Chapter 1203 Heaven-Encompassing Net

The next morning, Long Chen gathered with three thousand people in the Grand Xia’s imperial palace. These people were Foundation Forging experts and had yet to reach their thirties. They were the experts that the Grand Xia sent to enter the Four Nations Ancient Remnant.

It could be said that they were the Grand Xia’s elites. Previously, Long Chen had learned from Xia Yunchong that the Four Nations Ancient Remnant was jointly owned by the four ancient nations.

Other than the Grand Xia and the Grand Han, the other ancient nations were the Grand Zhou and the Grand Chu. All of them were around the same level of power, allowing them to maintain a subtle balance. Although these years the Grand Han had managed to raise their power by starting a culture of worshiping idols, in terms of true power, they weren’t that different.

On the contrary, the Grand Xia had the longest history and greatest foundation. Even the Wine God Palace lay within their borders. Whether it was in terms of name or position, they were ahead of the other three nations.

The Grand Zhou and Grand Chu were neither friendly nor hostile with the Grand Xia. Back then, the Grand Xia had had a good relationship with the Grand Han, but later the Grand Han had been too shameless, saying that everything was theirs, causing conflicts to arise between them. However, the four ancient nations had never truly started a war between them.

That was because the four ancient nations stood outside the Central Plains’ cultivation world. The reason they were able to receive the cultivation world’s approval was mostly due to the respect toward their inheritances and long-lasting history.

If the four nations started a huge war, weakening their power and killing their people, the Central Plains’ other powers would take advantage. At that time, their territories would be snatched up, and the four ancient nations would cease to exist.

That was why the four ancient nations always acted peaceful, with none of them willing to raise their blades against the others. The possible consequences were too grave.

The Four Nations Ancient Remnant had four entrances, which were split between the four ancient nations. Within its historical remains, they could search for treasures, and they would belong to the finders. Others were not allowed to fight against the people who found things.

Although there had been quite a few hidden fights within its history, due to their close strength, there hadn’t been any large-scale fights.

“This time, the opening of the Four Nations Ancient Remnant might not be the same as before. You should all be more careful.” The Grand Xia’s emperor personally appeared before them. Even Xia Yunchong’s master was solemnly saying something to Xia Yunchong.

After that, they all stepped onto a transportation formation within Grand Xia City. They were brought to a valley near the Grand Xia’s border.

The valley had a huge formation protecting it, as well as countless experts hiding within. When Long Chen arrived, he saw that the space at the end of the valley was in constant fluctuation.

“This is one of the four entrances to the Four Nations Ancient Remnant. The spatial channel is still in the midst of forming. It seems it will take a little while longer for it to stabilize,” Xia Yunchong explained to Long Chen.

“Long Chen, can you travel with me once we enter the Four Nations Ancient Remnant? I feel like going with you will definitely bring me more luck and more treasures.” Xia Youluo held Long Chen’s hand charmingly.

Perhaps it was because she had gotten to know Long Chen that her life had undergone heaven-toppling changes from before. Swindling wine from the Wine God Palace, encountering the Illusive Music Immortal Palace’s Zi Yan, and even personally seeing the Wine God Palace’s High Priest, these were all things she had only managed to do thanks to Long Chen. Xia Youluo had actually started to feel a bit of dependence toward him.

Before Long Chen could reply, Xia Yunfeng frowned and said, “Youluo, don’t be rash. Our imperial father has already said that entering the Four Nations Ancient Remnant is also important for Long Chen. He has to search for his own opportunities. You’ll end up affecting him like this.”

Xia Yunfeng was a much steadier person than Xia Youluo. His temperament was similar to the Grand Xia’s emperor, Xia Yuyang.

“It’s just a joke. If he doesn’t want to bring me along, then fine. My own luck is good enough. Hmph, is he so amazing?” Xia Youluo stuck her tongue out at Xia Yunfeng, making a face.

While Xia Youluo could act like a spoiled child toward Xia Yunchong, she wouldn’t dare to act that way in front of Xia Yunfeng. Xia Yunfeng was the future emperor, and everything he decided had to be for the nation. He couldn’t care so much about familial ties, making him extremely serious and grave, almost to an unreasonable point.

Amongst the princes, only Xia Yunfeng could suppress Xia Youluo. The other princes also had to act well behaved toward Xia Yunfeng.

“Long Chen, although we’ve explored the Four Nations Ancient Remnant many times throughout the years, many places can only be entered through chance. My imperial father has already said that any opportunities you win in the Four Nations Ancient Remnant will belong solely to you. There’s no need to even mention what you gain to others,” said Xia Yunfeng.

“Many thanks. Hopefully my luck… will be a bit better this time.”

When he mentioned his luck, Long Chen felt disheartened. It seemed he had never had any affinity with that word.

But Xia Yuyang truly had some style to allow him, an outsider, to enter the Four Nations Ancient Remnant. Even the princes of the Grand Xia had to hand over whatever they obtained within to the Grand Xia, and only then would they be rewarded merits based on what they had gained.

“Youluo, you should be careful of Han Wenjun during this time. He doesn’t have any good intentions,” warned Long Chen. He was worried about Xia Youluo being foolishly tricked. This child was too pure-hearted and naive.

“I know. Furthermore, the Four Nations Ancient Remnant is huge. It’s unknown whether I’ll even run into him, and if I do, I’ll just ignore him,” said Xia Youluo.

Xia Yunchong and Xia Yunfeng looked at each other and felt more at ease. Only Long Chen could have warned Xia Youluo about this. If either of them tried, Xia Youluo would immediately explode and intentionally go against what they said.

Xia Yunchong was focusing on the Martial Dao, while Xia Yunfeng was the future successor of the Grand Xia. The two of them were close, as they were the future pillars of the Grand Xia. One could govern the nation, while one could maintain peace in the nation. They were the two sons that Xia Yuyang was the proudest of.

Although Xia Yunfeng didn’t focus completely on the Martial Dao, he still possessed exceptional talent. As a rank eight Celestial, his combat power was immense. This time, he would be the leader of the Grand Xia’s party in the Four Nations Ancient Remnant. Everything had been arranged, and now they were just patiently waiting.

Just as Long Chen and the others were patiently waiting, on the side of the Grand Han, numerous experts had gathered. Han Wenjun, Li Wanji, and the others were all there.

There were two other men beside Han Wenjun who looked somewhat similar to him. Their ages were also similar.

These two were the other two members of the Grand Han’s Three Monarchs - Han Qijun and Han Bijun.[1]

Han Qijun and Han Bijun were both princes of the Grand Han, and although they were jointly known as the Three Monarchs with Han Wenjun, in terms of talent and looks, they were a level inferior to Han Wenjun. That was why Han Wenjun was the leader of the Three Monarchs, and he was also the future heir to the throne of the Grand Han.

The Three Monarchs were all terrifying rank eight Celestials. The Grand Han had done their best on a national scale to raise them into top geniuses.

Behind the Three Monarchs were seven other experts, all of whom were rank seven Celestials. They were the Grand Han’s Eight Princes. Not being a part of the imperial family’s main bloodline, they weren’t real princes, just the top experts of the branch families.[2]

However, one of them had already been slain by Long Chen. Now, the name of the Eight Princes had already been removed, because it had become a humiliation.

Other than the Three Monarchs and those seven experts, as well as the Grand Han’s other elite disciples, there were dozens of other mysterious figures who were wearing conical hats to conceal their faces. They were all surrounded by a layer of light and quite different from the Grand Han’s other experts.

“Let me first say this, Long Chen is ours. He must be killed by us, the ancient races.” One of the figures wrapped in the light was a large well-built man. He raised his hat slightly, revealing a pair of  eagle-like eyes.

Those eyes contained countless runes. It was like his eyes concealed a volcano that might erupt with apocalyptic power at any moment.

“That might not be possible. Long Chen challenged two of my Bloodkill Hall’s strongholds and destroyed the Killing God’s statue, blaspheming our god. He has been put at the very top of my Bloodkill Hall’s must-kill list. We must use Long Chen’s blood to placate the Killing God’s anger.” A tall skinny man icily opened his mouth.

This man had his face completely concealed by his hat, and not the slightest bit of his aura leaked out. Without personally seeing him, it wasn’t even possible to sense his existence.

“There’s no need to fight. Whether it is the ancient races or the Bloodkill Hall, you both hate Long Chen to the bone. But there’s only one Long Chen, and it’s impossible to split him in half for you. So the person who kills him will be decided by who has the power. But don’t forget your agreement with my Grand Han, as well as your promises to each other,” warned Han Wenjun.

“Don’t worry, my Pill Valley is supporting this, while the Heavenly Fate Pavilion has done the calculations. There’s zero chance of failure. Moreover, I don’t care who kills Long Chen, but whatever he has on his body belongs to us. The Tower Master must take Long Chen’s items. You understand?” said a pretty-faced man lightly.

Although he hadn’t released his aura, the space around him was constantly twisting as if he was wrapped in invisible flames that could burn the heavens and incinerate the seas.

“As long as we can kill Long Chen and erase our disgrace, we won’t touch any of his items,” said the Bloodkill Hall’s expert calmly. He then looked at the ancient races’ expert. “As for who can wash away their disgrace, it’ll be up to who has that ability. However, it seems my Bloodkill Hall is the professional when it comes to that. The prey we set our sights on never manages to escape.”

“Idiot, in the Eastern Wasteland, you started hunting Long Chen when he hadn’t even reached the Xiantian realm. You’ve hunted him for so many years, and he only gets stronger. I even suspect you’re intentionally helping him temper his blade,” sneered the ancient race expert.

“You!” The Bloodkill Hall’s expert turned cold, killing intent suddenly pervading the space, making the world seem as if it had frozen.

“Let’s not talk so much. If you have the ability, use it once you enter the ancient remnant. After you finish your mission, you can search within it, and whatever treasures you gain will belong to you,” said the Pill Tower’s expert.

Just at this time, the channel in front of them completely formed, and they all entered. Han Wenjun sneered sinisterly: Long Chen, Grand Xia, I’ve said that I’d make you regret it.

[1] The Jun in all their names is the same character, and is the character for Monarch.

[2] Technically the ‘Eight Princes’ should be called the ‘Eight Little Princes’ to differentiate them from real princes.

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