Chapter 1223 Slashed to Death

Long Chen’s attack had forced his five opponents to unleash their strongest attacks. This was a world-shaking exchange, and the immense power blew back all six of them.

Long Chen didn’t know what condition the others were in, but he felt like a hammer had struck him. He almost coughed up blood.

He hadn’t expected the five of them to be so strong. Even the fourth form of Split the Heavens hadn’t managed to kill them.

But unbeknownst to him, the five of them were even more shocked. They felt like they were about to go insane. They were top figures amongst rank eight Celestials, practically unrivaled within their realm. They had never before had to join hands with anyone to fight their enemies.

Now, they had not only joined hands with others, but the five of them had even unleashed their strongest moves, only to violently cough up blood.

The three ancient race experts were a bit better off. After all, they had the bloodline of the Xuan Beasts, giving them powerful physical bodies. But the two Bloodkill Hall’s assassins were almost killed.

They were covered with blood, and their bones were broken. They tumbled back like a mass of pulp.

Long Chen didn’t know about all that. All he knew was that it felt like a mountain was crashing into his chest.

As he flew back, the direction he went was precisely where Han Wenjun was. He saw that huge jar.

He was no longer a novice, and he instantly recognized it to be an Ancestral item. Without saying a word, he took out the black pot and smashed it at the jar.

With an explosive sound, the pot smashed against the jar. Everyone inside felt like they were inside a bell that had been rung with a hammer. That feeling was unendurable.

Those with weaker cultivation bases fainted, and some unlucky fellows even directly died.

Those who didn’t faint didn’t feel like it was a blessing. Another smash came, making their heads buzz. They felt like their brains were being turned to mush.

The fierce ringing continued. Han Wenjun only managed to react now, coughing up a mouthful of blood that landed on the Ancestral item.

But by the time he did this, he was shocked to find that that Ancestral item had become incredibly weak. He even sensed waves of terror coming from it.


In front of everyone’s shocked gazes, their Grand Han’s Ancestral item, the Heaven Fermenting Divine Jar, shattered.

Its fragments fell to the ground, revealing a black pot and Long Chen who was covered in sweat.

By now, the maelstrom had already passed. Long Chen looked at the sluggish Han Wenjun. He wiped off some sweat and said, “Although you’re a bunch of brutes, I wouldn’t feel good seeing you die inside a pickling jar. Now I’ve finally managed to break it and save you. There’s no need to thank me, as this was only right of me. Well, goodbye.”


After spouting out nonsense, Long Chen viciously slapped the stunned Han Wenjun. He shot back like a shooting star. He was like a bolt of lightning was flying toward the center of the battlefield.

Half of Han Wenjun’s face caved in. His head had shrunk quite a bit, but fortunately, the Grand Han’s men had large heads, so he still had enough.

But Long Chen’s slap was truly vicious. Han Wenjun almost died from it. Without his powerful dragon vein support, he would have died.

“Kill them!” Xia Yunfeng and Xia Yunchong were delighted by Long Chen’s power. He actually managed to destroy an Ancestral item, heavily injure Han Wenjun, and cause all the other experts to feel like their heads were buzzing. This was the best time to kill them, and so all the Grand Xia’s experts charged.

As for Long Chen, he flew in another direction. That was where the five rank eight Celestials were struggling to stand. Long Chen didn’t want to give them any time to breathe. 

However, he hadn’t had a choice but to interfere. Han Wenjun’s Ancestral item had been too terrifying. If he hadn’t destroyed it, Han Wenjun might have been able to use it to completely annihilate Xia Yunchong and the others.

So Long Chen broke that pickling jar with the black pot. The other reason for this was to see the power of the black pot.

Long Chen had hoped that the black pot might wake from this. If it did, perhaps he would be able to dominate the lands in the future.

After all, this pot was personally forged by a mysterious ascender, and later, that ascender had even bestowed it with even greater power.

After he had used it on the Blazing Dragon Cauldron, the Blazing Dragon Cauldron had later told him that the pot was a rogue. Each time the pot smashed it, it extracted its core energy. That was why it would have been crippled if Long Chen had continued smashing it on it.

So upon seeing another Ancestral item, Long Chen almost reflexively decided to be a rogue and unleash a torrent of smashes. And as expected, the pot really was badass. Each smash weakened the Ancestral item.

This time, Long Chen didn’t care about the Ancestral item, and his smashes completely destroyed the treasure the Grand Han had spent blood, sweat, and tears on nourishing for hundreds of generations.

“Die!” Long Chen put away the pot and shot toward the two assassins who were covered in blood and trying to recover with Heavenly Dao energy.

BOOM! The two of them hastily blocked Long Chen’s saber, but Long Chen was too powerful, and they didn’t specialize in power. They tumbled back along the ground.

Their bodies hadn’t fully recovered before they were given a new slew of injuries. If they hadn’t worked together, they wouldn’t have even been able to block this attack.

“He’s out of power! Quick, kill him!” cried one of the assassins.

To use the fourth form of Split the Heavens, Long Chen had used up half his energy. Now, he had less than a third of his spiritual yuan. His power had truly dropped.

But even if he had less than a third of his spiritual yuan, he knew that with his 108,000 immortal platforms, that was still double what an ordinary rank eight Celestial possessed.

When he had fought Dan Chu, the reason why he had been able to steal so much spiritual yuan was because alchemists had the most abundant spiritual yuan other than wood cultivators. And yet, even though so much of Dan Chu’s spiritual yuan had been sucked away, it still hadn’t been enough for Long Chen.

Thirty percent of his spiritual yuan was enough for him to kill these exhausted fellows. The Bloodkill Hall assassin was only shouting this in order to get the ancient race experts to come and help.

If the ancient race experts just watched, the two assassins would be killed instantly. That wasn’t good for any of them. If they died, the ancient race experts would also find it difficult to escape from Long Chen.

The ancient race experts disdained working together with the Bloodkill Hall assassins, but they had no other choice right now. Long Chen was too terrifying, and if the two assassins were killed, their hopes of victory would drop. Therefore, they used the little bit of energy they had just recovered to attack Long Chen.

Long Chen smiled slightly. The runes on his boots lit up, and it was like he had teleported. He arrived in front of the two assassins. Their swords stabbed toward him from two different sides.

Although they were enemies, Long Chen had to admit their combination arts were practically flawless. Even in such desperate straits, their attacks weren’t chaotic. They weren’t panicked at all, and their control over their sword, timing, and power was still at their peak.

One sword was aiming for Long Chen’s heart, while the other was aimed at his ribs. It looked like they were launched at the same time, but their timing was different. There was no way to block them at the same time. But if he blocked them separately, it would give them a breather.

Long Chen raised his arm protector to block one sword, while he allowed the other sword to stab through his ribs. That sharp blade contained all the assassin’s energy, and even Long Chen’s body couldn’t block it. It pierced through him.

“No!” The assassin whose blade was blocked let out a startled cry.

As for the other assassin, at the same time as his sword stabbed through Long Chen’s body, Long Chen’s saber slashed through his waist.

Last time, he had also been cut at the waist by Long Chen, but he hadn’t died. This time, he wasn’t so lucky. The power contained in Long Chen’s saber directly blew him apart.

One of the twin assassins had fallen, causing the other assassin’s eyes to almost tear out of their sockets. He went insane, roaring furiously.

Long Chen pulled out the sword stabbing through him, causing his blood to spurt. He icily looked at the other assassin and shook his head. “Aren’t you the Killing God’s servants? Didn’t you say death is returning to the embrace of the Killing God? I sent your brother to see your Killing God, so shouldn’t you thank me? Why get angry?”

Long Chen’s voice was full of disdain. When they killed others, they were merciless and vicious, treating their lives as nothing more than blades of grass. But now he became so fierce upon having his brother killed? Since he knew pain, why could he be so indifferent when it came to killing others?

“DIE!” The remaining assassin attacked Long Chen like he was insane. He had already lost the calm of an assassin. Losing his twin brother made him crazy.

“Attack together!” The three ancient race experts’ hearts turned cold upon seeing Long Chen kill one of the assassins. But it had happened too quickly for them to stop him. Now seeing the other assassin enter a crazy state, they launched all-out attacks.

They knew if they didn’t, Long Chen would quickly send the remaining assassin to the Killing God, and then it would probably be their turn. Right now, each bit of combat power was incredibly precious.

“Raging Flames Devour the Heavens!”

Once the four of them charged at him together, Long Chen suddenly shouted. Violet flames exploded out of him, their heat incinerating the world.

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