Chapter 1206 Bloodkill 10

Those two numbers were 10. In other words, both these assassins were Bloodkill 10.

“Originally, we were a bit displeased when we received the order to kill you. We’ve never killed people with lower cultivation bases than us. But fortunately, you didn’t disappoint us. Otherwise, even if we killed you, it would be an unremovable stain on our lives,” said one of them.

Long Chen was truly shocked to learn that despite their terrifying assassination arts, they were only ranked tenth. Did the Bloodkill Hall really possess such a powerful foundation?

But hearing their arrogance, he sneered. “Stain? Are you joking? You shameless, despicable assassins care about stains? To kill people, you’ll use any means necessary. For profit, you’ll even kill your father, mother, and wife. You’ll casually use such despicable means, so are you trying to make me laugh to death?”

“You don’t comprehend. That is the art of killing. Only relying on brute force to fight has no suspense. Without adding some skill and tension into it, it’s a blasphemy to killing,” said that person coldly.

“I can’t be bothered to talk with such brainless idiots. Let me ask you, once I kill you, what kind of assassins will the Bloodkill Hall send after me? Rank eight Celestials?” asked Long Chen.

“If you can kill us, it will be rank nine Celestials coming after you, because… we are already rank eight Celestials.”

Both of their hidden auras began to slowly rise. Heavenly Dao energy started to fill the air with horrifying pressure.

“We are ranked tenth, while the one ranked ninth is already a rank nine Celestial. In other words, the two of us are the strongest assassins below rank nine Celestials. But you don’t need to worry, because first of all, they aren’t within this region, so you won’t run into them, and second, you will die to the two of us, so you don’t need to worry about other assassins.”

In their eyes, Long Chen was already a turtle trapped in a jar. They weren’t the slightest bit nervous. This confidence of theirs came from the countless souls that had died beneath their blades.

“Then let’s see. Show me the amazing arts of your Bloodkill Hall.”

“Divine ring!”

“Four Star Battle Armor!”

“Green Dragon Battle Armor!”

Long Chen’s divine ring revolved behind him, four stars appeared in his eyes, and green scales covered his body. Berserk energy shook the nine heavens.

Both of their hearts shook. Although they had read the reports that Long Chen’s cultivation base was extremely domineering and would bring his power to an extremely terrifying level, they still hadn’t expected his power to have reached this level. Not daring to tarry, the manifestations of rank eight Celestials erupted, and surprisingly two blood-colored runes appeared on their foreheads.

These blood-colored runes linked up with their manifestations. The manifestation of a rank eight Celestial was already terrifying enough, but now their manifestations began to rumble and emit even greater power.


Long Chen saber clashed with their swords. What shocked Long Chen was that even in terms of power, he was unable to find any advantage over them.

Now he understood that the change in their manifestations allowed them to unleash a power that far surpassed ordinary rank eight Celestials.

“Long Chen, you’ll definitely die today!” One of them stamped on the air and transformed into a shadow, shooting toward Long Chen, his sword slashing at him.

BOOM! Long Chen was shocked to find that the power behind this sword was so great that it sent him flying, and he almost coughed up blood. His arm was now a bit numb.

Looking at his shock, that person indifferently said, “The two of us can not only link up our minds, but even our Heavenly Dao manifestations. When he’s not attacking, I can use his Heavenly Dao energy, and when I’m not attacking, he can use mine. Tell me, how are you supposed to fight against us? Just die in peace. Those who blaspheme the Killing God must receive the Killing God’s punishment!”

This was Long Chen’s first time hearing about such terrifying combination arts. However, such people were far too rare.

Even twins wouldn’t necessarily be able to connect their minds, and even if they did, could they both be such powerful geniuses?

Blooddrinker danced in the air, and Long Chen’s immortal platforms were all activated, giving him endless energy. That feeling of his power being too much for his body once more appeared, and a sour, numb feeling appeared. That was a sign that if he continued using the power of his immortal platforms, his body would collapse.

Long Chen grumbled inside. Eighty percent of his power was the limit. Any more and it would cause the opposite effect.

If he used any more power, he would also be injured by it. He would end up taking more damage than his opponent, and not only would that waste the life energy in the primal chaos space, but it would also expose his weakness.

The main problem was that their attacks were absolutely seamless. He didn’t have any chance to unleash any big moves.

Let alone Star Fall or the fourth form of Split the Heavens, he wasn’t even able to unleash the third form of Split the Heavens, and the time it took him to use it was basically zero.

Although the casting time had been reduced as much as possible, in front of these terrifying assassins with immense experience, all his big moves were interrupted, forcing him to constantly retreat.

If it was a one against one, Long Chen would have many ways to pull the distance apart and unleash one of his powerful moves. But in this two against one, he had zero opportunity.

It was the opposite. With two of their powerful rank eight Celestial manifestations supporting one person at a time, he was at an immense disadvantage.

The two of them could unleash their powerful moves at will, while Long Chen could only use simple moves to block. It was far too sullen, but also something he was helpless about.

Furthermore, Long Chen was infuriated by their irritating mouths. They were constantly saying some badass words.

In truth, that was also a tactic. By angering a person and disrupting their mind, it would be easier for them to reveal a fatal opening.

“Long Chen, don’t struggle so uselessly. There’s no way for you to escape today…” said one of them as his sword fell. Both their manifestations gave him power. It was basically cheating.

“Fuck off!” Long Chen’s boots suddenly began to shine, and with a single step, he disappeared from that person’s sight. He merely saw a figure shooting toward his twin.

“Careful, he’s going over to you!” That person hastily dispersed his Heavenly Dao energy for his twin to use.

“Watch out!” He had only just done that when he heard his brother’s warning.

PFFT! Blood splashed as that person’s waist was cut through.

Just now, Long Chen had activated the King item fur boots on his feet, pushing his speed to his peak in an instant. But he hadn’t charged at the other assassin, just simply flown into the air.

The figure this person had seen was just some robes Long Chen had thrown out. Because he had gone too fast, he had merely seen a figure moving and hadn’t been able to tell it was just clothing.

Once he was duped, Long Chen appeared behind him, cutting him in half. Originally, Long Chen had thought this would be able to kill him.

But as his saber had cut through him, the Heavenly Dao energy he had scattered now returned, and it blocked the majority of Long Chen’s power. As a result, he only managed to cut him in half without completely destroying him.

Before Long Chen could attack again, the other assassin’s sword slashed down. Space began to crazily twist with his attack, and he was clearly intent on forcing Long Chen to block him in order to give his twin some breathing room.

Long Chen snorted and raised his left hand. It began to shine and directly met his sword. At the same time, Blooddrinker slashed toward the other assassin who had just reconnected his body.

“What?” When Long Chen blocked with his arm guard, he suddenly sensed a gentle energy forcing his body to the side.

He couldn’t help being shocked. The Bloodkill Hall’s experts were truly amazing. In the instant the sword struck his arm protector, the assassin changed his move, going from a direct fierce hack to an absorptive move, causing his saber to deviate from its original path.

As a result, the assassin Long Chen was attacking was merely sent flying. He wildly vomited blood, his body covered in cracks. Long Chen sighed with regret. He had just been the slightest bit off from killing him.

“Bloodkill Life Ending Slash!”

The other assassin was shocked. Just now, his twin had almost been killed. He had never thought Long Chen would be able to fight back this well. In his fury, his sword suddenly exploded with light.

“Split the Heavens 4!” But using this kind of ultimate move also gave Long Chen time for his own move. Without even thinking about it, he directly used the fourth form of Split the Heavens. A huge saber-image tore into the air, looking like it could cut through the river of stars.

BOOM!!! Their attacks smashed together. After this long of an intense fight, this was the first clash of their ultimate moves.

The ground exploded and qi waves raged. Both of them vomited a mouthful of blood. As for the other assassin, although he had already fled quite far, he was still struck by the qi waves and blown into the air, wildly vomiting blood. He fainted.

Long Chen was covered in blood now, and he blessed his luck that he had only used a tenth of his immortal platforms to unleash the fourth form of Split the Heavens. If he had used a fourth like he had been doing before he would definitely be heavily injured, if not dead.

He was panting slightly after this intense battle. He had used up a great deal of his spiritual yuan, and their practically cheating cooperation arts had been extremely irritating to fight against. He had wasted a great deal of spiritual yuan to handle their fighting style.

Long Chen stamped on the ground, chasing after them. Right now, the Bloodkill Hall’s assassin was carrying his unconscious twin and preparing to run. But how could Long Chen give up this chance to kill them?

However, he had only taken a couple of steps when his expression changed. The fur boots on his feet lit up, and he turned and fled.

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