Chapter 1224 Exchanging Weapons of War for Gifts of Jade and Silk? (Teaser)

“Not good!” The three ancient race experts’ expressions changed. When those violet flames enveloped them, they were shocked to find they were unable to resist at all.

The instant the flames touched them, their skin turned black. The eagle race expert’s feathers were all incinerated, and his wings became charred.

Those feathers were so powerful that even blades couldn’t break them. They were even stronger than Treasure items. But they weren’t able to stop the Soul Devouring Violet Flame.

This was just the start. The flame energy continued to wreak havoc over their bodies, trying to turn them to ash.

If they were in their peak state, they would have been able to use their powerful spiritual yuan to resist, but now, they didn’t have the energy to block these terrifying flames. Once their last dregs of energy were used up, they would be instantly incinerated.


The three of them fell back at the same time. These terrifying flames weren’t something they could handle.

Just as they retreated, Long...

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