Chapter 1212 Nirvana Scripture vs Nirvana Scripture

The sphere was only a foot wide when it first appeared. But as Long Chen poured in flame energy and the energy of his immortal platforms, it suddenly grew to thirty meters.

It was like a star had appeared in Long Chen’s hand. Facing this terrifying cauldron, Long Chen was unleashing unprecedented power.

With his Nirvana Scripture pushed to the peak, this sphere was now ten times larger than it was when Long Chen had used it to attack Han Zhenyu’s group of three over the eastern sea.

“Star Fall!”

Following Long Chen’s shout, the sphere in his hand shot through the air like a shooting star, smashing into the cauldron.


Light exploded. Flame runes and golden runes exploded. Even space collapsed.

Long Chen was blown back by the shockwave, his body turned into a bloody pulp. He hastily drank a few mouthfuls of the Divine Life Elixir, fully recovering. But his spiritual yuan had been sucked dry by this one Star Fall.

Looking toward Dan Chu, he saw that he wasn’t any better off than him. He was vomiting blood, and the flames around him had disappeared. He was paper-white, filled with shock.

Long Chen’s attack had managed to force back the cauldron. That cauldron was connected to Dan Chu’s mind, and his soul had received a heavy backlash. It was a heavy injury. 

“Die!” Dan Chu’s face was twisted as he suddenly coughed up golden blood onto the cauldron.

The cauldron had already shrunk, but now it once more unleashed brilliant splendor, its runes activating again. It shot towards Long Chen.

Dan Chu had paid an incredible price to make the cauldron attack once more. His eyes were now listless and dull.

But to kill Long Chen, he couldn’t care about that. Long Chen’s power terrified him, and he was willing to pay any price to kill him.

The cauldron was only a foot tall now. But it was surrounded by countless runes as it smashed toward Long Chen, with space crumbling wherever it passed. If Long Chen was struck by it, he would definitely die.

Long Chen’s spiritual yuan was almost exhausted. Even if his body had recovered, he couldn’t block this terrifying attack.

Seeing that he had been locked down by this cauldron and had no way to run, for some unknown reason, Long Chen suddenly thought of a certain thing.

A black pot suddenly appeared in Long Chen’s hand. This looked like a completely ordinary black pot. It even had two handles, making it seem even more like a regular iron pot used for cooking.

But Long Chen had felt from the start that this pot wasn’t ordinary. Right now, he couldn’t think too much about it. He smashed the pot at the cauldron.

BOOM! The ground cracked and the sky swayed. Long Chen felt a terrifying force send him flying. He didn’t even know how far he flew, but in any case, he clearly heard every single one of his bones breaking.

His body almost collapsed, and he tumbled across the ground, almost fainting.

When he finally stopped, Long Chen once more drank the divine life elixir. The slain sea demons from the eastern sea had given Long Chen three jugs of the divine life elixir.

Drinking a few mouthfuls, his injuries instantly healed. Long Chen hastily looked forward to see that there was now a ten-thousand-mile hole where he had been.

A cauldron and a pot were lying at the bottom. Long Chen couldn’t help being delighted. The pot wasn’t the slightest bit damaged and looked as unremarkable as before.

He rushed over and grabbed the pot. Then he looked at the distant cauldron lying beside Dan Chu. Dan Chu’s body had already deformed from the impact and he was simply laying there, constantly coughing up blood. His broken innards were also coughed up. He clearly suffered a terrifying internal injury.

His spiritual yuan was completely exhausted. Let alone using Heavenly Dao energy to heal, he didn’t even have the strength to take out a medicinal pill from his spatial ring.

The impact from the cauldron and pot colliding had been absolutely terrifying, and he hadn’t been able to bear it. In order to save his life, he had used his final bit of essence blood and Spiritual Strength to recall the cauldron to protect himself.

But he had reached the verge of collapse. Seeing Long Chen walking over with a pot, his eyes were full of fury.

He had never dreamed that Long Chen possessed so many trump cards and was even capable of blocking his cauldron. After being duped at the beginning, an easy victory had turned into a complete defeat. If he had attacked all out from the beginning, perhaps this wouldn’t have been the conclusion.

Long Chen carried the pot over to the almost dead Dan Chu. He didn’t dare to be careless. This kind of person had too many trump cards, and who knew when he would unleash another one?

Carrying the pot made him feel much more at ease. This pot hadn’t disappointed him. It had actually blocked that terrifying cauldron.

Walking to the panting Dan Chu, Long Chen kicked him. Like a mass of flesh, Dan Chu rolled across the ground several times, almost collapsing. With his butt on his head, he once more vomited blood.

“Looks like I don’t need to worry.”

Looking at Dan Chu’s state, he grabbed the cauldron. The cauldron’s runes instantly lit up.

Long Chen’s arm almost blew apart. His skin broke and blood poured out. He was blown back into the distance. He looked in shock at the cauldron. So it was capable of unleashing its own attacks.

Without a word, Long Chen smashed the pot at it. As a result, the cauldron’s runes dimmed somewhat.

Seeing that this was effective, he continuously smashed it with the pot. The cauldron rapidly dimmed, while the pot grew darker, its aura growing stronger.

“It’s absorbing its energy for itself?” Long Chen was startled. This pot was strange. Back then, it had extracted his spiritual yuan. Now it was absorbing the cauldron’s energy.

Perhaps his luck really had turned and he had obtained a heaven-defying treasure. This pot was extraordinary for it to even suppress such a terrifying cauldron. It had to be known that the pot had been on the verge of collapse when he had found it.

After smashing it a few times, Long Chen hastily stopped. He found that the cauldron was rapidly dimming, and it sent him a message that it submitted. Now he was worried that if he kept hitting it, it would be crippled.

“You’re willing to submit to me?” asked Long Chen.

The cauldron suddenly unleashed a pure white light. A small rune appeared. When it appeared, the distant, unconscious Dan Chu quivered.

“A spiritual seal?” Long Chen started.

Suddenly, that rune ignited on its own and was incinerated into nothing.

“Damnit, I’ve lost connection to the Blazing Dragon Cauldron!”

Within the Central Plains, in a place far away from the Grand Xia, there was a city. Within that city was a soaring tower, and there was an elder within that suddenly let out a heaven-shaking roar.

This elder was the Pill Tower’s master that Long Chen had once seen before, Dan Teng. Right now, he looked almost insane.

“Something definitely happened to Chu-er!” 

In order to make sure this matter was completed perfectly, he had sent Dan Chu, his Pill Tower’s top genius, and he had even lent him his Ancestral item.

The Blazing Dragon Cauldron was something Dan Teng’s ancestors had left for him. Naturally, the reason Ancestral items were called Ancestral items was because generations of experts had used their bloodline to nourish it.

An Ancestral item’s power far surpassed a King item. Normally, only a Soul Transformation expert could use it.

But because Ancestral items had spiritual seals binding them and had been nourished by one bloodline, descendants of that bloodline could use their bloodline power to order the Ancestral item to attack, even if they were too weak to use it normally.

However, although an Ancestral item was powerful, it had a drawback. If the spiritual seal was too forceful, it would be like slavery and the item-spirit would have a natural resistance toward it. It wouldn’t be very loyal.

That was why the cauldron was now willing to submit to Long Chen. It even incinerated that spiritual seal.

This spiritual seal was something it originally hadn’t been able to resolve. But in order to allow Dan Chu to use it, Dan Teng had removed a portion of the original spiritual seal and allowed Dan Chu to place his own.

But Dan Chu’s Spiritual Strength was now exhausted. His spiritual seal had lost almost all effect. Furthermore, within this minor world, Dan Teng’s spiritual seal was weakened. So to save its own life, the cauldron used its core energy to forcibly remove the restrictions of the spiritual seal.

Long Chen didn’t know that Dan Teng was currently roaring furiously. He looked at the white light coming from the cauldron, and he sensed a message.

Its meaning was that Long Chen could place his own spiritual seal. It was willing to submit to him as long as Long Chen stopped hitting it. Otherwise, it would be destroyed.

Long Chen looked at the black pot in his hand that was now shining slightly to the cauldron that was just waiting for his spiritual seal. He was delighted. Today, he had obtained two amazing treasures.

“If you want to follow me, then that’s enough. There’s no need for a spiritual seal. In my life, there are only enemies or companions. Hopefully, you’ll live up to my trust.” Long Chen placed a hand on the cauldron.

It wasn’t that Long Chen was so arrogant as to not place a spiritual seal. The real problem was that the cauldron was too powerful. The item-spirit was also intelligent, and so Long Chen couldn’t view it as a slave. Therefore he didn’t want to place a spiritual seal.

Furthermore, he sensed terror and helplessness from the cauldron, but he didn’t sense any animosity. That was why Long Chen dared to accept it.

Long Chen trusted that he could keep this cauldron suppressed. Even without the pot, he had no fear of it. Within his body, there was something that could suppress all other objects, the primal chaos bead. So far, it had never failed him.

Even in the Immemorial Path, the Eastern Wasteland Bell had been extremely intimidated by the primal chaos bead. Although the Eastern Wasteland Bell hadn’t said it explicitly, Long Chen could sense it.

If even the divine item, the Eastern Wasteland Bell, was afraid of it, what was there to fear from a cauldron? Long Chen carefully examined the cauldron in his hand.

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