Chapter 1211 Bloodline Golden Flame (Teaser)

“Raging Flame Barrier!”

Dan Chu roared furiously. His voice was hoarse and cracked now. Countless flame runes shot over from the surrounding prison.

In truth, the majority of Dan Chu’s power was condensed within this huge flame prison, as he was afraid of Long Chen using some secret technique to run away. But now, he had no choice but to draw out the power he had used in the prison.

Three slashes of Long Chen’s saber were consecutively blocked by the flame barrier. As for Dan Chu, he was holding his crotch, constantly rolling on the ground and wailing.

The pain made it so he couldn’t focus on the battle. If it hadn’t been for the prison he had set up in advance, he would have already died.

His life rod had been destroyed. That pain was unimaginable, even though he was using Heavenly Dao energy to heal it.

Heavenly Dao energy had a very limited effect on recovering the root of the Human Dao.

At this time, Dan Chu could only use the flame barrier to stall for some time while...

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