Chapter 1204 Black Pot

Heaven and earth shook. The mist rolled out as the spatial channel in front of them gradually stabilized.

“The channel is ready. Quick, enter!” shouted Xia Yunfeng. Because the Four Nations Ancient Remnant was a broken world, the channel would only be stable for an extremely short amount of time. They only had a few breaths to enter before it closed.

Furthermore, once it closed, it would be impossible to enter again. Seven days later, when the channel once more opened, it would only allow people to leave.

Everyone rapidly charged through the channel. Less than a breath’s time after their figures vanished, the channel closed, forming a huge vortex in the air.


Not long after Long Chen and the others entered the Four Nations Ancient Remnant, explosions rocked Grand Xia City at nine different points. The city shook, and countless people looked around in shock, not knowing what had happened. Panicked cries rang out.

“What happened?!”

“Are experts sneak attacking Grand Xia City?!”

Countless experts flew into the air. Chaos raged for a while.

“Don’t panic! It was nothing more than a little prank used to frighten people. There’s no danger. Everyone can get back to their business.” Xia Yuyang’s voice resounded throughout Grand Xia City, calming people.

At the same time, news spread that people had detonated nine explosive talismans in nine places of the Grand Xia. It had caused a huge disturbance, but it didn’t cause any significant damage.

Whoever had detonated the talismans had been blown apart by the explosions, so there was no way to tell who had done it.

This happened very suddenly, causing quite a fuss. But things quickly calmed down. The Grand Xia’s imperial guards were investigating suspicious people.

But within the Grand Xia’s imperial palace, Xia Yuyang’s face was dark. Beside him, the white-haired elder’s expression was also grave.

“The dragon vein link has been severed. Yun-er and Chong-er, they’re all in danger.” Xia Yuyang’s gaze was electric as terrifying killing intent rose within him.

Each of the four ancient nations possessed a dragon vein, with the four dragon veins looking like they were facing a dragon pearl. They maintained a subtle balance.

The dragon veins were condensations of their nations’ karmic luck. The emperor of a nation would take up sixty percent of that karmic luck.

The heirs of the emperor would take up thirty percent, while the remaining ten percent was evenly split amongst the commoners.

Xia Yuyang was emperor, and he controlled sixty percent of his nation’s karmic luck. That was why there was a dragon vein manifestation around him that Long Chen had sensed.

As for Xia Yunchong, Xia Yunfeng, and Xia Youluo, they were also supported by the dragon vein. Just like Xia Yuyang, they could use a portion of the dragon vein’s power to unleash great power.

However, after those nine explosions, the dragon vein karmic luck which was linked to Xia Youluo and the others had been severed from Xia Yuyang’s senses. That made his expression change.

Under normal circumstances, if any heirs died, their dragon vein karmic luck would return to the dragon vein, blessing the other heirs.

But this time, the connection to their dragon vein karmic luck had been completely severed. That signified great trouble. Someone had set their sights on the Grand Xia’s karmic luck.

If Xia Yunchong and the others were killed in this state, then thirty percent of the Grand Xia’s dragon vein karmic luck would forever disappear. That was completely unacceptable. If such a thing happened, the grand Xia would quickly decline until it completely collapsed.

“It seems they came prepared. But just who was so arrogant as to break the subtle balance between the four dragon veins? It’s unknown if it’s three dragons devouring one or one dragon devouring three,” said the white-haired elder.

For their enemies to dare to do such a thing meant they had been preparing for this for a long time. But understanding that now was too late.

Xia Yuyang darkly said, “Right now I can only wait for any changes. But if my beloved sons and daughters are all killed, I will definitely make them pay a terrifying price.”

The white-haired elder sighed, “It seems your ruling skills still aren’t perfect. You’re already deciding things based on emotion.”

Xia Yuyang bitterly smiled. “Although I treat them severely and heartlessly, that’s simply unavoidable. For the Grand Xia, my Xia family has paid far, far too much. If someone really was willing to take over the Grand Xia and could guarantee the Grand Xia’s peace and prosperity, I’d immediately welcome them and surrender the thone. I wish I could live a peaceful life, and I wish we could enjoy familial love like other families. These children are my reverse scale. If they really fall, there’s no way I’ll consider things from a ruler’s point of view. I will purely act as a father getting revenge for his children.”

Terrifying killing intent rose in Xia Yuyang’s eyes. No father was willing to see his children mercilessly slaughtered by others.

“Perhaps this matter’s not as grave as you think. You’ve forgotten, Long Chen has also gone in. You’ve already planted the seed, and all that’s left is to patiently wait for it to bear fruit,” said the white-haired elder.

Long Chen flew out of the spatial channel. He saw an unending mountain range in front of him surrounding a calm lake. It was extremely peaceful.

“Everyone has a map, so let’s scatter. Everyone can search for their own opportunities. You may not try to harm others, but you must also be on guard of others hurting you. Be careful. Sometimes, in front of profit, an alliance isn’t worth anything,” warned Xia Yunfeng.

Although according to the four nations’ treaty, they were not allowed to attack each other within the Four Nations Ancient Remnant, sometimes treasures would cause a person to strike out of greed. That was not something rare.

One person said that they saw it first, and then someone else said that they saw it first. There was no way to decide the truth of such a thing, so they couldn’t foolishly depend on an alliance.

Everyone nodded and split up. Their time was limited. They only had seven days, so they had to go all-out searching for their own opportunities and testing their luck.

Long Chen checked his map and saw that this world was like a crescent moon. It was like a complete world had been bitten by a huge mouth. The place he was at right now was at a corner of the crescent moon.

Xia Youluo, Xia Yunchong, and the others all said goodbye to Long Chen as they flew out in their own directions.

Long Chen also picked a direction. But he had chosen a different one. He was rushing toward the edge of this small world.

Although this was a minor world, its territory wasn’t that much different from the Grand Xia’s. After a couple hours of rushing, he reached the edge of the world.

He saw endless darkness before him. It was an abyss that stretched into the sky, and countless spatial blades were flying within. This abyss looked like a monster’s mouth that was attempting to devour this world.

“I’ve heard that space is layered like a bee’s honeycomb. As long as you find the spatial channel, you can go to another world. And even without finding the spatial channel, you can charge through the chaotic space to enter another world.”

Long Chen took out a King item spear and carefully inserted it into the black space. As a result, the spear shook slightly. When he pulled it out, he was only left with the half that he hadn’t stuck in.

“Yes, they really were right. If you enter the chaotic flow of space, you will truly enter another world. Yup, you’ll directly go to see a Yama King in another world,” cursed Long Chen. What idiot had come up with that saying? Wasn’t that purely trying to get people killed? This pitch-black space contained power that made Long Chen’s scalp turn numb. Even King items couldn’t go through, let alone people.

He followed the edge of the border. A verdant forest appeared in front of him, and as he flew over, his heart suddenly shook.

Entering the forest, he had only advanced less than a mile before heaven and earth changed. The thick forest vanished, and an old house appeared in front of him.

“There was actually an illusion formation here?” Just now, as he had been flying over the forest, he had vaguely felt that something was off with the forest below. That was why he had gone down to take a look. But he hadn’t thought that the forest was hiding an illusion formation.

Before coming, Xia Yunchong had told Long Chen that the Four Nations Ancient Remnant was something a supreme expert left behind, a remnant of their life in the mortal world before ascending. It was left behind for people with destiny to search within.

In truth, there were many experts who would do something like this, especially cultivators that didn’t belong to any sect and had no disciples to impart their inheritance onto. They would leave behind a portion of their inheritance before dying or ascending in hopes of a destined person coming and carrying on their inheritance.

This small house was clearly an opportunity. Long Chen was delighted. Could it be that his luck was starting to turn?

This small house was very simple, looking just like the home of a secluded farmer. The grass was growing wildly, and there was a simple fence surrounding it. It was full of the air of a farmer’s home.

Long Chen pushed the wooden door open and walked in. Dust sprinkled around him. This was an extremely ancient hut, and even the wood was starting to rot.

The original runes on the wood were starting to peel off. Long Chen knew it was these runes that had supported the house, or it would have long since turned to dust in the river of time.

He saw a water jar inside, but it was already dried up. He wiped a finger around it and sniffed it.

“What pure water energy fluctuations. But there’s nothing left behind now. What was inside this water jar was definitely a treasure back then.” Long Chen helplessly shook his head.

He lightly tapped the water jar, and a light sound rang out. Its runes brightened slightly, and then the jar completely collapsed.

“The water jar was on the level of a King item, but even for a King item, without spiritual yuan nourishing it, once its runic energy runs out, it will also not be able to stop the encroachment of time,” sighed Long Chen.

There was a kitchen stove on the side of the wall. The stove had a pitch-black pot on it.

Long Chen tapped the pot and found that it was still good. He didn’t sense the slightest aura from it though, so he proceeded to place a hand against it.

Buzz. The pot suddenly began to wildly absorb Long Chen’s spiritual yuan. The rust on it began to slowly fall.

“This is a treasure!” Long Chen was shocked and delighted. This pot still had an item-spirit. But he hastily pulled back his hand, because it was absorbing his spiritual yuan at a frightening rate.

It was like a person was dying of thirst in the desert and finally encountered a water source. In just a few breaths, the pot absorbed a tenth of Long Chen’s spiritual yuan.

“Hehe, this black pot is definitely something good. I’m taking it.” Long Chen reached out to grab the pot.

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