Chen grabbed it, fuming. If it had only surrendered earlier, he would have obtained another supreme treasure. But now he had beaten it to the point that it was half-crippled. It would also be unable to help him in the short term.

But he sensed that the elephant tusk was different from the Blazing Dragon Cauldron. It was a true killing item.

In truth, in this place, it couldn’t even unleash a hundredth of its power. An Ancestral item was not something a Foundation Forging disciple could control. As for the elephant race elder, his power was unable to reach this place. So the elephant tusk hadn’t even been able to display its power before being beaten into this state. If it had still refused to submit, it would have been completely shattered.

Long Chen put away the elephant tusk and then turned to the three ancient race geniuses. Their auras were listless. Being forced out of their spatial transportation had caused a backlash that had almost killed them. Their bones were all shattered, and they lay there like lumps.

Long Chen smiled icily. Blooddrinker on his shoulder, he slowly walked toward them.

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