Chapter 1195 Melodramatic (Teaser)

The music and dancing marked the true beginning of the banquet. All kinds of delicacies were brought up, and fine wine filled their cups.

However, although this wine was also excellent and made by the Wine God Palace’s disciples, it was just ordinary wine to them. It didn’t contain any realm within it.

To Long Chen, Xia Yunchong, and Xia Youluo who had drunk those disciples’ best wines, it tasted more like water.

But the Grand Han’s people were immediately filled with praise as they drank it. At this time, Li Wanji returned, much calmer than before. But she still didn’t dare to look at Long Chen.

The Wine God Palace offered some of their wine for the Grand Xia’s national events to entertain guests. But this wine could not be sold or bought, it could only be gifted.

But there was no way the Grand Xia would gift the Grand Han any of this wine. Considering their tense relationship, just giving them some to drink right now was not bad.

That was why the Grand Han’s people found it almost impossible to taste the Wine God Palace’s wine. The majority of these people were tasting it for the first time. Now, they were doing their best to fill their stomachs with as much of it as possible,...

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