Chapter 1214 Besieged From All Sides

Dan Teng’s hands blew out of their seal, and he swayed back and forth. His expression twisted furiously.

“Long Chen…!”

These two words were hissed out of the cracks between his teeth. His voice was full of killing intent. He couldn’t comprehend how Long Chen had broken his spatial art.

Just at this moment, a light cracking sound rang out. A jade slip in Dan Teng’s hands cracked and shattered.

This was a Soul Jade Slip, and it was extremely precious. Only geniuses of the main bloodline in the Pill Tower were qualified to possess a Soul Jade Slip.

The Soul Jade Slip was connected to Dan Chu’s soul. When Dan Chu’s soul was annihilated, the jade slip had also exploded. This meant Dan Chu was definitely dead.

“Long Chen, if I don’t tear you to pieces, then I, Dan Teng, swear I’m not human!”

Dan Teng’s eyes were red like a furious beast as he let out a heaven-shaking roar.

“Gather all the experts and alert all our subordinate powers! I want to see just who dares to block me!” ordered Dan Teng.

“As you command.” A reply came from within the darkness.

Dan Teng’s hair was standing on end. His fury had maxed out. Long Chen was still alive, and he hadn’t even gotten a look at his treasures.

On the other hand, the Ancestral item he had lent his descendant had been taken away along with that precious descendant’s life. It had to be known that Dan Chu was the junior he had had the highest hopes for, but he had died like this. How could he not be aggrieved?

“Martial Heaven Alliance, Xuantian Dao Sect, let’s see just what you use to block me this time!” An icy light appeared in Dan Teng’s eyes. Within this dark space, it was like the eyes of a beast, sinister and sharp.

Killing Dan Chu with his saber, the instant his body exploded, a golden and a violet flame light appeared. The golden light rapidly dimmed, while the violet light suddenly tried to flee.

Huo Long appeared and devoured both of them. The violet light was the Soul Devouring Violet Flame’s seed, while the golden light was Dan Chu’s core flame.

Long Chen had yet to understand what this golden flame was. It was capable of becoming solid, and its power had deeply shaken him.

That was because Long Chen had noticed that Dan Chu had always been using his golden flame to suppress and control the Soul Devouring Violet Flame. That meant that this golden flame was much stronger than it.

After devouring those two flame seeds, Huo Long returned to the primal chaos space. Within the primal chaos space, the two flame seeds, which had been struggling fiercely, immediately turned still.

These two flame seeds were the best food for Huo Long. Devouring the Soul Devouring Violet Flame’s seed would allow Huo Long’s power to almost perfectly match it.

Then once Huo Long devoured the golden flame, even if its power didn’t surpass the Soul Devouring Violet Flame, it would at least be equally matched with it.

But right now, Huo Long was extremely weak. Almost all its energy had been sucked dry to unleash that full-power Star Fall.

Now, it was no longer possible to instantly refine either of the flame seeds. Fortunately, the two flame seeds couldn’t resist the primal chaos space. Huo Long could slowly recover and refine them.

Long Chen had just placated Huo Long when a golden light shot at him at an incredible speed. Furthermore, the power contained within this light caused the void to quiver.

Without even thinking about it, Long Chen blocked it with the pot. An explosion caused Long Chen to grunt as he was blown back by what he now realized was a golden arrow.

Just at this moment, a winged, eagle-eyed man appeared in the distant air. He held a golden bow in his left hand and was staring at Long Chen. Clearly, that golden arrow had come from him.

Seeing that his silent sneak attack had failed, he immediately crushed a jade plate. A fluctuation spread in every direction. It was a kind of communication signal.

Long Chen’s arm was numb. His spiritual yuan was exhausted. Although the pot had blocked the arrow, his physical body had no spiritual yuan to support it, making him much weaker than usual.

“A rank seven Celestial.”

Long Chen narrowed his eyes and had a bad feeling. With his spiritual yuan exhausted, his combat power was less than a tenth of his normal state. Killing this person would be very difficult. Furthermore, he had a pair of wings and used a bow. He was clearly a long-distance fighter, and such people were usually specialized in speed. That made killing him even more difficult.

But the thing that made Long Chen the most uneasy was the communication signal he had released. There were definitely many experts rushing over here now. At that time, things would become even worse.

Just at this moment, two more figures rushed over. Long Chen narrowed his eyes. These ancient race experts were also rank seven Celestials.

“Attack together. We don’t need to kill him, just stall him.”

The eagle-eyed expert’s wings began to shine, and a golden arrow condensed on his bow.

The arrow then shot out at incredible speed. It had only just left the bow when it reached Long Chen.

The arrow once more crashed into the pot. The pot was fine and the arrow exploded, but Long Chen was once more blown back.

At this time, the other two ancient race experts attacked him. One wielded a staff while the other wielded a saber that had been modified to be specialized in slashing. Both of them had summoned their rank seven Celestial manifestations.

Despite knowing that Long Chen was already exhausted, they weren’t the slightest bit careless. They used their full strength to attack him.

Holding the pot in his left hand and Blooddrinker in his right hand, he blocked their attacks with just the pot. He vomited blood on impact, and the pot almost escaped his grasp.

Just as their attacks landed, a silent arrow shot toward Long Chen’s back. Long Chen swung out Blooddrinker, blowing apart the arrow, but he was once more blown away.

The two ancient race experts took advantage of this to unleash a barrage of attacks. Fortunately, the pot was strong enough to use as a shield, but he was still repeatedly blown back and injured.

Long Chen’s heart shook. Continuing like this was not an option. Even if a rank eight Celestial didn’t come, he would be killed just by these three.

That sneak-attacking archer was the most detestable. Each time he attacked would be timed for when Long Chen was busy blocking the other two ancient race experts. Long Chen was almost heavily injured several times.

“Nothing to do but be ruthless.”

Long Chen clenched his teeth. Suddenly, he smashed the pot forward, blocking their two weapons. This full-force attack caused them to fly back.

Just at this moment, an insidious arrow pierced through Long Chen’s back. It had been timed perfectly.

It left behind a fist-sized bloody hole in Long Chen’s body, delighting the archer. But his expression quickly changed. He saw that his arrow continued through Long Chen’s body and toward the staff-wielding ancient race expert.

“Watch out!”

The staff-wielding ancient race expert had just raised his staff to strike Long Chen when an arrow burst out of Long Chen’s chest and at him. At that moment, he heard the archer’s warning and gave up his attack, dodging to the side.

But just as he dodged the arrow, a blood-colored saber slashed through his neck from the other direction.

A head flew high into the air. Regretfully, this attack had no spiritual yuan inside it, or the head would have instantly exploded.

Just at this moment, a roar shook the heavens. A lightning dragon flew out, smashing into the other shocked ancient race expert, while its tail flicked out at the head.

The huge lightning dragon forced back the ancient race expert, while its tail struck the head, instantly killing that person.

The saber-wielding ancient race expert had his body turn numb. He was just about to circulate his spiritual yuan to expel the thunderforce when he felt a burst of pain on the top of his head.

A blood-colored saber cut him in two from head to toe. Even his armor shattered.

“Thank you, Blooddrinker.” The reason Long Chen had been able to kill this person was all thanks to Blooddrinker. It had used up all its energy to break through the armor’s defenses.

After killing the two of them, Long Chen was panting for breath. The hand he was holding Blooddrinker in was starting to tremble intensely, meaning he had overdrafted his power.

Suddenly, he raised the pot, blocking an arrow. He coughed up blood and shot back like a shooting star.

“Lei Long, eliminate him!”

Lei Long charged at the distant archer. Its huge tail whipped toward him.

But that archer’s wings flapped, and it dodged Lei Long’s attack, once more shooting an arrow at Long Chen.

Long Chen held the pot in both hands, and he was once more blown back, his whole body quivering. He hastily gulped a mouthful of the divine life elixir, turned, and fled.

Lei Long was crazily attacking the archer, but the archer’s armor lit up, temporarily isolating him from Lei Long’s lightning runes. He flew after Long Chen, and as Long Chen had expected, he specialized in speed.

Long Chen was unable to fly right now. He could only use his feet. Each step allowed him to cross a mile, but it was still too slow as he was constantly harassed by arrows.

Long Chen was like a rabbit being chased by a hunter. He was in an incredibly miserable state, occasionally coughing up blood.

Damnit, so even I end up like this. A weakened tiger can die to a dog. If I was in my peak state, I’d kill this brat with a single slap.

Long Chen was infuriated yet helpless to do anything. Most irritating of all, this archer was constantly sprinkling some unknown powder as he chased. Without even thinking about it, it had to be a marker to make it easier for others to follow.

“No good. I have to think of something to get away, or I’m definitely dead. Do I not have anything I can use?” Long Chen regretted hitting the Blazing Dragon Cauldron so many times. It had lost too much of its power, or it could have helped him smash this hateful fellow.

Long Chen hastily flipped through the primal chaos space. Suddenly, a certain thing fell into Long Chen’s sight. Hehe...

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