Chapter 1221 Blood Dyes the Ancient Remnant

Long Chen fought intensely against the five powerful enemies, with Blooddrinker dancing through the air. People could only see six figures shooting back and forth as the sky shook around them.

Seeing that Long Chen could fight against these five powerful experts, Han Wenjun was deeply shocked. He sent out the order for everyone to attack the distant Grand Xia experts.

A vague feeling of unease appeared in Han Wenjun’s heart. Perhaps he would have to capture the Grand Xia’s experts in order to enter an invincible position. At the very least, he had to capture Xia Youluo.

“Han Wenjun, I’ll kill you, you bastard!” Suddenly, a woman’s cry full of killing intent rang out. A sword slashed at Han Wenjun like a flying rainbow.

“Hmph, little slut, I’ll capture you again right now.” Han Wenjun sneered and suddenly reached out. Runes lit up on his fingers as he caught Xia Youluo’s sword, while his other hand reached toward her throat.

Xia Youluo was shocked. Instead of injuring him when her sword struck his hand, she found herself unable to pull it back. She had never imagined Han Wenjun was this terrifyingly powerful.

An explosion of energy came from Han Wenjun’s palm. Xia Youluo’s whole body shook and she vomited a mouthful of blood. She was instantly injured and unable to resist at all as Han Wenjun’s hand reached for her throat.

“Fuck off!” A furious roar rang out, and a fist smashed into Han Wenjun’s palm. Xia Yunchong had arrived, blocking his attack, while also pushing Xia Youluo back.

But when Xia Yunchong’s fist collided with Han Wenjun’s palm, his expression changed. He was actually forced back by Han Wenjun.

“Xia Youluo, get back and protect the crown prince,” shouted Xia Yunchong, his expression grave.


“Listen to orders! Go protect the crown prince!” ordered Xia Yunchong.

Xia Youluo’s eyes were red. She felt herself to be useless. The person who had tricked her was right in front of her, but she couldn’t get revenge and had implicated her big brother.

Clenching her teeth, she flew over to Xia Yunfeng and the others, who were currently besieged by powerful enemies.

Once Xia Youluo was gone, Xia Yunchong turned to face Han Wenjun icily. “No wonder Long Chen said you were no longer the old you. You actually absorbed the Grand Chu and Grand Zhou’s dragon vein energy for yourself. Now your power isn’t any lower than those top experts.”

Others might not be able to tell, but the instant Xia Yunchong had been forced back by Han Wenjun’s palm, he had realized something was wrong.

Using his dragon vein energy to see, he finally sensed a huge dragon vein image supporting Han Wenjun from behind him. It was several times stronger than his own dragon vein energy.

This kind of dragon vein image was something only those who possessed dragon vein energy could sense. And yet it hadn’t escaped Long Chen’s senses either.

“Hahaha, correct. The Grand Zhou and Grand Chu’s imperial disciples have been killed by me, and I’ve already absorbed all their dragon vein energy. As soon as all your Grand Xia’s imperial disciples are killed, the Grand Xia, the Grand Zhou, and the Grand Chu will have lost a third of their karmic luck. This karmic luck will end up supporting my Grand Han, so your three nations will decline, while my Grand Han will only grow stronger. We won’t need to waste any time thinking of how to get any historical remnants, making any idols, or stealing any cultural inheritances. Only my Grand Han Ancient Nation will remain within the Central Plains, hahaha!” Han Wenjun laughed uproariously, his voice full of pride. It was like he could already see the day of the Grand Han uniting all the ancient nations.

“Hmph, keep dreaming. Shameless bastards, you’re just idiots with overblown confidence. Today, I’ll let you and your ambitions die within this ancient remnant!” Xia Yunchong shot forward, unleashing a whistling fist at Han Wenjun.

“The idiot is you, Xia Yunchong. With your connection to your dragon vein severed, the amount of dragon vein energy you can use has dropped. Furthermore, you’ve already knelt to me, and you no longer have the power of your Undefeatable Dao. Without the pressure of the Undefeatable Dao restricting me, you still think you can win? Keep dreaming. You’re the one who will die here.” Han Wenjun smiled contemptuously. If it was before, he definitely wouldn’t have dared to fight Xia Yunchong in a one against one.

But now, he had stolen the Grand Chu and Grand Zhou’s dragon vein energy for himself, as well as broken Xia Yunchong’s Undefeatable Dao. He was fearless.

Their fist and palm once more collided, and both sides were knocked back by the other.

“Even without the domain of my Undefeatable Dao, I, Xia Yunchong, am not someone an idiot like you can look down upon!” shouted Xia Yunchong. He clearly sensed that his undefeatable will was no longer able to suppress others, but that didn’t affect the rest of his combat powers.

Han Wenjun was shocked inside. Even without the suppression of the Undefeatable Dao, making it so he could unleash his full power when fighting, he was still unable to suppress Xia Yunchong. His urge to kill Xia Yunchong rose.

The two of them continued a fierce fight, while Xia Youluo flew over to the other powerful enemies besieging the Grand Xia’s side.

“KILL!” Xia Youluo suddenly let out a furious roar. She who had been living a golden life and weaving her own dreams of the rest of the world had finally seen the cruelty of reality.

She hated herself for being naive, she hated herself for being foolish, and now she was transforming all this hatred into boundless killing intent.

Her sword mercilessly flew through the air. Each of her attacks was incredibly vicious, her moves almost suicidal. Her enemies were not able to stop her.

She felt like she had gone crazy. She needed to kill people, to kill all these enemies. That was the only way to vent her fury, her hatred, and to relieve the pain in her heart.

“Watch out, this woman’s crazy!” shouted an ancient race expert. Xia Youluo’s eyes were red, and she was unleashing boundless killing intent. She was ignoring other people’s attacks, continuously launching attacks where she exchanged injury for lives.

In the first instant, she took the lives of seven rank seven Celestials. Xia Youluo felt herself to be insane. She even felt a desire to die fighting on this battlefield, like that was the only way to relieve her guilt.

On this battlefield, the only rank eight Celestial from the Grand Han, Han Qijun, went all-out to block Xia Youluo’s sword. As a result, he almost coughed up blood in his first exchange with her.

“Ignore the others for now! Kill this crazy woman!” shouted Han Qijun.

Xia Youluo’s talent was innately high, and if it weren’t for her willful desire to have fun, her accomplishments probably wouldn’t be any less than Xia Yunchong’s.

Xia Youluo’s combat power was originally a level higher than Han Qijun’s. Now in this insane state, she had killed ten experts, none of them capable of matching her. If Han Qijun were to fight her one against one, he wouldn’t be able to last more than a few exchanges before being killed.

Originally, the addition of the ancient races and the Pill Tower’s experts should have allowed the Grand Han to completely suppress the Grand Xia’s experts. But Xia Youluo’s suicidal charge caught them completely off guard, and they abandoned their opponents to attack her.

The current Xia Youluo was absolutely terrifying. If they didn’t quickly suppress her, then by the time they killed the rest of the Grand Xia’s experts, she’d have also killed most of them.

In just a moment, Xia Youluo was fighting Han Qijun as well as over ten rank seven Celestials. In a few breaths, she was covered in injuries, blood dyeing her robes. She was beautiful in a poignant way.

Xia Youluo had taken these injuries in order to take the lives of three rank seven Celestials, giving her remaining opponents goosebumps. They were finally experiencing how terrifying women could be when they went crazy.

More and more of their top experts were drawn over to deal with Xia Youluo, relieving the pressure on the Grand Xia’s experts.

But seeing their princess covered in blood and fighting with her life on the line, they erupted with unprecedented power, going all-out.

Xia Yunfeng and the others also unleashed their greatest power. The battlefield’s situation became critical.

Long Chen was fighting one against five, Xia Yunchong was fighting Han Wenjun, and Xia Youluo was drawing over the remaining top experts, allowing the remaining Grand Xia experts to fight back at their opponents in a bloody battle.

These four battlefields were now all in a precarious state. If any of them took the advantage, it might affect the other battlefields, immediately causing a chain reaction.

If any of these battlefields were defeated, it would immediately cause a one-sided dominance. The battle would basically be decided.

So whether it was the Grand Xia’s experts or their opponents, they were all going all-out. Their blades were all merciless. People continuously died, their blood soaking into the ground.

Long Chen’s battle with the five experts had also reached its climax. At first, the five experts had been holding back. The ancient races and Bloodkill Hall didn’t want to work together, so they were fighting for themselves. But then as the fight continued, they realized that if they didn’t work together, they might really end up defeated by Long Chen.

Just a little while back, Long Chen had created an opportunity to land a punch on the tiger race expert, causing him to wildly vomit blood. If it hadn’t been for the elephant race expert’s timely assistance, Long Chen would have killed him with his saber.

As for the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins, one of them was almost killed by a kick from him, and the other assassin had to launch an unexpected suicidal attack on Long Chen. Long Chen hadn’t been assured of killing that person while also blocking this suicidal attack, which had saved the assassin’s life.

Having people from both their parties almost die shocked them. Long Chen’s power was growing greater and greater. In the beginning, they had still been able to suppress him. But after an incense stick’s worth of time, they were being hunted by Long Chen.

“Bastard! He’s using us to adapt to his power! Everyone, stop holding back and kill him now!” The eagle race expert finally came to a shocking realization.

Long Chen’s combat power was rising as his control over his power increased. Through the eagle race expert’s warning, the others also realized this. They were both shocked and infuriated. They had actually ended up being a whetstone for Long Chen.

“Don’t hold back!” roared the eagle race expert. His wings spread and golden runes flowed out. Two runes revolved in his eyes as he activated his Spirit Blood.

His lance viciously pierced at Long Chen, tearing through space with an ear-piercing rumble.

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