Chapter 1194 One Move to Defeat his Opponent

“She activated her Spirit Blood!”

Startled cries rang out from within the palace hall. Activating the Spirit Blood was the trump card of a Celestial, signifying they were going all-out. This was no longer an exchange of pointers.

Xia Yunfeng’s expression sank. This woman from the Grand Han was like an unreasonable shrew. He could see that Li Wanji had no assurance of killing Long Chen and was simply trying to force him into revealing his true power.

Because Long Chen was not a Celestial, it was harder to guess his trump cards. Thus, being able to force one out would reduce his threat.

Xia Yunfeng didn’t want to see that, so he took out a jade plate. Just as he was about to use it to force the two of them apart, he received a secret transmission that made him put it away.

Having activated her Spirit Blood, Li Wanji’s power soared. Sword-light gathered around her as she launched an incredibly sharp attack.

“Since you want to die, I’ll help you out.” Long Chen snorted and suddenly shot toward Li Wanji just as her sword was slashing down.



The sound of a body being cut apart rang out. When the blinding light in the air faded, they saw Long Chen standing in the air, his saber dyed in blood.

From the air, a head and a headless body slowly fell.

“Courting death!” roared Han Wenjun. Seeing Li Wanji’s head had been cut off, his killing intent exploded.

The others were all filled with shock. They hadn’t been able to see what had just happened. Just how had Li Wanji’s head been cut off?

Runes appeared in the air, connecting Li Wanji’s head with her body, allowing everyone to breathe with relief.

Long Chen had only cut Li Wanji’s head off as a warning. He hadn’t destroyed her soul, sparing her life.

In that kind of situation, as long as Long Chen had added his Spiritual Strength into his attack, then with the power contained in the saber, he would have instantly killed Li Wanji.

Everyone was shocked. In the ten exchanges, Long Chen had only defended. But when he had wanted to, he had taken off Li Wanji’s head. This scene was too shocking, so shocking that no one knew what to say.

Xia Youluo’s hands were gripping her chest. It felt like her heart would jump out. That last attack of Long Chen’s had caused light and runes to fill the air, making it so no one could see what had happened.

At the same time, she thought of when she had been quarreling with Long Chen and just about to raise her sword against him. At that time, Long Chen had said that he could kill her within three moves. She had been intimidated at the time, but then she still hadn’t believed it afterward. Now though, seeing this, she knew that as long as he had willed it, there would no longer be a Li Wanji in this world.

Xia Youluo turned a bit pale as she thought of that, but then she involuntarily smiled. How could Long Chen possibly kill her?

Two figures reappeared in the palace hall. They were Long Chen and Li Wanji. Long Chen sat back down in his spot as if nothing had happened.

But Li Wanji was pale-white, and there was still blood around her neck. Her previous waist-length hair now only reached her ears.

Death Qi was lingering around her forehead. That was because although Long Chen had shown mercy, the power contained within his saber had still harmed her soul. Having your head cut off was like going through a false death. This injury to her soul would take a long time to recover.

Having just had a brush with death, Li Wanji was filled with terror. Just standing there, she quivered, not daring to look at Long Chen.

“Someone, come help miss Li Wanji change her clothes.” Xia Yunfeng waved his hands, and two maids came over and led her away.

Li Wanji’s body also had bloodstains, which wasn’t very suitable for this banquet. Rather than saying they were helping her change clothes, it was more accurate to say they were giving her some time to calm down.

After all, not everyone was capable of being indifferent to life and death. It was the people who viewed other people’s lives to be like stalks of grass that cherished their own lives the greatest.

“Long Chen, how did you do that final move?” Xia Youluo poured Long Chen a cup of wine, fawning over him to hear this. She hadn’t been able to see how he had won. In fact, no one in the palace hall had been able to see it clearly.

In truth, when Long Chen had attacked at that final moment, he had used flame and lightning runes to block other people’s sight. He had used the arm bracer to block Li Wanji’s sword while using his saber to cut her head off.

However, Li Wanji’s move truly had been powerful. Long Chen had also paid a price. The arm he had used to block her had been turned to pulp.

But Long Chen had instantly healed it, making it so no one could see it. And the reason he had been injured was not truly because of Li Wanji’s power. It was because his physical body was unable to perfectly match the power of his immortal platforms, making it difficult for him to control.

“Hand back my wine and I’ll tell you.” Long Chen refused to say. The arm bracer and boots were his secret weapons. He couldn’t expose them to anyone, because they might save his life one day.

“Hmph, keep dreaming. If you don’t want to tell me, then fine. Who cares?” Xia Youluo wouldn’t fall for such a thing. She felt that Long Chen had simply used some kind of secret move.

She wasn’t enemies with Long Chen, so exchanging all that good wine for this secret was definitely not worth it.

At this time, the expressions of the people from the Grand Han were a bit unsightly. This slap in their face had been too vicious. Cutting off a person’s head was the greatest humiliation.

“Long Chen, let me raise a cup for you. To defeat a woman and even cut off her head, you truly are a hero.” At this time, one of the Grand Han’s experts mockingly raised his cup to Long Chen.

Xia Youluo’s expression changed. This person was tasteless. After losing, he launched a personal attack. She was just about to speak when Long Chen held her back. As a princess, she shouldn’t furiously shout at somebody or it would be lacking decorum.

Long Chen indifferently said, “First, you don’t have the qualifications to toast to me, so you should sit. Second, the cultivation world doesn’t differentiate between men or women. The only thing that matters is whether you’re weak or strong. Just hearing your tone, it’s clear you’re an idiot who has lived a far too peaceful life. You clearly don’t know the cruelty of the battlefield, or you wouldn’t say such a brainless thing. Third, so what if she’s a woman? Are you looking down on women? Is your mother not a woman? Is your grandmother not a woman? Your discrimination makes you forget your roots. A sheep kneels in thanks to its mother, a bird repays its mother in its old age. Even a beast knows how to be thankful to their mother, while you are less than a beast. You think you’re fit to toast to me? Absolutely shameless.”

Long Chen’s words made the Grand Xia’s experts want to cheer. This retort was marvelous, with the first and final points even connecting.

In truth, Grand Han’s romantic stories did not really represent the Grand Han. Their discrimination toward the young and female was extremely great. Amongst the commoners, women didn’t even have the right to sit at the table when eating. They had to sit by the kitchen while doing so.

Those romantic stories were games played by the aristocrats. As for the expert who had offered a toast to Long Chen, his background was only ordinary, and his discrimination was deep-rooted. But his insult that Long Chen bullied women ended up being turned back on him until he felt himself to be less than a beast.

In truth, this fellow simply didn’t know how terrifying women could be. But as for Long Chen, from the Eastern Wasteland to the Central Plains, he had encountered countless powerful women. Leng Yueyan was the strongest of them all.

If this person had dared to say that he looked down on women in front of Leng Yueyan, it would be impressive if he could keep a single bone to bury.

Thinking of Leng Yueyan, Long Chen was put in a strange mood. He didn’t know whether this woman, who was both so beautiful and so vicious that she could take a person’s life, was still alive. How was there no news about her at all?

Even Long Chen was a bit afraid to see Leng Yueyan, but he also wanted to see her a bit. The woman was too vicious, and too stimulating.


Just as Long Chen was thinking of Leng Yueyan, that person from the Grand Han was pointing at Long Chen, not knowing what to say.

“The stories say that your Grand Han’s men are all refined and elegant, quiet men who do things meticulously and carefully. But did your parents never teach you that when eating, you should only stand when making a toast? If you’re not, you should be seated. Also, you’re never supposed to point at people when speaking to them, because it’s very rude. Don’t tell me those stories your Grand Han likes to tell are just for others to hear while you really act in a completely different way?” Long Chen shook his head.

“You… you bully…” That person put away his hand, but even after a long time, he was unable to come up with anything. The Grand Xia’s people almost laughed.

Xia Yunchong looked at Long Chen with a faint smile as he crossed verbal swords with the Grand Han’s people. He prostrated himself in admiration toward Long Chen for his skill in this regard.

“Are you even a man? If you are, you should be magnanimous. Don’t your stories say that your Grand Han’s men are all modest gentlemen who don’t like fighting with words? Your current appearance doesn’t live up to that. Furthermore, aren’t the Grand Han’s men supposed to be brave warriors willing to sacrifice themselves to defend the honor and dignity of the commoners? If you were a gentleman, you should have simply smiled slightly and not quibbled. If you were a brave warrior, you should have challenged me to a life and death battle to protect your honor. But you’re unable to remain calm and you’re a coward. In the end, you’re jumping up and down like a monkey. What are you doing? Are you waiting for people to toss you a few coins?” sneered Long Chen.

“Alright, that’s enough. Long Chen, these are guests, so don’t go too hard on them.” Xia Yunfeng finally interrupted. If this continued, the atmosphere would grow too tense.

However, although his words seemed like he was advising Long Chen, his words also subtly told the Grand Han’s side not to be unreasonable. He was truly worthy of being the crown prince.

Han Wenjun was infuriated, but he was unable to get a word in edgewise. Rashly butting in would hurt his face once more.

Fortunately, Xia Yunfeng knew how to control things. Suppressing the tension, he clapped his hands, and over ten beautiful dancers appeared. Ancient, beautiful music filled the air.

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