Chapter 1224 Exchanging Weapons of War for Gifts of Jade and Silk?

“Not good!” The three ancient race experts’ expressions changed. When those violet flames enveloped them, they were shocked to find they were unable to resist at all.

The instant the flames touched them, their skin turned black. The eagle race expert’s feathers were all incinerated, and his wings became charred.

Those feathers were so powerful that even blades couldn’t break them. They were even stronger than Treasure items. But they weren’t able to stop the Soul Devouring Violet Flame.

This was just the start. The flame energy continued to wreak havoc over their bodies, trying to turn them to ash.

If they were in their peak state, they would have been able to use their powerful spiritual yuan to resist, but now, they didn’t have the energy to block these terrifying flames. Once their last dregs of energy were used up, they would be instantly incinerated.


The three of them fell back at the same time. These terrifying flames weren’t something they could handle.

Just as they retreated, Long Chen’s saber slashed through the assassin who was also wrapped in flames. Another Bloodkill Hall assassin died.

Long Chen kept their swords. They were incomparably sharp King items.

Not only had Long Chen gained two powerful King items, but he had also gained two rank eight Heavenly Dao runes. Adding on the slain Dan Chu, Li Wanji, and Han Bijun, he had a total of five rank eight Heavenly Dao Fruits.

After that, he shot after the three of them. He also expanded the domain of his flames.

The three of them had just managed to reach the edge of this flame domain when it explosively grew, once more trapping them. Their expressions turned green.

At this moment, Long Chen appeared in front of him, his saber slashing down.

The three of them were horrified. Suddenly, the elephant race expert took out a white, crescent object.

This crescent object was only an inch long, looking like nothing more than an ornament. But it was covered in divine runes that emitted a terrifying pressure.

The small object shot out at Long Chen’s saber. The instant it left the elephant race expert’s hand, it rapidly grew, becoming three thousand meters long.

BOOM! The saber-image and that object collided. Long Chen’s saber-image was instantly blown apart, and Long Chen coughed up a mouthful of blood as he was knocked back.

“An Ancestral item?” Long Chen was shocked. He hadn’t expected the elephant race expert to have also brought in an Ancestral item.

Furthermore, it was such a terrifying Ancestral item. At this time, he managed to see that it was clearly an elephant’s tusk. This tusk was covered in blood-red lines.

“It’s the tusk of a tenth rank Magical Beast!” Long Chen let out a startled cry. This kind of aura was something he remembered.

In truth, this wasn’t the tusk of a Magical Beast, but a tenth rank Xuan Beast. It was left behind by a true expert of the Barbarian Elephant race.

This tusk contained the power of that expert’s terrifying cultivation base. It possessed its own spirituality.

Long Chen rejoiced inside that he had launched a saber-image attack just now. If this tusk had struck Blooddrinker’s true body, it would have been damaged.

“Lend me your power!” The elephant race expert shouted and suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood, forming hand seals. That blood transformed into a rune that landed on the tusk.

Once the tusk received the nourishing of the essence blood rune, it unleashed blinding light and seemed to come alive.

The eagle and tiger race experts placed their hands on the elephant race expert’s back. Their little remaining spiritual yuan poured into the elephant race expert’s body.

With that help, the elephant race expert’s hand seals quickened. The tusk shot toward Long Chen.

This time, the tusk’s runes all lit up, and wherever it passed, space collapsed. It was full of apocalyptic power.

Long Chen’s hair stood on end. This tusk was absolutely horrifying. It was a true killing item.

“Little pot, you are an existence left behind by an expert on the level of gods and immortals. You can’t fail me now. My life is in your hands.” Long Chen clenched his teeth and took out a seemingly unremarkable pot. When he looked from it to this three-thousand-meter elephant tusk shooting toward him, his scalp turned numb.

“Fuck it!” Long Chen threw out the black pot. It smashed into the elephant tusk.


No light came from the pot. It still seemed as ordinary as ever. But the mountain-like elephant tusk stopped on contact with an explosive sound.

Long Chen saw the pot and tusk deadlocked in the air. This small pot and huge elephant tusk were completely mismatched in size, but they were motionless in the air.

The eagle, tiger, and elephant race experts all violently vomited blood at the same time, their faces losing all color.

That elephant tusk had sucked away all their spiritual yuan, and its collision with the pot caused them a backlash.

What shocked the three of them was that this pot was like dogshit, refusing to get off the tusk. The tusk was trembling violently, unable to escape the pot. Its runes began to rapidly dim.

“Bastard, that pot of his is an absolute treasure! My Ancestral item can’t handle it! Activate your ancestral spirit Soul Calming Jades!”

The elephant race expert placed a finger on his forehead. His forehead began to cave in. This was a suicidal move.

But just as his own power was about to kill him, a jade plate on his waist lit up, and a barrier of light enveloped him.

Within this light was an elder with elephant tusks. He was filled with shock.

The eagle race expert and tiger race expert also tried to ‘suicide’, activating the protection of their Soul Calming Jades.

“What’s going on?!”

Three light barriers enveloped the three of them. The elder from the elephant race jumped in shock when he saw the tusk, and he hastily formed hand seals. Energy transmitted out of the light barrier.

The elephant tusk seemed to gain some kind of support, and its runes once more brightened. A terrifying pressure came from it, one far stronger than before. 

Seeing that the pot was being shaken by some kind of energy and might be thrown off at any moment, Long Chen hastily flew over and placed a palm on it. He poured in his spiritual yuan.

With Long Chen’s support, the pot became stable again, once more sticking to the tusk firmly.

Through this, Long Chen sensed the pot crazily absorbing energy from the tusk. Not only was it absorbing the tusk’s energy, but it was also absorbing the energy the elder was pouring into it.

That elder was the top expert of the elephant race. But due to the spatial difference, he could only transmit some energy through the Soul Calming Jade. The amount of power he could use was less than one ten-thousandth. Seeing that he was unable to extricate the tusk from the pot, he hastily called out to the other two ancient races’ elders.

Those two also poured in their energy through their Soul Calming Jades, giving it to the elephant race elder. They worked together to support the tusk.

The tusk blazed with light as it attempted to shake off the pot, but then it quickly dimmed back down. Wave after wave of energy was absorbed by the pot.

The elephant race elder’s expression changed upon seeing that. He shouted, “Long Chen, the ancient races and you still haven’t reached the point of you die or I die. I hope we can all take a step back and exchange our hostility for friendship. How does that sound?”

This elder finally realized the situation. Although he had great power in his own right, he was unable to use it through the Soul Calming Jade. If this continued, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to Long Chen, and he would lose his Ancestral item and his disciples.

“What did you say? The wind here is too strong!” Long Chen tilted an ear toward him, acting like he hadn’t heard.

Did this old bastard think he was an idiot? Exchange hostility for friendship? Furthermore, they only represented three of the countless ancient races. How could they speak for the ancient races in their entirety?

And even if they could represent the ancient races, did asking for a ceasefire now have any meaning?

Just at this time, a mass of people rushed over. It was Xia Yunchong and the others. They had annihilated their enemies and had captured Han Wenjun alive. Thus, they came to support Long Chen. Seeing Long Chen holding an iron pot while facing three experts of the ancient races shocked them.

“I’m going to help Long Chen.”

Xia Youluo and Xia Yunchong both started flying over. Although they didn’t have much spiritual yuan left after this intense battle, they still had some.

“Come back. Your actions are a violation of the four nations’ treaty,” ordered Xia Yunfeng.

According to the four nations’ treaty, the ancient nations were outside the scope of the cultivation world, and they could not interfere in the cultivation world’s affairs. In the same way, the four ancient nations would not be disturbed by the cultivation world. This was a rule transmitted down through countless years.

Previously, the ancient races, Grand Han, and Pill Tower experts had attacked them. Naturally, they were allowed to fight back.

But now it was different. Now it was an enmity between Long Chen and the three ancient races. If they interfered now, the nature of their actions would change. It would be giving their opponents an excuse to find trouble for the Grand Xia.

“Are you stupid?! Long Chen only became enemies with them because of us! If we just watched to the side, would we even be human?!” roared Xia Yunchong, ignoring his orders.

Xia Youluo and Xia Yunchong were both grabbed by Xia Yunfeng. He shouted, “Do you realize that this ‘courage’ of yours is putting the safety of the Grand Xia’s millions and millions of commoners in danger?!”

Xia Yunchong’s expression changed several times. He clenched his fists. “They already broke the treaty. Why would we need to endure?!”

“Because we are the Grand Xia’s princes. Everything we do is for the Grand Xia’s commoners. If you are willing to see the four nations be devastated, go ahead!” Xia Yunfeng glared at Xia Yunchong and Xia Youluo.

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