Chapter 1205 Terrifying Twin Assassins

What Long Chen hadn’t expected was that this seemingly simple black pot was shockingly heavy. It was like a mountain.

“This black pot can’t be ordinary. Fortunately, I came here before its runes completely failed, or it’d also have decayed.” Long Chen blessed his luck.

Due to how much time had passed, the black pot’s runes had reached the verge of collapsing. Once an item’s runes collapsed, even a King item would become nothing more than scrap metal.

Just now, Long Chen’s spiritual yuan had saved it from the brink. But as for what level of treasure this pot was, he would have to wait until it had recovered to see.

Right now, at best, it could only count as having been given a reprieve from death. Long Chen would need to continuously nourish it for a long time before being able to use it, but he didn’t have that time right now.

The water jar, earthen hearth, black pot, they all made this room look like an ordinary farmer’s house. Pushing open another door, he saw a brick bed. It seemed like there should have been various family tools on the bed, but now there was only a pile of dust.

Long Chen closed his eyes and sensed his surroundings. He sighed. This wasn’t actually an inheritance. It was very likely a childhood memory of this minor world’s master.

It seemed the master of this world had used this small house as a recollection of their memories. That was because Long Chen saw a few piles of dust that seemed to be a child’s toys.

For an ordinary farming family’s child to end up stepping on the path of cultivation and even ascend to the immortal world, their life had to have been marvelous.

But also just from the air of this house, it seemed that this person also had to have been very solitary. They had used the memories of their youth to comfort themselves.

Carefully looking around for a while longer, he didn’t notice anything valuable. He saw some farming tools that should have been King items, but their runes had already lost effect and they had rusted, becoming scrap metal.

Once more walking around and confirming there were no treasures, Long Chen left. He had only just exited the house when he saw two people staring at him.

These two were both Foundation Forging experts who had reached the late stage. A powerful Heavenly Dao pressure came from their bodies, and based on their auras, Long Chen judged them to be rank six Celestials.

Their robes had an immortal character on the front: Zhou, meaning they were from one of the four ancient nations, the Grand Zhou.

“Kill him!” They exchanged a glance and suddenly attacked at the same time. Sword-light struck like lightning as they immediately used killing blows.

Long Chen extended his hands and caught their two swords. He stared icily at them.

The two of them were shocked. They had struck as fast as possible, so they hadn’t been able to store up energy, but this attack was still eighty percent of their peak. Furthermore, their swords were exceptionally sharp, as they were both King items.

But this fellow in front of them, who didn’t even have any Heavenly Dao aura, was able to catch them with his bare hands.

“In your next life, don’t be so greedy.” Long Chen snorted and pressed forward lightly. The sword hilts in their hands slammed into their chests, directly killing them in body and soul.

Their bodies fell to the ground, their eyes listless and still filled with shock. A fist-sized hole had appeared in their chests.

Taking their spatial rings, Long Chen looked and didn’t see anything valuable inside. The most valuable items were their two weapons.

Putting away their swords, he patted his hands and left the forest. These two experts from the Grand Zhou gave Long Chen a reminder, and he now spread out his divine sense to avoid being sneak attacked.

Xia Yunfeng’s words had been entirely correct. As long it was enticing enough, as long as they were strong enough, an alliance was nonsense. Those two had moved to instantly kill him without caring about those rules.

Right now, the four ancient nations’ experts were spreading out in a net-like pattern from their transportation points in order to search for their own opportunities.

There were many spots they might intersect, but opportunities were not things that people could find just by searching. It would be up to a person’s luck.

“Mandara Grass.” Long Chen suddenly flew to the peak of a cliff. There was foot-long sawtooth-shaped vegetation there.

This was a ninth tier medicinal ingredient, the Mandara Grass. In truth, it shouldn’t be called medicine, but poison.

It was easily confused with the Mandara Flower, because the two of them looked the exact same. But the Mandara Grass would never bloom. 

Without pollination, it would bear its own fruit. But this fruit was like a soybean, and it alternated between red and green. It was highly toxic.

If a person consumed it, their bodies would rapidly inflate until they exploded. But in Long Chen’s eyes, this was divine medicine.

That was because its fruit could cause his cells to rapidly inflate. Normal people weren’t able to endure that, and they would explode, but he was different. He could borrow the Mandara Grass’s power to strengthen his physical body. Then he would be able to keep up with the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art’s power.

Although this kind of strengthening was limited, just increasing the strength of his physical body by ten percent would be good. Otherwise, having the power but not being able to release it would drive him crazy.

It was like a person had ten thousand pounds of strength, but their physical bodies could only endure a thousand pounds of force. They would be unable to bring out their true power in battle, and that was too depressing.

Placing the Mandara Grass into his primal chaos space, Long Chen’s heart suddenly shook, and lightning flashed around him. He looked like he had teleported, appearing thirty meters to the side.

A sword appeared right where Long Chen had been standing. Although Long Chen had reacted in the first moment, the sword still cut across his back, leaving a half-a-foot-long wound. Blood ran down his robes.

This sword had come without any warning at all. It had come noiselessly and without the slightest killing intent. Long Chen had only sensed it right before it pierced his clothes. This was an absolutely terrifying attack that would take a person’s life before they even realized they were in danger.

Long Chen instantly felt a numbing sensation spreading from his back. It was clear this sword had poison applied to it to numb his nerves and slow his movements.

Long Chen had only just flown to the side when another figure appeared beside him like a phantom, slashing his sword at him. Light filled the air.

Long Chen snorted and circulated the primal chaos bead. The sensation of numbness instantly faded, and Blooddrinker appeared in his hands.

Long Chen already knew who his opponents were. With such powerful cultivation bases, with such terrifying assassination arts, and to be even shameless enough to poison their swords, they could only be from the Bloodkill Hall.

Just as Blooddrinker was about to meet that person, Long Chen’s expression suddenly changed, and he smashed his fist to the side.

BANG! A hidden sword was blown away by Long Chen’s fist, and space crumbled, revealing another figure.

When his fist blocked this sneak-attacking sword, the previous sword that was unleashing blazing light into the sky vanished, and another sword stabbed toward his chest from an inconceivable angle.

Long Chen finally realized that the blinding light this person had unleashed had been to block his senses. It hadn’t been the true killing blow.

The worst thing about this attack was how his assailants were seamlessly cooperating. There was simply no way to dodge.

The sword stabbed through Long Chen. The poison on it caused his body to turn numb, with half of it no longer listening to his commands.

At the same time, the energy within the sword was about to erupt within his body. If it did, Long Chen wouldn’t have a corpse left. These two were extremely terrifying assassins.

Their cooperation made it so Long Chen had no way to release his full power. 

With this sword stabbing through his body, Long Chen had already lost half his life.

“Die!” Just as the assassin’s power was about to erupt out of his sword, he felt a burst of pain on his forehead. At some unknown point, Long Chen had managed to press his blood-red saber against his forehead.

Long Chen’s current expression was frighteningly calm. He was completely ignoring the sword stabbing through him to kill this person in a suicidal move.

The assassin sneered and moved back. He appeared tens of meters away in an instant, surprisingly giving up on killing Long Chen.

However, just as he retreated, another sword stabbed toward Long Chen’s back. There wasn’t the slightest opening between one sword retreating and one sword attacking. There was no chance to dodge.

But just as that sword was about to pierce Long Chen’s body, a dragon’s roar filled the air and a lightning dragon appeared suddenly, sending that person flying.

Long Chen stood on the lightning dragon’s head, flying into the air. The two of them were stunned at not having killed Long Chen with their combination attack.

“Although I look down on your Bloodkill Hall, I have to admit you really surprise me,” said Long Chen indifferently as he looked at his injury.

“Long Chen, you also surprise us. The two of us have never failed to assassinate a target together before,” said one of them. He slowly took off his hat, and the other one mimicked him. Their movements were the exact same.

“So that’s what it was. Twin brothers with hearts connected, you allow one person to absorb the other’s killing intent so that it can’t be sensed. As a result, your attack truly can’t be blocked. Amazing,” praised Long Chen, resting Blooddrinker on his shoulder.

Although he despised the Bloodkill Hall’s style, he had to admit these twins were terrifying. They had almost killed him.

That wasn’t because he had been careless. His divine sense had been active at all times, and he had been circulating the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, but he still hadn’t sensed the two of them. That was their true shocking ability.

However, this kind of ability could not be replicated. When one person attacked, the other absorbed their killing intent, making it so even the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art hadn’t been able to sense the attack. That truly was worthy of Long Chen’s praise.

“It seems that since you didn’t immediately flee, you’re confident in a head-on battle? Then before that battle, can you tell me your numbers?” asked Long Chen.

The two of them extended their arms at the same time, revealing two numbers.

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