Chapter 1208 Dan Chu

These countless flame chains had appeared without any warning, sealing all of heaven and earth. Long Chen had instantly stopped upon sensing the danger, but he was already trapped.

This had happened far too suddenly, as if it had been set up perfectly right for him. But Long Chen hadn’t sensed the slightest danger.

Long Chen was extremely confident in the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. Other than those twin assassins who were able to absorb each other’s killing intent, any evil intentions toward him would be sensed. But something like the twin assassins was far too rare.

Long Chen quickly came up with a hypothesis that perhaps the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art was only most sensitive to killing intent. Perhaps because his opponent didn’t want to kill him, they had managed to elude the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art’s senses.

As for Huo Long, by the time it sensed the danger, it was too late. Violet flames had filled the world around him, and there was nowhere to run.

A flame appeared in the air, condensing into an extremely young, long-haired man. His complexion was fair, and his eyes were electric. Violet flame runes were leaping in his eyes. Long Chen sensed extremely terrifying energy coming from him.

Just at this moment, Huo Long began to grow agitated. It told him that this man controlled an incredibly powerful Earth Flame.

Earth Flames had sharp senses toward each other, as well as an innate hostility. They all devoured each other to grow.

But what shocked Long Chen was that Huo Long was afraid of this violet flame. In other words, this flame had surpassed the realm that Huo Long could handle.

“Long Chen, I didn’t expect you to fall into my hands.” The man in violet flames looked at Long Chen with a faint smile.

He was standing in the air, looking at him as if he was prey that was stuck in a trap and had nowhere to go. He was the hunter, in complete control.

“You are from the Pill Tower?” asked Long Chen.

Long Chen sensed the specific aura and spiritual fluctuations of an alchemist. There was no doubt that this person was an alchemist, and for him to be so young and possess such a cultivation base already, as well as such a terrifying Earth Flame, he had to be from the Pill Tower.

“My name is Dan Chu.” The man indifferently looked at Long Chen, not exactly answering his question.

Long Chen’s pupils shrank slightly. He suddenly recalled that he had heard this name before. “The one claimed to be the Seven Star Tower’s number one alchemist genius is you?”

The Seven Star Tower was one of the Central Plains’ nine Pill Towers. They went from the One Star Tower to the Nine Star Tower.

The Central Plains was just too huge, and there needed to be nine Pill Towers spread throughout its territory. Each one of them was in charge of one area. The nine Pill Towers rarely had any dealings with each other because they were so far apart. They all simply followed Pill Valley’s instructions.

As for the Seven Star Tower, it was located in the eastern region of the Central Plains. It had countless experts of the Pill Dao, and they were in charge of the medicinal pill supply within this region.

During his interactions with the Xuantian Dao Sect’s Alchemy Pavilion, he had heard Dan Chu’s name. He was the Seven Star Tower’s top genius, with unrivaled pill arts and terrifying combat powers.

“Since you know my name, there’s no need for me to do anything. Allow yourself to be captured. There’s no point in struggling,” said Dan Chu coldly, his hands clasped behind his back. “Originally, with my status, capturing you like this isn’t even a win for me. But my time is precious, and I don’t have time for you to recover. Allowing yourself to be captured is your only option.”

The flames around Dan Chu were constantly leaping, making him look like a flame god looking down on Long Chen.

“Hahahaha!” Long Chen couldn’t help but laugh as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world. “If these words came from those two assassins or the three idiots of the ancient races, perhaps I’d be able to accept them. But from you? Perhaps you might not believe me when I say this, but I happen to be the true ancestor of you children playing with fire!”

Right now, Long Chen’s spiritual yuan had been exhausted. Any other rank eight Celestial might have the power to kill him. But only this person was an exception.

“Contemptible little brat, be suppressed!”

Dan Chu’s expression sank. As an alchemy genius and a possessor of a terrifying Earth Flame, he had never encountered someone who was a match for him in the same realm whether it was in the Pill Dao or Martial Dao.

Long Chen’s shameless boast as the ancestor of playing with fire was the greatest disrespect to the entire Pill Dao.

Dan Chu waved his hand, and flame runes fell from the sky like a river of stars, enveloping Long Chen.

Right now, the entire world was filled with flames. As Dan Chu attacked, the chains didn’t show the slightest sign of weakening or budging. This was to prevent Long Chen from escaping.

Long Chen formed hand seals, forming a flame barrier around himself that blocked these violet flames. But Long Chen’s expression quickly changed. He found these violet flames were capable of burning anything. They were even starting to incinerate his flames.

“Hmph, my Soul Devouring Violet Flame is ranked thirty-sixth on the Earth Flame Rankings. As for your Earth Flame, it probably can’t even enter the top fifty. Just what are you supposed to take out to fight me?” sneered Dan Chu. In his eyes, Long Chen’s struggle was like a bug trying to stop a carriage.

Long Chen’s spiritual yuan was low right now, and this would only cause his spiritual yuan to run out faster.

“Don’t try to use your own little experience to judge other people’s strength. That will only show how stupid you are,” sneered Long Chen, feigning calm.

But his voice was clearly lacking confidence. He was clearly forcing himself, and he was even starting to sweat. His Earth Flame was fundamentally unable to contend against the Soul Devouring Violet Flame.

Within the Xuantian Dao Sect, Long Chen had obtained multiple Earth Flames that Huo Long had devoured, allowing it to grow. But it truly was as Dan Chu said, there was no way its power would allow it to enter the top fifty on the Earth Flame Rankings. It probably wouldn’t even be able to enter the top sixty.

The difference between the two was too great. Continuing like this was hopeless for Long Chen.

“Long Chen, I’ll give you one chance. Hand over your treasure that allows you to raise other people’s Celestial ranks and I will allow you to become my follower. You’ll receive a hundred times better treatment than if you stayed in your Xuantian Dao Sect,” said Dan Chu upon seeing Long Chen bitterly enduring. His spiritual yuan was rapidly running out.

Long Chen’s heart shook. So others had already set their sights on his treasures.

“I don’t have any such treasure, nor do I have any secrets. All your little schemes were useless. Don’t even think about obtaining anything,” said Long Chen through clenched teeth.

In truth, Long Chen’s mind was rapidly working. Just who had exposed this secret? According to reason, the Xuan Master had already taken responsibility for the raising of the Dragonblood Legion’s Celestial ranks.

That should make it so people didn’t suspect him. And even if there were suspicions, they should only be suspicions. But Dan Chu’s tone showed that he was completely sure of this. That puzzled Long Chen.

That was why Long Chen was being ambiguous. With his last sentence, he even ended up contradicting himself.

“Hmph, you refuse to admit it? Xuan Jizi assured the Tower Master with his own head that you have some kind of amazing treasure. If you hand it over right now, it won’t be too late. My promise to you will still hold.”

As Dan Chu said this, he sent more violet flames to wrap around Long Chen, not giving him any breathing room. He rapidly exhausted Long Chen’s spiritual yuan, not giving him time to think, forcing him to make a decision.

Long Chen immediately understood. So it was that bastard Xuan Jizi. It was this fellow’s scheming that had incited the Pill Tower to target him.

Thinking of this, he also realized that everything happening within the Four Nations Ancient Remnant would also be under the control of the Pill Tower.

Without the Pill Tower’s support, the Grand Han definitely wouldn’t have had the guts to so publicly break the treaty between the four nations. Now they had Pill Valley’s support and were working together with the Bloodkill Hall and the ancient races.

He had long since heard that amongst the four nations, the Grand Xia had the worst relationship with the Pill Tower. The biggest reason for this was the Wine God Palace.

As for the nation with the best relationship with Pill Tower, it would have to be the Grand Han. Then based on various indications that the Grand Han had run into a wall with the Wine God Palace and had to entirely throw themselves to the Pill Tower, everything logically fell into place.

Seeing Long Chen was still bitterly enduring, Dan Chu was a bit shocked. Long Chen’s tenacity was greater than he had imagined. Even after this long, he was still enduring.

“Your struggle has no meaning. I don’t mind telling you that this time, the Grand Han is preparing to devour the elites of all the other three nations. With Xuan Jizi’s help, the other three nations’ elites have lost their connection to their dragon veins. In other words, the Grand Xia, Grand Zhou, and Grand Chu’s princes will be unable to draw out their dragon vein energy to support themselves in battle, making them much weaker than normal. Perhaps they’ve already died to the Grand Han’s experts. No one will come to save you,” said Dan Chu indifferently.

This was a mental tactic. He hoped to use this to break Long Chen’s defenses and have him hand over his treasures and secrets.

People were all greedy. Dan Chu hoped to get Long Chen’s treasures and secrets for himself. If he could, he didn’t want to give them to the Tower Master, Dan Teng.

“Hmph, is the Grand Han not afraid of the other three nations learning the truth and joining hands to destroy them?” asked Long Chen coldly.

“Learning the truth? Once they’re killed, due to the lost connection with their dragon veins, not even their emperors will know who did it. The truth is, some mysterious lifeforms appeared in the Four Nations Ancient Remnant this time, and they slaughtered the four nations’ experts. Three of those nations’ elites were all killed, while the Grand Han also took heavy losses, with only a few imperial disciples managing to escape. What do you think about this truth?” sneered Dan Chu.

“So what you’re saying is that once this ‘truth’ is announced, when the Grand Xia, Grand Zhou, and Grand Chu target the Grand Han, your Pill Tower will come to stand behind the Grand Han?” demanded Long Chen.

“But of course. The truth needs to be defended by others. The Grand Han will have my Pill Tower’s support, as well as the ancient races’ protection. And if the three nations refuse to behave, the Bloodkill Hall will pay them a bit of special attention. Tell me, what kind of waves could the three nations possibly cause?”

Dan Chu’s voice was completely indifferent, but his words caused Long Chen’s killing intent to rise.

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