Chapter 1190 Li Wanji (Teaser)

Of course his expression was unnatural. The tortoise Long Chen said he had killed was Han Zhenyu.

In truth, Han Zhenyu hadn’t been an imperial prince. He was not even part of the main imperial branch. However, he was still part of the imperial family, and the Grand Han had to stand up for him.

That was why Han Zhenyu had possessed an identity jade plate of one of the Grand Han’s experts. However, it hadn’t been able to protect his life.

One of the Eight Princes had been killed. It was a slap in the Grand Han’s face.

Furthermore, for Long Chen to call them tortoises made Han Wenjun’s fury soar. But he didn’t express it. Instead, he indifferently said, “I’ve long since heard of your grand name, but it seems your coarse words and actions aren’t quite in line with your position. Does the Grand Xia have no one else?”

“No, you’ve completely misunderstood. There is no one more suited to this position than me. No one else wanted to do it, so they sent me. See, I’m wearing special armor so I’m not afraid of getting any piss or shit on me.” Long Chen patted his armor.

Han Wenjun had tried to cut at Long Chen twice, but all he received were slaps in the face. Although he suppressed it very well, his expression wasn’t so good.

He had originally been wanting to infuriate...

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