Chapter 1207 Surrounded by Powerful Enemies

Long Chen had no choice but to run. He sensed three extremely terrifying auras rushing straight over here.

Those three auras were different from the auras of ordinary cultivators. They possessed an ancient bloodline power, the specific aura of the ancient races. They had to be top geniuses of the ancient races.

For the Bloodkill Hall’s experts and the ancient races’ experts to appear at the same time, there was no chance of it being a coincidence. One of the four nations had definitely brought them.

And it was very likely that these people had entered solely to kill him. So without even thinking about it, Long Chen ran.

The fur boots on his feet lit up, and he crossed a dozen miles in a single step. He disappeared in an instant.

He had only just disappeared when three experts arrived. Their leader was the eagle-eyed expert.

At this time, he had a huge pair of wings extended on his back, and he looked like a human-shaped bird. He started to chase after Long Chen but he stopped, his expression sinking. “We’re too late, he’s already gone.”

“What a waste. If we had gotten here just one step sooner, he’d never have been able to run,” said one of them, a large man with two long tusks protruding out of his mouth.

His voice was very deep, and it rumbled through the air powerfully. Those two tusks didn’t bend inwards, but upwards, like elephant tusks.

In truth, this ancient race expert was a descendant of the human race and an ancient elephant race. He was born with innately great power.

The other one didn’t speak. His mouth was quite frightening. He had fangs and fur, and was a member of a tiger race.

Adding on the eagle-eyed expert, the ancient races had sent out three races’ top junior disciples to kill Long Chen this time.

The ancient races had the pride of the ancient races. They needed to use disciples in the same realm to kill Long Chen, or they would be mocked.

The three of them were all rank eight Celestials, and they had extremely powerful bloodlines which allowed them to inherit divine arts.

According to the ancient races’ estimate, any one of them would be enough to kill Long Chen. But to be sure, they had still sent three of them, as well as a dozen rank seven Celestials.

The reason they had sent so many people was because they wanted to kill Long Chen before the Bloodkill Hall could get to him.

If Long Chen was killed by the Bloodkill Hall, he would become a stain on the ancient races’ pride that they would never be able to wash away.

Having sensed the battle, the three of them had rushed over. The eagle-eyed expert was the fastest, but he had still been one step too late.

He wanted to chase, but he had already lost Long Chen’s tracks. He couldn’t sense which direction he had gone, so he was filled with fury.

He had just been a bit away from being able to report a successfully accomplished mission. But just that little bit allowed Long Chen to escape.

The three of them looked at each other, and one of them sneered, “The acclaimed unrivaled assassins who can kill anyone below rank nine Celestials ended up like this? The Bloodkill Hall really knows how to brag.”

“What do you think you’re doing?” demanded the Bloodkill Hall’s assassin.

“What am I doing? Before entering, your bragging was capable of shaking the heavens. Didn’t you say that as long as you saw Long Chen, there would be no chance of him escaping, and so you refused to exchange communication devices with us? But instead, you were almost killed by Long Chen. Is the intelligence of the Bloodkill Hall’s disciples so low? You don’t even understand what I’m saying?” sneered the ancient race expert.

In truth, before entering this world, the Pill Tower’s experts had told everyone to keep a communication device in case they noticed Long Chen and weren’t sure they could kill him. They could release a signal in secret if they found him, and then everyone could gather to kill him.

But the Bloodkill Hall’s experts were extremely prideful, and they were not in the habit of working together with others.

Their arrogance had dissatisfied the ancient races’ experts, and they had almost started fighting right there. So now seeing the Bloodkill Hall’s experts in such a miserable state, if they didn’t throw some stones at them while they were down, the ancient races’ experts would feel like they were letting them down, considering their braggart words back then.

“Hmph, you have no qualifications to mock us. At least we managed to find Long Chen and exchange blows with him. But you? You weren’t even able to touch a single strand of Long Chen’s hair. You saw his shadow, but so what? The Giant Eagle race claimed to be unrivaled in speed was unable to even catch him, but has the face to mock others?” sneered the Bloodkill Hall’s assassin.

“Shameful things, you’re asking for it!” The elephant race expert roared, and his aura exploded, giving off a berserk pressure.

The two assassins’ expressions sank. As the reapers who moved in the dark, their greatest taboo was when people called them shameful. “Human beast hybrids, you’re the ones asking for it!”

“Kill them!”

The assassins’ cursing infuriated the three ancient race experts, and the eagle-eyed expert took the lead in attacking.

But the two assassins ended up using some unknown movement ability to escape their blockade in an instant. When they saw them again, they were already a hundred miles away, disappearing in just a few blinks.

“Let’s chase and cut them down!” roared the elephant race expert. Being called human beast hybrids was an insult to all the ancient races. It was a blasphemy to their ancestors.

But the giant eagle race expert stopped them. “We’ll handle the two of them later. Those shameful pieces of trash, they are skilled in running, and our chances of catching up to them are basically zero. Don’t waste time on them. In truth, the two of them are very powerful, and the fact that Long Chen was able to injure them like this means we can’t be careless. Split up and search for him, and warn the other disciples to keep their signals ready. Our mission is to kill long Chen before the Bloodkill Hall.”

The two of them nodded, and the three of them split up in search of Long Chen.

Long Chen fled as quickly as possible, sighing regretfully. These two fur boots had truly helped him out. They had the ability of contracting the land between his steps, increasing his speed. He traveled through the air easily, and his close-range fighting ability would become even stronger as well.

“Fuck, those two twin assassins are way too ridiculous. Both of them are rank eight Celestials? How the hell did that manage to happen?”

Long Chen was speechless inside. If he had been fighting just one of them, he wouldn’t be afraid. Even without using the arm protector or the boots, he’d be able to kill them.

But when the two worked together, their combat abilities multiplied, and their seamless cooperation and crafty tricks were very difficult to deal with.

They had made his movements a mess, and if he hadn’t used the arm protector and boots to heavily injure one, he wouldn’t have even had a chance to use the fourth form of Split the Heavens.

Most disheartening of all, despite using those two hidden treasures, he still hadn’t been able to kill them. Furthermore, he could vaguely sense that the two of them still had many trump cards that they hadn’t used.

He only had this one chance to cut them down, but he hadn’t succeeded. Next time, they definitely wouldn’t give him such a good opportunity.

In their first fight, those assassins had completely suppressed him. Now that they had experience in fighting him and had forced out his trump cards, it would be even more dangerous.

As for those three auras that had appeared at the end, they had also been extremely terrifying. Their auras had caused his scalp to turn numb. That meant they had the power to push him to the brink of death.

Long Chen was now sure that he was being targeted within the Four Nations Ancient Remnant. Someone had set up a death trap for him.

These people were different from Li Wanji or Xia Youluo. They were true experts, and their cultivation bases were piled up from the lives of countless experts.

Although they were both in the late Foundation Forging realm and also rank eight Celestials, in terms of combat power, these people were many times stronger than Li Wanji.

Long Chen’s heart felt a bit heavy now. Before he could even think of coming up with a way to handle those twin assassins, another three more terrifying ancient race experts arrived. Now there were five rank eight Celestials after him, and he didn’t dare to go head-on against them.

What worried him the most was a certain bad feeling he had. There was no way the Grand Xia would have let those people in, so they had to have entered from either the Grand Han, Grand Zhou, or Grand Chu. Regardless of which ancient nation they had come from, his main worry was their goal.

One nation had brought in enough people to exterminate the elites of all the other three ancient nations. If that nation was cooperating with the Bloodkill Hall and ancient races, then their goal was even more worrisome.

Long Chen knew that in accordance with the four nations’ agreement, each nation was permitted to allow at most one outsider disciple to enter the Four Nations Ancient Remnant. Furthermore, their cultivation base could not surpass the average cultivation base of all the disciples.

Long Chen’s cultivation base was only at the fourth Heavenstage of Foundation Forging, while the experts that entered the Four Nations Ancient Remnant were at least at the eighth Heavenstage of Foundation Forging. Over half were at the ninth Heavenstage, and a portion of those people had reached the peak of that realm.

So the Grand Xia hadn’t broken the terms by doing this, but others had clearly gone against their treaty, making Long Chen feel a sense of dread. He hoped he hadn’t brought the Grand Xia trouble.

Long Chen was rushing away quickly in hopes of finding a good place to rest when Huo Long suddenly gave him a warning of danger.

Heaven and earth suddenly shook as flames filled the air. Everything within thousands of miles was locked down by flame chains. Long Chen instantly became a fish caught in a net.

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