Chapter 1213 Killed

The cauldron had four feet, implying the four directions of north, east, south, and west. Normally, such cauldrons would be square on the outside and square on the inside.

But this cauldron was square on the outside and circular on the inside. It was a cauldron specifically used for refining pills. It was different from a pill furnace in that a pill furnace only had three feet and was as round as a ball outside and inside. It also had a lid, but medicinal cauldrons did not.

There were two extremely detailed runes around the opening that were dragon-shaped. The mouths of those dragons were spurting flames, and they were both incredibly lifelike.

“Blazing Dragon Cauldron.”

Long Chen finally saw three immortal characters on the cauldron. Only then did he learn its name.

This Blazing Dragon Cauldron’s item-spirit was expressing its gratefulness to him. After thinking about it, Long Chen directly placed it in his spiritual space.

The Blazing Dragon Cauldron would be nourished by his soul within his mind-sea. That made it even more grateful, and it even began to give him some of its secrets.

Only now did Long Chen learn that the Blazing Dragon Cauldron was an existence that surpassed King items. It had been passed down and enslaved through generations of the Dan family. It was no wonder it would be so grateful that Long Chen wouldn’t place a slave mark on it.

He had no time right now to ask it about all of its secrets. He walked over to Dan Chu and saw that his face was still as twisted as ever.

However, now he no longer had any of his grandness. He looked just as pathetic as a dead dog.

“Well? Are you still thinking of my treasures?” asked Long Chen.

“Long Chen, you’ve stolen the Blazing Dragon Cauldron. The Tower Master will not let you off,” said Dan Chu, filled with rancor. He felt that his defeat in this battle was a complete injustice. He was filled with hatred.

“Tch, I’m the one who’s not going to let him off. The Tower Master you’re talking about should be that old bastard Dan Teng, right? Hmph, he and Xuan Jizi want to target me? I’ll make sure that bastard Dan Teng’s balls really hurt[1]. Do you have anything else to say? If not, I’ll be sending you on your way. Ah, that’s right, money isn’t useful to a dead person. I’ll help you take care of it.” Long Chen took away Dan Chu’s spatial ring.

Glancing inside, he saw it was a huge life ring with over a hundred square miles in space. It was packed with all kinds of precious medicines.

Regretfully, other than those precious medicinal ingredients, the rest were all bottles filled with medicinal pills, as well as some alchemy techniques or theories. Those things were useless to Long Chen.

But the medicinal ingredients made him red-eyed. He was truly worthy of being the Pill Tower’s most outstanding junior disciple. He was incredibly rich. There were at least hundreds of species that Long Chen hadn’t possessed before. That was incredibly important to him.

Putting away the spatial ring, he said, “So there’s nothing left to say. You can go now.”

Long Chen stabbed Blooddrinker at Dan Chu’s forehead. This was the fastest way to annihilate a person’s soul. There was no need to first kill the body and then target the soul.


But just as his saber was about to pierce his head, a jade tablet materialized over it.

The jade tablet was something almost identical to Long Chen’s Soul Calming Jade. The difference was that his Soul Calming Jade had nine veins, but this one only had seven.

This Soul Calming Jade floated above Dan Chu’s forehead. It was shattered by the tip of Long Chen’s saber on contact, but in that instant, a barrier of light wrapped around Dan Chu, blocking Long Chen’s attack.

“Haha, Long Chen, you can’t kill me!” 

Within the light, Dan Chu suddenly began to laugh. A fierce-looking elder appeared within the barrier.

“Long Chen, you dare to kill my Pill Tower’s disciple and steal my ancestral treasure, the Blazing Dragon Cauldron?! This time, not even the Xuantian Dao Sect will be able to protect you! Hand over the Blazing Dragon Cauldron and I can spare your life, otherwise…” This elder was precisely the Pill Tower’s master, Dan Teng.

Killing intent was blazing within his eyes as he glared at Long Chen. Even separated by an incomprehensible distance, Long Chen could feel his anger.

But thinking about it, he supposed that was forgivable. Instead of getting his treasures, Dan Teng had lost his own ancestral treasure. He’d probably be angry too if the positions were reversed.

Long Chen looked at Dan Teng indifferently. There was clearly no way to placate Dan Teng’s killing intent, and yet he still had to act like there was room for compromise. Long Chen involuntarily spat out one word to describe him: “Idiot.”

Within the light barrier, Dan Teng was thinking about how to intimidate Long Chen and force him to hand over the Blazing Dragon Cauldron when Long Chen’s word struck him across the face.

“You… do you believe when I say I can destroy your entire Xuantian Dao Sect?!” roared Dan Teng, flames almost spurting from his eyes. He knew that Long Chen had no family he could threaten. The only thing that could make him have some misgivings was the Xuantian Dao Sect.

“Brag a bit harder and I might believe it,” said Long Chen.

Seeing Dan Teng’s face swell up until it looked like a pig’s, Long Chen couldn’t help but sneer inside. No matter how amazing the Pill Tower was, it was a neutral power. Did he really dare to destroy one of the three heavenly sects, the Xuantian Dao Sect? This bragging didn’t have any skill.

“First, ignoring whether or not you have the power to destroy my Xuantian Dao Sect, can you even tell me what excuse you’ll give for attacking the Xuantian Dao Sect? You really are an idiot, an idiot who will even listen to that other idiot Xuan Jizi’s lies. Just for greed, you were willing to invert right and wrong and frame me as a Heaven-Seizer.

“Back then the Xuan Master used the entire Xuantian Dao Sect to guarantee there was no chance I was a Heaven-Seizer right in front of all the Martial Heaven Alliance. He slapped your faces so hard that as I see it, you ended up slapped into an idiot.

“Even now, what reason do you have to so openly collude with the Grand Han and interfere with the matters of the ancient nations? Your goal is only to kill me and take some treasure that doesn’t even exist. Tell me, don’t you think you’re an idiot?

“Perhaps if you’re able to kill enough people to keep the truth from getting out, things won’t be so bad. But if you aren’t… hehe, old ghost Dan Teng, although I don’t guarantee that I can make your balls hurt, I guarantee I’ll make your head hurt. I’ll make your scandal public so that the entire Martial Heaven Continent can see that the Pill Tower is full of hypocrites selling dog meat as sheep meat, trash capable of using any underhanded methods,” sneered Long Chen.

“Hmph, do you think anyone would believe a brat like you? So what if I wrongly accused you? Nothing I set my sight on ever manages to get away. If you’re smart, you’ll immediately hand over your secrets and treasures. Otherwise, not only will I kill you, but not one member of your Dragonblood Legion or lovers will survive. When the time comes, don’t regret this decision. I, Dan Teng, will use my status as the master of the Pill Tower to tell you that this region is my world. No one can go against me here.

“There are countless sects that have close relationships with my Pill Tower. As long as I say the word, all of them will point their spears at your Xuantian Dao Sect. When the time comes, the Xuantian Dao Sect will end up wiped out, all because of you. You, Long Chen, are claimed to be a hot-blooded hero, but are you not even loyal enough to spill some blood to protect your brothers’ heads? In my view, you are just a weak coward, willing to bring about the destruction of his own sect for some treasures, a petty person who will throw away his brothers and lovers without a second thought,” sneered Dan Teng.

Long Chen smiled coldly. Truly shameless. Even when threatening others, he could make up something so pompous sounding.

It was like the only way for Long Chen to be a hero was to hand over his treasures. If he didn’t, he would become a despicable coward.

But Long Chen didn’t mind, nor did he get angry. Within the primal chaos space, the photographic jade was still activated. Dan Teng’s words and shameless appearance were all recorded.

“Long Chen, I’ll give you one more chance. Hand over your treasures, and I’ll spare your life. If you don’t, not only will you die, but your lovers, your brothers, your senior apprentice-brothers, senior apprentice-sisters, they’ll all die. Think about it.” Dan Teng looked at Long Chen coldly, his voice full of confidence. He truly did have that power.

Countless sects had secretly been consumed by the Pill Tower, becoming nothing more than their troops. On the surface, it only looked like they were cooperating. But as long as the Pill Tower gave the word, those sects would start making all kinds of little moves to threaten the Xuantian Dao Sect.

“Old idiot, you’re too confident. With your intelligence, you’re not suited to scheming. If you tried scheming, you’d be played to death. You’ve already released your fart, so you can leave now. Don’t hold me up from killing people.” Long Chen once more stabbed Blooddrinker at Dan Chu.

However, his spiritual yuan was almost exhausted. Blooddrinker pierced into the light barrier, but then its movements were slowed. It inched toward Dan Chu’s head.

“Tower Master, save me!” cried Dan Chu. Dan Teng was Dan Chu’s paternal great-grandfather. But within his family, they had to call family members by their official positions.

“Long Chen, you’re consigning every single person beside you to eternal damnation. Are you willing to do that!?” shouted Dan Teng.

Long Chen ignored him. Although his saber was affected by the light barrier and its progress was slow, he was increasing the power. It was less than three inches from Dan Chu’s head.

Dan Chu was terrified. Previously he hadn’t been afraid, not because he was courageous, but because he had known that with the Soul Calming Jade protecting him, he would be automatically saved.

But now, Long Chen was still trying to kill him. He couldn’t help being terrified, and he begged the Tower Master to save him.

Within the light barrier, Dan Teng suddenly formed hand seals and the light barrier flashed, sending Long Chen flying.

“Long Chen, since you’re so unreasonable, don’t blame me for being merciless. Just wait. I will definitely make you regret this.”

After saying this, a blazing light enveloped Dan Chu. Spatial energy began to condense.

Long Chen’s expression instantly became ugly. This bastard was trying to transport him away.

Dan Chu was enveloped by runes and floated into the air. He laughed, “Hahaha, Long Chen, just wait! I’ve already said that I’ll flay all your skin and tear out your muscles and bones! But now, I’ve changed my plans. Instead, I’ll kill every member of your Dragonblood Legion and play with all your lovers until they die! I’ll-”

BANG! Dan Chu’s body was rapidly fading. Just as he was about to be transported away, a black pot smashed toward him. The runes around him exploded, and the spatial energy disappeared. Dan Chu’s laughter was severed, and he became horrified.


A blood-red saber slashed through the air, blowing Dan Chu’s body to bits. A heavenly genius fell just like this.

[1] 丹腾 = Dan Teng, Pill Soar. It sounds like 蛋疼, meaning pain in the balls literally, also equivalent to the expression pain in the ass.

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