Chapter 1218 Despicably Shameless

Han Wenjun was holding Xia Youluo in his hand. Xia Youluo was pale, her eyes red. There was a red handprint on the corner of her mouth.

Blood slowly dripped out of her lips and onto her clothes. She no longer had that arrogant appearance she had before. Seeing this, all the Grand Xia’s experts began to burn with killing intent.

“Release princess Youluo, or we’ll slaughter all of you!” This time, even Xia Yunfeng wasn’t able to keep his calm.

Xia Youluo had always been the pride of the Grand Xia’s people. Everyone adored her and they collectively pampered her. Let alone beating or scolding her, they weren’t even willing to say a few harsh words to her.

Seeing her bleeding, Xia Yunchong clenched his teeth. He had an urge to charge forward right now and kill these sanctimonious Grand Han bastards.

“Big brother…” Xia Youluo’s cultivation base was sealed right now. She looked like her soul had left her body. But when she heard that familiar voice, she opened her eyes. Seeing her brothers, she let out a hoarse cry, tears streaming down her face.

She was full of remorse now. When she had encountered Han Wenjun, he had suddenly captured her. At that time, Han Wenjun had revealed his ugly side.

She had never imagined that the perfect man she had once worshipped was actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

When she asked why he was doing this, his reply made her heart turn to ice.

Han Wenjun’s goal was strikingly similar to those words Long Chen had said when he had been scolding her. Everything was the Grand Han’s sinister scheme.

Thinking of how she had once defended Han Wenjun and fought against Long Chen, she almost died of embarrassment. Now she had become a hostage Han Wenjun was using to threaten his people.

Xia Youluo had tried several times to stealthily kill herself, but she hadn’t succeeded. Each time she was stopped by Li Wanji. With her cultivation base sealed, she didn’t even have the power to commit suicide.

Hatred filled her heart. Long Chen had been right. She had felt her life was boring, and so she had made up her own fantasies of the outside world. She had imagined the outside world to be perfect and beautiful, while everything around her was dull.

Realizing this now was too late. Looking at the sneering Han Wenjun and the others, for some unknown reason, she suddenly thought of a scoundrel face that always had a naughty smile on it.

“Han Wenjun, Long Chen definitely won’t let you off!” With tears in her eyes, she didn’t know why, but she didn’t cry out her big brother’s name, nor did she call out for her father. Instead, she called out Long Chen’s name.

Perhaps in her mind, that fellow who was never proper but had huge guts was more dependable, more worthy of her trust.

Suddenly, Li Wanji slapped her across the face. “Slut, shut up!”

This slap was not only a slap across Xia Youluo’s tender face, but a slap across the Grand Xia’s experts’ hearts.

“DIE!” Xia Yunchong was the first to roar and charge at Li Wanji. A terrifying pressure erupted into the air, and his undefeatable will locked onto Li Wanji.

In that instant, Li Wanji felt herself to be an insignificant ant in the face of an angry lion. She felt like she was about to be torn to pieces the next second.

The most terrifying thing was that when this will locked onto her, she couldn’t even form a desire to resist. The only thing she thought to do was to run.

“Let me experience your Undefeatable Dao.” Suddenly, one of the Three Monarchs, Han Bijun, smashed a fist at Xia Yunchong.


Their fists collided and a powerful windstorm erupted. Han Bijun was shocked as he was sent flying. He wasn’t Xia Yunchong’s match.

“All of you can die!” Xia Yunchong seemed insane. His roar was like thunder, shaking their eardrums. His undefeatable will was crushing their hearts.

The Grand Han’s experts were all shocked. They had long since heard that the number one warrior of the Grand Han, Xia Yunchong, cultivated the Undefeatable Dao and was unrivaled in the same realm. Now that they saw it, they finally understood the terror of those who cultivated this Dao.

In Xia Yunchong’s fury, he directly summoned his rank eight Celestial manifestation. Within this manifestation was a faint image of a dragon, the support of the dragon vein.

Normally, this illusory figure would unleash blinding light. But now, it was faint because its connection to the Grand Xia’s dragon vein had been severed.

“I want to try it as well.” Seeing that Han Bijun was unable to stop him, Han Qijun joined in. Both of them unleashed their manifestations which had dragon images in them as well.

The three of them fought intensely while everyone else backed up, shocked by their power. They were shocked to find that even Han Bijun and Han Qijun were still forced to fall back by Xia Yunchong.

“Imperial brother, let’s go kill them!” One of the other Grand Xia’s princes couldn’t help but stealthily give a suggestion to Xia Yunfeng.

“We can’t. Youluo is in their hands. Our hands are tied.” Xia Yunfeng’s head was rapidly working as he tried to come up with a solution. But he couldn’t.

There was one question he didn’t know the answer to. The Grand Han clearly wasn’t strong enough, so how could they dare to fearlessly sneak attack the other three nations?

If Xia Youluo wasn’t in their hands and their two sides were to fight right at this moment, the Grand Han wouldn’t be able to get any advantage over them. That was what made him the most uneasy.

“Rising Dragon Fist!”

Suddenly, the roaring of a dragon could be heard. Xia Yunchong’s fist unleashed an illusory dragon that sent Han Qijun and Han Bijun flying. They were both shocked. The two of them were also supported by their dragon vein, and they were also rank eight Celestials. But even working together, they were not Xia Yunchong’s match.

Xia Yunchong was like an angry lion, unleashing boundless killing intent. Standing in the air, he was like an undefeatable battle god, looking down on all of them. He once more let out a punch.

Just at this moment, Li Wanji flew in front of the two of them. It wasn’t that she was powerful enough to block Xia Yunchong, but that she held a protective talisman in her hand. 

Xia Yunchong hastily retracted his fist and retreated, glaring at Li Wanji. His killing intent was soaring.

Li Wanji was holding Xia Youluo’s neck. Xia Youluo wanted to struggle, but she was powerless to do so with her cultivation base sealed. She could only be carried by Li Wanji.

A clapping sound rang out and Han Wenjun walked out, praising, “Truly worthy of being the Grand Xia’s Undefeatable Dao warrior. This kind of combat power is admirable. However, you might have your Undefeatable Dao, but I have my own undefeatable card. I wonder, which one of them is truly undefeatable? Kneel.”

Han Wenjun stood with his hands behind his back, looking at Xia Yunchong coldly. Li Wanji tightened her hand over Xia Youluo’s neck, indenting it.

But Xia Youluo didn’t make a sound. Not even her body twitched. She knew if she expressed any pain, it would only make things harder on Xia Yunchong and the others.

Seeing Xia Youluo being humiliated like this caused Xia Yunchong and the others’ eyes to almost tear out of their sockets. Xia Youluo was the Grand Xia’s princess, and she had never suffered such a thing before. All of the Grand Xia’s experts wanted to tear Li Wanji apart.

Li Wanji simply sneered at them. “Xia Yunchong, are you deaf? Kneel. Or do you want your little sister to die right in front of you?”

Xia Yunchong trembled from rage. But looking at Xia Youluo caught in Li Wanji’s hand, he finally slowly lowered himself.

“Yunchong, don’t! You cultivate the Undefeatable Dao! If you submit to others, your Dao-heart will be destroyed!” roared Xia Yunfeng furiously.

Cultivating the Undefeatable Dao required maintaining an undefeatable Dao-heart. If the Dao-heart was fractured, their cultivation base would forever stop advancing. They would be crippled.

Li Wanji, Han Wenjun, and the others coldly stared at Xia Yunchong. Seeing that his whole body was trembling, they smiled.


Xia Youluo did her best to shout, but Li Wanji increased the force in her hand, causing Xia Youluo to cough up blood.

“STOP!” Xia Yunchong roared, his voice full of killing intent. He looked like his eyes were about to bleed.

In front of everyone, Xia Yunchong really knelt on the ground. The Grand Xia’s experts felt their hearts breaking. A generation’s Undefeatable Dao cultivator was crippled just like this.

“Hahahaha…” Han Wenjun, Han Bijun, Han Qijun, Li Wanji, and the other Grand Han’s experts all laughed, their laughter full of derision and mocking.

“Undefeatable Dao? What dogshit. Didn’t he still kneel in front of my Grand Han’s experts?”

“The Grand Xia’s people are all pigs. For them to be called one of the four ancient nations along with my Grand Han is truly an insult.”

“Do you know? The Grand Zhou and Grand Chu’s experts have already been annihilated. Only your Grand Xia remains. What are you all waiting for? Don’t you think it’s time for you to kneel and beg for mercy?”

The Grand Han’s side laughed, but their words caused the Grand Xia’s experts’ hearts to shake.

The Grand Zhou and Grand Chu’s experts had all been annihilated? This news caused Xia Yunfeng’s expression to change. It meant that Grand Han truly did have some unknown trump card.

“Xia Yunfeng, what are you waiting for? Don’t you think you should take the lead to bring your people to kneel before my Grand Han’s princes? Perhaps they’ll be nice and let you live out the rest of your dog lives,” said Li Wanji.

Xia Yunfeng took a deep breath. He shook his head. “Since things have progressed to here, there’s no need to say more. I admit that your Grand Han wins this game of chess. However, don’t get too pleased. After winning this match, we’ll see how your Grand Han survives the fury of the Grand Xia, Grand Chu, and Grand Zhou.

“Warriors of the Grand Xia, we’ve fallen into a trap. We probably won’t be able to get out alive. But if I, Xia Yunfeng, can fight until my last breath with all of you, my brothers, then I have no regrets left. Brothers, take out your weapons! We fight!”

“KILL!” The Grand Xia’s experts erupted into a heaven-shaking roar and charged at the Grand Han’s experts.

Li Wanji sneered. She slowly raised Xia Youluo. As long as anyone approached, she would kill her first.

“Long Chen, will I never see you again?” Xia Youluo closed her eyes and awaited her death. But she had one regret. She would never be able to see that face again.

Xia Yunchong had no way to resist. He would only be able to watch as his little sister died in front of him. He was full of killing intent. He was simply waiting for Xia Youluo to die. Then, he would kill every single one of them as retribution.

Suddenly, a black object shot over like a black shooting star.

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