Chapter 1207 Surrounded by Powerful Enemies (Teaser)

Long Chen had no choice but to run. He sensed three extremely terrifying auras rushing straight over here.

Those three auras were different from the auras of ordinary cultivators. They possessed an ancient bloodline power, the specific aura of the ancient races. They had to be top geniuses of the ancient races.

For the Bloodkill Hall’s experts and the ancient races’ experts to appear at the same time, there was no chance of it being a coincidence. One of the four nations had definitely brought them.

And it was very likely that these people had entered solely to kill him. So without even thinking about it, Long Chen ran.

The fur boots on his feet lit up, and he crossed a dozen miles in a single step. He disappeared in an instant.

He had only just disappeared when three experts arrived. Their leader was the eagle-eyed expert.

At this time, he had a huge pair of wings extended on his back, and he looked like a human-shaped bird. He started to chase after Long Chen but he stopped, his expression sinking. “We’re too...

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