Chapter 1216 Refining the Mandara Body Tempering Pill

“Senior…” Long Chen was appalled. Just what had happened?

The elder stood there, his arm gone. But not the slightest bit of blood appeared. At this time, his body suddenly began to grow faint.

Only now did Long Chen realize that this elder hadn’t possessed a body of flesh, but was simply composed of some kind of energy.

“So that’s what it was.”

The elder looked at Long Chen. He smiled and then began to laugh uproariously.

“Hahaha, the gamebreaker has finally appeared, hahaha…”

Following the elder’s laughter, the entire palace rocked. An indescribable energy seemed to be attempting to destroy it. At the same time, the elder’s figure grew dimmer.

“Senior!” cried Long Chen.

“It’s fine. My true body was long since destroyed. This is just a strand of divine will to protect my inheritance. Now that I see you, I’m extremely comforted. I was originally a free cultivator without any care. But I was still drawn into the game, my body killed, my Dao destroyed. I was a bit unresigned. Child, it is fated for your life to be full of trouble and misfortune. Tribulations will come for you over and over, because this entire world wants you exterminated…”


The world began to intensely shake, as if it was about to crumble.

A sneer appeared on the elder’s face. He looked at the ceiling contemptuously. “Even within this minor world, it’s impossible to escape your senses?”

The elder continued speaking to Long Chen. “Child, I don’t have much more time. Because I’ve exposed the Heavenly Daos’ secrets, I’ve already been locked onto. However, I’m still unable to say more to you. You have to be careful as well. Once you grow up to a certain level, the Heavenly Daos will set their sights on you. Do your best to get stronger.”

The elder grew transparent, looking like a clump of smoke that would dissipate at any time. But he was still smiling.

“Senior, please tell me your name!” called out Long Chen. Although he didn’t know what was happening, he knew this elder was about to disappear.

“Dust to dust, earth to earth. Within the cycle of the Heavenly Daos, what is it the point of a name? Let things come naturally!” The elder completely vanished.

Following his disappearance, the world stopped trembling and that indescribable energy also vanished.

But Long Chen was still filled with shock. It seemed that elder had known some of the Heavenly Daos’ secrets. But all he had said was that he was the gamebreaker. He hadn’t dared to say any more.

What game? How was it supposed to be broken? This elder had clearly ascended, becoming an existence on the level of a god or immortal. Even though this had just been a strand of his divine will, he was probably an unrivaled existence in this world.

But in front of that energy, he still hadn’t had any ability to resist. Furthermore, why would the primal chaos bead attack the elder? He had clearly been helping him kindly.

Countless questions whirled around in Long Chen’s mind. The more he thought about it, the more shocked he became. He felt like he had been drawn into a terrifying riddle.

He opened the scroll. He saw the beasts of the Myriad Spirit Diagram were still present, and it was still releasing a terrifying pressure. Although he didn’t know how to use it, Long Chen knew that it was an absolute treasure.

This was definitely something Meng Qi needed. According to that elder, he had also been a Beast Tamer. Ever since Meng Qi had started following Long Chen, she hadn’t had a true master to guide her. This Myriad Spirit Diagram delighted Long Chen.

“What’s the point of thinking about those things? Let me see what other treasures there are.” Long Chen put away the Myriad Spirit Diagram, he began to look around.

“This was once a spirit pool. But it has already dried up.”

In a corner, he saw a stalactite hanging over what should have been a small pool. Although it had already dried up, it emitted boundless spiritual qi.

“Wait, there are still three drops of spirit elixir.” Long Chen suddenly noticed three lonely drops in an unremarkable corner of the pool. They were like three little pearls, and without looking closely, he wouldn’t have noticed them.

“What dense yuan spiritual energy!” Placing the three drops in his hand, he was shocked to sense a terrifying amount of yuan spiritual energy. “How regretful. This was probably the condensation of this entire minor world’s yuan spiritual energy. But because the minor world was fractured, the yuan spiritual energy slowly faded away. This little bit is all that remains.”

Long Chen sighed regretfully. Sensing the fluctuations of these three drops, he estimated that their energy was no less than a billion yuan spirit stones.

After all, this place was the core of the minor world, the place where all its essence gathered. The main problem was that his cultivation base had already surpassed the limits of his physical body, so raising his cultivation base had no meaning.

“Ah, that’s right. I should hurry up and refine the Mandara Body Tempering Pill.” Long Chen suddenly thought of the Mandara Grass he had picked before. It could be refined into a Mandara Body Tempering Pill, which was an extremely monstrous medicinal pill. There were two things that made it monstrous: its monstrous effect, and its monstrous pain.

The Mandara Grass was highly toxic, but the Mandara Body Tempering Pill was something that used that toxicity to stimulate every cell in the body, making them feel like they were in a crisis so they would grow stronger. Increasing the toxicity increased the strengthening effect.

Long Chen took out a pill furnace and was just about to get started when the Blazing Dragon Cauldron being nourished in his mind-sea automatically flew out and directly smashed apart his pill furnace.

This caused Long Chen’s expression to change. Suddenly, he received a message from the Blazing Dragon Cauldron and laughed.

The Blazing Dragon Cauldron said that he had no need to use other pill furnaces for alchemy. That was looking down on it.

He couldn’t help finding it funny, but he was also shocked at the high quality of the Blazing Dragon Cauldron. Not only was it able to perfectly express its thoughts, but it was also smart. Despite being just an item-spirit, it was at least as intelligent as a child.

But its temperament was also like a child’s. It was competitive, even smashing apart the good pill furnace Long Chen had been using.

“If you can’t properly refine the Mandara Body Tempering Pill, we’re going to have a problem.”

With his pill furnace smashed apart, Long Chen had no other option. He could only use the Blazing Dragon Cauldron.

The Blazing Dragon Cauldron slowly revolved in the air, a faint halo of light around it.

It once more sent him a message, this time saying that its core had been heavily injured, making it so it couldn’t fight. But alchemy didn’t use up its core energy. In fact, it would allow it to recover rapidly.

That shocked Long Chen. It actually had such an ability? He really had picked up a treasure. In the future, he would let the Blazing Dragon Cauldron refine pills all day.

Taking out the Mandara Grass, he was just about to refine it into powder when the Blazing Dragon Cauldron automatically sucked it in. Long Chen was shocked to find that the Blazing Dragon Cauldron had its own separate space for refining ingredients into medicinal powders and storing them.

Long Chen took out a large batch of medicinal ingredients, and the Blazing Dragon Cauldron sucked them all in, refining them into powders. It actually possessed its own flame energy that could be used to purify the medicinal energy.

Feeling the Blazing Dragon Cauldron’s summoning, Long Chen sent his own flames inside it. Countless runes lit up on it, and the two dragon-shaped runes began to shine brightly, forming a runic barrier above the cauldron’s opening.

Once this light barrier formed, Long Chen noticed heaven and earth’s spiritual qi pouring inside. The Blazing Dragon Cauldron was not only absorbing spiritual qi from the air, but it was also merging various medicinal powders in accordance with different proportions at a shocking speed.

As the powders merged, impurities were sent flying out of the light barrier. It was actually undergoing a second purification while sucking in spiritual qi. Long Chen was dumbfounded as he watched. His heart leapt in joy. This Blazing Dragon Cauldron was absolutely amazing!

In just a dozen breaths’ time, the first batch of pills were done being refined. There were nine of them, all top grade. They transformed into black scorpions that suddenly attacked the light barrier.

These were top grade Mandara Body Tempering Pills. Top grade pills had spirituality, and they would transform into creatures based on the characteristics of the pill.

The Mandara Body Tempering Pill was a poison pill with fierce power. So the creature it transformed into was also explosive and fierce.

The Blazing Dragon Cauldron shook and those scorpions disappeared, obediently becoming pills lying at the bottom.

Long Chen took one out. He sighed emotionally. He had picked up a heaven-defying treasure this time.

Any pills the Blazing Dragon Cauldron had refined in the past would be remembered. The pill formula, the merging process, the refining process, the flame changes, and all the various taboos were memorized. That was why the Blazing Dragon Cauldron only needed to be provided with flames and Spiritual Strength. Long Chen had never experienced such an easy way of refining pills.

“Blazing Dragon Cauldron, there were several minor mistakes in your merging process. Here, try this…” Long Chen told the Blazing Dragon Cauldron his own merging method and flame changes.

The reason the Blazing Dragon Cauldron was able to refine the Mandara Body Tempering Pill was because one of Dan Teng’s ancestors had refined it. The Blazing Dragon Cauldron still remembered it. But that pill formula had several flaws. Long Chen corrected them, and he began controlling the flame with the Blazing Dragon Cauldron.

As a result, when the pill formed, it transformed into a fierce scorpion over a foot long. It crazily attacked the barrier.

“So I can even refine a giant pill like this! Furthermore, this scorpion’s attack power is probably enough to kill any Foundation Forging expert.” Long Chen jumped in shock. This giant pill was the result of nine pills’ medicinal energy being condensed into one. It was a supreme medicinal pill, and its effect was several times greater than the sum of all nine medicinal pills.

Those previous scorpions had only been an inch long, but this one was over a foot long. The difference between them was immense.

The Blazing Dragon Cauldron shook and the scorpion vanished, becoming a large pill. Black light revolved around it, and there were many lines on it that looked like centipedes lying in wait.

“The Mandara Body Tempering Pill is a method of using poison to strengthen the body. The body can only be upgraded by it a limited number of times, and it’ll have the greatest effect the first time. Its effect will be halved the second time, and after five times, the body will have formed a resistance to the poison, and it won’t have any more effect.”

Looking at this fierce Mandara Body Tempering Pill, Long Chen’s hair stood on end. He wondered if he really was crazy.

“Fuck it.”

Long Chen clenched his teeth. Closing his eyes, he threw the giant Mandara Body Tempering Pill into his mouth.

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