Chapter 1219 Smashed To Death By A Pot

The black object shot over without any pressure. Only once it was close did they sense a change in the air behind them.

A black shooting star pierced through the air at incredible speed. They had only just managed to see the black object when it smashed into the back of Li Wanji’s head.

Li Wanji was holding Xia Youluo’s neck and sneering at Xia Yunchong and the others, just waiting for them to get close before killing her so the Grand Xia’s people would see their princess die.

However, she had no idea that something was flying toward her. The black object smashed into her head, instantly blowing it up and annihilating her soul.

It happened so suddenly that no one could react at all. Even the Grand Han’s side hadn’t had a chance to warn Li Wanji before she was killed.

The Grand Xia’s side was also caught off guard by this sudden change, and they paused their attack.

They saw the black object fall to the ground after killing Li Wanji. It spun around a few times.

“A black pot?”

No one could believe what the murder weapon was. But, it really was a black pot. Yes, it was a very, very black pot. And whoever had sent it flying over was also very black-hearted. They had instantly killed a rank eight Celestial.

The black pot looked completely unremarkable. It seemed like it had been made of regular iron. It had no runes, it had no pressure, but it had killed a rank eight Celestial.

“Kill Xia Youluo!”

Han Wenjun was the first to react. Xia Yunchong had already started flying over to Xia Youluo. She was currently falling with Li Wanji’s headless corpse.

At this moment, the closest one to Xia Youluo, Han Bijun, shot after her. He had made the decision not to kill Xia Youluo. Instead, he grabbed her neck, wanting to continue using her as a hostage.

“Fuck your mother!”


Just at this moment, a large hand came from an inconceivable angle and viciously slapped across Han Bijun’s face.

The immense force directly caused Han Bijun to explode. Bloody mist filled the air, and his soul was exterminated as well. A new figure appeared where he had been.

“Long Chen!”

The Grand Xia and Grand Han’s sides let out startled cries. But the Grand Xia’s startled cries were delighted, while the Grand Han’s ones were stunned.

He had killed two rank eight Celestials right at the start. Just how domineering was that? He instantly shocked everyone here.

Long Chen reached out and grabbed Xia Youluo. He saw the injuries to her face. She looked incredibly miserable, especially with the clear handprint.

“Sorry, I was late,” said Long Chen.

As soon as Long Chen had left seclusion, he sensed that things had progressed to an extremely urgent point, and he had rushed over as fast as he could. Fortunately, he had arrived in time.

“I knew you would come. I knew it.” Xia Youluo wailed into Long Chen’s embrace, her voice so hoarse that it caused Long Chen pain.

“Alright, that’s enough. You have to steel yourself. It’s not over yet. There’s still going to be a bitter battle ahead.” Long Chen gently rubbed Xia Youluo’s back. His spiritual yuan poured into her body, undoing the seal to her cultivation base. He also gave her a recovery pill.

“Brother Long, you’ve returned… excellent.” Seeing that Xia Youluo had been saved, Xia Yunfeng’s voice was choked with sobs. In his heart, his little sister’s life was more important than his.

“Sorry for the delay. You should prepare yourself. The real battle starts now!”

Long Chen handed Xia Youluo to Xia Yunfeng. Picking up the pot, he flew into the air, Blooddrinker resting on his shoulder and killing intent soaring out of him.

“Idiots from the Bloodkill Hall, ancient races, and Pill Tower, weren’t you just waiting for me to throw myself into your net? Well, I, Long Chen, have already arrived, so come out and face your deaths!” Long Chen’s shout shook the nine heavens.

Terrifying auras began to rise in all directions. Dozens of figures appeared, surrounding everyone.

Seeing these people, Xia Yunfeng, Xia Yunchong, and the others’ expressions completely changed. Now they finally knew what the Grand Han was relying on.

There were over eighty newcomers. Five of them were rank eight Celestials, twenty-seven were rank seven Celestials, and the rest were all rank six Celestials.

The most shocking thing to Xia Yunchong was that the five rank eight Celestials all possessed incredibly terrifying auras, like immovable mountains. He suddenly felt a feeling that he couldn’t possibly defeat them.

When this feeling arose in his heart, Xia Yunchong felt a bit of sadness. He had never had this kind of feeling when facing someone in the same realm as him. He knew that his Dao-heart had been destroyed.

But he didn’t regret it. If he hadn’t knelt and managed to stall, Long Chen wouldn’t have gotten back in time to save his little sister.

“Long Chen, let’s see where you run this time.” The twin Bloodkill Hall assassins icily stared at Long Chen. Clearly, the fact that they hadn’t killed Long Chen last time was their own carelessness. Now, they would definitely kill him to win back their face.

“Idiot, was I the one to run last time?” said Long Chen.

The two of them had no way to reply to that, as last time, they had truly been the ones to flee. If the ancient race experts hadn’t come in time, they might already be dead.

“Long Chen, you’ve repeatedly offended the ancient races. Today, the Four Nations Ancient Remnant will be your burial ground,” said the giant eagle race expert. His eyes glinted coldly, and light blossomed from his body.

At the same time, the elephant race and tiger race experts began to gather their auras, ready for battle.

The three ancient race experts’ auras rose, while the twin Bloodkill Hall assassins had already raised their swords. Terrifying auras locked onto Long Chen.

Long Chen looked over the five of them. His hair and black robes gently blew in the wind. He told the grave Xia Yunchong, “Leave the five of them to me. Do your best to lead the Grand Xia’s men to cut down the remaining fellows.”

Hearing this, the Grand Xia’s experts were all shocked. Although they weren’t rank eight Celestials, they were still elites. They could clearly sense just how terrifying each of those people was. They could not be compared to Li Wanji or Han Bijun or the like. They were true experts, but Long Chen wanted to fight them one against five.

“Brother Long, let us brothers fight shoulder to shoulder today against these powerful enemies,” said Xia Yunchong. He knew that any one of these five could kill him. That wasn’t entirely just because he had lost his Undefeatable Dao. This was his intuition based on his immense experience.

He had already given up any hope of leaving here alive. He simply wanted to fight and die alongside Long Chen. His only hope was that he would be able to last long enough that Xia Youluo could escape.

“Powerful enemies? They aren’t fit to be called that. Don’t worry, I’m not going to be some hero who dies for others. My life is quite precious. I still have so many lovers and hot-blooded brothers waiting for me to return home. There’s no need to say any more. Take care of that little bastard Han Wenjun. He’s not the old Han Wenjun any longer, so don’t be careless.”

“Divine ring! Four Star Battle Armor!”


It was like a volcano had erupted from within Long Chen’s body. A pillar of qi soared into the sky.

What stunned Xia Yunchong and the others was that in that instant, they were blown back just by his aura.

As the divine ring revolved, heaven and earth trembled intensely, as if the world couldn’t bear Long Chen’s power.

“What? His power has risen to such a terrifying level?!” The twin assassins were shocked.

After fighting Long Chen, they were completely clear on his power. Although he was powerful, he wasn’t their match.

If Long Chen hadn’t used the arm protector and boots to unleash a sudden counterattack, they definitely would have had the power to kill him.

“No, that’s wrong. Last time, his cultivation base was at the fourth Heavenstage, and now he’s at the fifth Heavenstage. But how could one minor realm advancement cause such a huge difference?!” cried the twin assassins.

What they didn’t know was that Long Chen’s cultivation base hadn’t just advanced to the fifth Heavenstage because of the three drops of yuan spirit divine elixir, his physical body had also strengthened a great deal thanks to the Mandara Body Tempering Pills.

The current Long Chen was capable of using all 108,000 immortal platforms in his body to their full effect.

Now he had four qi seas and 108,000 immortal platforms giving him endless energy.

Long Chen’s aura continued to erupt. It felt like he had been stifled for too long, and so he was doing his best to release it all. As his aura rose, the ground began to explode.

The pillar of qi transformed into a coiling dragon charging through the clouds. Cracks spread far into the distance on the ground.

Long Chen was like a battle god slowly releasing his power. As his power was revealed, it felt like the world couldn’t contain him.

In truth, Long Chen had no choice but to slowly release his power. As he didn’t know whether his body could handle his full power, he could only take things step by step.

By the time he had fully released his power, heaven and earth were shaking. Shortly after, that manifestation vanished and the rumbling world returned to calm, replaced by an indescribably dense murderous aura in the air.

Right now, Long Chen was full of confidence. His body was finally able to bear his power!

Just at this moment, a sword silently stabbed toward Long Chen’s back without any warning.

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