Chapter 1210 The Chicken Flies Away, the Eggs Break (Teaser)

The saber-image was like blood cutting through the air. A sensation of death caused all of Dan Chu’s hair to stand on end.

“Raging Flame Heaven Raising Shield!” roared Dan Chu, a violet flame shield condensing before him.

BOOM! A heaven-shaking explosion erupted, and flame waves spread in every direction. Long Chen was actually sent flying.

Long Chen was shocked. What terrifying flame energy, what a powerful flame magical art, and what refined control! There were rapid fluctuations coming from the shield that had caused him to rebound.

“Be suppressed!” Dan Chu’s expression was dark. Upon forming hand seals, the surrounding flame prison unleashed countless flame serpents.

Those flame serpents shot toward Long Chen, but just as he unleashed this move, Dan Chu’s expression changed. In his fury, he had forgotten that Long Chen still had his powerful flame dragon.

The huge flame dragon roared and devoured tens of thousands of the flame serpents in one gulp.

Those flame serpents were all three thousand meters long, while the flame dragon was thirty thousand meters long. But Huo Long had...

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