Chapter 1191 Low Grade Pick-Up Arts

“This scoundrel, he really is brazen! He even dares to tease me, the master of the Grand Xia!” Xia Yuyang shook his head as he looked at the astonished Long Chen.

At this time, Long Chen was covering his mouth with both hands and looking at Li Wanji in exaggerated shock. It was like her name had completely stupefied him.

Li Wanji was too refined to even understand what Long Chen was saying. Due to the difference in cultures, she had never even heard that phrase before.

In comparison, Han Wenjun, who was deeply familiar with the Grand Xia’s culture, immediately understood. He icily said, “Long Chen, you go too far.”

“Hey, has there been some mistake? Did I say something? Please don’t take a general comment as a personal attack. Your own thoughts have nothing to do with me,” said Long Chen righteously.

He hadn’t said it explicitly. He had only vaguely implied that expression without even saying it. There was no way for Han Wenjun to do anything to him over it.

Killing intent raged in Han Wenjun’s eyes. He had lost out more from speaking with Long Chen than he had in his entire life. And he didn’t even have the ability to strike back.

As a result, the atmosphere grew very strange. The Grand Xia’s guards looked at Long Chen with reverence and worship.

They hated the sanctimonious fellows from the Grand Han the most, especially because their words always contained hidden thorns. Seeing Han Wenjun’s hidden thorns be easily destroyed by Long Chen and how infuriated he was by just a few words from Long Chen, they felt incredibly refreshed.

Long Chen led the way without saying a word. Han Wenjun, Li Wanji, and the hundreds of people accompanying them also didn’t say anything.

The atmosphere was tense and heavy. As they followed the central path straight forward, quite a few maidens ended up cheering from the sides.

Han Wenjun finally smiled. He began to wave at those maidens and smiled warmly, enticing quite a few sharp cries from them. It went without saying that Han Wenjun’s position in the hearts of the Grand Xia’s maidens had reached an unprecedented level. Countless maidens worshipped him.

Their cheering and cries allowed Han Wenjun to regain his confidence. He constantly waved at them while glancing at Long Chen. A touch of ridicule appeared in Long Chen’s eyes.

Did this idiot think he was so amazing because he was able to get the adoration of some ignorant maidens who lived in a world of peace and prosperity? Any woman that had really seen the world wouldn’t give him a second look. He wasn’t a man, nor was he a woman.

Long Chen didn’t even look at Han Wenjun or pay any attention to those almost fanatical maidens. He simply continued onwards.

“The Grand Xia’s maidens are so welcoming and sharp-eyed. They can tell who’s the pearl with just a glance. No matter how conspicuous the place the soybean places itself in, it’s still just a bean and won’t attract others.” Li Wanji approached Long Chen and muttered to herself.

Although she didn’t know what Long Chen’s previous words had meant, just from the expressions on Han Wenjun and their guards’ faces, she knew they hadn’t been nice words.

Now seeing that Han Wenjun was so popular, she once more began to target Long Chen, wanting to use Han Wenjun’s charisma to suppress him. All these maidens were focused on Han Wenjun. None of them looked at Long Chen.

“They can tell who the pig[1] is? Well said.” Long Chen didn’t retort. Instead, he gave her a thumbs-up.

Li Wanji didn’t even understand what he had said. Thinking he was admitting defeat, she became even more confident, lightly saying, “Compared to the Grand Xia, my Grand Han’s men have more flavor.”

Long Chen nodded. “Yes, there’s no way for me to argue against that. The Grand Xia’s men truly have no smell. On the other hand, the Grand Han’s men are covered in the smell of makeup. It’s truly a strong smell.”[2]

“You… you’re clearly just jealous. Tens of thousands of maidens are cheering for my prince Wenjun, while you, Long Chen, do you see a single person glancing at you?” sneered Li Wanji.

“Birds of a feather flock together. Women all like to get closer to themselves, as they find it easier to get along. If this was a crowd of men instead, they’d have long since started fighting over how crowded it was. But look, your prince Wenjun is so liked by all these maidens. This is the result of women not liking to fight amongst women. They all like to cheer each other on,” said Long Chen lightly.

Now, no matter how stupid Li Wanji was, she could still tell Long Chen was ridiculing Han Wenjun for being effeminate and not really a man. The reason why the women liked him so much was that they viewed him as a sister.

“Long Chen, your mouth really is vicious! You’re the one who’s not a man!” raged Li Wanji.

Li Wanji was not actually a part of the Grand Han’s imperial family. However, she was a rank eight Celestial, and her position was extremely high in the Grand Han. Her status was almost equivalent to a member of the imperial family.

Unable to out-talk Long Chen, she began to launch a personal attack without the slightest finesse. But Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to say anything back to her. They continued onward.

Following the main road, they quickly reached the imperial city at the center of Grand Xia City. Music began to thrum through the air as entertainers came to greet them in accordance with the etiquette of the Grand Xia.

At the entrance into the imperial city, he saw Xia Yunchong, Xia Youluo, and the other members of the imperial family. Xia Youluo was in her best clothes and adornments, looking like a lotus flower breaking out of the water. When she saw Han Wenjun, she turned completely red, filled with excitement and delight.

“Prince Wenjun has come a long way. Please forgive me for not being able to receive you sooner.” The one in charge of receiving them here was not Xia Yunchong, but another prince.

Xia Yunchong was focused on the martial path, and he had no heart to control the nation. The third prince Xia Yunfeng was currently acting as the crown prince, and so he was the one in charge of receiving them.

“Crown prince Yunfeng is too courteous. I came here in a rush, so I was only able to bring a meager gift. Please accept. Other than that, the seventeenth princess is about to turn eighteen. Last year, I asked an artisan to create this ornament. Seventeenth princess, please don’t laugh at me for this little gift.” Han Wenjun took out two cases, one big and one small. The large one was given to Xia Yunfeng. A national gift had to be prepared, and it was usually some kind of local product of the nation. It didn’t necessarily have to be very valuable.

Xia Youluo turned red as she received Han Wenjun’s case. “Thank you.” She lightly rubbed the case, her head low.

Xia Yunchong’s expression became frosty, a hint of killing intent in his eyes. He knew that Han Wenjun was simply trying to seduce his little sister.

And his foolish sister wasn’t able to realize the consequences. It was impossible for her to marry Han Wenjun.

Han Wenjun was only doing this in order to harm Xia Youluo. But as her big brother, Xia Yunchong was helpless to do anything. He wished he could kill this hypocrite Han Wenjun right here and now.

To Han Wenjun, whether he succeeded or not, he would only benefit. If he succeeded, he would have pulled over the Grand Xia’s princess, who was also a rank eight Celestial. That would be a vicious slap in the Grand Xia’s face.

If Xia Youluo tried to marry him but he was unable to bring her away, she would still be executed, and the Grand Xia would lose a talented expert, as well as lose their face.

Right now, all Han Wenjun had to do was dote on Xia Youluo and completely captivate her heart. The deeper his poison got into her heart, the less she would listen to others.

Seeing his sister be drawn deeper into Han Wenjun’s trap step by step, Xia Yunchong could practically see his father’s butcher blade raised. The hatred in his heart grew even stronger.

“Please, go ahead and open it. This is a present I meticulously prepared for you.” Han Wenjun smiled at Xia Youluo. It looked like a very warm smile, but looking at it made Long Chen’s hair stand on end, and he got goosebumps.

Xia Youluo trembled slightly. She seemed extremely moved as she gently opened the case to see a phoenix hairpin.

The phoenix hairpin was a shining golden color with interweaving silver. The two colors made the hairpin almost look alive. Even Long Chen had to admit that it was truly beautiful and definitely had immense power over a woman.

“Thank you… for your gift. I really like it. Many thanks.” Xia Youluo happily looked at the phoenix hairpin in its case.

“This phoenix hairpin has a total of nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine runes that I personally engraved. It took a long time,” said Han Wenjun caringly.

Fuck, what trash pick-up arts. Are you using them in front of me to disgust me? Isn’t this far too low grade?

And yet, this low-grade tactic ended up working. Seeing Xia Youluo smiling so happily, Long Chen didn’t know what to say.

“Hm, standing by the door isn’t very suitable. Let’s enter. If we wait too long, the wine we prepared will get cold,” said Long Chen upon seeing Xia Yunchong’s killing intent about to explode.

As he had wanted, his words immediately broke the romantic atmosphere. Xia Youluo glared at Long Chen, but Long Chen was surprised to see that she wasn’t actually angry with him.

“Long Chen is right. The food and drink have already been prepared, and they’re just waiting for prince Wenjun.” Xia Yunfeng ended up being the steady one, his polite smile never fading. He gestured courteously to Han Wenjun.

Han Wenjun bowed slightly in return and walked side by side with Xia Yunfeng. The others all followed behind them. Long Chen was planning on walking with Xia Yunchong and saying a few things to him, but instead he was caught by Xia Youluo.

“What is it? Are you trying to get revenge on me? Let me tell you, I am currently working under the emperor’s orders, so don’t do anything crazy,” warned Long Chen.

“Hmph, I’m not so petty. Look, do you think this hairpin is pretty?” Xia Youluo opened the case, flaunting it.

“It’s pretty, but it’ll be prettier on you.” Long Chen really had to admit that the Grand Han’s craftsmanship was not bad. When he returned, he would have to get a pile of them to give one to each of his wives. Then these people would see what was truly called a fairy-like beauty.

“Long Chen, help me put them on. I want to wear it now,” said Xia Youluo.

“Now’s not a good time. People will laugh at you for being so impatient.” Long Chen shook his head.

“Who cares? I want to wear it right now. I want to see what it feels like,” said Xia Youluo.

“Fine, you’re the princess. As soon as you get angry, I get nervous, so I’ll help you put it on!” Long Chen received the phoenix hairpin and gently inserted it into Xia Youluo’s high bun.

Just at this moment, Han Wenjun, who was smiling and talking with Xia Yunfeng at the front, inadvertently turned back to see this.

He saw Xia Youluo holding Long Chen, while Long Chen helplessly put the phoenix hairpin on her. His expression changed, and killing intent appeared in his eyes.

On the other hand, Xia Yunfeng and Yunchong both smiled, a trace of hope appearing in their hearts.

[1] Pearl and pig sound similar in chinese. 珠/猪

[2] Flavor and smell are the same term in chinese.

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