Chapter 1220 Fighting Enemies

A large hand caught the sharp sword of one of the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins.

Long Chen smiled coldly upon catching the sword. He then suddenly pushed it to the side.

Metallic ringing rang out as the sword crashed into the other assassin’s sword. Both the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins’ expressions changed.

A blood-red saber-image erupted into existence before them. The two of them were shocked. They couldn’t comprehend how Long Chen’s reactions were so fast and how he was able to so easily break their combination attack.

Last time, Long Chen had been barely able to stay alive under their attacks. But now he broke their attack in an instant.

What they didn’t know was that as the energy within Long Chen surged, the power of his physical body also greatly improved and he no longer needed to fight with his hands tied. Naturally, his fighting style was different now.

Their swords intersected, blocking the saber. They felt like a mountain had crashed into them, and they were blown back, their arms shaking. They looked at Long Chen with shock.

Long Chen’s current power was far greater than any of their estimations. In this one exchange, they almost coughed up blood.

“Your power’s not bad. Taste one of my fists!”

Suddenly, the elephant race expert attacked. A sea of runes coiled around him, and he smashed a staff at Long Chen.

This elephant race expert had a very large body, and that copper staff was thick enough to be a pillar. As the staff smashed down, it felt like the world was about to smash apart from its power.

Long Chen met it with his saber. Space collapsed and the ground exploded as a terrifying qi wave swept out like a tsunami.

With their weapons locked, the elephant race expert sneered, “Excellent. There aren’t many humans capable of challenging my barbarian elephant race in power. But don’t get too pleased; the power of my barbarian elephant race isn’t something you inferior humans can contend against.”

With a roar, the elephant race expert’s muscles all bulged. Veins popped up all over his body, and it was like a wild animal was roaring within him. Energy exploded out of him in waves.

The two of their weapons were still locked, but the surrounding space was constantly exploding. A huge hole was formed in the ground that was no longer able to endure their power. Now it was so deep that they couldn’t see the bottom. 

The barbarian elephant race had a high position, and they specialized in power. Even within the powerful ancient races, they stood at the top when it came to power. He had never heard of any human capable of contending against them.

The barbarian elephant race expert was unleashing unprecedented power, and his aura caused the sky to tremble. He appeared unstoppable. And yet, shockingly, Long Chen’s expression was still completely calm. No matter how the barbarian elephant race expert increased his power, Long Chen remained an immovable mountain.

On the contrary, the barbarian elephant race expert’s arms were shaking due to how much power he was using. He had ended up using his full power already.

He was filled with shock. He could not comprehend how Long Chen’s human body could block his immense power.

“The ancient races’ bragging is always heaven-shaking. But in the end, they don’t have the slightest ability. You’re just hybrids who forget your ancestors. Don’t forget, the human race is your ancestor. You might want to only acknowledge the blood of the Xuan Beasts and look down on the human race, but you don’t even understand why the human race is known as the most spiritual being. Today, I’ll let you see what true power is.”

The 108,000 immortal platforms in Long Chen’s body rapidly revolved. This time, he was pushing his power to the peak in one go instead of slowly raising it.

Instead of a slow trickle from a lake, it was like the entire lake was discharged. This kind of instant eruption of power was something Long Chen wouldn’t have dared to do without the previous test.

Power roared through Long Chen’s arms. It was like a volcano that had been storing up energy for ten thousand years was erupting. The elephant race expert vomited blood and flew back.

All the ancient race experts were shocked. They had never imagined that the barbarian elephant race expert would lose to someone from the human race, and lose so completely at that.

“Attack together!” shouted the eagle race expert. Wielding a lance, the runes on his wings surged and he took the lead in attacking Long Chen.

The tiger race expert beside him roared and then suddenly became illusory. He shot toward Long Chen, his hands becoming sharp tiger claws.

This tiger race expert was a descendant of the Shadow Devil Tiger race, one of the Xuan Beasts. They were all incredibly fast. As for their pair of tiger claws, those were their innate martial weapons and they were incomparably sharp.

The elephant race expert was shocked and furious, his killing intent surging. Long Chen’s power had caused him to lose face.

Facing these three powerful experts, Long Chen definitely would have died if he had been fighting them when he had first entered the secret realm. But now, he had no fear for them. He sent out a single slash.

Although the three of them had attacked at the same time, the huge eagle race expert’s lance had to be six meters long, and he was the closest. Long Chen’s first attack was targeted on him.

The eagle race expert’s body was instantly blown back upon contact with Long Chen’s saber. There was clearly no way for him to resist Long Chen’s power.

Using the arm protector on his left hand, he blocked the elephant race expert’s staff, but as a result, he was knocked back.

However, when the elephant race expert knocked Long Chen back, a bad feeling rose in his heart. He shouted, “Watch out!” 

Long Chen had intentionally allowed himself to be knocked back.

But it was too late. Borrowing the elephant race expert’s power, he shot like an arrow at the tiger race expert who was charging toward him.

The tiger race expert had been accumulating power on his way over to Long Chen. His aim had been to store up the perfect amount of energy for when he arrived at Long Chen’s side. But halfway there, Long Chen suddenly appeared in front of him, catching him off guard. Seeing a kick coming toward him, he blocked it with his claws.

As a result, the tiger race expert was sent flying, the bones in his arms broken. He vomited blood and shot back like a shooting star.

It had to be known that Long Chen had borrowed a portion of the elephant race expert’s power and activated his King item boots to shoot over at this speed. If it had been an ordinary rank eight Celestial, this kick would have killed them.

Then using the rebound power, Long Chen flipped back, twisting through the air. Blooddrinker slashed through the air.

“Split the Heavens 3!” A blood-colored saber-image looked like it was hitting nothing. But when it fell, space exploded in front of it, revealing two shocked faces.

Those two were the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins. When Long Chen had attacked the ancient race experts, they had used their secret art to conceal themselves and launch a fatal attack.

As top assassins of the Bloodkill Hall, they had the utmost confidence in their concealing arts. And with the two of them absorbing the other’s killing intent, it made it even more impossible for others to sense them. Countless experts had died to their blades.

But they had only just hidden themselves and started preparing to strike when Long Chen struck them. There was no way to dodge this fierce attack, so they hastily blocked. But one side was attacking suddenly, while the other was hastily meeting the attack. The twins ended up knocked back, vomiting blood.

“Impossible! How did you notice us?!” roared the two of them in disbelief.

“Idiot, don’t use the same move twice in front me, or you’ll die,” sneered Long Chen. Then ignoring the two of them, he shot after the three ancient race experts.

In truth, these twin Bloodkill Hall assassins were extremely powerful. With their killing intent absorbed by the other, he truly found it difficult to sense their hostility.

In an intense battle, it was even more difficult to sense them. But Long Chen wasn’t a fool. How could he allow them to unleash such terrifying assassination arts?

The first moment they had sneak attacked him, when he had caught one of their swords, he had used his own blood mixed with some medicinal powders to leave a mark on the sword.

Then he had smashed that sword into the other assassin’s sword. Now both those swords were marked with his specific aura.

This aura was essentially impossible for others to sense. But Long Chen was extremely sensitive to his blood, especially the dragon blood essence within it. He was able to clearly pinpoint their positions without even seeing them.

Of course, he wouldn’t tell them this secret. Instead, he used some braggart words that could anger them to death.

As a result, the two of them were infuriated and shocked. They were unable to see any clues as to how Long Chen had broken their concealing arts. Since that was the case, they decided to stop using their hidden assassination arts and instead charge at Long Chen.

With the two Bloodkill Hall assassins and the three ancient race experts, Long Chen was now fighting five rank eight Celestials.

But what shocked everyone was that Long Chen seemed unstoppable. Even on his own, he suppressed the other five. He was the one who decided the battle’s tempo.

As the six of them fought a heaven-shaking battle in the distance, Han Wenjun was filled with envy.

Suddenly, he looked at Xia Youluo. He saw that she had already recovered and was looking worshipfully at Long Chen, looking intoxicated. His fury soared.

“Everyone attack! Kill every last member of the Grand Xia!” shouted Han Wenjun. He led the Grand Han’s experts in attacking the Grand Xia’s side. Following them were the ancient races’ remaining members, as well as six experts from the Pill Tower.

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