Chapter 1193 Berserk Energy

Space trembled as Long Chen and Li Wanji appeared on top of an ancient martial stage. The surroundings of the martial stage were filled with mist so that the two of them couldn’t see anything outside the stage.

But from the palace hall where Xia Youluo and the others were, they could see them clearly. There was a projection at the center of the hall showing the martial stage.

It was an incredibly clear projection that made it feel like it was the real thing. Even the pressure coming from the two of them could be sensed clearly.

Everyone stopped breathing. Every person here was an expert in their own rights, and they all liked to see other experts exchanging blows in order to confirm their own strength.

“Long Chen, I’ll make you pay a price for your words.” Li Wanji icily looked at Long Chen, her aura gradually condensing.

Runes erupted into existence behind her. Her manifestation appeared, causing immense pressure to crash down on Long Chen.

This formless energy was like an invisible hand tightly gripping Long Chen. It was Li Wanji’s aura-lock.

Sensing how easily she had locked him down, she sneered. “Looks like I overestimated you. I can beat you in just one move.”

Her sword came flying out of the scabbard, and people were unable to see how she even unsheathed it. All they saw was a fierce and sharp ray of light shooting toward Long Chen.

Sparks flew. Long Chen hadn’t released any of his aura. There was a blood-red saber in front of him, blocking Li Wanji’s sword.

That incredibly powerful attack from Li Wanji was easily blocked by Long Chen, causing everyone to jump in shock.

“He blocked it with just his physical strength.” Xia Yunchong was filled with shock. Although he had given Long Chen a high estimate on his strength, he still hadn’t thought Long Chen was this powerful. Even without using his spiritual yuan, he easily blocked this attack.

Furthermore, he didn’t even budge. It was like all Li Wanji’s force was no greater than a dragonfly trying to shake a tree. Her attack wasn’t even qualified to shake him.

Long Chen’s expression was calm, like a rippleless well. He raised his saber, looking at Li Wanji coldly.

In truth, he wasn’t calm inside. That was because after reaching the fourth Heavenstage of Foundation Forging, his strength was no longer perfectly under his control. He had grown stronger without even sensing it.

Because the strengthening of his physical body couldn’t match the potency of his 108,000 immortal platforms, he couldn’t sense the exact power of his physical body.

But today, now that he was fighting, he sensed that the power of his physical body had unconsciously risen.

“Take another attack from me!” Li Wanji leaped into the air, hacking her sword down. This time sword-light exploded and the void was torn apart.

BOOM! Li Wanji’s attack shook the martial stage, and a qi wave erupted, causing all the disciples in the palace hall to jump and hastily raise their hands to block it.

But they quickly laughed involuntarily. What they were seeing was simply a projection of another space. It looked realistic, but none of their power could reach them, let alone menace them.

When the qi wave scattered, they were once more shocked. The expressions of the experts from the Grand Han all changed.

At this time, Long Chen was standing there, still with his emotionless expression. The angle of his saber hadn’t shifted at all. Blooddrinker was blocking Li Wanji’s sword.

“How… how is this possible?!”

The Grand Han’s experts were filled with shock. Long Chen still hadn’t released his aura. He was just using his physical strength.

Li Wanji was an extremely powerful expert within the Grand Han. She was the strongest junior genius besides the Three Monarchs.

With a cultivation base at the eighth Heavenstage of Foundation Forging, as an innate rank eight Celestial, she possessed incredible power. The Grand Han placed a great deal of importance on raising her. But now, she didn’t even have the qualifications to shake Long Chen. How could they not be shocked?

“So he really was powerful. You just couldn’t tell from his appearance.” Xia Youluo’s heart was shaken as she watched.

Her spiritual perception had sensed that Long Chen was an extremely terrifying existence. It had told her that he had immense power that he hadn’t revealed yet.

But then after her first encounter with him, he had been nothing more than a laughing scoundrel without the slightest propriety. He didn’t have the slightest air of an expert.

Then in the Wine God Palace, he had acted like a complete swindler. After taking their wine, that petty, pleased smile of his had made Xia Youluo forget he was a terrifying expert.

Now Li Wanji had attacked him twice, but Long Chen was like an immovable mountain.

The current Long Chen seemed like a different person compared to his normally laughing self. Although he had yet to even attack, that domineering air in his bones was already starting to manifest.

Normally, he was like a friendly neighbor, amiable and approachable, giving people a harmless feeling.

But once he started fighting, he instantly became an explosive battle god, looking disdainfully down on all.

This instantaneous change in styles gave people an intense visual image. It also made their spirits shake.

Faint energy was coiling around Long Chen, causing the space around him to look like water that was slowly heating up. The fluctuations grew stronger and stronger.

Long Chen ignored the furious Li Wanji. Right now, he was sensing the changes in his body. Under the pressure Li Wanji was emitting, his 108,000 immortal platforms were automatically circulating, almost like self-protection. Their energy was pouring through him.

This energy was not the energy in his four qi seas, but the core energy of his immortal platforms.

Long Chen was finally experiencing the huge changes in his body after he had advanced to the fourth Heavenstage of Foundation Forging. Just the power of his physical body made him twice as powerful as he had been at the third Heavenstage.

The reason he was unable to sense the changes in his physical strength was because the power of his immortal platforms had risen to over ten times greater than when he had been at the third Heavenstage. The disproportionate growth caused him to not feel like his physical body was strengthening.

The growth of his physical body was unable to keep up with the requirements of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. But even though it was unable to keep up with his immortal platforms, his physical strength was still incredible now.

“Arrogant bastard, you’re looking down on me? Die!” The runes behind her suddenly became berserk, and a boundless force crashed down on Long Chen.

Li Wanji’s expression was extremely unsightly. Her goal was to humiliate Long Chen and force him to use his trump cards.

But even after two attacks, Long Chen hadn’t moved. It was like he was playing with a child. How was she supposed to accept this? She began to truly use the power of her cultivation base.

“Divine ring.” A four-colored divine ring appeared behind Long Chen, unleashing divine might. The world changed color, and in that instant, everyone in the palace hall was filled with awe.

It was sacred, powerful, and imposing. In front of this divine ring, they all felt as miniscule as ants.

Even Xia Youluo and Xia Yunchong, who had already seen Long Chen fight, were filled with shock. The power Long Chen had displayed so far was many times greater than when he had fought back then.

“As expected, this fellow was hiding his strength.” Xia Youluo involuntarily clenched her fists, her eyes full of excitement.

Although Long Chen normally seemed like a sloppy scoundrel, under his divine ring, he now seemed possessed by a battle god, making her feel a sense of worship.

“Four Star Battle Armor!”


Suddenly, heaven and earth’s energy seemed to boil. It was like lava exploding, like an ocean was spurting into the air out of Long Chen’s feet.

Li Wanji was blown back just by this power, an unhealthy redness appearing on her face. Even without Long Chen attacking her, she was injured.

Qi waves were constantly soaring out of Long Chen, crashing against heaven and earth, causing the world to shake. Right now, Long Chen wasn’t holding back. He had unleashed the power of his immortal platforms, and there almost seemed to be an invisible flame burning around Long Chen, causing the space around him to twist and making his figure indistinct.

“Heavens… what kind of monster is he?” Even the Grand Xia’s experts were awed. They had never seen such a domineering yet berserk energy.

Just this aura of his could threaten the lives of ordinary Foundation Forging experts. They might be directly killed just by approaching.

Han Wenjun’s expression changed slightly. He hadn’t expected Long Chen to be so strong. Although he had heard that Long Chen had killed several Soul Transformation experts in the eastern sea, that was because he had devoured a self-destructive medicinal pill. Furthermore, he had only killed a few of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s experts in a messy battle. That wasn’t something to be curious about, because the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s experts all had weak physical bodies.

But the power Long Chen was displaying now shocked him. Let alone him, even Long Chen himself was shocked.

At this time, he felt bursts of pain all over his body as the energy of his immortal platforms charged through his meridians, making it feel like they would explode. Now he was finally experiencing the drawbacks of having his physical body not keep up with the growth of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art.


Li Wanji was appalled. Putting away her disdain, she slashed her sword at Long Chen.

Long Chen’s saber danced. No matter what angle Li Wanji tried to attack from, no matter what move she used, she was blocked by his saber.

Consecutive explosive sounds rang out. No matter how marvelous Li Wanji’s attack was, she would be forced back by a slash of Long Chen’s saber. Long Chen’s feet never moved a step.

BOOM! Long Chen once more slashed his saber, feeling like his body was turning numb. That wasn’t due to his opponent, but because his body was unable to endure his own power.

“It’s been ten exchanges already. There’s no need to continue fighting.” Forcing back Li Wanji, Long Chen rested Blooddrinker on his shoulder lazily. Did they think they could test his true power? They could keep dreaming.

“Bastard, taste another one of my attacks!” roared Li Wanji suddenly, her face twisted. Blood Qi exploded out of her, and her sword unleashed radiant light as it slashed toward him.

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