Chapter 1199 Personally Written

This person was over two meters tall. His hair fell to his shoulders, and his fierce-looking face looked like it was made of copper or bronze. An ominous glint was present within his eyes, making him seem like a demon blocking their path.

None of his aura was leaking out, but his eyes were as sharp as blades. Their scalps turned numb just from being stared at by him.

Han Wenjun, Li Wanji, and Xia Yunchong were all appalled. They recognized this person to be a legendary figure who had once shaken the majority of the continent, the Fierce Yang Butcher Tu Qianshang.

“Damn fatty, do you have to frighten people like this? Today, I’m accompanying my friend to see the High Priest, so wash your neck and wait for me. I’ll crush you till you don’t have any fingers left.” Long Chen extended a fist confidently.

Xia Yunchong’s soul almost fled in terror, and his face turned green. Did Long Chen not want his life any longer?

As expected, Tu Qianshang furiously frowned, and he also extended a fist at Long Chen, saying, “Fine, I’ll wait for you to return. I don’t believe I can’t beat you.”

“Uncle fatty, last time you lost so miserably. Are you going to get revenge this time?” In front of this terrifying, demon-like Tu Qianshang, Xia Youluo wasn’t the slightest bit afraid, and she even giggled.

This Tu Qianshang wasn’t scary. The true terror had come when Long Chen and Tu Qianshang had started drinking. At that time, they had begun furiously cursing each other. His current appearance was actually his friendly one.

Tu Qianshang raged, “Damn girl, do you know how to speak? What are you talking about, what miserable losses? He… he’s a guest, and a child, so I naturally had to let him win a few. Hurry up and go so you can come back. This time, I’m going to wipe out all my losses.”

Tu Qianshang’s final words ended up confirming Xia Youluo’s words. Tu Qianshang had been defeated last time, and he refused to accept that.

Walking past Tu Qianshang’s area, they followed the Wine God Palace’s welcoming disciple forward.

“Long Chen, you beat that terrifying fellow? How did you do it?” Xia Yunchong couldn’t help but ask.

“It’s not like what you’re thinking. We were playing a finger-guessing drinking game. He couldn’t beat me, and as soon as he lost, he began to curse me. When I got cursed, I cursed back, and he couldn’t beat me in cursing either. Now he’s looking to be beaten again.” Long Chen shook his head.

“Are you not afraid of him…?” Xia Yunchong was shocked.

“Afraid of what? He’s now a disciple of the Wine God Palace, and he’s long since exchanged his butcher’s blade for a wine barrel. He doesn’t dare hit me. So, he couldn’t beat me in the finger-guessing game, he couldn’t beat me in cursing, and he doesn’t dare hit me. Didn’t you see his furious expression just now? It’s because he has no way to beat me. In truth, he should be thanking me. Rather than spending all day making wine, I can accompany him with some games, some drinking, and some cursing. Think about how great such a life is. He should be very grateful to me,” said Long Chen with a laugh.

Xia Youluo giggled, “Big brother Long Chen is very evil. That uncle fatty lost to him so badly that I couldn’t even keep watching. In the end, big brother Long Chen was so shameless as to even demand wine from him, and he cursed him when he didn’t give it to him. The two of them both cursed each other fiercely, but in the end, uncle fatty still gave the wine to big brother Long Chen. That’s why I feel that big brother Long Chen is eviler and fiercer than uncle fatty!”

“Ungrateful person who forgets kindness, spit out all my wine,” demanded Long Chen frostily.

“Tch, put out your hand and I’ll spit it out.” Xia Youluo stuck out her tongue at him and made a vomiting motion.

“Youluo, pay attention to your manners. You are a princess.” Xia Yunchong pulled on Xia Youluo. How had this child turned so foolish as to make such an improper action?

Zi Yan smiled slightly. “Long Chen is someone who likes to act naturally without caring about trifles. And sister Youluo is also very good. You’re kind and pure, so being casual is fine.”

“Oh, big sister Zi Yan overpraises me!” Xia Youluo was incredibly excited to receive Zi Yan’s praise.

Han Wenjun and Li Wanji exchanged a glance, both seeing the anger in the other’s eyes. The two of them were like shadows, completely ignored.

However, their main goal in coming to the Grand Xia this time was to curry favor with the Wine God Palace. They had no choice but to follow them.

As the welcoming disciple led the way, they crossed a large mountain, arriving in a flat land with a palace built on top of it.

“Please go inside.” The welcoming disciple only led them to the gate before stopping and expressing that they could enter.

Entering, the first thing they saw was a folding screen. There was a poem written on top of it:

“Wine contains the great universe, the pot contains the passing of time. All things are in motion, freely changing. Clear wine is tasteless like water, turbid wine is dense like soup. Primal chaos devolves into clearness and turbidness. A hundred flavors brew within the sky. Wine allows one to escape the pathless chase of fame and fortune. To become intoxicated is to dream of ten thousand Daos, to wake is to see the world.”

This poem was written using immortal characters. The strokes of the characters never paused, making the poem look like it had been written in one go. It looked a bit messy and also carefree. It was like it had been written to vent emotions.

It was as if a master calligrapher had gotten drunk and written it without any care for tidiness. It was confident and easy, and contained its own Dao charm.

Zi Yan and the others stood in front of the screen and were lost in thought as they looked over the words. Whether it was the actual words or the calligraphy, they all contained boundless Dao charm. If they could comprehend the profundities within it, it would benefit them for a lifetime.

“This is a kind of peak realm and also an artistic realm. A flash of emotion and insight from the writer made them use this rapid and carefree method to express their comprehension. This kind of wisdom, this magical power…” praised Han Wenjun as he examined the writing.

It was unknown whether he was doing it intentionally, but his huge mass of praise made Long Chen’s hair stand on end.

Did he really have no shame? Even if he had to give praise, he should base it on the facts. The way Han Wenjun put it, it seemed like these words could bring the dead back to life.

“You flatter me. As expected of the Grand Han’s prince, this imaginative power and brilliance with words are admirable. I wonder if the other friends can appraise this old man’s scribble?” An ancient voice rang out from within the palace.

Everyone was shocked. For this person to be speaking from within the palace, it had to be the High Priest. It was unexpected that this poem had been personally written by the High Priest.

“Senior’s calligraphy is carefree and uninhibited. The bold strokes are like coiling dragons expressing their own transcendent wills…” said Li Wanji.

Following Han Wenjun, Li Wanji also began to overflow with praise, making Long Chen speechless.

The High Priest’s voice rang out, “This old man’s calligraphy is very unskilled. For young friend to praise me like this makes me blush with shame. Do the other friends have anything to say? Please, don’t be constrained.”

The High Priest’s voice was extremely kind and peaceful. He didn’t have any of the domineering air of a peerless expert. He seemed more like a kind elder.

“This little one doesn’t understand calligraphy, but within the words, I can sense a boundless and majestic artistic realm. It’s very beneficial to my cultivation, so senior’s divine masterpiece has already greatly benefitted me,” said Xia Yunchong respectfully.

“Young friend cultivates the Undefeatable Dao, which requires paying particular attention to the heart. To keep a heart worry-free is very difficult,” said the High Priest.

“Long Chen, I…” Xia Youluo was a bit nervous.

“It’s fine. Worst case, just say a bunch of nonsense. The High Priest is a very nice person; he won’t kill you.” Long Chen smiled at the pale Xia Youluo.

Now even Zi Yan was speechless. Long Chen really did dare to say anything. Did he not know how to judge the situation first?

“Haha, young friend, don’t be nervous. You can say whatever you want,” laughed the High Priest.

“Then I’ll tell you the truth. I didn’t feel anything. I don’t even recognize most of these characters,” said Xia Youluo embarrassedly.

“Hahaha, good. It’s rare to have someone be so frank. If you know, then you know. If you don’t know, then you don’t know. Considering the vastness of the world, who could possibly know everything?” laughed the High Priest, sounding surprisingly happy.

“Many thanks, grandpa High Priest,” said Xia Youluo happily, being so intimate as to even change the way she called the High Priest, from senior to grandpa. But Xia Youluo did look cute, especially when she wasn’t being obstinate. She looked like a pure child who naturally had no schemes.

“The Illusive Music Immortal Palace’s distinguished disciple, do you have any comments on my scribbling?” The High Priest’s tone was clearly different when it came toward Zi Yan. It actually had the feeling of him speaking to someone of the same generation.

“Using the Wine Dao to approach the Heavenly Daos, attempting to break through.” Zi Yan softly opened her mouth and only said a few words.

“Truly worthy of being a genius of the Illusive Music Immortal Palace. You even managed to see through my realm.” The High Priest seemed to greatly appreciate Zi Yan’s comment. 

“Young friend Long Chen, last time you came, I was in seclusion so we had no opportunity to meet. It was truly regretful. But I heard that you managed to plunder everything from my Wine God Palace’s disciples. This ability fills me with admiration.” Now the High Priest’s voice contained a joking tone.

Long Chen immediately felt like his face was burning. It was as though he had tricked a child of their lollipop, and now their family head had come to ask what had happened. He awkwardly said, “Cough, In truth, it was just a social exchange. Yes, a social exchange.”

Long Chen wouldn’t admit to something like swindling people even if he was beaten to death. That was his strongest point.

“Haha, it was just a joke. I wonder if young friend can give me some comments about my scribblings?” said the High Priest.

Long Chen thought about it for a moment and said, “Other than wine, there is nothing else.”

When Zi Yan heard this, she became lost in thought. When she looked at those words once more, a flash of insight appeared in her eyes, and her lips curled up into a beautiful smile.

“Other than wine, there is nothing else. Haha, other than wine, there is nothing else…” The High Priest laughed delightedly.

The screen slowly moved away, revealing a bricked path. The bricks were so old that they were grey and covered in fine cracks.

Behind the screen was a statue. It was around the same size as a real person.

It depicted a man holding a wine pot in one hand and a wine cup in another, drinking without restraint. A tranquil and peaceful light shone in his eyes, along with divine light.

Once they approached the statue, Zi Yan, Xia Yunchong, Han Wenjun, and the others all involuntarily knelt on the ground, dumbfounding Long Chen.

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