Chapter 1187 Shocking Gains (Teaser)

A drop of medicinal elixir merged with a ball of wine and was instantly ignited. A terrifying burst of energy exploded.

“That Fierce Yang Butcher’s wine really is crazy. Once I added some medicinal energy, what it becomes can’t even be called medicinal wine; it’s poison wine! If someone really drank this, they would undoubtedly die.”

Long Chen looked in shock at the raging ball of liquid that was floating in the air and releasing fierce fluctuations. It had taken him many tests to reach this point of successfully merging the medicinal elixir with this fierce wine.

He extracted a drop and placed it on his tongue. He immediately felt like a bomb had exploded in his mouth.

His ears, nose, and mouth all began to emit smoke, and tears streamed down his face. That wasn’t from emotion.

“The medicinal effect has increased by almost a hundred times. This isn’t just cooperating, it’s a metamorphosis. With such a terrifying medicinal effect, its side effects are probably huge. Ack, fine, I’ll try someone else’s wine.”

Long Chen gave up on using the wine made by Tu Qianshang. His wine was too domineering...

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