Chapter 120 Giant Desert Scorpion

Long Chen’s eyes popped open. Although the night was pitch-black, he could still see a huge silhouette from the feeble starlight.

Sending out his Spiritual Strength, he used his divine sense in place of his eyes. When Long Chen saw what that huge figure was, he couldn’t stop himself from gasping.

That huge figure was over ten meters long. Two large pincers angrily snapped like the Grim Reaper’s sickle, and behind it was a long tail with a stinger which was raised and pointed at Long Chen.

Its two eyes were locked onto Long Chen. Obviously, it already considered Long Chen and Little Snow its food.

“Giant Desert Scorpion!” Long Chen’s heart beat wildly as he recognized this desert overlord.

The Giant Desert Scorpion was also called the Violent Desert Scorpion. It was a second rank Magical Beast, but even third rank Magical Beasts would quickly retreat when they met it in the desert. One mistake and their lives would be lost.

That was because the Giant Desert Scorpion was a killer that concealed itself extremely well. Its speed was incomparably quick within the desert.

It had absolute supremacy in this kind of terrain. The soft sand might be a hindrance to Long Chen, but to the Giant Desert Scorpion, the sand was like water to a fish.

Even though its body was huge, the soft sand concealed any noise it made. Furthermore, its six legs made it so that it could travel even more noiselessly, approaching its prey without them sensing it. By the time they did sense it, the prey would already be dead.

Its silent methods, powerful body, explosive tendencies, and invulnerable defense meant that within the desert, it was an absolute overlord.

But the most frightening thing about it wasn’t any of those. The most terrifying thing about it was its huge stinger. If you were stung by it, its poison would immediately infect your body. Even a third rank Magical Beast wouldn’t be able to survive it and would immediately die.

The Giant Desert Scorpion was also an extremely rare kind of Magical Beast that could fight across ranks. If it weren’t for the fact that it only existed in the desert, its fame would not be inferior to the Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf.

Even though Little Snow’s extremely sensitive nose had managed to sense it, it was only sixty meters away now. That was how stealthy it was.

All the fur on Little Snow’s body stood on end as it angrily snarled. Little Snow immediately entered his battle state.

“Ji!” The Giant Desert Scorpion let out a strange cry as it charged forward at Little Snow. Despite its huge body, it was extremely nimble. Furthermore, its speed was even more inconceivable. A pair of large pincers cut towards Little Snow. Obviously in its eyes, Long Chen wasn’t even worth looking at.

Little Snow angrily roared and suddenly spat out a crescent wind blade. With its rapid revolving speed, it was just like a sickle that whistled towards the enemy.

The current Little Snow was much stronger than he had been back in the capital. His wind blades now had a length of over three meters.


However, what was shocking was that Little Snow’s powerful wind blade, which could easily kill Blood Condensation experts and was even a threat to Tendon Transformation experts, was easily caught in the Giant Desert Scorpion’s pincers, simply emitting a light metallic ringing.

The Giant Desert Scorpion was only slowed down slightly before it once more sped up, not injured at all.

“What sturdy defense!” Long Chen was amazed. It really was worthy of being the overlord of the desert. This kind of defense was something even Tendon Transformation experts would find difficult breaking.

“Breaking Wind Fist!” Long Chen charged forward as Little Snow’s second wind blade shot out.

Although Little Snow was also a second rank Magical Beast, Long Chen knew that this kind of armored Magical Beast had a definite advantage over furred Magical Beasts. In front of the Giant Desert Scorpion with its weapons and armor, Little Snow was unable to cause any real injuries.

BOOM! Long Chen’s fist was originally aiming for the Giant Desert Scorpion’s head, but it was extremely crafty and used its pincer at this critical moment to block.

Sand flew out as Long Chen’s fist struck its huge pincer. Long Chen’s physical body had reached an inconceivable level, so that Giant Desert Scorpion was smashed deep into the sand. The ground seemed to become water with ripples flowing out.

“Not good!” Seeing that Giant Desert Scorpion disappear below ground, Long Chen immediately let out a startled cry and jumped up. His feet had only just left the ground when a huge stinger shot out of the sand. A single step later and he would have been pierced.

The sand shook and began to ripple.

“Little Snow, be careful! It’s hiding underground!” Long Chen’s expression was extremely grave. This second rank Magical Beast was as fast as the wind with incredible defense. Furthermore, they were fighting on its battlefield. If it continued on like this, Long Chen would find it extremely difficult to fight it.

Little Snow was a beast suited to earthen land. He was unable to use his full force here. As time progressed, they would end up at a disadvantage. If they were hit by that stinger, it would definitely be over for them.

They had to force it out!

Long Chen’s divine sense spread out, hoping he would be able to pinpoint its location.

But Long Chen was disappointed. That Giant Desert Scorpion was like a fish in the water, silently moving under the sand without a trace. Long Chen’s divine sense might have a range of three hundred meters in the air, but within the sand, he could only send it in about a meter, which was essentially useless.

Long Chen now understood just why it was called the desert’s overlord. In its specialized battlefield, even a third rank Magical Beast would suffer a loss.

“Dodge, Little Snow!” Long Chen suddenly shouted. Little Snow and Long Chen’s spirits were connected, so as soon as he shouted, Little Snow immediately jumped to the side.

A stinger shot out from underground and then once more retracted. The sand then returned to calm again.

Long Chen became vexed. If it continued like this, it would really be too disadvantageous. Now he and Little Snow had just become live targets. That kind of feeling was truly irritating.

Suddenly, Long Chen stepped back. As he had anticipated, that stinger shot out once more, almost touching Long Chen’s body.

“Let’s see just where you can run now!” Long Chen icily shouted. All of a sudden, Long Chen stuck his hand beneath the sand and he shouted, “Pill Flame!”

BOOM! All the sand within three hundred meters reached a terrifyingly high temperature. A miserable scream rang out as the Giant Desert Scorpion jumped out of the sand.

Little Snow, who was at the side, immediately shot out a wind blade.

Green blood splashed as its defenses were actually broken through.

Long Chen had just raised his head to see that scene. He suddenly noticed the Giant Desert Scorpion’s fatal weak point.

Since it had only just jumped out, Little Snow’s wind blade had managed to strike its abdomen. That was apparently its softest spot!

The Giant Desert Scorpion normally stuck near the ground, while any part that was exposed to the air had an armored shell around it which possessed a shocking defensive ability.

But its weakest point was at its abdomen which was normally on the ground and would not be attacked. It was concealed extremely well, and furthermore, it could even hide within the sand. Thus, this weak spot was extremely difficult to notice. However, now Long Chen had found it.

With this discovery, Long Chen no longer hesitated. Having been struck by the wind blade, the Giant Desert Scorpion was flipped into the air, its weak spot still open. A longsword appeared in his hands.

“Parting Wind Slash!” His sword arced across its abdomen, slashing apart its organs. Green blood and a stinky odor filled the air.

Almost its entire abdomen had been emptied, but it didn’t immediately die. Its stinger madly shot out in every direction as it descended into madness.

Long Chen and Little Snow hastily withdrew. Long Chen knew the Giant Desert Scorpion’s life force was extremely tenacious. However, with such a severe injury, its death was certain.

But Magical Beasts like it were not like other Magical Beasts. When they sensed death was coming for them, they would go crazy and attack wildly all the way until they died.

That was why it was said that scorpion Magical Beasts were one of the most frightening types of Magical Beasts. Even if you smashed in their head, they were still able to stay alive for a moment. Within those last moments, they would have no consciousness and would just attack crazily.

Its stinger and pincers continued to wildly rage, filling the sky with sand. It took a couple of breaths for it to finally stop moving.

Long Chen ordered Little Snow not to approach and walked over to its huge corpse. Once he was several meters away, he paused to sense that its life force had truly faded away. Only then did he get closer.

He slashed off its stinger. He was currently wielding the sword from the white-robed man so it was extremely sharp. It managed to cut through the armor plating, and with another slash, the stinger was completely cut off.

The huge stinger was the size of a table. A yellow liquid trickled from it. That was the Giant Desert Scorpion’s poison. That kind of poison, as long as it reached a certain quantity, could even kill third rank Magical Beasts. If used properly, it could be an extremely precious item.

Taking off its stinger, its corpse lost any threat. Even if it was somehow faking its death, it would no longer pose a fatal danger to Long Chen.

Looking over its huge corpse, his eyes lighted upon those extremely powerful pincers. From its very rounded outer shell, he knew the meat inside would definitely be high quality. The pincer shell was the hardest out of its body. Long Chen didn’t need to break it apart as long as he just tore it at the links that connected the separate segments.

If it was alive, that was something that was essentially impossible to do. But now that it was dead, it was naturally an easy affair.

After collecting the pincers that were even larger than he was, Long Chen suddenly heard Little Snow’s warning cry.

He hastily looked around, his expression suddenly sinking.

There were over ten huge figures quickly rushing over. Their speed was so great that they would probably arrive in just a couple of breaths’ time.

Long Chen swore. “Damnit, Giant Desert Scorpions are Magical Beasts that live in groups! How could I forget?!” He hastily jumped onto Little Snow’s back.

“Quick, run!” Little Snow hadn’t even waited for Long Chen’s order before he quickly started fleeing.

But Long Chen had still underestimated the Giant Desert Scorpion’s speed. A dozen of these second rank Magical Beasts were now crazily chasing them and were actually getting closer!

Long Chen turned numb just thinking about being surrounded by a dozen Giant Desert Scorpions. But suddenly he saw a light ahead, and without even thinking about it, he urged Little Snow to rush towards that light.

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