Chapter 1222 Heaven Fermenting Divine Jar

The eagle race expert activated his Spirit Blood through a secret art. When the ancient races activated their Spirit Blood, their combat power would multiply, as they had the bloodline of the Xuan Beasts.

This was different from when the human race activated their Spirit Blood. The Spirit Blood of the ancient races contained their Xuan Beast bloodline, but their bodies were in human form. They were unable to endure such terrifying power for a long time.

That was why the ancient races also considered the human race as absolute garbage. The human race bloodline affected their combat power, making it so they were unable to fully unleash the power of the Xuan Beast bloodline within them. So they hated the human race.

Now that he activated his Spirit Blood, his combat power crazily soared. However, his body wouldn’t be able to endure this kind of power for long. He had to end the fight quickly.


Long Chen’s saber collided with the eagle race expert’s lance. Long Chen’s hand trembled and he was knocked back. Blood dripped down his hand.

He was shocked inside. The ancient races truly had some skills. That was especially true for their rank eight Celestials. Their bloodline power was even more terrifying.

The elephant and tiger race experts also unleashed the power of their bloodlines. Vast swathes of space twisted around them, while heaven and earth shook from their power. It was possible to vaguely hear the sound of an elephant cry and tiger roar.

“Killing God Blessing, Blood Spirit Sacrifice!”

At the same time, the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins unleashed a shocking move. Blood poured out of every single one of their pores, condensing into runes that unleashed boundless murderous aura.

The pressure from these five eruptions caused the entire battlefield to tremble. Everyone’s hearts shook, and they glanced over in shock.

But they were no longer able to see Long Chen and the others. Space was twisting around them, and terrifying pressure raged within. Most of them were unable to sense anything inside the twisted space.

Xia Yunchong and the others were shocked. Just from these auras, it was clear those five experts had unleashed their full power.

The ending of this life and death battle was within Long Chen’s hands. If he could endure this, there was still hope. If he was defeated, they would all be killed!

“Everything’s up to you, Long Chen.” Xia Yunchong looked at Long Chen’s battlefield. Only a rank eight Celestial like him had the ability to peer through this twisted space to see what was inside.

Xia Youluo had awoken slightly from her craziness. Seeing that battlefield in the air and sensing those five powerful auras, she felt even more remorse.

She hated herself for being powerless. Other than stubbornly scolding people and crying like a child, she didn’t have any ability at all. She wasn’t any help at this critical time at all.

Long Chen was fighting those five peak experts all on his own. All the Grand Xia’s experts’ lives were in his hands. As for her, she could only watch from a distance.

“Long Chen, you have to win! I can die, but you can’t. I don’t want my brothers to die, and I don’t want the warriors of my Grand Xia to die either.” Xia Youluo clenched her teeth and prayed.

Seeing these five experts unleash heaven-shaking auras, Long Chen’s gaze became fiery.

From the battle, he had completely adapted to his newfound power. He was also more confident.

Now that he was facing these five experts, any of whom could shake the outside world, he felt pressure but also excitement. That was a primal desire to fight against experts that came from the depths of his soul.

He was now completely adapted to his power, and he no longer had any misgivings either.

“Green Dragon Battle Armor!”

Green scales covered Long Chen’s body. This was his first time using the Green Dragon Battle Armor since reaching the fifth Heavenstage.

108,000 green scales covered his body, and his 108,000 immortal platforms suddenly began to fiercely revolve. Each one of them echoed with one of his dragon scales, and in that instant, it was like 108,000 volcanoes were erupting.

Boundless energy charged throughout Long Chen’s body, and a powerful aura shattered space, piercing through the sky.

The spatial twisting around them suddenly vanished, allowing everyone to clearly see a pillar of qi soaring out of Long Chen, parting the clouds.

A huge vortex appeared in the sky, constantly revolving. It was an apocalyptic omen that none of them had ever witnessed before.

“Hahaha, great! There’s no problem at all with my physical body, and I can fight at full power!” Long Chen laughed uproariously, and in the face of the five of them attacking him, he swung his saber with a single hand.

BOOM! Their five weapons crashed against Long Chen’s saber, unleashing a terrifying explosion. Ripples spread out. The ground exploded and the entire world rocked.

The distant experts were far away and not impacted by these shockwaves, and yet they felt a terror from their souls that made it hard for them to breathe.

“What kind of power is this?!”

Those distant experts were all shocked. Let alone blocking this kind of power, just being close to it would turn them to dust.

“Impossible! How can he be so strong?!” roared the elephant race expert.

His face was pale with disbelief. Long Chen’s power had far surpassed his imagination, and he refused to believe a human could possess such power.

The others were shocked too. They hadn’t expected that just as they unleashed their full power to kill Long Chen in one blow, his power would erupt to such a shocking level. It took the five of them working together to just barely block him.

“Was this really so strong? This is nothing. I’ll show you what true power is!” Long Chen sneered.

BOOM! The five of them were blown back by an irresistible power from Long Chen’s saber.

“Split the Heavens 4!” A huge saber-image tore into the sky, and a terrifying killing intent locked onto the five of them.

Space tore apart, and it was like time was frozen. It was like in that instant, the world was no longer moving. Long Chen used half his immortal platforms’ energy to unleash this attack.

This was a saber that would follow a person to heaven or hell. The five of their expressions changed. The eagle race expert roared furiously, pushing his bloodline power to its peak. The runes around him exploded one by one, and his lance blossomed with blinding light. A three-thousand-meter lance-image shot out.

“Giant Eagle Blood Lance!”

The eagle race expert had actually activated his King item, bringing out its true form and even the strongest attack of his bloodline. He knew Long Chen’s attack was too terrifying to hold back.

The elephant and tiger race experts also unleashed the full power of their King items and bloodlines.

The tiger race expert’s martial weapon was actually a sheath around his claws. It lit up, and a huge claw-image slashed out.

The two Bloodkill Hall’s assassins didn’t dare to tarry. They closed their eyes, and their foreheads suddenly split open. Blood dripped out, forming a strange design. It was like the face of a fiend.

Two three-thousand-meter figures appeared behind them. Then those two figures actually merged.

Once they merged, heaven-shaking killing intent exploded out. It was like this figure was their Killing God. It slashed out a huge attack.

Their four attacks crashed into the blood-red saber-image. When those five attacks collided, the world became silent. After a breath, a fierce explosion erupted.

Light that was more blinding than the sun devoured heaven and earth. Those distant experts were too shocked to even continue fighting.

“Quick, retreat!” Xia Yunfeng shouted, ordering everyone to fall back. If they were struck by this light, then other than the rank eight Celestials, the rest would all be annihilated.

Xia Yunchong also stopped fighting. Using a movement art to slip away, he pulled along two heavily injured Grand Xia’s experts as he fled.

The ancient race, Pill Tower, and Grand Han’s experts also prepared to run when Han Wenjun announced, ”Everyone, there’s no need to panic. I brought my Grand Han’s Ancestral item, the Heaven Fermenting Divine Jar. It can definitely block it.”

Han Wenjun took out a pitch-black jar. Mysterious runes were on it, and it immediately grew in size and enveloped all of them.

This was also an Ancestral item, a treasure that had been passed on within the Grand Han for countless years. In order to avoid any mistakes, they had even brought in this Ancestral item.

Xia Yunchong and the others glared hatefully at them, but they had no choice but to continue fleeing. Escaping that terrifying light was impossible, but they hoped to get far away enough that its power would weaken enough to only injure them instead of killing them.


That light collided into Han Wenjun’s Ancestral item. Divine runes lit up on it, and that terrifying impact only caused it to quiver slightly before it stabilized.

“Stop! Come with me!” Xia Yunchong suddenly shouted and led everyone in the direction behind the Ancestral item. Due to the Ancestral item, a large portion of the light there was blocked, making that the only safe place.

They had only just reached the spot when the light struck them. A maelstrom of broken runes hit them.

This maelstrom easily tore through their armor. It was like millions of tiny blades were cutting their skin.

But they were delighted. Fortunately, the Grand Han’s Ancestral item had blocked a portion of this power, or most of them would have died.

“You want to take advantage of me? Hmph, keep dreaming!” Han Wenjun sneered upon seeing this. He was just about to reduce the Ancestral item’s protective area when a clanking sound rang out. The entire Ancestral item trembled fiercely, causing Han Wenjun’s expression to completely change.

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