Chapter 1211 Bloodline Golden Flame

“Raging Flame Barrier!”

Dan Chu roared furiously. His voice was hoarse and cracked now. Countless flame runes shot over from the surrounding prison.

In truth, the majority of Dan Chu’s power was condensed within this huge flame prison, as he was afraid of Long Chen using some secret technique to run away. But now, he had no choice but to draw out the power he had used in the prison.

Three slashes of Long Chen’s saber were consecutively blocked by the flame barrier. As for Dan Chu, he was holding his crotch, constantly rolling on the ground and wailing.

The pain made it so he couldn’t focus on the battle. If it hadn’t been for the prison he had set up in advance, he would have already died.

His life rod had been destroyed. That pain was unimaginable, even though he was using Heavenly Dao energy to heal it.

Heavenly Dao energy had a very limited effect on recovering the root of the Human Dao.

At this time, Dan Chu could only use the flame barrier to stall for some time while he suppressed the pain. Then he would be able to continue fighting.

Hearing that Long Chen’s strikes were continuously blocked by his defenses, Dan Chu relaxed. He hastily swallowed a medicinal pill to suppress the pain.

Otherwise, with that intense pain wracking his body, let alone fighting, he wouldn’t even have the ability to stand.

“Long Chen, I’ll definitely tear you to pieces!”

Dan Chu was filled with hatred. In all his years, he had never suffered this much. This kick from Long Chen severed his ability to carry on his ancestral line.

Even though the Pill Tower had tens of thousands of amazing medicinal pills that could allow him to regrow it, it would only have the form. Its function would very likely never recover.

Long Chen continuously attacked the flame barrier, but he was unable to break it. That made Dan Chu calm down, and he focused on recovering.

A minute passed. Dan Chu finally managed to suppress the pain, but his expression suddenly changed. In just this one minute, he sensed his prison had weakened a great deal.

Long Chen was constantly striking the barrier with Blooddrinker, while Huo Long was coiled around the prison, greedily devouring its energy.

The only reason Long Chen was attacking the barrier was to draw Dan Chu’s attention so that Huo Long would have more time to devour the flame energy.

Huo Long greedily absorbed the flame energy. The violet color of its flames grew deeper, and its aura also grew stronger.

“Bastard, you’re still stealing!”

BOOM! Dan Chu roared, and the prison he had made shook. He was trying to throw off Huo Long, but he suddenly found that in just this one minute, Huo Long had grown too strong, while the amount of energy within his prison had shrunk. He was unable to throw it off.

“Don’t be so petty. You have too much flame energy inside you, making your temper bad. It’s not good for young people to be so angry all the time. Look at yourself, at how flustered and exasperated you are. That’s a clear sign you are holding too many flames inside. That’s why I was helping you, saving your life,” said Long Chen wickedly upon seeing the crazed Dan Chu.

“DIE!” Dan Chu roared, his hair fluttering in the air and flames coiling around him.

Heaven and earth shook. The world suddenly became clear.

That was because the huge flame prison had disappeared. After reabsorbing the energy within this flame prison, Dan Chu’s aura instantly reached his peak. He waved his hand, the golden spear shooting toward Long Chen.

Long Chen also called back Huo Long. A large amount of spiritual yuan poured into his body. Just now Huo Long had not only devoured Dan Chu’s flame energy, but it had also taken away a huge amount of his spiritual yuan.

BOOM! Saber and spear once more collided, unleashing huge flame waves. The world ignited, causing space to twist.

“Bastard, I will flay the skin from your body and pull out every muscle and bone you have!”

Now Dan Chu had recalled his flame prison, unleashing a full-power attack. But he was only an even match against Long Chen.

That wasn’t because Long Chen had grown stronger, but because he had taken so much of Dan Chu’s spiritual yuan and flame energy.

That made Dan Chu so angry that he felt like he might die. He had clearly been stronger than Long Chen, but because he had been too careful, things had ended up like this.

The two of them began an intense battle, flames filling the air. Although Dan Chu was infuriated, due to his previous experience, he no longer dared to fight Long Chen at close range. He unleashed huge spear-images that struck at Long Chen from a distance.

Long Chen brandished Blooddrinker, defending seventy percent of the time. He did his best to avoid head-on collisions. With the help of the divine ring and Soul Devouring Violet Flame, he was recovering energy as he fought.

Long Chen’s exhausted spiritual yuan had recovered to about a third. As long as he didn’t use a big move, his spiritual yuan would only continue recovering. The longer the battle dragged on, the more beneficial it was to him.

At this time, Dan Chu’s expression changed. He finally realized that if this continued, his situation would only grow worse.

His spiritual yuan was also recovering, but it wasn’t recovering as fast as Long Chen’s. Furthermore, while spiritual yuan could be quickly recovered, there was no way for him to recover the flame energy Long Chen had stolen from him.

“Bloodline Golden Flame!” Dan Chu finally calmed down. Upon clenching his teeth, a circular rune appeared on his forehead.

Light began to spin within it until it became a blazing sun. A mass of golden flames burst out of Dan Chu’s body.

Once the golden flames burst out, his Soul Devouring Violet Flame was like oil being boiled. It unleashed a terrifying pressure that caused space to rumble.

“Long Chen, did you think that by stealing that little bit of flame energy from me you could match me? Idiot, keep dreaming! I’ll show you the true difference between us, the power that trash like you couldn’t compare to even if you cultivated for a million years!” Dan Chu icily glared at the distant Long Chen, floating in the air with golden flames erupting from him.

Long Chen was deeply shaken. This golden flame seemed like a king amongst flames. Any other flames would have to lower their heads to it.

But for some unknown reason, Long Chen felt a kind of loathing and hatred in the depths of his soul for this golden flame.

Dan Chu raised his spear. Golden flames soared out of it, and a terrifying pressure erupted. Whether Long Chen fled to the heavens or to hell, this spear would follow him.

This terrifying lock was unavoidable. But Long Chen felt no fear.

“Green Dragon Battle Armor!”

A terrifying aura now also soared out of Long Chen. His immortal platforms began to rapidly revolve.

Long Chen’s skin suddenly exploded and cracks appeared all over him, blood spurting out. His body was unable to bear his own power.


Blooddrinker smashed into Dan Chu’s golden spear. Dan Chu coughed up a mouthful of blood, while blood mist exploded out of Long Chen.

His physical body couldn’t bear the power of his 108,000 immortal platforms. He was completely covered in blood now.

But he had still managed to block Dan Chu’s full-strength attack. Saber and spear were perfectly matched, with flames destroying the surroundings. This had been a world-shaking collision.

Both of them were unleashing their full power, but neither was able to overwhelm the other. Dan Chu’s fury became shock. He had never expected Long Chen to have such a terrifying trump card.

“I’ll let you die in peace.” Dan Chu’s aura changed. Suddenly, endless flames flew toward him from every direction. At the same time, chanting filled the air like the murmuring of gods.

Long Chen sneered. The Nirvana Scripture? Didn’t he know that as well? At the same time as Dan Chu started using the Nirvana Scripture, Long Chen started using it as well.

Chanting suddenly rang out, chanting that was different from the previous chanting. This chanting was even more majestic, and it clearly rang out in Dan Chu’s ears. His expression changed.

“How can you know my Pill Valley’s Nirvana Scripture?!”

Long Chen ignored him and unleashed the full power of the Nirvana Scripture. Heaven and earth shook.

The world’s flame energy poured toward Long Chen. The flames around him looked like oil that had been tossed inside, and they soared toward the sky.

“This… this is impossible!!!”

Dan Chu roared furiously. He couldn’t believe this. How could Long Chen know Pill Valley’s secret art, the Nirvana Scripture?

The most unbelievable thing was that when Long Chen used the Nirvana Scripture, all the flame energy that he had gathered was snatched away by Long Chen.

Dan Chu refused to accept this. Long Chen wasn’t just snatching heaven and earth’s flame energy, he was even taking his core flame.

If this continued, let alone fighting Long Chen, all his flame energy would be sucked dry by him. In the end, death would be his only path.

BOOM! Dan Chu suddenly detonated his golden spear. Long Chen was caught off guard and blown several miles away by its power.

Just at this moment, Dan Chu formed a hand seal, and a three-thousand-meter cauldron appeared in the air.

This cauldron unleashed a terrifying pressure, crushing even heaven and earth. Long Chen’s expression completely changed. This cauldron was probably on an even higher level than a King item.

“DIE!!!” Dan Chu seemed crazed. Golden blood was actually pouring out of his eyes, and his face was twisted. The huge cauldron smashed toward Long Chen.

Long Chen’s hair immediately stood on end. He had a premonition that being struck by this cauldron would spell certain death.

Long Chen put away Blooddrinker. His left hand grabbed his right elbow, and a sphere began to condense above his right hand.

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