Chapter 1217 Attacking the Fifth Heavenstage of Foundation Forging

Long Chen had no choice but to consume this poison pill after seeing the power of the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins and ancient race experts that had been sent after him.

Although Long Chen had killed Dan Chu, he had no choice but to admit that luck had played a part in it. But that luck had been created with his own power and scheming.

As for the twin assassins, he had relied on the arm guard and boots to launch a sudden counterattack to reverse the tide.

But that kind of thing would only happen once. The second time, it would be ineffective. Furthermore, he was sure those twin assassins had more trump cards that they hadn’t used yet.

He hadn’t seen the three ancient race experts, but he could sense a feeling of grave danger from each of them. Each one of them had the power to fight him to the brink of death.

It was unknown whether it was Long Chen who was lucky or Dan Chu who was unlucky, but he had allowed Long Chen to steal so much of his spiritual yuan and flame energy, causing him to go from an easy win to losing his life.

If Long Chen had been in his peak state when he fought Dan Chu, perhaps there would have been another conclusion. Dan Chu would have been fighting him all-out from the start, not giving Long Chen any chance at all. The Soul Devouring Violet Flame was too powerful, and if they had started fighting all-out from the start, Long Chen would have been at a huge disadvantage since their flames were not even close to the same level.

The reason he had managed to con Dan Chu step by step and kill him was because Long Chen had profited from his previous misfortune. But of course, such a thing could only happen with Dan Chu’s cooperation. Not everyone had such arrogance and idiocy.

If he had been in his peak state, at best he would have tied with Dan Chu. To defeat him would have been very difficult, and killing him would have been basically impossible.

Dan Chu was dead, but there were still those twin assassins and three terrifying ancient race experts, each of them just as strong as Dan Chu.

One problem was that Long Chen’s cultivation base was too low. They were all experts at the ninth Heavenstage of Foundation Forging, while he was still at the fourth Heavenstage. 

But the thing that pained Long Chen the most was that his body couldn’t cope with his cultivation base. He wasn’t able to unleash his full power. And if he increased his cultivation base again, which he could right now, his movements would be even more restricted. His actual combat power would probably drop.

If he didn’t resolve this problem, he might not be able to fight anyone once he reached the ninth Heavenstage. Just trying to use his power would cause his body to explode. This was too stifling.

So despite seeing how fierce and sinister this Mandara Body Tempering Pill was, Long Chen had no choice but to steel his heart and swallow it.


Long Chen had only just consumed it when he felt like a volcano had exploded within him. Boundless medicinal energy was pouring throughout his body.

It was like a scorpion hive had exploded, and millions of scorpions were rampaging in his body.

Long Chen coughed up a mouthful of blood. It was black as ink and released a strong fishy smell.

“How toxic!” Long Chen cursed inside. His whole body became black, and pain wracked his entire body.

The Blazing Dragon Cauldron unleashed a ray of light that was about to envelop him, but Long Chen stopped it. “Don’t. I can endure it.”

Long Chen was a bit moved. The Blazing Dragon Cauldron was actually worried about him being poisoned to death and wanted to help him. It was willing to even use its little remaining core energy to remove the poison from his body. That was a big sacrifice.

But Long Chen needed this poison to circulate around every inch of his body. He couldn’t counterattack. He needed to open every bit of his body so that the poison could infect every cell.

Even though he considered himself to have a pretty good tolerance for pain, he almost couldn’t bear it. The veins on his forehead popped up, and his eyes bulged out. He felt like his body was about to explode.

But he obstinately clenched his teeth and endured the pain. Blood dripped out from how hard he clenched his teeth.

The Mandara Body Tempering Pill had the greatest effect the first time. He had to use this chance to violently stimulate his body’s potential.

The more his body felt like it was about to die, the greater his body would work to grow under the threat of the poison. 

Long Chen was confident in his body. It could definitely endure this. The only question was whether he could endure the torment of the pain or not.

After several breaths, Long Chen was laying on the ground, twitching. But he did his best not to scream or to roll around.

Any movements would waste energy. What he needed to do was to focus all his strength on enduring the pain. He couldn’t waste any.

Twenty hours passed before the pain gradually faded. Long Chen was lying there like a dead dog. He rested for two incense sticks’ worth of time before getting up and sitting.

“The poison has faded. Looks like the antitoxin pills I prepared were for nothing. My body’s even stronger than I expected.” Long Chen put away a white pill. Afraid of dying, he had prepared this antitoxin pill, but he hadn’t needed it in the end.

“Blazing Dragon Cauldron, let’s continue and refine a few more.”

Long Chen summoned the Blazing Dragon Cauldron back to his side and started refining the Mandara Body Tempering Pills once more. He took advantage of this time when the poison hadn’t been completely expelled from his body to consume another one, multiplying its effect.

Normally, people would have to wait until the poison was completely expelled before continuing, or the superimposition of the poison would kill them.

But Long Chen found that his body was even stronger than he had expected. In order to let his body get as strong as possible, he had to push it.

Only by strengthening his body to the limit would he be able to unleash the full power of his immortal platforms, and only then could he increase his cultivation base without worry.

As a result, Long Chen refined one, and then ate one, over and over. After five Mandara Body Tempering Pills, Long Chen had gone through the same torture five times. By this time, his body had already formed a resistance against the Mandara Body Tempering Pill, and it could no longer stimulate his body.

Following this, Long Chen drank a mouthful of the divine life elixir, instantly expelling the remaining poison. He immediately felt refreshed, as if every one of his cells had been cleansed. He felt full of power.

Letting out a punch, space rumbled and twisted. Long Chen had a feeling that he could destroy heaven and earth.

Although that was bragging, he did believe that with the current power of his physical body, he could instantly kill a rank seven Celestial with a punch.

He beat his chest a few times, causing loud rumbling to ring out. There was almost a metallic ringing sound echoing throughout the room.

“Hehe, I didn’t poison myself in vain.” Long Chen smiled. He was extremely satisfied with the effect of the Mandara Body Tempering Pill.

“Whether or not I can advance to the fifth Heavenstage will be up to you three.” Long Chen took out the three drops of yuan spirit divine elixir. He swallowed them into his stomach.

Time passed day by day. The Four Nations Ancient Remnant was in chaos as the Grand Xia, Grand Zhou, and Grand Chu’s experts were slaughtered.

At first, they had all been suspicious of each other. But in the end, one of the experts of the Grand Xia managed to slaughter his way out of the encirclement of his enemies, spreading the news that the Grand Han was slaughtering the other nations’ experts, infuriating and shocking them. They all used secret communication methods to gather together.

By the time the three nations’ experts gathered, they found that over half of them had already been killed.

The Grand Xia’s crown prince, Xia Yunfeng, immediately felt like something was wrong. He brought the remaining elites of the Grand Xia toward the transportation point.

“You guys go first. I need to search for Youluo.” Xia Yunchong cared too much about his little sister. He refused to leave the secret gathering point before seeing her.

Not only was Xia Youluo missing, even Long Chen hadn’t sent any word. Long Chen was also carrying one of the Grand Xia’s jade plates, and as long as he was alive, he should have received word to gather.

But in truth, Long Chen was within the inheritance palace, and he was isolated from all news. The jade plate didn’t sense anything.

“Don’t cause trouble. The signal was already released, so if they were still alive, they’d have definitely gathered with us. And if they’re dead, what’s the point of staying behind?” shouted Xia Yunfeng gravely. “This is no small matter! Since the Grand Han dares to attack us, the Grand Chu, and Grand Zhou at the same time, they clearly started preparing a long time ago! The Four Nations Ancient Remnant is just a trap. What we need to do is leave alive. Sacrificing ourselves will only make things worse. Right now, we’re surrounded by enemies, and it’s very unfavorable for us. It’s almost time for the exit to open, so we have to test our luck and see if we can escape before our enemies seal us off. Otherwise, we’ll all die.”

Xia Yunchong shook his head. “I am different from you. You are the crown prince, while I’m not. Imperial brother, I respect you, but sorry, I can’t listen to you. I must find Youluo and Long Chen. If they’re alive, I want to see them alive, and if they’re dead, I want to see their corpses.”

Xia Yunfeng coldly ordered, “Don’t be so willful! Right now, I’m using my status as crown prince to order you to leave.”

Xia Yunfeng and Xia Yunchong were different. The former relied more on his intelligence than his martial might. As soon as he had learned that the Grand Han’s experts were openly slaughtering the other three nations’ experts, his sharp intuition had told him something was wrong.

Since Long Chen and Xia Youluo hadn’t returned, that only meant that they were dead. If even experts on the level of Long Chen and Xia Youluo hadn’t managed to release a distress signal before dying, then their enemies had to be truly terrifying.

Either they hadn’t had time to release the distress call or they had felt like releasing the distress call would only cause more people to die with them.

Either way, it didn’t bode well. Xia Yunfeng was ashen as he furiously scolded Xia Yunchong.

Right now, Xia Yunchong’s actions were foolish in his eyes. Not only were his actions useless, but they would also cause him to forfeit his life. He would then lose any chance of getting revenge for Long Chen and Xia Youluo.

“Hahaha, truly worthy of being the Grand Xia’s wise crown prince. Unfortunately, even if you were smarter, you still wouldn’t be able to escape my palm.”

Suddenly, a cold cry rang out. Han Wenjun appeared in the distance along with a group of Grand Han’s experts. They numbered twenty-eight hundred, while the Grand Xia’s side had less than a thousand people now.

“Bastard, release Youluo!”

When Xia Yunchong saw Han Wenjun holding a maiden in his hand, his eyes almost tore out of their sockets.

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