Chapter 1191 Low Grade Pick-Up Arts (Teaser)

“This scoundrel, he really is brazen! He even dares to tease me, the master of the Grand Xia!” Xia Yuyang shook his head as he looked at the astonished Long Chen.

At this time, Long Chen was covering his mouth with both hands and looking at Li Wanji in exaggerated shock. It was like her name had completely stupefied him.

Li Wanji was too refined to even understand what Long Chen was saying. Due to the difference in cultures, she had never even heard that phrase before.

In comparison, Han Wenjun, who was deeply familiar with the Grand Xia’s culture, immediately understood. He icily said, “Long Chen, you go too far.”

“Hey, has there been some mistake? Did I say something? Please don’t take a general comment as a personal attack. Your own thoughts have nothing to do with me,” said Long Chen righteously.

He hadn’t said it explicitly. He had only vaguely implied that expression without even saying it. There was no way for Han Wenjun to do anything to him over it.

Killing intent raged in Han Wenjun’s eyes. He had lost out more from speaking with Long Chen than he had in his entire life. And he didn’t even have the ability to strike...

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